Eight months: Harringtons mark anniversary with frustration, hope

news-harringtons-arrivingDan and Gil Harrington arrive at the Copeley Road Bridge on June 17, the eight-month anniversary of their daughter Morgan's disappearance. PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART

On the eight-month anniversary of their daughter's disappearance during an October 17 Metallica concert in Charlottesville, and nearly five months after her decomposed remains were found on a remote corner of an Albemarle County farm, Morgan Harrington's parents, Dan and Gil Harrington, speak of their increasing frustration– not only with the lack of an arrest in the case– but with Virginia State Police and UVA administrators, whom both Harringtons criticize directly.

"They have not been on top of things when it comes to letting people know there's a murderer here," says Gil Harrington, standing on the Copeley Road bridge in front of Morgan's memorial. A brand new banner hangs there with a message reminiscent of the billboard also erected this month on High Street: "Help us solve Morgan's Homicide," the banner reads, reminding passersby of the $150,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. A collection of "Morgan rocks," hand painted and etched stones created by those following the case around the world, now covers much of the concrete bridge wall.

Such kind gestures from strangers and from friends offer some comfort, says Gil. But true healing, both she and Dan say, can begin only after an arrest in the case.

Spokespeople for State Police and UVA had not immediately returned the Hook's call at posting time.

The Harringtons say they are aware of people who feel their regular presence in the media is somehow unseemly and that the bridge memorial is macabre–- "as if us drawing attention is a social gaffe," says Gil, who insists she will remain undeterred from continuing her crusade to keep Morgan's name in the public eye. "This place was a springboard for something hideous to happen," she says, adding that if necessary, "We'll be here for 20 years. We need an arrest."

The Harringtons mention Joran van der Sloot, who allegedly killed a Peruvian woman on the fifth anniversary of Natalie Holloway's disappearance and presumed death in Aruba, a crime that he is also widely suspected of committing.

"People don't stop," says Gil, who believes that whoever killed Morgan will kill again.

The Harringtons say they're also "hungry for information" in the case and frustrated by the lack of it recently offered by police. They would like to see the video surveillance from the John Paul Jones Arena the night of Morgan's disappearance, despite the fact police have assured them Morgan is not seen in any. One possible explanation for that seemingly inexplicable fact: "Our understanding," says Dan, "is that the Arena doesn't have as much surveillance as one might think." Furthermore, he believes some of the cameras in the arena as well as traffic cameras in the area don't record.

Mentioning a family beach trip they'll be taking in two weeks without Morgan, and Morgan's birthday on July 24, when she should have celebrated turning 21, Gil says time is not healing the family's wounds. "It's harder even then in the beginning," she says. "We need an arrest."

Anyone with information about the disappearance and death of Morgan Harrington should call the Virginia State Police tipline at 434-352-3467.

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I feel for the Harringtons, Kenny and Sjones....Get a Life. you are tuning this into a personal war. Grow up.

Thanks Hamma, good post!!

Hamma, by the way I meant that in a good way because you are right.

S Jones seriously needs to get a life

SJones, the Lt knows everything. No need to bother him with trivial matters such as yourself. He has a murderer to catch. They have far more important things to do than to deal with anonymous posters. You still didn't answer my questions? Lets hear it. Why does someone all the way on the West Coast have so much interest in this??

Well of course he hasn't whispered anything in my ear!! Are you nuts? Are you telling everyone you know the COD?? Because if you are you must have some very good inside information that others don't have. And I think its great other states have taken part in honoring this young lady. It's just strange that someone is involved this much with the investigation as you are. I don't see that from others that live so far away. Most of them are dropping by with words of comfort. Oh yeah I do remember now, you used to talk to me about Memphis Barbecue. Good stuff. I like Memphis Barbecue. We have a Henry's Memphis barbecue. Maybe you could send me some when you make a batch of it.

For those of you who think the Harrington's don't have a PI you know nothing about this case.

I am willing to bet that if the Harrington's would tell the truth about their daughter's past and the tarnish on the shiny, they might actually find some links in the case. The refusal to admit that their 20 year old was a typical college party kid is hurting their case. In fact she really wasn't as wonderful with wings as they say. But how much following by fans of Morgan would they lose if people thought their daughter was actually on the fringe, doing drugs, drinking, in trouble with the law, in trouble with them? Keep the case in the media = covering her bad deeds = Public Relations specialist. Really how many negative things have you heard about her? She's not lily white. No one is.

Wait a minute! The press-loving Harringtons are going off on a beach trip, but they stop first for a press conference accusing the police of not working hard enough?!?!?!

