'Head-on' collision on Proffit Road

Two cars collided today in a “head-on” collision in the 2100 block of Proffit Road, County police report. Ronda Gwin, 47, of Ruckersville, driving a 1986 Toyota Camry, was struck when Courtney Holmes, 20, of Fluvanna County, driving a 2010 Honda Accord, tried to pass a car across a double solid line. A total of three people were transported to the UVA Medical Center with serious injuries. Mr. Holmes has been charged with reckless driving.


Meant to add: Best wishes to all injured ones and their families

Tea Teabagger,

I know that you are a liberal trying to parody conservatives, but it would help if you could get your facts right. Honda Accords have been produced in Ohio since 1982.

I can't claim to know what was in the young mans brain or heart and there isn't much to go on but, initially, I would tend to agree with a forum statement made on another news site: "He should be charged with attempted murder." I can't think of a single stretch of that road where it is remotely possible to pass someone.

Oscar, I agree with one thing you said. You don't have much to go on. For all we know, he was trying to pass someone on the side of the road and put two tires over the line. Wrong, but not the heinous act you are making it out to be.

I am amazed at the number of people that drive 25 all over town. Coming down the mountain on 33, I was behind a car doing 25 and braking down to 15 on curves. When we got to the bottom, they kept going 25. There were 5-6 cars backed up behind them.

Traveling Proffitt on a regular basis, I am constantly stuck behind some pace car with as many as 10-15 people backed up behind them.

If cops want to do something about speeders, they should also do something about drivers obstructing the flow of traffic, which is also against the law.

The problem are the cars. We should trade them in for bicycles and other non-fossil fuel transportation. That will put us closer to a speed God intended. Peace.

I do have to agree that driving while using a cellphone is a habit that can get people killed. It wasn't that long ago that people in the USA didn't seem to care at all about using seat-belts, and small children were free to roam all over the inside of a car. More people need to be jailed for reckless driving while using handsets. Fast drivers are usually the first ones to get to the cemetery, as they say.

Don't whine so much about the ones that aren't killing others.

nick, you have no idea how the laws of this state read do you. Attempted murder...that's funny.

Without details or facts someone is screaming holy murder!!

I'm amazed that there are so few head-on collisions around here. I'm astonished, daily, to see people in the county driving with their driver-side wheels right on the double yellow line -- as though it were the default position. And lately (why lately? is it something in the air?) drivers remain on that yellow line rather than returning, fully, to their own lane as oncoming traffic appears.

The real problem are the spandex road clogger uppers

Terry, they're also both from 'cross the county line! We oughts ta builds us a wall, I tells ya!!

I live in Crozet. They drive around here like it is Daytona. I went up to an Albemarle County police officer on Friday. He was sitting at Dairy Queen. I told him about a car speeding all over the neighborhood. Would not give me the time of day. Looked at me and kept eating his ice cream like I was a bother.

Moving due to reckless driving? It's not that bad is it? Jeez. I agree the people putting along at 15 under the speed limit are almost as big of a problem. This kid might not have made such a bad decision and tried to pass if the person in front of him was going the speed limit. Can't say for sure if this was the case or not. Charlottesville needs to wake up and build and upgrade some roads. Gotta love those places where a simple turning lane would make a world of difference, like getting off Proffit Road onto 29 after work. By the way, people use Proffit because of the lack of options. You try going from Pantops to Greene everyday and tell me which route you would take.

More bad choices: Its constantly been up to the rest of us to protect the "bad" and erratic slow/fast drivers who are making different but yet similarly bad choices as they: slowly clog or uncaringly rapidly weave through and cutoff other drivers. Their bad decisions to illegally pass, round curves on the wrong side of the road, or drift into adjoining lanes; are their choice and no excuse can change what they do into an "accident." Repeat until you understand, "NAA (Not An Accident)"

quote: " Looked at me and kept eating his ice cream like I was a bother."

That's really sad.

Well...Well....Well.......I know for a fact,since we relocated here from southwest virginia that there is more reckless driving here,10 to 1! Everybody seems to be in a hurry to go no where. But that no where will be eternity to some and to their unfortunate victims too. I may add,drivers here dont know how to come to a complete stop at stop-signs either,I remind you its a $91 fine if you are so lucky to be seen by the police. We are seriously thinking about moving soon too. Citizens say your prayers before going out for a drive!

"The real problem are the spandex road clogger uppers"

Good one. Also annoying are the people that slow down to 20 mph to go around every curve imaginable.

WOW- perhaps you should have gotten the badge number, etc- even a picture.....now that would have taken it to the next level

Perhaps they should consider turning Proffit into a toll-road. Lord knows 90% of the traffic on that road are people passing through from Fluvanna or Greene counties... Sometimes I wish the one-lane bridge would collapse - though I guess then people would just go down Polo Grounds Road.

Kenan, if the 29 by-pass were built instead of wasting all the money on "studies", then the traffic problem would be much better(oh, the poor newts). But hindsight is 20/20 vision and well, we're still looking back. However, a toll on 29, profitt and pologrounds would probably pay for the bypass pretty quickly providing the rest of the world won't roll back their heads and howl like hurt dogs "if you build it they will come!"...face it, it ain't built and they STILL come....

quote: ” Looked at me and kept eating his ice cream like I was a bother.”
I have had the same reaction many times