Morgan on High: Billboard reminds public of a killing

news-morganbillboardThe prominent billboard on High Street urges tips in Morgan Harrington's killing and reminds passersby of the still available reward.

Her striking face now looks out from a billboard on High Street with the plea: "Help us solve Morgan's murder."

Nearly eight months after the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student disappeared after attending a Metallica show at John Paul Jones Arena and more than four months after her remains were discovered on a remote farm in southern Albemarle County, the billboard–- put up June 1–- is a reminder that whoever killed Morgan Harrington is still at large in a case that some are beginning to fear may never be solved, despite a still-available $150,000 reward.

"We're all hoping for some kind of break," said Morgan's mother, Gil Harrington, on May 17, the seven month anniversary of Morgan's disappearance and two weeks before the billboard was erected.

Seeking a way to elevate the visibility of the case and perhaps prompt a tip that could help bring Morgan's killer to justice, the Harringtons contacted Lamar advertising, the company that owns the billboards–- only to learn all spots were sold out.

When the Charlottesville Newsplex heard the Harringtons were seeking billboard space, "it didn't take two seconds" to decide to donate the space normally reserved for smiling newsanchors at television stations WCAV, WVAW, WAHU, according to General Manager Brad Ramsey, who says the company pays about $1,000 per month for the prominently-placed billboard.

State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller says the lack of new information made public in the case is not necessarily bad news.

"At first we were forthcoming," she says. "Now we have a criminal investigation, and there's certain information we have to evaluate so we don't jeopardize the eventual prosecution. We're still very hopeful, and we've certainly not given up."

As for the billboard, it will remain up through the end of June, says Ramsey, in hopes of sparking new information to solve the case.

"It just seemed like the right thing to do," says Ramsey. "I don't think there's a single person in this community who doesn't want to find the person responsible for Morgan's death, other than the person who did it."

–original headline: Morgan on High: Billboard reminds public of a killer


JJ Malloy ... just because your illegitimate state of Virginia do concerts and events not allow re-admittance. this is so your murderers can attack those that can't get back in ... in other states we have these amazing things called "stamps" and/or "wristbands" and other wonderful improvements in technology that allow for citizens to enter and to exit and to re-enter the show (we also have driver's licenses confirming our identities which co-inside with the ticket).

regardless ... you obviously didn't read what is being said... in response to this:

"Does it matter if the event was sponsored by the university? So, if a 35 year old male attended a sponsored event and left, was denied re-admittance, and vanished, would the university be somewhat liable in your eyes?"

the university would be liable in the above situation if the 35 year old male who attended was still on the grounds at the time of his disappearance / abduction and the sponsor / location did not provide adequate security to prevent the crime. the $191 million dollar security system / surveillance system would be able to clear the institution / sponsor of the event of any negligence due to security and/or lack there of ... but, oh wait, there is no security footage. thank you for proving my point. did you know that Virginia lost the civil war? Thank You, God.

What's your point, SJones? I mean, it's great that you have an implausible theory and indignantly demand that people release information based on your whims, but what's your point apart from looking foolish?

Except the billboard clearly says murder.

Trisha N, way to go hon. I read this site all the time and have always suspected this Jones guy and dakota were one in the same. I think the unicorn thing came from someone who saw her myspace or facebook where Morgan mentions giving up unicorns to someone so she wouldn;t have to make smalltalk with them. Geller and Morgan's parents have always alluded to the fact that Morgan's death involved something violent and physical.

My above comment was preceded by a post that does not yet appear. Perhaps my server timed-out. In that post I said that I don't think the lack of coverage of the deaths of Cassandra Morton and Kristin Fox is racial. After all, one was black, the other white. I think it has more to do with the media only catering to what the public wants to read and forgetting that there are others who have similar stories as Morgan, but these people remain largely forgotten. I also fault law enforcement. We all moan and groan about a lack of information about Morgan. Has a meticulous time line been released leading up to the deaths of Cassandra or Kristin? What about the 40+ year old professor from Sweetbriar who disappeared a few months ago. She was thought to be a possible suicide, but I have seen nothing in the news about whether she was found, alive, dead or is still missing.

If my previous post does appear, I apologize for taking up additional space.

Oh, one additional blame I want to place. I fault we the public who seem to be insatiable for news about Morgan's death, but give the impression of not giving a hoot about how these other young women and others, both male and female, came to end-up dead and thrown away like a piece of debris, or simply disappeared, never to be seen again.

Incoherent jibberish ...

Who NEEDS to know more information? A lot of armchair internet sleuths seem to think that they need to know information, but those people need to get lives instead.

S Jones, do you really think people believe you want to help? That is a joke. You were kicked off of FM because of your late night ramblings and attacks of blink and other posters. You were threatening to the admins. You are a looney goon.


If you know who did this by a group of fellow friends you all hang around , come forward now BECAUSE YOUR LIFE MAY BE IN DANGER ! A killer one time will kill again , especially one who caused such damage to her bones , they were shattered. That is Rage & YOU COULD BE NEXT !

