If BP's spill were here...

news-bpdisasterThanks to ifitwasmyhome.com, anyone can get a sense of the size of BP's Gulf disaster.

What if the infamously polluting British Petroleum well were centered here in Charlottesville–- how big might that spill be? Well (no pun intended), the resulting spill might cover an area stretching from the outskirts of Roanoke all the way to Baltimore, according to an online map provided by ifitwasmyhome.com. The representation utilizes a Google Map to dramatize how vast the spill, which began April 20 with an explosion and fire that killed 11 men, is.

The map device also allows users to "move" the spill back to the Gulf of Mexico and gives anyone not paying attention to what appears to be the world's worst environmental disaster a chance to gain an understanding of why such outrage–- such as a Memorial Day protest on Pantops–- against BP exists.

The U.S. Senate has begun holding hearings on the disaster, as questions persist over the company's failure to prevent and then–- once it happened–- halt such a calamity.

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Fair enough. Energy policy. I guess I credit people with having to much insight and need to decipher broad descriptive terms more carefully.

Which from what I hear is Nuclear, coal, green, and continued drilling. If you do not believe that c&t is included with the above you are sadly mistaken.

How can you ignore the Cheney/Bush penchant for massive deregulation of this dirty and dangerous oil industry? I agree that Mr. Obama should have "reined" in these corporations immediately and reinstated the rule of law, but it is too late now for the Gulf, for its ecosystem, and for the people who lived there. I just don't see how the government could have taken "control of the containment and cleanup." How? What resources? The Coast Guard, the Navy, the USMC, are designed to patrol and to fight, not to "drill, Baby, drill."

As for Cap and Trade, yesterday Indiana Senator Richard Lugar said a cap and trade solution to climate change is a dead issue; and, thus he is proposing a new approach to energy legislation. Once interested in carbon trading, he now concludes, based on Europe’s poor experience, poor US public support, and low carbon prices for his own farm’s credits on the Chicago Climate Exchange, that such a system is no longer workable, ââ?¬Å?There was a high water mark of 7 dollars a ton, at one point, closer to 5 years ago but currently, as you know, it’s now 10 cents a ton.” Lugar says this shows the market believes there’s not a ghost of a chance Congress will pass a cap and trade bill.

What, exactly, do you propose that the government do? When the Cheney/Bush administration opted to implement their long-extant plan to invade the oil fields of Iraq, they insisted that Halliburton be offered a no-bid contract because only Halliburton could deal with the burning gushers, or so they said. Have you any facts that support the right-wing notion that this administration is deliberating holding back the solution to this deep-sea disaster? Rather than complaining, a la Monica Crowley about the lack of "leadership", have you any ideas at all to fix the problem? Please be very specific.

Day 56 is way to late to even be talking about basic common sense steps. I am not saying they are holding back a solution but they do not appear to be doing much to find a solution either.

Did you notice the talking points this morning on the news? Mighty odd that Cap and Trade is making its way to the top of news stories again. A convienient disaster for energy policy don't you think?

Stam. Quit injecting Bush era policies into this administrations lack of response in the Gulf. The eco-system is now destroyed because BP was not reined in during the first 14 days and the US did not take control of the containment and cleanup.
Spin that one my friend.

I see my good friend Stam is here, belittling all who dare to question the richly framed diploma on his wall (right next to the full length mirror). You'er a joke, but don't worry at least you'er a "civilized" joke. Your poor father.

The permit was issued in 2008 under the Cheney/Bush Administration. Here's more. Deepwater Horizon was built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan, South Korea. Construction started in December 1998 and the rig was delivered in February 2001 after the acquisition of R&B Falcon by Transocean, and was insured for $560 million. Beginning in 2008, BP Exploration leased the Deepwater Horizon from Transocean Ltd. In October 2009, the contract was extended until 2013. The lease contract was worth $544 million, a rate of $496,800 per day.
One thing is always certain -- corporations will lie, distort, and obfuscate in order to buy time and eliminate real liability. Under Cheney/Bush, this criminal approach was codified. Another point is that the skimmers you suggest, while being helpful in the thirty-year clean-up, does nothing to stop the gusher.