Ms. Harrington had the great misfortune of disappearing at UVA while not being a UVA student or alumni. There is a well entrenched Code of Silence here - fully supported and encouraged by the UVA administration - with regard to anything and everything that happens late at night and early am. The rampant drug culture, sexual assaults, drinking till blackout 4 nights a week, violence, vandalism - not to mention the hundreds of pregnancies every year that result from these traditions at UVA. The amply reimbursed local media plays along. Things are kept quiet so as to not tarnish the name or reputation of "The University." And as we've seen the last 8 months with the Harrington case, that includes missing persons and murder investigations.

Any leads or info that included UVA students or grounds were reported late, or not at all by some outlets. There was never any enthusiasm to pursue, or even discuss, any of that. There still isn't. Nobody ever stepped forward to explain or ID anyone spotted on the lawn that night. The residents just lawyered up, kept quiet, and got their asses outta here a few weeks ago. Nor have Morgan's interactions with the UVA basketball team in the U-Hall parking lot ever been really explained to any degree. Nor were the two suspensions from that team just after Morgan vanished. Now we see players jumping ship and leaving. Then there was the curious inclusion of a very interesting paragraph printed in the Cavalier Daily in February:

ââ?¬Å?It’s fair to say that if you’re a student, be that [at] U.Va. or any other university for that matter, and you participated in any other activities that involved Anchorage Farms, please call the number that I gave,” Rader said, adding that relevant activities may have taken place in years past. Hunting has taken place on the property, Rader said. He did not deny that fraternity parties may have occurred there or that activities may have occurred without the permission of the owners.

But around here, nobody investigates which fraternities may have partied on the farm where Morgan's body was found, even if the cops say the killer(s) must have known the area. Nobody really ever demanded to know which 4 people were actually seen on the west range of the lawn that night. Nobody wants to know exactly who she was with in U-Hall parking lot, or what they were doing. The local media leads the way in the race to know and report as little as possible if it might dare suggest that someone at UVA was involved in her murder, even now that we know that pretty well for sure that at least two UVA students have killed people in 2010 alone.

Of course, none of this means that the person(s) responsible for Morgan's demise have anything to do with UVA. It just means that a number of leads and evidence - the majority in fact - were given the minimum rather than the maximum of public exposure. Same went for when Morgan's shirt was found on 15th. Street in the heart of student territory. Not news until it was confirmed to be hers. Black Pantera shirts grow on trees around here, yaknow.

We've seen the same factors at play since then also. A frat guy can drop dead at the age of 21 on Rugby Road, and - naturally - that is not news at all according to all but one media outlet in Charlottesville. And the one that did cover it did so with a very carefully worded, very short blurb - conveniently repeated verbatum buried in the UVA website. The cause of death somehow still remains shrouded in mystery well over 2 months later, but it is common knowledge from one end of grounds to the other what caused him to be unresponsive on a Friday morning. Whether or not the rumors prove to be true, nobody is saying a word, the media will not cover it, and the message has been sent by the administration - and received by students with an appreciative wink in return. In other places, young students dropping dead make national news. Not here.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that these traditions at UVA have played themselves out once again in the case of Ms. Love's tragic demise. Although the crime itself could certainly not be shielded from public view, the murder happened in the wee hours of the am. All the same rules have applied here with regard to UVA students keeping quiet. Nobody will discuss the previous assault on Ms. Love in Mr. Hugueley's frat house. Indeed, the house itself has been kept a secret. Ms. Love's own friends did then and continue to keep silent about that one. And apparently there were no shortage of witnesses. Mr. Hugueley's assault on his team mate was covered by the same code, then and now. And, of course, we have the results of the search warrants sealed now. There is no great interest in what was in Mr. Huguley's blood stream, car, or apartment that night - even if it might be the primary reason he lost his mind at 3 am.

Here again, too much information in a murder investigation might be bad for the reputation of "The University."

Casteen has done a very thorough job in making things disappear. Indeed, he even refused to sign the Letter of Condolences penned by the VT president. Even the Cavalier Daily called him on that one.

I wish the Harrington's all the best in their endeavors, and applaud them for their continued activism. I really hope that Morgan's memorial stays up, and stays big. I also hope the new incoming president of UVA if a far better human being than her predecessor, and that she can change things at UVA. As for the local media, well, they are pretty hopeless.

tO BILL THOMAS Look at the Enough poster below you. You are certainly correct. For some reason some people dont seem to realize or to care that this is, in fact a murder, it isn't a reality show. So sorry for your loss, your sister looked like a great person. Thanks for supporting the Harringtons in this.

S Jones I am sure they do have your name, number and address. I don't doubt that at all.


First off, it wouldnt be my daughter. She wouldn't intoxicated/high running around the streets of Charlottesville at a Metallica concert and dressed like that. Not on my dime. No how, no way. If she wanted to go bad enough, fine... shed go alright and I'd go as chaprone (complete with ear plugs).

"But she was 20 and an adult!!" Fine, but as I stated, not on my dime. Perhaps if she had to work and pay for those tickets herself along with the rest of her interests (including the booze) she'd of had a bit more sense and responsibility.