Highest praise to the Charlottesville Newsplex

The woman missing from the Phish concert, Laura Pepe, has been found alive. --Courteney Stuart

I don't think ecstasy would have shattered Morgan's bones. I think the billboard is brilliant. Someone in the area knows something. That is certainly a generous reward being offered. Please phone in ANYTHING you may know re Morgan's abduction/murder. I would think the perp has made some comment that has left a friend or family member wondering

Maybe we'll even find out the answer as to who was on the "grassy knoll" down Dallas way.
On a serious note, nothing drives people crazier than utter ambiguity. After all, ambiguity about who we are, where we came from, and worse yet where we might be going, was why we had to invent the absurdity of religion.

But a case like this maddens people who just urgently WANT and NEED to know whatever happened on that night. Another aspect of a case like this that unhinges people is victim complicity (leaving a group event under the influence and attempting to hitch-hike). Most likely this case won't be solved unless the perp (if there is a perp) gets caught red handed in another crime (as in the John Gardner case in San Diego recently) and gives up the story in a needle avoiding plea deal. The location of the remains deviates from the serial killer pattern (they dump victims expediently close to roads) and suggests an unknown but alternate scenario which would involve the victim arriving at her resting place under her own power, maybe under compulsion and in the company of someone else, maybe alone and in other unknown circumstances. Maybe it wasn't a homicide at all.

I've never heard of a cig being referenced as a unicorn.

S jones, not sure what you're getting at. I think the parents want any information on their matter what it is.

Can't find the right story to post this with, but for all of you that wanted Hugeley's warrants your wish...sorta...

Hello, you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

From what I remember there wasn't any "begging" on the part of the PI.

I also dont remember him becoming angry. I do remember him saying something about the case going no where and a lack of worthwhile information being released. I also remember him taking several sightings seriously that LE had dropped the ball on.

Not sure why he disappeared. Maybe he got tired of people such as yourself with plenty of opinion but not enough information to go with it.

Here's things they need:

1. The Coroner's cause of death.
2. The surveillance video from JPJ.
3. Private investigators.
4. Possible ties to parents work or organized crime.

I doubt whomever she got the MDMA from, if she took it, knows who killed her.

Steve, can you provide a source link stating that the Harrington's hired a publicist? And another one stating they don't have a PI?

And are you talking about that "PI" that spent all of his time begging for work on FB and Find Morgan? The same guy who got so angry when the Harrington's didn't hire him he posted pictures of the family. Yeah. Real successful. I would invest a ton of money in that guy.

Thanks for the laughs Steve.

I'd say arff, arff, check out all the people who are weirdly obsessed with this case. One of them knows more than he's saying. The rest of them know far less than they are saying.

Regardless of what our opinions are, doesn't this young womans family deserve answers and some form of closure? What if this was a member of your family? Somebody knows something, if this was an accident someone tried to cover up, suicide or murder, wouldn't most agree answers to what happened, how and why would be beneficial to her family? Shouldn't that be the focus here? As well as holding someone accountable for their actions if they did have something to do with this tragedy.

The Harringtons were encouraged to hire a PI, but for whatever reason they declined to. There was one who was following the case very closely and put a lot of personal effort and time into making headway on the case, but then who became disgusted with the whole affair and dropped out of sight. From what I understand he primarily wanted offical involvement on the case primarily for his own legal protection.

The fact that the Harringtons would hire a publicist versus a PI at least to me speaks VOLUMES. I think there is a lot more beneath the surface of this case then what the general public is aware of.

Interesting Angel Eyes

what is your theory as to why LE would call her death a homicide if it might not be?

S. Jones

i glanced at google, most of the links are broken
or the content is too random to make sense.

because you do not want to sight the origin of your comment
i must now file you under: crazy.

you want to imply that Morgan died from a drug overdose.
yet her bones were found "shattered"
i know of no drug that does THAT.

if LE could find that Morgan died a drug related death,
they would be the first to shout that out and Geller would not have gone on record as saying an accidental death has been ruled out.

btw- it's obvious you are DAKOTA
i dont have a problem with you
but i dont have time to dance to your theories
when you talk in circles.

Agree with Big Dog. Praise to newslex & The Hook.

From Geller: "At first we were forthcoming,” she says."
Really??? when?? with what??

If LE is busy putting a case together for prosecution,
then why the need for a billboard asking for help solving the case?
And why does LE constantly say they have no persons of interest if they are working a case for prosecution?

Fess up LE, you have nothing. Just come out with what you have so the public can help find the killer(s)

To S. Jones:
We will never know about that substance.
Traces of it might have been found in Morgan's car
but since LE failed to do forensic testing on the car...

LE not telling the public back on Nov 11th about Morgan's shirt being found... is by far the biggest blunder in this case, not the only one, but certainly one of the biggest.

LE is not inept. They just care more about politics than solving this crime and getting a killer off the streets. the next girl's blood will be on the hands of LE when this killer strikes again.

D©j  vu Aruba.
We can only hope the killer's next victim will abduct off campus next time. Then the killer might actually be found.

Agree with Big Dog!