I agree with you that inaction will kill the Gulf Coast. I also agree that FEMA, severely weakened under the previous administration, must be reconstituted to help all of the victims of this industrial travesty. While there was no mention of Cap and Trade legislation at all in the speech, I suppose that it's possible to be an agenda item. I don't see how it would help. Here's a link to the actual speech: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/obama-speeches/speech/290/

March 2008 - The mineral rights to drill for oil were purchased by BP at the Minerals Management Service's Lease Sale #206, held at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. [6].
February 2009 - BP files a 52 page exploration and environmental impact plan for the Macondo well, located in Mississippi Canyon Block 252 in the United States sector of the Gulf of Mexico about 41 miles (66 km) off the Louisiana coast, with the Minerals Management Service (MMS), an arm of the United States Department of the Interior that oversees offshore drilling. The plan stated that it was "unlikely that an accidental surface or subsurface oil spill would occur from the proposed activities".[7] In the event an accident did take place the plan stated that due to the well being 48 miles (77 km) from shore and the response capabilities that would be implemented, no significant adverse impacts would be expected.[7] The Department of the Interior exempted BP's Gulf of Mexico drilling operation from a detailed environmental impact study after concluding that a massive oil spill was unlikely.[8][9]
June 22, 2009 - Mark E. Hafle, a senior drilling engineer at BP, warns that the metal casing for the blowout preventer might collapse under high pressure with Hafle warning, ââ?¬Å?This would certainly be a worst-case scenario...However, I have seen it happen so know it can occur.” [10]
February 15, 2010 - Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, owned by Transocean, begins drilling in water depth of approximately 5,000 feet (1,500 m) on the Macondo Prospect.[11][12][13] The platform commenced drilling in February 2010 at a water depth of approximately 5,000 feet (1,500 m).[14] The planned well was to be drilled to 18,000 feet (5,500 m) below sea level, and was to be plugged and suspended for subsequent completion as a subsea producer.[14][14]
March - An accident damages a gasket on the blowout preventer on the rig.[10]

Here is the link:

The skimmers could have contained much more oil near the beginning of the disaster instead of not even being there.

Durtbutglar, you are feeding the bad wolf

I don't know about the rest of the participants, but I am the real Ken Jamme

Hey Stam its not wolves you just need to eat more bran

@King Ralph
I do not recall saying that President Clinton was liberal. I did say that "The only fiscally responsible administration that our country has had in twenty years was the Democratic administration of President Clinton." This is true whether you approve it or not. Given your uncivil expressions on this blog, I wonder about your mental health. I am certain of that.

@oldhoo 72
Don't worry. I only manage clients who are reasonable and who have resources. Regarding my posts to this blog -- someone needs to educate the masses here.

Perhaps we should "pin it on" British Petroleum and on the American people because we citizens should have replaced old oil with stored energy yesterday.

Day 57. Speech by the Great One tonight. Oil still gushing. Residents still need help. Progressives still defending Administration and trying to pin it on Bush/Cheney. 2012 cannot get here fast enough.

I think that we all understand the coded politico speech. I see added problems with nuclear, coal, and continued drilling. David Brooks has written that "In America, we use the phrase Big Oil to describe Exxon Mobil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and others. But that just shows how parochial we are. In fact, none of these private companies make it on a list of the world’s top 13 energy companies. A generation ago, the biggest multinationals produced well more than half of the world’s oil and gas. But now, according to [Ian] Bremmer, they produce just 10 percent of the world’s oil and gas and hold only about 3 percent of the world’s reserves." The real producers are Gazprom, Petrobras, Saudi Aramco, Petronas, Petr³leos de Venezuela, China National Petroleum Corporation and the National Iranian Oil Company. As venal and ham-handed as the domestic producers have been, the only solution is to get off oil and gas now -- not later -- not ten years from now, but now.

Stam, the residents from LA coast to Fla. Keywest will not survive another 58 days with the current inaction taking place. If you have time peruse some of the articles in the NY Times this morning.

Where is FEMA? Where is Homeland Security? Where is our government during this time of disaster?

I would also like to mention during the speech he was trying to sell Cap and Trade. Maybe an indepenent committee should look into the inaction of our government for possibly sacrificing millions of livehoods to push an agenda. I certainly hope this is not the case but it sure is suspicious.

@King Ralph
We can't see why you fulminate so. You have a great view of the river and plenty of green grass on the south side. Why not enjoy your little town and stop complaining about imaginary liberalism?

Since 1969, the Republicans have ruled for twenty-seven of the last forty-one years (66%). The country you see today is a direct product of conservative planning. If the American people are willing to push these types back into power for only twenty years, it may be a bargain. Of course the nation may have trouble surviving another round of Bush-like anti-Americanism, but that would be the price that Republican voters are willing to pay for their misty vision of "freedom".

Seriously? My stuff gets deleted but this a__-clown gets left alone?

