Scrum for Virginia men's rugby at Shebeen

The Virginia Men's Rugby Football Club.

This Sunday, May 30, from 3 to 6pm Shebeen is hosting a fundraiser to help the Virginia Men’s Rugby Football Club travel to Glendale, Colorado, next weekend to compete in the Division III National Championship.

“This is a big deal,” says Shebeen’s Walter Slawski about the team’s success. “William Walter will be playing, and we’ll be smoking meats and serving beer.”

The cost to attend is $20 for all you can eat and drink, and all the proceeds go to the Rugby team.


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Drunks??? What the hell is wrong with you Sean? Do you hate everyone remotely associated with UVa?

good job vrfc! hit 'em low!

Nah, that aint me.. I'm a better bass player than he was, but he was pretty good anyway. Playing in the cold doesn't help, though.. He was still a Woodie Guthrie for 2010.

Sadly, I missed the cookout. Too much the night before at the Pig Roast - and I know how those cats can drink. If you think my previous post was such an insult, I suggest you buy one of the many books on Rugby humor and read it cover to cover. Time better spent than going berserk whenever "the university" gets some of the negative attention it has earned, and combing through people's Little League stats online.

Seriously, Hmm and Malloy - time to get a life, or at least a name.. Here's an idea:

Please attend this function. These drunks, er, I mean fine young men deserve your support. Go VRFC!

Great job boys. As long as Todd is on the field you will do very well