Heavy rain expected tonight

news-weatherfrontapproachingFrom the big looping map...

You better toss that Nerf ball with the kids this afternoon because waiting may mean wetting, as a big low pressure system comes crawling over the mountains some time this evening. The National Weather Service provides a hazardous weather outlook, and Charlottesville Fire Chief Charles Werner finds himself watching this big looping map.

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If you're going to claim to have originated something, it's best done where the real source isn't so readily findable.

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A monumental winter storm, lasting multiple days and resulting in copious amounts of snow and disastrous winter driving conditions.
"did you hear about the snowmageddon arriving on friday? It's going to be amazing!"
snow storm snow day blizzard car accident
by Bed4rd Dec 18, 2008

Okay now Hawes. I'm not saying you have to publish only profound and timeless Platonic ideals, to be read endlessly by generations. News is transient, certainly. But weather, more so. People log on to this site, they see "heavy rain tonight," and they cancel the barbecue. Then it doesn't rain. Your credibility becomes suspect. People defect to the competition. Advertisers flee. Rumors begin: Hawes keeps a broken wristwatch, waiting for it to be right twice a day. Pretty soon your wife leaves you because she is tired of you staring at the sky evening after evening, hoping for rain . . . hoping for rain. No Hawes, I say as an admirer who has your best interests at heart: pull your weather forecasts after the fact. Cf. prognosticators on Fox News. Wrong exactly 50% of the time. But do they get fired? No, because they don't remind people what they said yesterday.

I think we owe Boooo! a royalty each time we use the word 'Snowmageddon'. But what is Hawes going to call this evening's thunderstorm? The headline "rain tonight" has been on this website so long that it may be finally coming true. "Raincoat-astrophe?" We are in the path of a charging "rainoceros"?

from the wayback machine-
boo! February 2nd, 2010 | 3:00 pm
If this weekend’s snow turns out to be as big or bigger than December 18ths, then we’ll need a name for it as well. Since Snowpocolypse has already been used, I vote for Snowmageddon! The Great Snowpocolypse of 2009, followed by Snowmageddon 2010”Š..

Funny, in Chicago, they had already used Snowpocolypse in 2008 and had moved on to Snowmageddon in early 2009. I'm not seeing how a WaPo poll to name the storm had anything to do with either The Hook or boooo! (who has since grown another pair apparently) Grab your 15 minutes however you can I guess.

You people need to take a chill pill and get a grip! I bet the people in Arkansas that were injured and killed in flash flooding this week would have appreciated a warning like this.

Wha? said: "If you’re going to claim to have originated something, it’s best done where the real source isn’t so readily findable."

Apparently you don't know how to read. What I said was:

"It was me who originally wrote ââ?¬Å?Snowmageddon” here to begin with."

I didn't claim to invent the term. I said I was the one who wrote it in the comments section. After I wrote it in the comments section, The Hook went back and revised their article to use that term. From there The Post picked it up from the Hook, and next thing you know Obama was using the phrase in the media.

You're so quick to be snarky and try to tear somebody down that you've stuck your foot in your mouth. Calm down and get over yourself. "Wha?" is a good handle name for you. You don't seem to understand what's going on.

Jeebus, people--if the weather is all HawesEtAl are running around chicken-littling, is that such a big deal? Put it in perspective.

Cviller! I second that!!!

Weather is unpredictable, like life, what's a newsman to do ?

I'm glad Chief Werner is aware enough to anticipate problems, and alert the media, rather than just react once disaster hits.

I think we need to know what Hawes thinks the meaning of expected is. Maybe it's just a >0% chance. If so, this could be a timeless headline with 100% accuracy.

Although pretty soon Hawes's wife will leave him because she is tired of him staring at the sky evening after evening, figuring out the meaning of expected . . . figuring out the meaning of expected

Jeez. Hawes "Chicken Little" Spencer is in the grip of a weather fixation ever since the Washington Post picked up from the Hook's comments column and ran with 'Snowmaggedon.' Well gosh Hawes, latest radar shows this big honkin' rainstorm petering out into a piffling drizzle. So what's tomorrow's article? Clear, sunny and mild with a CHANCE OF METEORS CAUSING MASS EXTINCTION!


The more hawes has to write about weather the better I feel, that means there aren't any murders, rapes, home invasions etc.. to write about.

And just think. It was me who originally wrote "Snowmageddon" here to begin with.

"So what’s tomorrow’s article? Clear, sunny and mild with a CHANCE OF METEORS CAUSING MASS EXTINCTION!"

That actually made me laugh out loud. :D Love it....

I adore weather stories. I am not joking.