Please, everyone just think about finding the person who committed this murder. All this circularity keeps attention away from the issue. A girl was murdered. Her murderer is at large. That murderer was in Charlottesville on Oct 17,2009. If you know anything about this, or suspect anyone, please report this to the tip line. Enough.

S Jones is a loony goon? Maybe, maybe not. Truth is, that what I saw of was one loony goon posting after another. They're trying to turn MH into some sort of Martyr or saint which is likely far from the truth.

Do I think she deserved what happened to her? No...but bad things happen every day, and often to people that were acting more responsible then Morgan Harrington.

As I stated before, her parents hiring a publicist instead of a PI solely focused on unwravelling the mystery speaks volumes. From what I understand, LE didnt really get anywhere on the case and even "blew off" pretty plausible sightings... which that PI followed up on.

I'm sure that the publicist has some sort of crystal ball or reads t-leaves which will solve the mystery.

S Jones, I know you know Morgan's mother's name. What's Cassandra Morton's mother's name? Did you find it out on Oprah? How dare you attempt to cover up the role that race plays in that?

"Do you want the truth, really? Yea, I am harsh ! Do you want little yes men that culy up next to you and tell you what you want hear? Or it is possible that you may want to find the truth no matter waht it is?" - S Jones June 7th, 2010 | 5:21 am

By the way, I like Courtney Stuart's writing, but the country is filed with reporters. They write articles. A lot of them are " responsible and ethical." It's hardly national news that Charlottesville has responsible and ethical news reporters writing articles (although Courtney is cuter than most, which may be news of a sort).

S. Jones:

Geller already said Morgan's death was a homicide
and they have ruled out an accidental death.

I dont trust LE, but i highly doubt they would imply there is a murderer out on the streets if this was some overdose/drug related death.

you did not answer my question about where you got the infomation about the unicorn.

follow the obsession

How is it even possible to agree with something that says: "If you insist there is no video, please allow the public a chance to view it?" You might as well demand they show you Santa Claus. Leave the investigation to the professionals.

S Jones, are you now saying Courtney Stuart is withholding information? What would she tell Sixty Minutes that she hasn't written for the Hook already?

Why would the journalists from that show need to interview another journalist, a secondary source at best, rather than people who are primary sources? Isn't the fact that they are competent and well respected (and presumably feared by the VSP) the reason you think a Sixty Minutes crew ought to pay the police a visit?

Also, why should Sixty Minutes take an interest in this story anyway other than for the fact that the victim was a relatively attractive white girl? Do you even remember the name of the black girl whose body was found near Lynchburg and whose death was only considered newsworthy because she wasn't the pretty white girl? Where is the obsession with finding Cassandra Morton's killer?

There were 16,000+ murders in the U.S. in 2009. IF Morgan Harrington were found to have been murdered in Charlottesville sometime before the end of last year, that would make her murder the single murder occurring here that year. Maybe what you're suggesting is that Sixty Minutes ought to do a segment on how safe Charlottesville is compared to the rest of the world.

What does Courteney Stuart think about all of this, to this point? How about commenting.

If you write original poems in the comment section a web article, the reactions are probably going to be negative even if you are a Yeats or Dickenson in the making.

"a community that is sheltering a murderer"

So you do bad comedy too?

gogoroth No I unfortunately dont have the inclination for comedy good or bad at this time.. I am trying to deal with a family whose daughter had been murdered. It is extremely interesting that you find this murder amusing and a suitable subject for scorn, and again have no interest in finding the girl's murderer. Again, this all goes away when the murderer is arrested and charged. And again, yes someone in Cville is protecting him.

JJMolloy IWhatever I posted sure wasnt poetry I think of itas written venting. Wasnt objecting to the critisism, I object to the lack of any compassion about the situation. This whole blog is about trying to find a murderer.

This guy has done this before and guess what he will do it again--probably in Charlottesville-- or at least in Virginia.

Who, or what, is Blink?

First of all, I respect first and foremost anyone who has the decency within them to reach out to the Harringtons and wants to help them find who did this to their daughter. I have a deep respect for those on, blink (though I also do not agree with her tactics), Newsplex, the Hook, and ANY source that is willing to reach out and help them, right down to VSP and any resources they are willing and able to utilize. I refuse to be on here bashing anyone, it is not productive at all. And what I wouldn't give to have the opportunity to speak with Courteney, there would be quite a few things, many of which have everything to do with this board, cleared up. People should probably pay attention to those that tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves at times. Peace SJ.

To JJ: "Blink" fancies herself to be a journalist cum investigative reporter cum crimesolver. Her website is and covers national crime stories (Caylee Anthony, Misty Croslin, etc., etc.) I visited the site during the first months of Morgan's disappearance and must agree with Sharon's comments. Blink does imply that she has "insider" knowledge which she reveals only in "coded" messages or innuendoes which contradict each other over time. Most of the posters are well-intentioned, but some of them apparently live on the site and move from case to case. Many of the "comments" are personal messages to each other kivetching about their problems, issues, wine consumption, ad nauseum. I found it an enormous waste of my time, but each to his own.

what is this talk of a unicorn? where are you getting that from?

it really doesnt matter if Morgan took any type drug prior to the night of the concert. what matters is that someone murdered her.

