NYT takes aim at Halsey Minor

news-minor“I’m going to finish that damn hotel,” Minor has said, “because I started it.”.

Looks like the New York Times can’t resist a good Halsey Minor story either.

From reporter Elizabeth Lesly Stevens, “Yet Mr. Minor still swaggers like a billionaire. Appearing before a San Francisco jury last month for a case in which he and Christie’s are suing each other, he was dressed in alpha-mogul casual – a polo sweater, slacks and loafers, while all those working mightily either to bring him down or prop him up wore suits. Mr. Minor’s own lawyer described him to the jury as “rude” and “unlikable”Š” Ouch!


TT, better check under your bed for a liberal lurking there. Seems liberals have taken over the spots once inhabited by communists in the 1950s.

Big costumes for the coming Halloween: Dress like a liberal and scare the bejesus out of everybody.

Lucy, I think you need a barrel of beer to down that nut.

"Sotheby’s said it had put Mr. Minor on a ââ?¬Å?no-bid” list and asked the judge in a court filing to force him to surrender pets worth more than $50 and any food his family would not be able to consume in the next 60 days."

From the NYT:

"Coming off a divorce and a brief stint as a bachelor-about-town based in Bel Air, Mr. Minor, who had a new wife, was in need of a San Francisco home. "

Did he become spendthrift because of his second wife? I wish someone would look at this angle.

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I think you guys are missing the joke. Terry is clearly lampooning the reactionary, right-wing fringe that the tea party "movement" represents. How else do you explain such absurd, over-the-top rhetoric? A sane person would not utter such nonsense, so it must be a joke. Right, TT?