Growing grants: C�ville Foodscapes gives out gardens

dish-urbangardenC'cville Foodscapes hopes to populate the urban landscapes with gardens like this.

C’ville Foodscapes, one of a trio of new businesses offering home gardening services, will be handing out grants in conjunction with Quality Community Council to help low-income Charlottesville-area residents enjoy their own vegetable gardens in time for the fall growing season.

“When we founded C’ville Foodscapes, it was our goal to provide the knowledge and know-how people need to grow healthy foods in their own yards,” said Patrick Costello, co-owner of the company. “We recognize that for some this is an unaffordable luxury.”

To help fund the new program, the company is seeking donations to the QCC Garden Grants fund. The amount of money raised will determine the amount of the grants.

“We’ll work within those boundaries to do something,” says C’ville Foodscapes co-owner Wendy Roberman, “but we can’t know what that will be until we see the funds and the needs.”

So far, there are plans to hand out one grant this summer, with C’ville Foodscapes working with the winning recipient to build a garden tailored to their needs. In addition, C’ville Foodscapes will visit the grant recipient in the spring to get them started on their spring garden.

A panel of three, including someone from Charlottesville’s Department of Social Services, QCC, and C’ville Foodscapes, will review applications. The deadline for applying for a grant is July 15, and the award(s) will be announced on August 15. More detailed information, as well as applications, are available at

In the meantime, those wanting to support the program can send their tax-deductible donations to “QCC Garden Grants” either by mail or in person to “Attn: Garden Grants Program,” Quality Community Council, 327 W. Main St. Suite 101, Charlottesville 22903.