I do agree with you though about the person in LE judging how she was dressed.

Oh, so the warrants were sealed upon request of the Commonwealth's Attorney so as to not prejudice potential jurors, as people have repeatedly said.

The troll was wrong yet again.

Why have the police not tested the Pantera shirt found on the bushes for DNA? Somebody (the killer) must have removed the shirt from her body. So why do we never hear anything about the DNA found in her shirt or body?
As far as the bones being crushed...has anybody ever considered that she may have been runned over by a car? That would definitely crush bones.

Nope, not one single person had considered either of those things! Thanks a lot citizen! You helped make America safer today.

You people watch too much TV.

I think Law Enforcement needs to be absolutely certain that Mr. Bass (the property owner) is not in fear for his and his familys life. That it's very possible Mr. Bass came upon the killer by accident and is too afraid to come forward with this information.

That this could explain the strange comments he made early on regarding the impossibility of anyone being able access the area where Morgan's body was found.

SJones..what's got you on this Ecstasy kick?

I can't tell whether S Jones has nothing to say, or is simply unable to write. So many words, so little meaning.

Morgan Harrington did not die of a drug overdose. Unicorn is often in reference to a cigarette.

He had a late one last night. Probably still recovering.

Had Morgan ever been arrested for anything?

"The first is who placed the t-shirt. I would think that information is key. It is highly likely that the person placing the t-shirt did not know that Morgan was dead at the time. If the person that placed it knew she was dead, it is highly likely that it was someone in law enforcement."

Why would law enforcement have the shirt? Why would someone place the t-shirt there unless it was the killer trying to confuse police? I don't follow.

So the Newsplex was one of the media outlets in town that was very careful NOT to cover evidence in the Harrington case - even when it was still a missing person's investigation - if those details dared to suggest that UVA students may have been involved with her that night.

(and the UVA and greater Charlottesville community applauded quietly)

Now the Newsplex gives the Harrington's some free billboard space - but only now that the rooms on the West range of the lawn are empty, and the UVA student body has left town - many of them forever.

(and the community applauds loudly)

Local media played very nice with Mr. Casteen, and in doing so just might have let the perp(s) get outta here scot free. At least we don't hear the "no way is there anyone at UVA who could murder a young woman" crap anymore. That sort of fell by the wayside a few weeks ago. But they are still "slaying fallout" in that case just as aggressively.

This was never first and foremost about finding a young woman in danger and/or finding her muderer(s). It was about protecting the image of "the university" first and foremost, and delaying/doubting/suppressing any information that might have even potentially tarnished same. (Morgan hanging out with the basketball team. The lawn sighting. The finding of the Pantera shirt in the heart of frat/sorority territory. The cops suggesting there had been frat parties at Anchorage Farm..) Then, after those things were hushed up, it was about getting info out to the public about evidence in hopes that leads could multiply and the case get solved.

I for one hope that Mr. Huguley's DNA has been tested and compared to any that may have been found on her shirt that was found just a few blocks from his frat house and his residence. Maybe his frat was one of the ones that partied at the farm where her body was found. But nobody in this town wants to know who those frats were, or who was there. Nobody wants to know the frat where Ms. Love was first attacked either. That "crosses the line" into maybe finding out something that UVA and Charlottesville does NOT want to know. The Casteen Cloaking Device is still very much at work.

Don't ask. Don't tell.

i believe this is why LE has been absolute garbage ”Š for this very reason:

if there is evidence that Morgan was abducted from the JPJA grounds and/or UVA grounds and the security cameras / systems were not functioning properly and/or it is proven that footage is lost and/or erased, would this not be grounds for a civil suit?

Not only that just the fact of locking out, at night, a 20 year-old female from an event sponsored by the University, an event she paid to attend, may well be grounds for at least a civil suit. The argument that ââ?¬Ë?other venues do it’ is worth exactly zip as a defense.

it is almost like they are working to keep Morgan as far away from JPJA and UVA territory 1st and foremost. anything after that is secondary. the potential for a $200 million civil suit is the elephant in the room and somehow, we missed it.

i think people really need to know ”Š it is highly probable that delays in this case from the beginning are a part of a bigger picture. from the beginning, every bit of information released by LE (which has been very little and very uninformative) have painted a picture of a concert-goer who was waiting for a concert for 6 months, actually attends said concert with friends, leaves a concert she went to with ââ?¬Å?friends” minutes before the main act takes stage. from what we know, LE and JPJA say she left the arena of her own accord”Šshe goes outside the arena and is not let back into the arena. but she was not kicked out / ejected from the arena. there are no witnesses per LE, there is no video footage / security footage per LE and/or JPJA, LE and JPJA (UVA) have shared absolutely no information whatsoever regarding this case with the community, but they have continued to ask the community to come forward for support. LE wants the community to believe Morgan left the concert of her own accord, called the friends once to let them know she is outside and will find her way home, and then ââ?¬Å?wander” AWAY from the arena and her friends and the concert to HITCHHIKE AWAY from the arena, campus, her friends, her car, her purse in the opposite direction from her predetermined destination that was planned for 6 months. The LE / VSP / university police official stance seems to be: ââ?¬Å?we know absolutely nothing about this case ”Š we don’t have evidence, we don’t have credible witnesses, we don’t really have a defined time line, we don’t know who she was with outside the arena, but what we DO know is that whatever happened (again we have no idea what happened), but whatever did happen to Morgan DEFINITELY HAPPENED OFF JPJA / UVA GROUNDS”.

