Kluge clock sells for $3.8 million

photo-kluge-clock-cropA Chinese clock goes for more than three times its estimate.

An Imperial Chinese Qing Dynasty table clock far exceeded its high-end $1 million estimate, and after fierce bidding, sold for $3,778,500 yesterday to a Chinese collector at the Sotheby's-run auction of the Patricia Kluge collection.

Yesterday's bidding totaled around $12 million, according to Sotheby's, coming close to the initial estimates of $13.5 million for the entire collection. Today, 500 more lots go on the block.

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and taxes were collected on the spot..............again

Arlen-You are sooo right. What we want is more poor people to move here. They really do add so much to the community.Yes, more bums & homeless on the streets. What's not to love.

$3.7 million for a table clock by a Chinese collector...
While you read this article, how many more people committed suicide in China by jumping out of sweat shop factory windows?!

I hope Patricia sells everything and gets the h### out of Charlottesville.

Hmmm, do I note a bit of envy Jeff...

Well the clock sale will help our balance of trade

Kluge bought it and now sold it. What's it to you people? You weren't going to get any of that money anyway. Go to work!

Hmm, and I need new batteries for my wristwatch.
Must be nice to be able to waste millions on a rather tacky looking object.

While you jump on Mrs. Kluge for liquidating, are you not interested in who would have paid that much for a clock- made in China?

That is the "person of interest".........