Engineers exonerate snow in B'burg school collapse

The engineering firm eyeing the February 13 collapse of the snow-covered gymnasium at Blacksburg High School is placing blame on a yet-unstated structural problem with the truss seats that were supposed to hold up the roof. So it wasn't a case of an overloaded roof, says the preliminary report of Forcon International, according to the Roanoke Times. Even though Charlottesville's 84 Lumber also suffered a roof swoon amid the winter snowfall, the gymnasium collapse was probably Virginia's most high-profile structural failure over the winter.

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Where was Tsaye Simpson on 02/13/10?

Is Simpson in cahoots with Obama?

I guess since snow wasn't involved, that will give traction to the lawsuit blaming everyone except "The guy in the sky".

angel eyes
Can't sue the guy in the sky, we got to find somebody to pay...90%to the law firm, 10% for the plaintiff.