Location: Gulf of Mexico
Situation: Oil gushing
Status: Day 56. Bp still in charge. WH in full damage control mode with media. Biden in SA for World Cup. O is organizing reception for Blackhawks. Holder says taxpayers will not foot the bill. US thinking of sending or is sending 400 million to HAMAS. No money for Gulf Coast victims that I know of.


If he would lead and take charge instead of giving sound bites to Matt Lauer I would be fine with another 4 years. I was just as hard on W.

You guys need to read the news instead of listening to FAUX news and O's infomercial channel (msnbc).

@King Ralph
Caesonia is correct, absolutely and unequivocally. The only fiscally responsible administration that our country has had in twenty years was the Democratic administration of President Clinton. When Messers Bush and Cheney were appointed by the supreme court, the boys took little time in destroying our surplus and engulfing our country in two unsupported wars [fighting wars requires an increase in taxation, not a tax cut for the ultra-wealthy.] If you lack "documented proof" it must be due to your disinterest in the real news. It's certainly no secret. Republicans are not capable of handling money (and they really dislike serving on the battle field.) As for mythic vampires, perhaps you should check your side of the aisle, since that is where the blood-sucking of the working class occurs.

Yeah but the love/joy wolf is boring. Feed the other wolf some anger/resentment and you get Drama!
Git er done...

An elder Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, "A fight is going on inside me...It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves. One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, pride and superiority. The other wolf stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. This same fight is going on inside of you and every other person too."

They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?" The old Cherokee simply replied..."The one I feed."

Good to see you 2 (MBP and 50) are up early today.

Restriction of voting makes you sound so elitist. Hot.
Manbear - Now you get it. Took you long enough.

I do not have the time today to mess with you 2. Unlike most of you I do not have the luxury of laying around, collecting food stamps and pondering ways to make pot legal.

I will leave you this to think about.

Why would the WH let this disaster continue for 52 days and allow BP to still call all the shots? Could Cap and Trade be the answer?

Talk at ya Monday if you aren't in jail for vagrancy.

I heard that there was a homosexual rig worker and Fred Phelps asked God to smite the whole operaration. It's still Obama's fault because Obama hasn't asked God to smite the unions. But then Obama's a Muslim so God wouldn't listen to him anyway. And that's why we need change in 2012. Bush had a direct line to God and I here Mitch Romney has one too.

The two of are substantiating evidence for restricting voting to the educated and mentally competent, which neither of you are. It is shocking that jeezlouise prefers the authoritarian rule of George Jr. to the Carter Administration or to the sterling leadership in the White House today. It is equally shocking that "UVA", despite his/its palpable hatred for education, claims the mantle of Charlottesville's finest and then blames university students for the obvious dereliction of British Petroleum. You are woefully poor citizens and egregrious examples of humanity.

Morning you bunch of libby leeches. I know you missed me.
Here is your morning update.

1. Bp has told the President and his Court of Jesters that they will be arriving soon to give them their marching orders.

2. The Messiah has refused to lift the Jones Act so that professional clean up crews can be brought in from around the world. His Union puppet masters have spoken.

3. Wildlife Agency has prohibited the photographing of wildlife in their area of operation. I am guessing that they are killing the animals to save BP the cost of all that Dawn.

4. I believe this is day 52 of the spill? Our leaders still have no idea how much oil is out there, how to stop it and refuse to take control of the situation.

Undeniably the worst administration in history. I thought I would never say that after living through the Carter Administration.

Side note: The ACLU finally wised up and parted ways with the Chosen One. I believe when the WH apologized to CHINA!!!!! for all of human rights travesties they saw the light.

Have a good day.

You don't know the half of it. In fact, you don't know any of it, but that never stopped you. Have you anything constructive to say?

typically , I believe, we will think "wow, that must be tough for them"
now, we're a ALL "them" how can we all band together to help ?

If they could drill closer to shore it could have been capped in a few days. This is ridiculous, this has been caused by the eco-freaks just as much as BP. We have to drill right now, so lets drill SAFER and SMARTER. Eco people, don't make them drill so far offshore and oil guys, if you are in close have everthing ready for a "worst case" spill. Good luck BP, keep working to cap that thing. Good luck LA, MS,AL< and FL.

You know what you are talking about rick? The oil doesn't magically appear at your whims. The field BP was drilling was at that specific place and at that specific depth. I know you are desperate to get the attention off BP to the "tree-huggers", but at least get your logic right.

Rick, most oil wells are closer to shore, BP wanted to drill this one, it being the deepest well ever. No environmentalist had anything to do with it. In fact most of them are opposed to deep water drilling for just this reason. and we don't need to drill here and now, we need to stop consuming oil and other fossil fuels at the rates we do. if a person drives a car in amerika, this is their fault as much as BP's.