Second, I wouldnt be sitting back crying for the cameras and shouting "241...! 2...4...1...!!!" I personally would of been out canvassing Charlottesville, talking to her friends in Blacksburg... I would of been talking to the people in the dark alleys and that thrive on heavy metal culture.

A PI?? If I was Dr. Harrington I'd have a team of PI's working this case with me at the forefront! Because as you put it, I do have as you put it a huge set...

How many resources do the Harringtons think that LE is realistically and has realistically dedicated to this case? Not because LE doesn't want to help or solve it but because realistically she is in the eyes of LE (not the Harringtons) just one girl and one case of many.

That's why ultimately the responsibility to take the bull by the horns comes down to the Harringtons and what they choose or don't choose to do. Not because it's fair. Fair has nothing to do with it.

Maybe what happened to Morgan, however sad and tragic it is, and whoever is responsible, is not the worst case sexual assault and violent murder scenario promoted by the Harringtons and being eaten up by the media, but something "less" evil that simply and tragically got out of control.

Maybe something more closely associated with substance abuse, and when things went from bad to worse, that someone panicked.

If something like that is the case, whoever did this may not be cold, calculating and evil, but younger and frightened and scared, and IF they were looking for like a way out now it seems hopeless for them to speak up now with the perception of the ham fisted witch hunt and lynch mob mentality going on.

If that is the case now they are not going to speak up.

Law enforcement hinted at this in the early press reports, such as referring to this case as a "tragic incident" and a few other carefully worded phrases that avoided publically placing blame. This was by design and they knew what they were doing.

Now those careful and deliberate communications are trampled by the talk of finding the deranged and sadistic rapist and "murderer."

Sometimes beating a drum and marching around town with torches and pitchforks is not the best way to catch a fox.

nbc29fan - You are just dumb enough to believe that cameras would be used for good purposes and not bad ones. We have rights because people would use things like cameras to violate them.

Believe me the cameras at JPJ, 7-eleven, etc..l were all recording. They have evidence that the bumpkin Roanoke police don't want to divulge for some reason.

"but there was a UVA student Blinkoncrime had the following posted from a person who identifies herself as ââ?¬Å?Momof3”³

There have been a lot of false facts represented as fact by that Blinkoncrime website in a lot of other cases too. That Momof3 person has been putting comments on that site for a lot of years. I guess that college student doesn't have any school work to do. Sad that the Harringtons have connected with the blinkoncrime group. Maybe they would get more information about their daughter's murder from the police if they weren't joined at the hip with a blogger of false facts.

It's hard to believe that someone hasn't seen something, heard about something, and carries a haunting suspicion that someone known to them may have important information about what happened to Morgan Harrington.
PLEASE, overcome your worry and CONTACT VSP. Morgan and her family deserve justice, and the community needs to know that the perpetrator of this crime has been apprehended.

Did you know this family by chance??


I believe people tried to help her because that is what they said to Blink and The Hook. I do not have any reason to call them liars.

There were at least two groups of people, one group walking and the other in a car, that stopped to ask Morgan. These witnesses did come forward from the beginning.

Also I believe people tried to help because I live in Charlottesville, and I know how the good people who live here are, and we are not conspiring to murder young women, or conspiring to protect rapists and murderers.

If you follow the case on the Find Morgan website I do not know if they would have allowed it to be mentioned of Morgan's reported behavior that night. This was from the beginning even before Find Morgan would allow it to be mentioned that Morgan was drinking and impaired.

I understand now as in hindsight, she was studying to become a teacher and this kind of behavior would have been frowned upon per her chosen career, and now to cast her legacy in the best possible light even if this means trampling the reputations of her friends or the reputation of UVA officials or law enforcement, right or wrong, truth or fiction, none of these are important to some.

But all these things, the people of Charlottesville will remember.

Agreed. Anyone who has said anyting even remotely critical of Morgan found their posts deleted off of FM, or even banned. If memory serves there was some sort of major uproar at one point over pictures that came out on another website.

Secretslob, From an article on line (link printed below) this was said:
"Outside the arena, Morgan had a phone conversation with Sarah inside the arena (battery still in phone) and Morgan stated she had been locked out of arena and was unable to gain reentry. Morgan told her friends she would find a ride home or call a friend. No other phone calls were recorded. However, during this time she also texted a male friend in a town 60 miles away. That individual has been excluded as a person of interest in this case by the Virginia State Police."
But also it was said on findmorgan.com:
"the texting of the friend...Dan just answered that a week or so ago, that Morgan texted the guy 60 miles away before she left the concert; therefore, it couldn't have been after she talked to Sarah Snead outside the concert. I believe he confirmed this as this was surprising to find out months later because I think we all speculated the text was made after she exited arena (I think)"

Keep talking. I love it.
Now, I want about 25 more billboards to go up. Make sure they're near all points of the community's pride, too.