"Not only that just the fact of locking out, at night, a 20 year-old female from an event sponsored by the University, an event she paid to attend, may well be grounds for at least a civil suit. The argument that ââ?¬Ë?other venues do it’ is worth exactly zip as a defense."

Almost ALL concerts and events do not allow re-admittance. It is usually in the small print on the back of the ticket (ever read it?) if not on the front. This is mainly due to reasons of liability and potential revenue loss (from concessions).

Does it matter if the event was sponsored by the university? So, if a 35 year old male attended a sponsored event and left, was denied re-admittance, and vanished, would the university be somewhat liable in your eyes?

"I for one hope that Mr. Huguley’s DNA has been tested and compared to any that may have been found on her shirt that was found just a few blocks from his frat house and his residence. Maybe his frat was one of the ones that partied at the farm where her body was found. But nobody in this town wants to know who those frats were, or who was there. "

No frats partied at that farm. If Hugely was a DKE, which I think is what frat he was in (if he was in one), then the shirt was found about a half a mile from the DKe house.

Keep up the good work Sean...people visiting here who don't know who you are and the delusional paranoid garbage you repeat might actually think there is something to it. Hell, I did for a day or two before I looked into what you were saying.


Yes, some events you can re-enter. In fact, I went to one just last the state of VA, imagine that! Most concerts, sports events, and other events as big as a Metallica concert or others at JPJ arena don't allow re-entry. Why? Because then people who go back to their cars, drink more, smoke pot, whatever, and come back when they got their buzz back up to par. Or, if they were hungry, instead of paying 6$ for a hot dog they go to their car to eat some food they left there.

There is also the issue of security. They have ample security making sure nothing dangerous is brought in the stadium, such as weapons or contraband. If they allowed re-entry, they would have to have more personnel at the ticket entries to search the people coming and going.

I'm not gonna speculate on a civil case.

IMO it's more likely that the UVa police were not able to come up with anything useful to solve the case then it is they erased all the tape and discarded all the evidence in order to avoid a suit. A cover up would be FAR more damaging to the university and the city than any negligent surveillance system. It would also be extremely hard to pull of with the FBI, state police, and others involved.

"but, oh wait, there is no security footage. thank you for proving my point. did you know that Virginia lost the civil war?"

If you got to see the footage would you be satisfied?

1.Some of you can't type
2.Some of you can't write
3.Some of you can't think logically
4.Some of you can't do any of the above, which makes it impossible to understand what you're trying to say. No offense intended.

You might want dictate what you want to say to someone and then let them type it out for you. :)

SJones, My head hurts after trying to figure out what your point is to all your rants. You were a poster on Find Morgan at one time and supported the Harrington's completely. What is up with all of this nonsense now? You know that they want to know the truth. Shame on you for posting like you have been about them, you know better.

"S Jones June 7th, 2010 | 5:21 am
The billboard! The reward?
Clarity is needed. If the posted award is for information leading to an arrest and convivtion of a murderer, does this mean that that the Harringtons do not want information that does not fit into their preordained conclusion? What this case needs is a clear objective! Are others in danger? Should Mr.s not already have been offered the money?
Clarity is needed! Oh, Virgina Law this and that but what about you the family. Are you bound ny all of the legalize? Do you want the truth, really? Yea, I am harsh ! Do you want little yes men that culy up next to you and tell you what you want hear? Or it is possible that you may want to find the truth no matter waht it is? I agree that it seems that someone did a horrible thing to Morgan!"

^^ S. Jones,
i couldnt agree more, CLARITY is need- IN YOUR POSTS.

you have one poster after another telling you
your posts do not make sense. maybe you should take a look at that.

first you came in here implying Morgan died from drugs & that her parents are trying to cover it up.

now in your own words in this post- you say someone did something horrible to Morgan. so which is it? drugs or murder?
you might have some legit points- but it's too hard to sort them out because you are not clear in what you're saying.

you keep focusing on the words Murder vs Homicide.
LE does not use the word murder because they cant yet-
they dont have the motive/intent. which is one of the big things that seperate the usage of calling it Murder or homicide.
LE cant call it a murder (in this case) without knowing the intent/motive. so they call it a homicide for now.

someone above said there is footage of Morgan trying to get back inside the venue multiple times. LE & Dr. Harrington say there is no such footage. I believe the press got that wrong some where along the line.
Morgan was seen intoxicated inside the venue, so it wouldnt make sense she would leave to go get drugs. she already had her buzz on.

the shirt was found down the street from Yeardly Love's apt. I do not know where GH lived or if any frat houses were close by. I think it's interesting the shirt was found so close to her apt and that a lacross player is the one to find Morgan's purse.


why do some of you say GH/frats did not party at the farm?
how do you know that? that place was party central
there were parties held there all the time. there are invites on Facebook to attend parties there and i didnt see any 'no frats' allowed added to the post.

