Found: Missing woman "followed the band."

news-pepeA 26-year-old Fauquier County woman who went missing after she attended a Phish concert in Portsmouth has been located in Washington D.C., where she had gone to "follow the band," according to the Portsmouth, Virginia police department website. Laura J. Pepe became separated from friends following the Tuesday night event, causing fear that she might meet the same fate as Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, who disappeared after an October Metallica concert at John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville and whose remains were discovered in January on an Albemarle County farm.


I'll say it - the only reason the media cared that she disappeared was because once again it's a young, beautiful, white, blonde, blue eyed female. The only thing the media seems to care about. Women of color, and men who go missing, are ignored.

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You are right. The consequences of what you are suggesting would result in family members or friends being hesitant to call in a missing persons report when they first reasonably suspect something is amiss. You can see what kind of problems that could lead to.

Besides, she is 26 years old. If she wanted to "follow the band" she is free to do so. If there would be any liability it would be that of her friends.

But you can rest easy, as police departments take no action until a person has been missing for 48 hours...since most end up showing up.

Can I have another beer? I'm with the band.

Nuns run bald through vatican halls, pregnant, pleading immaculate conception.


Anybody ever notice how funny Fauquier County sounds?

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds....

Hey Austro.......Do you have some examples you care to share of your statement...or are you just shooting off your very obvious racist mouth?

Um, Reginald, "Bouncin' Around the Room" is the title to a Phish song. So Austro was not shooting off his "racist mouth" - whatever that means. May I suggest the decaf? Perhaps some chamomile to soothe your "very obvious" frayed nerves?

Now her picture has been published to go along with all of your perverted fantasies. Poor girl.

Phish was stoked.

hilarious. see Penny Lane from Almost Famous.

New meaning for the expression "gone Phishin'."

Did she get that photo taken at Glamor Shots?

She was Bouncing Around The Room

She was doing the Weekapung Groove

Another VPI'er?

She ran like an antelope out of control. :)

The so called missing girl should be financially responsible for any costs incurred with police, carring people who were spending time out looking for her. Decisions SHOULD have consequences.

Reginald just pulled the race card on a message board where no racist activity was going on... OUCH. Now he is not allowed to use it again until 2012, hope it was worth it Reggie!

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