No S Jones....you were not wrong to address these statements. In fact you are right on the money with this insightful response of yours. Did someone see her get into a car that actually stopped (for her) on the bridge? If someone did then that becomes a "cold, hard fact" of this case. As far as the "struggle"....I read awhile back that a student was taking a shortcut through the overflow parking lot when he saw what appeared to be a struggle going on inside a car parked not far from where Morgan's pocketbook and cell phone were later found. If this turns out to be true, then it becomes another "cold, hard fact" pertaining to the case. This would then lead to (as S Jones pointed out) the big question...was this the same car or two different cars? If it turns out to be the same car, then that would lead to another four or five other good questions. I'm sure there are hundreds of people out there like S. Jones and I who sincerely want to help identify this murderer. What do you say we all pool our collective minds and come up with our own list of "cold, hard facts". That this action will lead to many more good questions that could help break this case.

If you want people to stop posting about Morgan Harrington and have a problem with the memorial maybe you should call Joe Rader and tell him to get his butt moving on this case.

Then you can have your beloved bridge back.

What a joke.

Hahaha i am not gonna take the time read Seans post (i've heard it all before) but I know what he said.

Repeating conspiracy theories and 'facts' that only exist in his head. Maybe he even managed to tie this in to Abortion, Yeardly love, every UVa students drug addicted lifestyles, and the fact that UVa students are all rich and haven't worked a day in their life.
More boldfaced lies about frat parties at Anchorage as well as the shrit being in 'frat row'. Casteen personally intervening to impede the investigation, blah blah blah

Is he still claiming Casteen got Huguelys search warrants sealed from the media? LOL

I missed you around here...but only cause i worried that you regained your sanity.

Our book & movie deals aren't coming through! We need to generate more press! We need more billboards!
We need more rocks blocking the sidewalks, the people in wheelchairs are still getting through!
We criticized the police to get some press, what more can we do?
WHERE IS NANCY GRACE?! Publicity! Publicity!

Yes, you spoke to the witnesses personally to come to that conclusion? I didn't think so.

Maybe that joke Bulldog ccould help. Oh wait, he is too busy begging for work on FB.

OK, not to ask a question relevant to the case, but does anyone actually know if the DNA results are back from the state lab? It seems that this would be most likely to provide a break in the case at this point.

Hamma? It is of my opinion that S Jones IS discussing the Morgan Harrington case. Is he not allowed to do this? I thought that is what this space was for. The discussion amongst him, Thinker, Pippi, etc. has been discussing this case, much of it new ideas. What are you discussing? Seems that your only posts are directed at dragging others down.
Now back to the case, if Morgan did text someone an hour away while she was in the concert (as said above), would it not give that person plenty of time to get to Charlottesville by 9:30? I guess he must have had an ironclad alibi for the whole night in order to be cleared as the Examiner article stated.

Moms for Morgan

That was very kind of you to post. Thank you.

Where's the footage of Harrington acting drunk and belligerent and annoying people outside JPJ?

It's not as though there have been a rash of unsolved homicides in the area. Perhaps people think that if they don't act completely irresponsibly, then it's rather improbable that a similar tragedy will not happen to them.

Mixed message, you are an a@#hole. I am sure the Harrington's would gladly give up every beach trip so that in return LE would actually do their stinkin job.

Get a grip on reality.

To Yes. I'm sure the Harrington's would not mind seeing footage of "Morgan" acting drunk & belligerent & annoying people outside JPJ.
At least they would be able to determine whether it was Morgan or someone else.

You might want to

The eyewitnesses were rather certain that it was "Morgan." Their accounts were much more reliable than the "she was on the Lawn at 4 am"/"Sheetz in Orange" etc. sightings.

Yes and Mixed Message, you are both jerks. Do you not have compassion for parents who want to find their daughter's murderer? What is your agenda? People like to believe that victims "deserved it", but the murderer is responsible for her death. Perhaps your "holier than thou" attitude will catch up with you someday and finding compassion for victims of crime will come at a high personal price for you. Or perhaps you know something and have another reason to blame the victim. Call the tip line if you are so smart.

are crackpot theories.

There have been dozens of unsolved murders in Virginia in the last 23 years,
Which would work out to about 2 or 3 a year. Actually, there have probably been hundreds of unsolved murders in Virginia in the "last 23 years," but I guess unsolved murders of young urban males don't really enter into your calculations.

That Major who killed 13 soldiers in Ft Hood in the name of Allah also went to Tech. Place seems to get in the news for the wrong reasons. It's been a tough few years for that community.

Oh c'mon Tom. Shame on you. Here is a man that has fought tooth and nail to try and find Morgans killer. He has fought the good fight.

He has always been kind and honest and tries his very best to calm the screaming masses.