I've always figured this whole thing was about drugs, and I haven't seen anything yet to convince me to change my opinion. But wow, the idea that Jack the Ripper is prowling around Cville? Yeah, that is sensational, I get that, and I get that it makes this whole thing on a whole new level, you know, instead of, say, just a bunch of bad decisions and running into the wrong people looking for a hookup. Even if none of us will ever know the whole story, at least we can all agree that underage drinking and hitch hiking while drunk or stoned are bad ideas.

"I will say that that unfortunate footage of the other young lady seeming to be Morgan led to much speculation. When it was discovered it was not her, perhaps there were policies put in place to protect innocent people."

Sorry, I must have missed this. What are you referring to?

Sean writes: "The finding of the Pantera shirt in the heart of frat/sorority territory."


"The cops suggesting there had been frat parties at Anchorage Farm.."


" ... her shirt that was found just a few blocks from his [Huguley’s] frat house"


"Maybe his frat was one of the ones that partied at the farm where her body was found."


Wait, so S Jones can actually think and write coherently when he or she so chooses? And why isn't this done all of the time?

Had anyone ever checked Morgan Dana Harrington's criminal record?
Is a discussion of this case complete without looking in to this?


4.Some of you can’t do any of the above, which makes it impossible to understand what you’re trying to say.

Correct use of basic punctuation is a good starting point and a move in the right direction. See"
We can work on the rest step by step.

With regard to the drug theory -- if she'd left the arena looking for drugs, she wouldn't have been on video trying to get back in so many times.

I'm pretty sure the police already know who did it, have read a lot of the blogs since last year. From postings by people who were close to the case (many of their comments were later removed), combined with other info out there, the woman was picked up and victimized by at least one guy with a criminal record. Yes, his name has been out there, and there are probable accomplices. The circumstantial evidence reputedly strong, apparently there are witnesses to certain events, sightings, things like that. I think all the cops need now are a few more tips so they can justify what needs to be done. That's why people need to call now with what they saw or know, even if you're not sure it was her. Tell them what you saw, let them figure out whether it was her or not.

I thought standard suicide hotline procudure was to have "The End" by the Doors playing while you were on hold?

"Admittedly I find some people’s obsession with this case and the way they dissect all the details and minutae to be a little disturbing."

There are 150,000 reasons for a lot of people to be all over this case, if you believe in it anyway.

Believe in the case? I've never once heard or read any suggestion that Morgan Harrington's disappearance was a hoax.

My guess is that the killer was at the concert, is a Metallica fan, prob around 38 to 42 yrs old, hunted in the area when was a kid so prob still has a hunting license or had one until he got a felony and probably for previous assault charge > Attended concert > hunting license > lives in Charlotteville. might want to look for someone who has a warrant out for his arrest as well, if it was an accident then he wouldnt have wanted to come forward

S Jones must have gotten banned from wherever it was because of long pointless rants. I can't make any sense of any of them. If there is something there, then why not just come out and say it directly rather than in what reads like some sort of code?

"They will not arrest the Doctor no matter what he says in an interview, he just does not realize it." What on earth is that supposed to mean?

Mr/Mrs Jones,
"Confidential" information LE doesn't know but YOU do?
Maybe you got 5 messages about your not making sense.
But let me see if I comprendez. You are saying that the parents of this girl should come right out and openly question JPJA, University police and criticize VSP. Just have an all out and out war with the very people conducting this investigation? Wouldn't it be smarter to hire a PI and gather the info, go to VSP,and say, "look, if these questions and issues we have aren't resolved in a week, then we are exposing what we know." (if there is anymore to know)

@S Jones: What the hell is the point of your rant? Call it whatever you want, but in Virginia all intentional deaths are presumed to be second degree murder, and from there it is either raised to 1st degree murder or reduced to manslaughter based on the evidence, or after a valid defense is raised. It's being investigated as a homicide, and to most law enforcement, the term is interchangeable with murder. No one has any idea what point you're trying to make by continuously arguing the semantics of it.

So basically someone got banned from and is now confusing everyone here.

looping loonies


I think you are sincere and I agree with much of your direction. There are many missing pieces to this puzzle. If the Harringtons, LE and the friends are not forthright with the information, there is not much of a chance that we, the general public will ever be able to help solve them. I can only hope that LE has the information they need for Dr. and Gil and Alex to finally put closure to this horrible loss.

Dont forget that this is a real reward. If you know anything, you can help this family and help yourself by reporting anything that will get this solved.

help Find Morgan's Killer ! If you have heard anything about this case from others talking ..please come forward !
If you have an idea of who was planning something , please come forward !

Morgan hanging out with the basketball team.
Yeah, "hanging out" if by that you mean drunkenly talking to them. She was sighted "hanging out" with various people in the parking lot then.