This is most definitely not a failure of the Obama Administration except for one salient fact. President Obama should have immediately reviewed every Bush era policy and secret Cheney "energy" meeting to discover the enormous potential for disaster in deregulating these industries. Those policies should have been nullified within the first week of his adminstration. They must now squeeze these outlaw firms as object lessons. As for placing blame on environmentalism, heavy industry never responds to anything other than the profit motive. They drill in the Gulf of Mexico because the oil is there. It would seem that some fevered brains in Charlottesville have been listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin again.

Something to think about.
Hurricane season is fast approaching. Where do many of the storms that affect our area draw their moisture from? That's right, the Gulf of Mexico. This oily water may be scattered inland from New Orleans to New Brunswick before too long. Then it will be our problem. What will this do to our streams? Our houses? Our lungs? Our children's lungs?
The magnitude of this spill is not yet realized.

The WH dropped the ball on this one. Lack of leadership skills has cost us severely. With so many educators and activist running the government when the 'it hit the fan we saw why they never had real jobs.

Sorry Stam, thanks for clearing that up.
How do you feel about that movie Death of A President by Gabriel Range, could you have a "discussion" with those "creatures".
Just saying

Stam the man
Sara Pailin and John McCain are not running the country. Funny, when BP was doing the ââ?¬Å?TOP KILL” old Barry grew a set and said ââ?¬Å?It’s my problem, the buck stops here”. Then the top kill didn’t work so he went to the golf course and Eric Holder goes down to LA. Is the Attorney General there to run a ROV? Lets fix the leak first, BP messed up big time!!!!, but let them focus on sealing the well right now.
I do have a theory on plugging the hole, are you free this weekend?

There is no oil spill, there has never been an oil spill, and the entire episode is a hoax made up by 5 TV networks to sell products. Now let's talk about some news that's REAL instead!

I referred to Fascism because the Radical Right is much beloved by a portion of the residents in Charlottesville. They are a political minority who love and revere the strong man and they are vocal about it, hence the Hofstadter reference is appropriate; he describes an enemy who "makes crises, starts runs on banks, causes depressions, manufactures disasters, and then enjoys and profits from the misery he has produced. The paranoid’s interpretation of history is distinctly personal: decisive events are not taken as part of the stream of history, but as the consequences of someone’s will. Very often the enemy is held to possess some especially effective source of power: he controls the press; he has unlimited funds; he has a new secret for influencing the mind (brainwashing); he has a special technique for seduction." This is the reason that the RR must hold the president responsible for all known ills - unemployment, Gulf Gushers, H1N1, et. al.

stamford... the "regulations" or lack therof were and are not the the problem.. the government workers who don't do their job ARE the problem.

When the regulations become too cumbersome to get anything done it hurts us all.. for example the army corp of engineers taking three weeks to approve buliding sand berms to stop the oil... or the "jones act" of 1920 that prohibited the US accepting the offer of skimmer ships from the dutch...( a waiver could have been approved by the president in 5 minutes)

We have decent reguations but no reasonable enforcement. We don't need but a few new rules with tweaking, not another million pages of contingencies that will stop the economy in its tracks...

GOVERNMENT WORKERS HAVE NO DOWNSIDE TO NOT DOING THEIR JOB. They are almost immpossible to fire and are a huge voting block in any large city/state election.

Obama needs to break the government employees unions...(but he won't)

They are the problem....

@very old timer
Are you suggesting that industry leaders should control their spheres of influence in mining, oil and gas production, food preparation, chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceutical production without the interference of regulators? if this is not your point of view, then what should we citizens do about enforcing regulations when the chief executive officer of the nation is an industry shill and slashes regulatory budgets that cut investigators? Have you actually had any experience with government workers beyond the DMV? If employers had been decent to their employees originally, unions wouldn't have been needed.

The hysterical thing here is that dolts like jeezlouise hate the Federal government for being too powerful, yet are the first to vilify that same government when they think that it is not doing enough for them.

I am sure that the inherent hypocrisy in such a position is completely lost on her/him/it.

hey Stam about that ââ?¬Å?discussion"
After 40 years of industrial decline.......
Do you think that those leftist union demands had anythng to do with that?
You are in a bubble my friend, do you have a job or trust fund? (do you make you money or just good at not wasting you fathers)

The spill could continue at this rate for 10 years and all the oil spilled would still only equal 3 days worth of oil usage in this country.

Defend your savior to the bitter end. Admirable.