Juggling a website with all kinds of people posting is not an easy job. A volunteer job by the way.

So instead of criticizing a person doing their very best for a family that has lost their daughter through a murder...lay off.

What have you contributed lately?

Let's talk about the John Casteen-Manute Bol connection..............

Manute Bol died this morning at U.Va. Hospital. How long before the troll blames Casteen for this?

I have thought so often about writing the Harringtons - I met them very briefly during the Laura S&R efforts back in November. In fact I met several very close friends of the family. It's so hard for me to imagine not just falling apart after the tragedy and its outcome. This was their daughter, people! And to those of you even allowing a thought to cross your mind that any part of the Harrington's experience and efforts in seeing justice done is not real and heartfelt, consider how you might feel. Think about losing a child at the hands of another. Think about not knowing who it is. Consider, that person might just be reading what we are writing about this very moment. A step further, you read nasty comments about you, the parent, of that murdered child. H

S Jones, are you related to Kevin McNeil from Facebook? I'm sure we've all see his posts about Morgan on there.


The article states: "Furthermore, he believes some of the cameras in the arena as well as traffic cameras in the area don’t record."

If he's talking about the cameras that are set up by the goverment at each intersection, isn't that because across the country, citizens decided that it was wrong that the government was "spying" on us by using cameras to try to catch us speeding? So most cameras were disconnected?

I'd guess that none of the cameras you see over the roads
in Central Virginia are being used for anything, are they? And they very well could have been used to catch her killer in a
situation like this!


For the sake of all of us, and especially your beloved TV station - please show us all here every stitch of the coverage your station gave to the story of a 21 year old UVA student dropping dead last April. Show us all the links, video, website postings, and commentary that your station did in pursuit of this story.

You wouldn't want anyone to think NBC29 is a big part part of the problem, now would you? So show us. Show us all.

It happened the first week of April.

Good luck.

Geez, Come on J.Me, Kenny and SJONES I thought you guys had a forums for this....You sound like a bunch of schoolyard kids fighting over a candy bar. Have a little respect and concentrate more on your website instead of filling this one up with MINDLESS drivel.

S Jones, I suppose I have not seen where Dr. Harrington said that, but it is fine if he did. I only used the DD title for this person since that's what people had been referring to him as rather than his real name. How'bout I just call him "the Other Passenger/Concert Goer? Or I could just call him "the dude". Doesn't matter since my point was not who was the vehicular operator, but only asking why another female didn't use that ticket. By all means, whatever makes S Jones happy.

Sean should really be investigating how the Casteen Cloaking Device prevented the local media from reporting that Manute Bol was in U.Va. Hospital, rather than reminding people that the father of the deceased in the case that he mentioned publicly rebuked him for being utterly clueless (and classless) in his posts about the case.

"Each heart is called to something different. That’s all." Corny

What a beautiful way to say what many of us are thinking.

I think what has happened is people are so frustrated with no new information and no arrests so we have turned on each other.

I have to believe in the goodness of everybody and if our dreams could come true all the victims would have their justice right now. Without another moment of waiting.

But they say the "wheels turn slowly". But they do turn.

Patience my friends, patience.

29news. Harrington case linked to another one....

Tom you feel better now? Sure hope so. Have a great night.

S Jones,

The Harrington's have publicicly stated nothing less than a sadistic monster shattered her bones after "he" raped and murdered Morgan.

Law enforcement will keep COD quiet if it contradicts these very public statements out of respect for the family. That is unless there occurs some compelling reason to release new information to the public.

And for this law enforcement will continue to be criticized for not doing enough, conspiring to cover up a murder, protecting one of their own, not caring for the family, etc etc.

Despite all this noise, the Virginia State Police will do everything in their power to do what is right.

Bill, Going back to something someone else said on here. Perhaps someone has information and they don't know who to turn to~ Perhaps that "close hold" information you refer to is so sensitive that if a witness knew something that would confirm it, they'd be afraid to tell anyone. What if they were the only witness who could know this information and their lives could be ruined if it becomes known? The reward money may not be worth it to someone to come forward if the result is the loss of life as they know it. So perhaps you are right, if authorities would put something out there, just enough to give this person confidence to come forward and know they would be protected.

MINDLESS drivel is putting it mildly. The devil himself has snatched one of our children off the streets and murdered her in cold blood. He then mocks us knowing he has done everything "right" to avoid detection. But has he? What if he's slipped up somewhere? That perhaps there is something he has done almost "right" that fresh sets of eyes would quickly spot and exploit. By now Law Enforcement has a detailed "makeup" of the person they are looking for. It's time for the good people of Charlottesville to rise up and demand that this and other "close hold" information they have be released to them.

