Duchess 'Fergie' bows out of Omni event

news-sarahfergusonThe Duchess of York.
PHOTO BY Flickr/gdcgraphics

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson (or "Fergie" as the British tabloids used to call her), was slated to appear at Charlottesville's Omni hotel next month as part of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground interstate tourism project. But now that she's admitted to attempting to sell access to her former husband, Prince Andrew, for about three-quarters of a million dollars, her June 22 appearance has been canceled, the Culpeper Star-Exponent reports. (Fergie plans to explain all on Oprah Winfrey's television talk show on Tuesday.)

–the spelling of dutchess was wrong in an early version of this story


The alimony thing does seem a bit odd considering who are daughters are, and that they can afford a bit more. No, she didn't come from loads of money, but that's no reason.

I don't think that's all she gets in income though, because she still holds her title, and may well still get some income from the register.

I don't think they are all horrible but I certainly don't think it's a lifestyle that easily allows for normal social development and awareness. Being able to do your own thing and find a focus is going to be very difficult because everyone will assume you had money to back your project, when you really might have hustled on your own. I wouldn't want the life.

Paid to breed, then thrown away........

I miss the 90's when my ValueAmerica stock was going OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

Local lickspittles will be SO disappointed.

And after making the Oprah Tour of Contrition and Excuses/Explanations, there will follow the book deal. Of course. Because that's the world we now live in. Anybody else missing the 70s, when life was different? I was only a kid, but I still miss it. :D

I miss the 70s too. The greed monster that took hold in the 80s has been our downfall.

As to Fergie, her alimony is only $20,000 per year. How is a "faux royal" with "royal" daughters supposed to manage on that? When I think of the way the "royal family" treated Princess Diana and how Fergie is treated, makes me wish the British would get rid of the monarchy. They're a bunch of unattractive, heartless cold fish who sit on billions in assets all because some ancestor convinced others they were better than everyone else. They're a bunch of mean people with the track record to prove it.

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There's no "t" in her title.