The troll doesn't seem nearly as interested in the lack of media coverage of the reported sighting at the Sheetz in Orange. Of course, the troll thinks that media outlets should only cover unsubstantiated sightings in a missing persons case in great detail if they involve U.Va.

@S Jones:

For the second time, what is the point of your playing semantics between murder and homicide? What difference does it make? Police don't have homicide investigations for accidental deaths, because law enforcement doesnt use the same distinction that you use. So yes, it is a murder investigation, whether or not they are using that term.

I think a valid point has been raised, why all the national publicity about Morgan Harrington? Is it because she was a very pretty blond with well-to-do parents? From the little bit I've been able to read about Cassandra Morton, her life wasn't quite as "tidy" for lack of a better word. Is that the reason for the lack of interest, she wasn't worthy of much concern? Her remains were found in a very similar situation to Morgan's discovery, in a remote area near a well known University, but how much do any of us really know or care about her? Maybe Lynchburg isn't close enough to Charlottesville to generate much interest. Another young woman, Kristin Fox, was found near death within 15 minutes of Charlottesville at Zion Crossroads. She later died and her death was described as being suspicious. Has anyone read one update recently about her death. Ms. Fox didn't have concerned parents to keep her death in the spotlight. According to a story appearing at the time of her death, as a teenager she was in the family home when her step-father killed her mother and then himself. A tragic life, and a tragic end to what could have been a promising young life. Do I sound hard-hearted about Morgan? I'm not. I can't imagine the pain Dr. and Mrs. Harrington feel everyday, but there are far to many other families who feel this same pain. The difference, they don't have the resources to be able to share that pain, thus their child, sister, mother is forgotten after just a few short lines in a local paper or on a website. If Morgan was indeed murdered, I want the person responsible brought to justice, just as I want the persons responsible for the deaths of Cassandra Morton and Kristin Fox (if her death was not an accidental overdose) brought to justice. I am still hoping that one day the killer of Alicia Showalter Reynolds will open his door to find a detective with handcuffs and gun drawn.

I still say you need to go back to the so called friends and question them thoroughly. There was a reason she had a bleeding chn and bump on her head and she was highly irritated while being in the smokinng area, What sent her to a smoking area bby herself and why was she upset as reported by witnesses. It doesn't add up. They leave in her car and never call her parents to see if she arrived safey or even inform then she is missing. Alot of time was lost during that time and they are seen in a sight saying what a " Great" time they had..after they learn she is missing. Someone in that circle of " friends" needs to fess up with the truth.
The very idea they claim she was drunk is shady too. She was in fear and tried relentlessly to get back in and even staged to be with a stranger to send a message to the one she feared. Unfortunately, the man ignored her actions and decidd to call his girlfriend to say a "kook" was trying to acost him. Look into who was working security that night and could've slipped awy during the metallica concert and would have been able to slip back before it was over .. unnoticed. Her friend let her down that night and appears to have been " users" instead of friends. The so called sighing of hitching hiking ect is to lead the attention from te perp/s in my opinion. Morgan was not drunk or spaced out on drugs as some are wanting us to believe. her actions shows she was seeking help and was in fear and very emotionally hurt. Her fiends know what went on that caused her bump on her head and bloody chin. It is time they start telling the truth. Why did they have her car keys and not go to give them to her if.. and that's a bigh if.. she phoned them to say she was stuck ouside and not allowed back in. Her family deserve the truth and justice. The friends know more. To the Harringon Family.. I hope this will Board will jog memories of those who may have witnsessed something and bring their info forward. If anything.. Morgan was naieve and trusted the wrong people. JMO

Evil does exist and life can be savage at times. Despite that, I know love will persist and goodness continues. I hold fast to this truth as I stumble in sadness and fear, knowing my sight will acclimate to the darkness soon and I’ll learn to navigate this shadow land with ease.

I wish I could hurry the process along. I yearn for ease and a lightening of our burden. But grief has its own clock and doesn’t seem to care about my time frame at all. I believe healing could occur more readily if I got out of the way and allowed it to unfold.

My knee jerk is to meet a problem with strength, shoulder it, attack it, wrestle it, oppose it. Regrettably, there’s no dominating Death or her sister Grief. I want to be a force for good, but realize that force is impotent here. To process Morgan’s death in a healthy way I must develop a whole new survival skill set based on submission and surrender. Dan will confirm that those attributes are pretty foreign to my character.

Am being forced to change and grow and yield? I hope my pigheaded resistance will be short lived and I learn to stop throwing myself against the rock and instead flow around it. Intellectually, I understand, but my anguished heart still can’t stop screaming WHY?

My little Mogo, 241

"The evil that men do lives after them,
The good is oft interred with their bones"
We WILL not let Morgan's memory die,nor will we permit this murderer's evil to further rend this or other families. Some good will come from this, no further destruction, a limit to pain. Stop this person from killing again. Morgan's ashes cry out for resolution. Her bones and ashes remain above ground waiting for justice.

Is it possible that Metallica could have anything to do with her death?

S Jones, those are not "tough questions" they are impossible to understand questions. What a self contradictory mess of words!

