Alcohol charge dooms QB Lalich's rebound

news-lalichPeter Lalich's woes started with a simple underage alcohol purchase.

Although tossed out of UVA's football program, Peter Lalich's original infraction–- buying alcohol while underage–- was so low-level and non-violent that he had every reason to think his days as a quarterback would be returning this fall. But the May 7 arrival of Shasta County police to the California lake where the former Virginia starter was allegedly trying to park a houseboat led to a boating-while-intoxicated charge. And that has led Lalich off the Oregon State University squad. OSU coach Mike Riley made the announcement on May 27.

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STSM-they did dismiss him from the team.

It sounds from the article as though Lalich wasn't a standout in practice and another mistake allowed Riley to take away his scholarship and appear to "get tough" in terms of disciplining his players. I wonder what would have happened if Lalich had been starting.

There's no evidence in this story that the kid is an alcoholic.

Another career wasted by John Barleycorn.

Maybe UVA dodged a bullet by cutting this kid. Too bad they didn't act sooner (George H).... I hope this kids parents help him get the help he needs to turn his life around and make better decisions for his future.

As a recovering alcoholic, I know how bewildering the realization that you are an alcoholic can be to a young person. I hope he can get the help he needs to beat it. It is virtually impossible alone. The purely punitive nature of the justice system feeds the alcoholic's sense of victimization, and actually worsens denial and makes recovery more difficult. Hopefully, this will be a bottom that enables him to start on his journey to recovery. I wish him luck.

Alcoholism is a tough disease to kick. I hope this is the beginning of his long road to recovery.

i was watching this kid out of high school, i was estatic when he had his chance to start for UVA, Then he F*D up and lost it all. i think i was more p'd off when Oregon picked him up. what a loser he had everything to be a NFL star. what a shame

Normal drinkers change their behavior to achieve their goals. That's not exactly happening here...

My cousin went to high school with him....he isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed from what I hear.

Kinda sad...i hope he can turn it around and avoid a life of regret and self-loathing.

Parking a houseboat while under the influence? Give me a freakin break. This is a long way from the football field and from the campus. I have a suggestion. Teach the kids and give guidance but stay out of their personal lives unless it directly effects the school or other people.

Hey Hmmm, this guy is the second string QB, and has been battling to start this upcoming season. Coach Mike Riley had no choice but to dismiss him due to Lalich's own mistakes, and would have done so with a starter sharing those same mistakes. Riley has the highest integrity I've seen in college football, and believes in giving players second chances, as they are all young men learning how to be responsible adults. However, getting picked up by OSU was his second chance, and he didn't represent himself well. Make no mistake, this hurts the Beavers, as the likely starter is a RS Sophomore, and the likely backup is a RS Freshman (although he may have been about to beat Lalich out too). They just happen to be good, so it's not a complete disaster. Here is a link to an article about it and a couple other issues OSU has had to deal with this summer (not to be confused with the Oregon Ducks more severe legal issues).

Just another fine UVA student-athlete recruiting decision.

Groh is gone. Starsia should follow.