You overstep Stam. We are talking about one incident. One incident that could have shown the world what a true leader should do. Instead we have one incident that is out of control with so much spin coming from the WH that even the hardcore liberal media is not buy it. Give it up Stam. Pick your fights wisely.

And Durt
The Federal Government is to big but disasters are a wee bit different than telling me how much salt I can eat.
Read that sentence a few times, take a deap breathe and turn off MSNBC. You will see the light.

deleted by moderator

King Ralph, nice of you to completely sidestep the issue of what would any presidents do, and instead direct a personal attack. Such a cute teabagger.

The truth is, there is nothing Obama and the Federal government can really do except talk. But of course you are convinced there exists some kind of magic in this world that would allow Obama to come in and stop the oil with his divine hand... or should I say satanic since you all believe he is the Anti-Christ?

And the oil still gushes unchecked into the gulf of mexico eco-system

@ very old timer

So government workers not doing their jobs caused the well to explode? Or is the "problem" something besides the leaking oil?

The real question is "Why did the well fail?" It failed because it was cost-effective to skimp or eliminate safe procedures and the regulators let it happen. If we view regulation as a hinderance to corporate progress then it makes sense to adopt a laissez faire view and let the pigs take their rightful place at the trough. Which of us could oppose shutting down our manufacturing capacity in this country in exchange for cheap foreign goods? Manbearpig may be on to something here -- this must be a new business model that British Petroleum is using: despoil the earth for obscene profit. The problem for shareholders is that they share in the liabilities as well. While the corporation may have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders, elected officials have a responsibility to protect the people from corporate predators.

I don't know who owns the earth, but I'm fairly certain that it isn't British Petroleum, George Bush, or the Republican Party, no matter what Rush Limbaugh says. It might be worth seeing the leases that the Lords of the Universe signed when they agreed to puncture the Gulf. Based on last year's net income, BP can afford to reimburse the real costs of their folly (e.g.: fishermen, crabbers, oystermen, cruise operators, resorts) plus the clean-up that will never be complete. Their share price will rise.

I run a wealth management company. My deceased father was a hard-working craftsman who had nothing at all to leave behind, so you can drop the fake proletarian act. You appear to be one of the angry, disgruntled Tea Party types. All of this belching that you and your comrades do on this blog amuses me since I come from the working class.

Your infatuation with drug paraphernalia says much, much more about you than about anyone else. No, 9/11 was Mr. Bush's responsibility. His concerted deregulation of all industries, particularly oil and gas, was to be expected from such an oil-soaked administration. I don't see how you and your cohort can defend Bush's criminal behavior. I would prefer that Messers Bush and Cheney, as well as other enablers in the Bushevic Party be indicted and tried for their crimes.

Now once again, what solutions do you offer to arrest this oil flow. Presuming that nbc29fan is incorrect, something must be done and done quickly.

This is not Bush's fault. This is not Obama's fault. An oil well located far off at sea under lots of pressure failed, that's all.

Rick, you say: "There a[re] pockets of oil closer in th[a]n where this well is. I[f] the company is just out for profits why would you spend so much more to drill a mile down. Its sells for the same price 10 feet or 5,000 feet down."

This oil well was absolutely profitable for BP to operate. The mgmt of a corporation has a fiduciary duty to maximize shareholder value. Oil companies, perhaps even more than most other companies, do this very well.

The sad/funny part about this mess is that it's likely financially better for BP to let the oil flow until dry and pay associated fines rather than trying to cap the leak. That's probably why nothing's really been done--because BP is maximizing shareholder value by doing nothing.

Stam I am sure your father is rolling over hearing that his son supports the anti-American left, the ones that say a craftsman’s hands should support and prop up the likes of politicians and worthless bums.
Academia has lost its way, what used to be a true use of intelligence for good is now used for the destruction of the constitution, declaration of independence and morals that us hard working folk stand by and will fight for.

"These mouth breathing knuckle-draggers are hilarious, particularly since they refuse to participate in the community."

as one of those knuckle drsaggers you refer to... I don't go over to my liberal poindexter neighbor and ask HIM for help on sundays when my car won't start...

the regulations were thyere and were not followed. The reason they were not followed is because GOVERNMENT WORKERS (you know the ones who belong to the largest UNION in the world) did not do their job.

Just like the ones who let fannie mae screw up, just like the ones who let the massey mine continue, just like the ones who let wall stret and aig rape the treasury, and just like the ones who who worked in the intelligence community and allowed 911 to occur.

The world is full of people who are ready to bend the rules... and their are plenty of UNIONS who invest in their stocks.