You rate a solid 4 on nbc29fan's scale-

"1.Some of you can’t type
2.Some of you can’t write
3.Some of you can’t think logically
4.Some of you can’t do any of the above, which makes it impossible to understand what you’re trying to say. No offense intended."

It must be incredibly painful to be a real investigator and have to put up with the seemingly endless parade of people making incoherent and inane "helpful" suggestions and clueless criticisms.

"With regard to the drug theory ââ?¬â? if she’d left the arena looking for drugs, she wouldn’t have been on video trying to get back in so many times."

Yeah I figured she was going to hook up with her connection and head back to the concert and then realized she wasn't allowed back in, but you know, that's assuming a lot since as far as I know there isn't any video or pictures or anything of her, or her friends even at the show. Who knows.

But it's all the other signs around this case, you know the things that for most folks don't add up. Her friends taking her car all the way home without her without saying anything, her parents not knowing even almost a week later that they drove Morgan's car all the way to Cville, her parents not knowing that Morgan was still smoking, and that Morgan had overdrawn her bank account again. Even the little things, like Morgan's junky cell phone that had a missing battery cover, and Morgan's parents checking up with her so often to tell her what to wear and to make sure she was doing her homework.

This girl was 20 years old remember, her dad is a doctor and I figure her mother also makes good money too.

To me it just shows me she was desperate to feed the beast and who knows how desperate she was to feed it especially when away from her folks and had her friends covering for her.

But hey, if Jack the ripper is roaming in Cville, he needs to be put down for sure I agree. Peace.

Hmmm said: "Wait, so S Jones can actually think and write coherently when he or she so chooses? And why isn’t this done all of the time?"

Probably because he/she is posting under multiple user names, and it gets tricky after awhile trying to maintain the incoherancy of the "S Jones" character when one is in a different character's frame of mind. Just my theory.

nbc29 fan said: "Is it possible that Metallica could have anything to do with her death?"

oh my.

I suppose all things are possible. But whether it's *likely*? No. Metallica's been rocking since the 80s. And only now, in 2009, did something happen with a girl at one of their concerts? Says to me the issue isn't with Metallica, but rather, with the girl and whoever took her.


nbc29fan said:

ââ?¬Å?1.Some of you can’t type
2.Some of you can’t write
3.Some of you can’t think logically
4.Some of you can’t do any of the above, which makes it impossible to understand what you’re trying to say. No offense intended.

You might want dictate what you want to say to someone and then let them type it out for you. :) "

I'm with you there. :D Very true.

In her defense, I think S Jones is doing quite an admirable job of staying consistently incoherent!

Admittedly I find some people's obsession with this case and the way they dissect all the details and minutae to be a little disturbing.


If the professionals had been left alone, very little would have been done on this case. The University of Virginia has tried repeatedly to literally bury the facts. There have been extremely uncooperative with sharing information with the the police, the FBI, and the family. The only reason that the professionals are still working on this case at any intensity, is because the Harringtons continue to press for answers. Furthermore, there is a very strong probability that JPJ people erased tapes immediately following Morgan's disappearance. Looking at all the tapes can show where the erased gaps are. JPJ has from the beginning of this looked at this only as potential liability and has been involved in heavy duty CYA--just like Casteen did.

The Bonemaker

Bones and rags in a field
That’s what we have come to
The bonemaker did this
He took a living breathing person and made bones
And rags
No breath, no life, no future, no love
And he is out there
Ready to make new bones
In a new field

lovely, please submit that to my webiste

guess what gorgoroth I 've got a million more of "em. Never said I was any kind of a poet I am a family member trying to chivy a community that is sheltering a murderer to come forward with his name. When the people who are protecting Morgan Harrington's murderer give him up so that he can be tried ---then all of this stuff will stop. Meanwhile, writing truly excerable poetry makes me feel a bit better. And obviously making fun of people who have lost family members to murder makes you feel better. I think we are at least even. Deal with it. Note that you have expressed not one iota of compassion or even interest about the subject matter ----the murdered girl. And you are proud of that???

From a Phish concert?

I've been to a few Phish concerts in my day. The drug use there is high but most of hte people seemed pretty harmless.

As with any band that attracts a cult following of hippies, there will be some sketchy and evil hanger ons who take advantage of the naivete, generosity, and (often) intoxication of the fans.

Hopefully this girl turns out to be okay.

Initially I took a strong interest in the MH disappearance, but I too got very tired of the soap opera and unrealistic rantings taking place on the website. A few of the best contributors on there had a more realistic view of what truly went down, and were harassed, and ridiculed as a result.

As for Blink, she is nothing but a sensationalist type "National Inquirer" type journalist. Anything worthwhile she has is obtained by those "in the know" who are nieve enough to share it with her. One week she was implying one person was responsible for the crime, and the next week that was all forgotten and someone else was on her bs "hinky meter." If anyone is hinky, it's blink.

I've pretty much gotten tired of hearing all the drivel regarding MH and don't follow the story anymore. I agree that a PI would of made a hell of a lot more sense then a publicist. The approach of the family has made very little sense since the get go.