Splash! City pools will be open for weekend

Onesty pool at Meade Park will be open this weekend.

The City announced today that it will be opening its pools this weekend ahead of the official June 11 season start. Onesty Family Aquatic Center, Washington Park Pool, and the McIntire Wading pool will be open May 29-31 and June 5 & 6. Note: the slide at Washington Park will be closed Memorial Day weekend for structural repairs, which will be completed as soon as possible. Residents can also take advantage of discounted seasonal pool passes through May 31. For more information call 970-3260.


well, i know i wont be at any city pool this weekend or any other weekend, seeing that last time i went to meade pool, i (a 18 year old) would have to take a swimming test to prove i could swim after jumping off the diving board. therefor, i wont be giving the city my money. amen.

Hmmm...maybe these moms/nannies you speak of are perfectly happy, as are the kids, the way they are. Maybe stuck-up and uptight is in the eye of the beholder (i.e., you). Maybe you should find some other problem -- a real problem -- to try to fix.

I love Washington Park pool.
It makes me sad though,to see the white, stay-at-home moms or nannies with their kids. Everybody's so segregated.
If only the lifeguards and other pool staff could get lively, you know, lead some games, or some casual swimming lessons,...anything would help break up the stuck-up, up-tight, attitudes and the with-holding of playfulness of the kids.

i have beeen waitinng all yyyyyeearrr for this to happpenn