Re: facts about the case: Think about all the information LE must have from everyone who came in contact with Morgan or saw her that night. Most of this information we do no know. They have given us the time line to a point. All the other information the public knows has been
a.shortly after she went missing but before police could tell everyone to be quiet
b.rumors and heresay
c. information that only just might have a connection to the case that sleuthers and media have discussed
Other than that, think about the things the friends must have told LE re: Morgan, her state of being at the time, where they went, who her past relationships may have been with, her habits, her normal temperament when sober or buzzed.
Then there are the things the basketball players told LE. Sounds like she was with them for quite a bit of time.
The things the young man who sat behind them at the concert observed for quite awhile. What all did he see?
Only LE and parents know when and where her atm card was used. Only they know exactly how she was found, what jewelry and clothing was still present with her body, which bones were broken and at what stage they were broken. What drugs may have been in her system from possible use prior to the 17th of Oct.
These are all things factual that we may never know unless this case comes to trial. These are things that could be the "ace up the sleeve" for a prosecutor. Yes, perhaps if someone in the public knew just one of these thing it could help someone come forward or jarr someone's memory. But which fact would LE choose to divulge? Which one would be "the one" to trigger the iron clad case? Perhaps they don't know, which is why the keep their poker face and all the cards close.
As nosy as I am, I would love to know these things. Oh, I feel sure that I could solve this if they would just tell me everything. Haven't we all thought this? Dream away. It ain't gonna happen.
The most we can hope for is that the murderer is playing games on these forums and will slip up. Or perhaps someone's research or knowledge of one of the "players" will reveal a clue not thought of before. Remote but possible.
Can any of you think of anything else that is factual, known or unknown to the public? Or anything else that could now help the public unlock the mystery? Please post it, because we would all jump on it like flies on p*#p.

Frank, the Harrington's have commented on the fact that Morgan was intoxicated that night. As for any other substances, let's just say for arguments sake she was on drugs. Where does blaming the victim get us? How is that productive? It is people like you why this information doesn't get released in the first place. LE has the tox reports and that's all that matters.

Did Morgan Harrington put herself at significant risk? Perhaps. We don't have that info. She could have hitchhiked or she could have been abducted from the parking lot while waiting for someone to pick her up. Girls put themselves at risk everyday without being murdered.

So I ask you, where does "being critical" of Morgan get us? Her death was the product of a pschopathic murderer. Discussing how a college student got drunk and found herself outside of an arena doesn't bring her back and doesn't bring her killer to justice. It is counter-productive and ignorant to discuss such matters.

S Jones, I don't think that I know you but I do know of you from the comment section. I can see if anyone can get information on the bids but I'll bet that is not something they will easily discuss.
Secretslob, I believe they identified the person Morgan texted and early on it was rumoured that he was cleared and accounted for. We can double check.
Does anyone else wonder why the DD used one of the tickets as opposed to the friend who was originally to come? We know she didn't have a date because her boyfriend was the DD. But this was planned six months in advance. If it was to be a big deal and a girls night out, why not plan for another girl friend to go. Or was maybe this decision made at the last minute? (I hope this is something the investigators looked into. Surely, if there were a woman detective out there on this, it would have been one of the first questions asked.)

Exactly right S Jones. This must mean that there are no witnesses to the actual "pickup" of Morgan or of a parking lot "struggle". That we would have been given some sort of vehicle description by now if there were. I think this shows how important the facts are in this case. That if we knew them it would help steer all us well intentioned armchair sleuths in the right direction when it comes to putting our thinking caps on. What would be the harm in the FBI releasing an updated list of all the "cold hard fact's" pertaining to this case?

There should be a rule against posting while intoxicated

"Facts are truths firmly supported by evidence".

What would be wrong with the FBI publishing a website (truthsregardingmorgan.com) solely devoted to the timeline and known facts of this case? That they could post as many or as few of these firmly supported truths as Law Enforcement see's fit.

This would do away with all the non-truths and rumors that are currently out there muddying up the waters.

Response to whateva! and followup to my previous post

I've given it some thought and believe they've had that bit of information for quite some time... that the DNA they've gathered from the crime scene somehow matches up with DNA gathered up previously from other crime scenes involving the Rapist in question. I think this is a PERFECT example of politics in law enforcement. IE: They've had the results from DNA tests for quite a while (probably 3 weeks or so following the body's discovery) but chose not to reveal this information till now, likely to give people the impression that they're out there working.

I'm not trying to put LE down, but if Kenny and the rest think that LE is out there focusing tremendous resources on one dead girl they're sadly mistaken. Not because LE doesn't want to solve the crime but because they can only focus so much on one crime. It was sheer chance that the body was found in the farmers field... hell, it was the farmer himself that found it!

So basically, LE asked a bunch of questions from people at Virginia Tech, and UVA, and at the UVA stadium where the concert was held... didnt get anywhere so they turned to the public looking for information... didn't get anywhere... eventually the body surfaced and they obtained some DNA from the body or from articles near the body somehow... didnt tell anyone when the match came back from previous crime victims... and then they held that information until everyone was good and frustrated, and then released the information so they could say "See! Here we are hard at work..!"

