Man's employment, dating prospects dim

The Staunton newspaper reports that a twice-convicted sex offender working at Perdue Farms Inc. in Bridgewater has now been charged with "sexting" a teen.

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OMG, look at his photo. He must be scaring the chickens to death!

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Maybe it was one of the chickens, impersonating HIM.

*yarn* (country-fied)

What is this, the Onion?

(Area)Man’s employment, dating prospects dim.


C'mon now, the onion is great, equally offending all who read. "inner-city stabbing leaves 5 maidless"... Whats not to love about that?

Is this one sentence supposed to be the whole article? Really lame.

Bullet to the back of the head

I think the title fits the mentality of the suspect. We have a convicted pervert out allegedly doing the same thing again.

What is wrong with you people?

The title means the man is probably in danger of losing his job after this arrest... "Man's employment dim"

Then it goes on to say his prospects of dating are dim as well, because he's going to be in jail most likely.

I must admit that:

"...twice-convicted sex offender working at Perdue Farms Inc. in Bridgewater has now been charged with ââ?¬Å?sexting” a teen."

reads as if it is the wrong article for the headline.

Do I sense an oops heard 'round the watercooler? Or perhaps this makes sense if decoded with the rot-13 method.

Good call Arpal. And the Onion is so incredibly tiring with its semi-clever, Mad Magazine grown up humor.

Yeah, my first thought was "The Onion," too.

No Gas what's wrong is that this article has a 10th Grade smirk for a title instead of a mature news approach.

Geez. I bet some of you posters are the hit of the party.

This is like when the owner of the club comes onstage and makes the audience cringe for 3 minutes.

(Coy: Reallly ??)

@Figaro: Isn't that called a "Fred Boyce" ??