Ice cream over the mountain

Dish would like to give a shout-out to the Afton Mountain Ice Cream Shoppe, now in its fourth season, which has been serving up everything from $2 cones to a Banana Splits and its signature Dust Road Sundaes. Located at the foot of Afton Mountain on Route 250 in Waynesboro (1833 E. Main St.), it just might be the perfect stop to visit this summer after touring Swannanoa castle, which recently opened for tours (call 540-942-5201 for more info).  You can’t miss it–- just look for the 12-foot red and white ice cream cone out front.

“We have the best soft serve ice cream around,” boasts owner Marsha Jones. “Our Flavor Burst injects eight flavors into the ice cream as it comes out. Remember, it's not bragging if it's true.”

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Definitely, the best ice cream around! I've been going there for years and Marsha is wonderful but the ice cream is to die for.My favorite is the double rich chocolate they have. The kids Love the big ice cream cone out front.