Obama is not at fault but he could clean house so this does not happen again.

Last Spring, after Obama was in office, the MMS waived several NEMA regulations for BP to allow them to set up drilling at Deepwater Horizon...and the rest is history

It's not his fault, per se, but to say he doesn't have any responsibility for it is inaccurate. The MMS was known to be corrupt and yet nothing was done to clean it up.

@JJ Malloy
It absolutely is his responsibility to address the corruption in the government that festered under George Bush. On his inauguration day, he should have turned to his team and issued a cease and desist order on every Bush directive. Now he must do it retroactively.

@jeezlouise: "Ah Durt aka Stam."

Wrong. Sorry.

"It is not for us to give a solution. It is for the President and his staff to find people that do have a solution."

Didn't think so (me laughing at you). Just more empty nonsense spouted by an empty-headed troglodyte pathetically shrieking from his perch in the peanut gallery.

Moreover, your assertion that George W. Bush was a "proven leader" solidifies your standing as one of the dimmest bulbs to ever post to a message board.


New business model?

No, of course shareholders share in the liabilities. The problem is that all these down-the-line earth-giving-out costs are extremely hard to value and aren't reflected in share prices. (Or else most companies would be valued at $0/share).

The other ball of wax here is who "owns" the earth? BP/subs/contractors own the rig to extract a earth product. If Savior Obama or Highly Experienced and Effective Oil Exec Bush flies down in a magic tutu and caps the well for $100B it seems like the government should invoice BP as a supplier or request an equity position in lieu of cash payment. But wait, that's socialism. Which is why BP will happily pay $10B in fines and damages and its share price will go up in a few years and we'll learn nothing!

What? No internet access at Trembling Hills? My best to your shrink.

Dear Durtburgler,

I am truly sorry that your perception of real life has been skewed by your upbringing. I am sure that your parents tried to do their best but failed you miserably. I really hope you get the help that you need. People do care (not me)about you so I am begging you, for their sake, reach out and face this problem head on.



The well failed because of an explosion set off by three university students (ELF) probably from chicago. Then the coast guard sunk the barge trying to put the fire out, which left the 5000' of well casing unsupported and it could do nothing but collapse.
I have sent my fix for this to BP, you may see it in the news tonight.

Where ya been 'Ouisey? Court ordered psych evaluation yesterday? Busy cleaning your sheets after dreaming all night about being the bottom to George W. Bush's top? Wish I could say you were missed.

Nice screed though. Talk about the deranged pot calling the kettle black. I swear, waiting for you to say something intelligent is like putting a candle in the window for Jimmy Hoffa.

And don't worry about me or my upbringing - I'm not the one who comes here to vent delusional imaginings on an unsuspecting internet. By the way, where I come from talking about someone's parents will get your head caved in. So I'd be careful about that if you ever deign to leave fantasy land and join the real world.

Sigh. Bless your little heart DB. Play nice with the other meatheads while I am away. Have a good weekend.

Is jeezlouise a troll?

Are you all trolls?

deleted by moderator

Now now Stam. When was the permit issued? Which President did the Agency fall under? Who was supposed to be inspecting this rig? If the current regulations were such a glaring hazard why weren't they changed before now?

As for the resources. Help has been offered by companies in other countries that do this work for a living. They cannot enter the Gulf. This directly relates to my snarky comment about the Jones Act and Unions. We need more skimmers plain and simple and we needed them a month and a half ago.

We should have built an impregnable fortress around the biggest oil wells in Iraq and left the rest of the country to kill each other over which who was the correct heir to that violent Prophet of theirs. That's what a lot of the world(and people in this country) acts like we are doing anyway.

We could give Iraq 90% of the proceeds and still come out better off...and we wouldn't have to drill off of our coast.

re: perhaps you should move to israel.
Perhaps you should take your own sage advice and move somewhere that doesn't honor American values and jurisprudence.

Well well well....ole db with that tough guy attitude.

I bet when you make love to your socks you treat them like you just found them in the lost/found bin at the airport don't ya?

You go tiger! Tell Left and Right I said hey.

deleted by moderator

"But Satan now is wiser than of yore, and tempts by making rich, not making poor.”

Alexander Pope

It's interesting to see the online personas (personae?) people invent for themselves.

I'd like to believe them, but in your case Stam, you've got an awful lot of time to engage in posting wars for a wealth manager. Glad you're not managing mine.

