UVA men's lax edged in semi

The UVA men's lacrosse team, the squad that won the ACC tournament but which lost a player when he was accused of murdering a classmate, was edged by Duke in a semifinal of the NCAA tournament in Baltimore tonight, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.


@ JJ Malloy, word on the street is EVERYONE KNEW, but did NOTHING about it.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil = UVA LAX

The games this weekend drew over 140,000 fans, which is more than the NCAA basketball final four drew, so I guess more people care about the sport than what you realize. I tip my hat to Dom and his players for their efforts on and off the field this year.

Counting down to Sean's appearance: 3... 2... 1...

Would have been nice to have kept murder out of the story since it was not in the headline. It was a hell of a game Duke played well they deserve it. Try to have some class Hook.

Did they know about the threats??

and I'm not "blaming" lacrosse. Where did I "blame" lacrosse?

What a ridiculous statement to make.

Then 'really' tries to say that I am like "GH"?

Ok...... so because I think the lacrosse team are a bunch of prep-school p%nks that covered up for a future murderer I am therefore like that murderer?

WOW. 'really' is really hurting about this. Sorry your team lost. Obviously that is more important to you than the fact that one of your team murdered somebody (allegedly) without a single one of his teammates trying to stop him.

Great, I was getting sick of hearing about the lax team. The truth is nobody outside of the team, and their billionaire parents gives a hoot about whether they win or lose. Let's move on, and get ready for football season.

"Oh but I forgot she was just a helpless little girl."

really, word is she told plenty of people at UVA. Soooo, yeah.... Your point is what, exactly?

Her friends may have had a misguided idea of how to help her. HIS friends were covering up for a violent, drunken sociopath. There is a BIG difference.

And, yes. When he was repeatedly bashing her head against the wall, she was pretty helpless. Good choice of words there, bud.

Thank you for exemplifying the attitude of Male Lacrosse culture sooooo well.

Starsia will change the way he recruits players from now on. More kids from average, American families, kids who are coming out of public schools (a la Syracuse) and not the silver spoon factories like Landon. Please, more kids like the Bratton brothers, less entitled punks. Percentage-wise, lacrosse is the fastest growing sport and the sport will continue to grow with more socio-economically average kids, providing more opportunities for Dom to recruit.

Awesome game, UVA Lax should be proud. Corrigan should have watched the game film.

Der Huh? Sure they will but that don't make it rit. The article should reflect the game and the team which GH was not a part of. Just because everyone does it does not mean it's right or classy. A local paper should have more class.

Huh? I think that every article in the country about the match will mention GH V.

really, nobody cares about lacrosse except when some lacrosse player is accused of a crime. The fact that it's the Duke squad that ousted UVA just adds another twist.

The hook wouldn't be reporting on this game if it weren't for the fact that a male lacrosse player from UVA is accused of brutally and senselessly murdering a female lacrosse player from UVA.

Maybe if the male lacrosse player's teammates showed a little more class and reported the threats he was allegedly making against her, she would still be alive? Oh but that might hurt the teams chances of winning the championship, I forgot.

I'm glad UVA lost. No team that would cover up for such a thug deserves to celebrate anything.

Yeah!!! Thanks for your eye opening perspective on things. Maybe if the female lacrosse player reported the threats that were allegedly made against her she would still be alive. Oh but I forgot she was just a helpless little girl. Everyone in this wants to blame lacrosse, the coach the players blah blah blah. How about some accountability for GH and YL? By the tone of your comment I bet you blame everyone but yourself for your ugggghh position in life. Get your facts straight you don't know about any threats you're just speculating. You would like to blame the whole team for one members actions. But people have to be accountable for what they themselves do. You and GH will have this epiphanic moment one day. Maybe?

I don't see how failing to report a key item of a story is "classy." The Hook doesn't generally do sports coverage unless it's related to another story.