Breaking point: Winds estimated at 75mph or more

snap-powerlinePark Street lost a utility pole.

The June 3 microburst snapped trees and utility poles all over town.

James E. Lee at the National Weather Service estimates winds were a minimum of 75mph, based on photos of downed trees and poles.

Winds between 76 and 118mph are enough to uproot hardwood trees, so the toppled trees up Lee's estimate to 90mph.

Updated 3:35pm. Originally titled: Snap o' the day: Snap o' the powerline

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Extreme weather: Get used to it. Darn Al Gore to heck....

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First there was the Snowpocolypse. Then there was Snowmageddon. Then.........The June 3rd Microburst!

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youve gotta love how the side street appears to be blocked off, however park street with the live power pole hanging above it was not blocked off. tisk tisk tisk..