@King Ralph

Yeah Obama and a lot of Democrats are libtards:

They keep acting like moderate Republicans, and it keeps blowing in their hands. when they start acting like fiscally responsible liberals, it will go better for them.

jeez, how will you take 6 more yrs of obama, as you know he will get reelected. perhaps you should move to israel.

With all due respect and maybe I am wrong... but if the logic of getting oil in the rain that originates from the Gulf of Mexico is true then wouldn't we have been having salty rain all along? Someone would have to convince me that oil evaporates at the same temperature as water. Like I said, I might be wrong, if so I apologize.

The anti-intellectuals had their eight years under Bush II and they delivered the disaster that is unfolding now. The world cannot afford more nonsense from the uneducated.

Don't get me wrong this is BP's baby.
There a pockets of oil closer in then where this well is. I the company is just out for profits why would you spend so much more to drill a mile down. Its sells for the same price 10 feet or 5,000 feet down. Knee jerk reactions never solve any problems, find the cause come up with a proper solution.
Do we need to cut our oil usage YES should we stop all drilling not yet.

"The anti-intellectuals had their eight years under Bush II and they delivered the disaster that is unfolding now. The world cannot afford more nonsense from the uneducated"

There are those who can and those who teach. There are those that do and those that preach.

Want to guess which catagories our current administration falls into? 50 days, 50 million barrels of oil in the gulf. Wetlands destroyed. Oil is still pumping out and all our leader wants to do is give sound bites about firing someones ass. Yeah....we all know who should be fired.

The president was addressing his opinion on Mr. Hayward who has a Ph.D. in geology. Now, do you support the attacking of Mr. Hayward whose firm created the disaster or do you attack your own president for defending you and yours against the multinational firm that destroyed the Gulf? The Bushevics could neither teach nor do, but they knew how to preach from a safe distance.

What did BHO want to do first plug the leak?? NO he want to sue somebody. This is what you get when you vote in an organizer not a leader. What a twitt.

Can you support your contention that the president wanted to litigate? While we're discussing this issue, what details have you regarding the Sarah Palin Solution or the John McCain Plan? In fact, does any national Republican have any ideas? British Petroleum has a website to receive your wisdom.

They asked the director of Avatar if he had any ideas since Rambo was retired and is no longer doing Seal work.

Spin that one.

We could be facing our own environmental disaster right here.


You appear to derive your information from the movies. How is James Cameron's fantasy film related to the accusation that the president wanted "to sue somebody"?

deleted by moderator

"You appear to derive your information from the movies. How is James Cameron’s fantasy film related to the accusation that the president wanted ââ?¬Å?to sue somebody”?"

That was rick with sue somebody.

Cameron advice + oil spill + whitehouse = ?

jeezlouise Rambo wasn't a SEAL, he was in the Army

Doesn't matter HO.

Come on Stam. Why would the WH ask a fantasy film director for advice in regards to an oil spill? Spin please.

We should guillotine Bush and Obama. Maybe even Oprah for good measure.

I arrived in Charlottesville in the summer of 1966 when it was still the capital of the Jim Crow south. Nothing much has changed since then. There is an enclave of intelligence within the town that is surrounded by Fascism.

There it is”Šwhenever a liberal can't win a discussion the out comes the ââ?¬Å?race card” . Stam, you can do better then that.

The observation was not about race -- it was about intolerance, hatred, and authoritarianism. How does one have a "discussion" with creatures who advocate the murder of their elected officials and then throw in a daytime television personality "for good measure"?

No, he played the "fascism" card. I don't think that the people he is referring to are fascists - well, maybe except for Cuccinelli if it gets him votes. They're reactionaries who demonstrate the "paranoid" style in US politics described by Hofstadter and see conspiracies everywhere power and occasionally talent are concentrated.

I can't answer your inquiry. I am not familiar with that film.

why didn't they just put a silo over the whole thing to slow it down from day one? makes no sense to me.

Its about the assassination of Bush, came out in 2007 I think.

Very old timer
They tried that way back at the start but some type of crystals formed in the tube causing a restriction. Didn't work.

Stam, your attempt to discredit any opposition to the administration is not working. Use the race, facism, political cards all you want but there is no getting around the inability of this administration to take control of this disaster.

You are protecting an ill prepared president and a cabinet that will be remembered for their lack of leadership. When J Carville openly chastises a democrat any fool knows there are problems.

You have skirted the discussion like a true politician.

You crave a scapegoat. After 40 years of industrial decline, Americans keep trying to manage an increasingly unstable economic and cultural landscape, the effects of which are clear in any community where factories or farms (or often both) have withered away. The chaos is all around us, and what you demand we of a president is to somehow use the instruments of government to rein it in. This just isn't possible. What would you have the president, any president, do about the disaster that British Petroleum created in the Gulf? What would St. Reagan have done, drained the basin?