Not particularly impressive to me, but I'm sure that Kenny will get his pom poms and start the LT. Radar cheer over on shrinemorgan.com

And that's likely ALL anyone will hear regarding the MH case for a long time unless they manage to find the east coast rapist suspect somehow.

The information released is new to the public, but it's a card that LE apparently has had up their sleeve for quite some time and decided to release it now for PR reasons.

Dear Gil and Dan:

There are many of us in rural areas around C'ville who keep the faith with you. Our eyes and ears are open 24/7 for scraps of information to advance the investigation. We read your blog & the forum and love our children as you did your little Mogo. We get it and we are with you! 2-4-1

Yes, I have a clue here for you. There have been dozens of unsolved murders in Virginia in the last 23 years, with eight murders in the Colonial Parkway Murders alone, including my sister Cathy Thomas and her friend Rebecca Dowski. We can then move on to the Route 29 Stalker case with Alicia Showalter Reynolds, the murder of Laurie Ann Powell, Brian Pettinger, Julie Williams and Lollie Winans in the Shenandoah National Park, Heidi Childs and David Metzler, Morgan Harrington...

I could go on. What rock are you living under? Virginia does clearly have a problem with unsolved murders.

Bill Thomas
Brother of Cathleen Thomas

So, then, Yes, you don't want the lawn siting to be considered viable? Why is that?

Both the Harringtons and the police have indicated that they don't know one way or another if the Lawn sighting was Morgan.

Neither the police nor the Harringtons have expressed doubt that Morgan was sighted outside of JPJ talking to people and making various scenes.

The siting of the Lawn has to be considered fairly viable. I mean, it's been in the same spot for nearly 200 years.

what you accuse Heidi & David of doing irresponsibly when they were murdered.
You do realize that this occurred three hours away?

And that some people have better things to do than follow true crime websites and watch "Nancy Grace"?

Gil and Dan Harrington are two of the strongest parents I have ever read about. It is their right to grieve their daughter's brutal murder in what ever way they need to. They are harming no one. Thank-goodness most people in the area empathize and try to understand their actions.

Mixed Message,
if the Harringtons dont keep their daughter's name in the press,
who will?! you know they read this. How cold can you be?!

Had you read the article you would know they are not stopping by to see the press on their way to vacation. read it again...slower.

When they do go on their annual vacation without their daughter, I cant think of anyone that needs it more than they do!

The Harringtons did not say the police are not working hard enough, they said they are frustrated at the lack of information being given to them by this PAID agency.

to 'Yes'
do your homework, there are more unsolved murder cases in that area than i can even list. Morgan just happens to be one of the more recent.

"Perhaps people think that if they don’t act completely irresponsibly, then it’s rather improbable that a similar tragedy will not happen to them."
based on that- I'd love to know
what you accuse Heidi & David of doing irresponsibly when they were murdered. How about Tim Davis? what was he doing that caused him to be murdered. oh wait. he was sitting on a rock watching the sunset. yep, it's rather improbably all right.
wake up Yes, there are murders all around you of innnocent people and you havent even bothered to learn about it.

Ha, ha, Yes. I can see you should be on the road with your little comedy routine. Only to me, this is a serious issue. To you, no skin off of your teeth, huh? Your day will come.

Why is it that people get angry at other posters who comment on the case?

This could be the main thing that has stopped this case from being solved: people's fear of talking about theories they have!

I question the motive of some of her "fans" who ban or shout down anyone who puts out new theories on (other website's) message boards as to what the scenerio of her death may have been!

Bill Thomas posts: "with eight murders in the Colonial Parkway Murders alone"

That would be SIX confirmed murders. No one really knows what happened to the one of the pairs. For all we know they could be living with Elvis in Alaska.

I know that humor alleviates sad situations, but this is really serious. This killer WILL kill again and we will all be even more upset. I think that this is a given. Sometimes, I think about putting together 'kits' that contain anything that might help anyone escape from one of our many killers, especially for joggers and college women. Can't say it would prevent tragedy, but you have to be crazy to run alone these days.

I am still waiting for any evidence at all as to what caused Morgan Harrington to arrive at the Anchorage Farm-Blandemar Farms Estate area, rather than the JMU campus area of Harrisonburg--which is where she intended to go.

Remember: the information regarding her having been on seen Copeley Road bridge was from an unidentified anonymous caller. None of the witnesses known to have actually been in that immediate area saw anyone walking towards that bridge.

The majority of the "facts" of this case were originally the assumptions and speculations of two or three newspaper reporters, not police investigators.

I actually prefer to read the posts on readthehook.com and Facebook by derranged posters instead of the ones on Facebook who just send prayers about Morgan Harrington. At least the derranged posters are interesting!

