Sooners crush Cavs 11-0

superr-monday-a-soonersHeaded to Omaha. Oklahoma players celebrate their 11-0 victory over Virginia.

Some say playing baseball is about learning how to lose. After playing their impressive season (51-14) without back-to-back losses, the Cavs ended their season tonight and dashed their hopes of making it to the College World Series for a second year in a row. That's one tough lesson.

Oklahoma simply overpowered Virginia in game three of the NCAA baseball Charlottesville Super Regional tonight, scoring 11 runs on 12 hits, while the Cavs managed only 5 hits in the 11-0 pounding.

The Cavs just never got anything started, hitting into inning-killing double plays in the fifth and seventh, and never once getting a man into scoring position. Defensively they didn’t look sharp either. After seven, with the score 8-0 and two  innings left to play, Cav fans began heading for the gates. When Sunday’s Sooner slugger Cody Reine belted yet another three-run homer in the eighth after knocking one out of the park in the first, fans couldn’t get out of the stadium fast enough.

Still, enough stormy weather fans stayed through the ninth to give the embattled Cavs some solace. Some chanted U-V-A, U-V-A, U-V-A as Sooner players celebrated in the infield, but then applauded the rivals later for making it to the College World Series.  The faithful stayed and continued to cheer the Cav players, some choking back tears as they trotted to the locker room from a post-game outfield huddle.


way to show up....

@UVA: "I hope they recieved a trophy for participating, and a box of tissues."

...spoken like someone who has never actually accomplished anything...

Congratulations on getting this far. Tough loss, but thanks for the excitement you brought to Charlottesville throughout the year. This was a town and gown experience that brought us all together.

I hope they recieved a trophy for participating, and a box of tissues.


Better luck next year guys, chin up. grow with this and lets get it done next year.

Once again UVA can't win the big game in a major, nationally prominent sport. Baseball is just one example along with football and basketball (men's and women's). My sister told me 30 years ago that UVA football nor basketball would never win a national championship and sure enough they haven't and she is not exactly a sports fanatic/guru. Don't get me wrong they had a great season but once again below expectations plus the fans came out, full house, in the extreme heat, and cheered them on and they still can't win. What a waste of time and money! That's why we stopped getting our hopes up and going to these events because only to watch them lose. We watch on TV and just look and say "what else is new." I hope the baseball team can prove us wrong and win another ACC Championship and a National Championship but we are not holding our breath. Does tennis, swimming, rowing, etc.... get national attention, recruits, fans, and publicity for UVA--no! Unfortunately, this is the way college athletics work. If you can't take the heat then get out of the sport!

choke??? you people are brutal. college kids; not pros. whats the value of logging on here and killing a bunch of 20 yr olds? makes no sense

It was a great season, my cavaliers. There is much to be proud of.