Ah Durt aka Stam.

It is not for us to give a solution. It is for the President and his staff to find people that do have a solution. (crickets)

The Cameron advice did not work for the WH. I understand that they have called the Sponge Bob creator for a new perspective. He does draw creatures that live on the ocean floor which makes him an expert.

Everyone of you should be glad this administration was not in power when Katrina hit. We all know how bad it was when a proven leader was in charge, imagine how this circus of stars would have not handled it.

There is nothing "anti-American" about liberalism or civilized life. If you and your gang dislike civilization, take your paint-ball guns and your cammies to the woods to play. I am not speaking for the academy, but I notice that its critics do not know how to capitalize the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, or that the phrase "morals that us hard working folk" is not grammatical. Put down your beer can and pick up a book if you are too lazy to attend class.

You have too much time on your hands. It would seem, even to people of your stripe, that the people to correct this gusher problem are the ones who created it. As for Bush, ask the citizens of New Orleans whether they would choose Mr. Bush to lead them during the next hurricane. It would benefit us all to see him wearing orange on his way to "lead" a cell block.

oops I meant to write daughter

These mouth breathing knuckle-draggers are hilarious, particularly since they refuse to participate in the community. They also refuse to work for a living, learn better ways, invest time or money, or help anyone.

"oops" should be capitalized and requires a comma.

@very old timer
Yes, Obama is not at fault but he had better clean house now to insure that these crimes do not happen again. It’s hard to think of a recent disaster in the business world that wasn’t abetted by inept regulation. Mining regulators allowed operators like Massey Energy to flout safety rules. Financial regulators let A.I.G. write more than half a trillion dollars of credit-default protection without making a noise. The S.E.C. failed to spot the frauds at Enron and WorldCom, gave Bernie Madoff a clean bill of health, and decided to let Wall Street investment banks take on obscene amounts of leverage, while other regulators ignored myriad signs of fraud and recklessness in the subprime-mortgage market.

These failures weren’t accidents. They were the all too predictable result of the deregulationary fervor that has gripped Washington in recent years, pushing the message that most regulation is unnecessary at best and downright harmful at worst. The result is that agencies have often been led by people skeptical of their own duties. This gave us the worst of both worlds: too little supervision encouraged corporate recklessness, while the existence of these agencies encouraged public complacency.

The obvious problems of graft and the revolving door between government and industry, in other words, were really symptoms of a more fundamental pathology: regulation itself became delegitimatized, seen as little more than the tool of Washington busybodies. In short, we need enforcement, not just carping from the sidelines.

Day 58.
Oil still gushing. Animals still dying. Beaches still being overcome with oil. Lip service coming from the WH.

After listening to the speech last night I have concluded I was wrong in regards to blaming the Big O. I have seen the light if you will.

I think every organization, union, company/individual that contributed to his campaign, environmental group, organizer, campaign worker, door knocker, telephone groupie and individual that voted this unqualified man in office is responsible for the inaction of our government. You all have been had by an eloquent speaker who touched the unattainable goal of a perfect society in your minds.

I really feel for our leader whose intentions are noble but unrealistic. He is in over his head and history will not be kind.

The proverbial nail is in the coffin for Democrats for the next 20 years.

So we agree.

1. Inadequate government response has made this disaster worse than it should be.
2. Lack of oversight from the MMS was indirectly responsible for the disaster.
3. BP's lack of concern for the environment is directly responsible.
4. The President did not take control of the situation when he should have.
5. The same ole cliche of "another energy source" will be forgotten in 6 months.
6. Cap and Trade is stealing from the poor to make others rich.
7. This man should have never been elected President.
8. The Gulf Coast will be a wasteland for decades to come.
9. People who voted for this administration should be ashamed.

I am pretty sure that covers most of it. You will make a fine Republican come next election. Kudos!

I would vote for Bill the Cat before choosing a Republican for any office, but I see politics as inadequate for this problem, particularly if the laws are ignored. The choices that were offered by the GOP in 2008 were problematic. What could any of these people have done to protect the Gulf? I doubt that Senator McCain would have ordered a thorough audit of the MMS, and we see how Governor Palin has reacted to her own state's oil issues. We should note that the pipeline is now so fragile that workers are warned to not lean against the structure or to accidently bang their keyrings against it. The current leaks in that pipeline are not widely publicized but they are happening with some regularity. The people who should be examined are the ones who supported George W. Bush and his criminal enterprise.