I can empathize with folks who want Morgan's killer(s) off the street, I'm one of them! But no doubt there are legitimate reasons for the delay. Because of double jeopardy, the cops only have one shot at taking this case to court. I'm pretty sure they know who dunnit based on a few good blogs, but there is no statute of limiations on murder. They can wait until they think they have all the information they're going to have before taking it to the next level. There is a balance to walk between putting a solid case together vs. protecting the community from predators -- at some point they have to file charges with what they have. But if they're not sure they can win their case(s) yet, they won't be protecting anybody from these people anyway!

"Remember: the information regarding her having been on seen Copeley Road bridge was from an unidentified anonymous caller. None of the witnesses known to have actually been in that immediate area saw anyone walking towards that bridge."

wow! can you give insight as to where to find the source of that information? thats the first i'm seeing of that.

I've never felt Morgan was on that bridge. ever.
certainly not hitch hiking. I've always felt the bridge sighting was made to place Morgan in a different location than where she actually was.

NBC fan,

i didnt see anyone on here jumping on others for new theories.
I saw a couple of poeple putting down Morgan & her family
and that, personally makes me see red.

the camera's on the road are still working. I saw a link not to long ago- sent to me by a friend who was able to follow her son (live camera) driving from North Carolina to PA. they had it where he flashed his headlights to her as a 'i'm ok mom' sign, because it lists the mile marker where all the camera's are on the highway. pretty neat!

To lose a loved one from natural causes is so hard. To lose a loved one by an accident that could have been prevented is so difficult. But to lose a loved one , A child at the hands of barbaric sadistic murderer(s)Is so unthinkable , unimaginable , & unacceptable. I cannot begin to know the depth of the Harrington's daily pain & sorrow , so I continue to reach out to them & for them from Alabama , hoping that some unexpected form of support might help them in some small way. The thought that anyone would ever blame them or their daughter is ridiculous & absurd & inhumane.
* I do not understand WHY the Women & Mother's & Father's in this area are not Afraid their child could be next ? Do they not understand that a very Violent murder has taken place & that the young woman was taken from one of the most State of the Art Facilities in the united States? Do You really Think Your child is Safe Now ? With this taking place underneath thousands of people's noses ? You all need to wake up & be more aware .
Bad things happen to really good people. the Harrington's are really good people . So was Morgan , their Bright & shiny Beautiful daughter , and her life was not only stolen , but cruelly & without remorse by a monster & a few friends.
They are still amongst you , so please be aware !

Enough Go away! Take your scatching cynical self somewhere else where your wit will be appreciated. It's not appreciated here where there is real pain, real grief and the desire to find a daughter's killer. You've obviously never suffered the kind of hell the Harrington's are suffering. (I watched my own mother in a simlar kind of pain when her son died and it's one of the worst things a person can ever endure).

The Harrington's certainly didn't look for book or movie deals - like the reality show wannabee's we sometimes read about - they lost their precious child. They didn't ask for this pain and public scrutiny - it was thrust upon them in one violent, senseless act and then covered up by a coward. They are trying to find the coward who killed their daughter - and they will never give up. And they will not go away quietly - Many of us support them in their respectful and persistent requests for information.

Ms. Corwin, you are absolutely correct, to have a loved one taken away by violence is one of the most devastating events in a person's life. I experienced in my own younger life the empty feeling when violence touches a family.

Just a point of correction, Morgan was not taken from a state of the art facility, from under the noses of thousands. She left the state of the art facility, apparently voluntarily, walked across several parking lots, and then disappeared from either one of those parking lots or Copeley bridge. Had she remained inside that facility, she would probably have remained safe, and returned home safely. I say probably because we don't know why she left a warm, well lighted building full of concert goers to go outside into a very unpleasant night. Perhaps she did feel threatened inside, but that doesn't seem to have been the situation. From what I have read, Dr. and Mrs. Harrington have asked that the people who went to the show with her be left alone. In the Harrington's words, they loved Morgan. I hope that is true, that in the last few hours of her life, she was surrounded by good friends and that she had a wonderful time on the way to the concert. I sincerely hope law enforcement investigating this mystery are confident they know exactly what transpired up to the time Morgan walked out of the arena. I don't believe those who were with her had any part in her death. I am not so certain that there's not some information that has been withheld that could perhaps give a clue as to why she walked through those arena doors and who could have been waiting for her in the parking lot. Maybe a complete stranger took her, but maybe there was someone there, who if the friends don't know the name, at least know why that person was in the vicinity. I just can't get past the feeling that Morgan left for a reason. That reason changed or didn't pan out, she then wanted to return and was not allowed re-entry. Anyone knowing anything about what happened leading up to Morgan's disappearance and death needs to be absolutely upfront. If there were circumstances that they initially thought would reflect badly on Morgan, she is beyond all hurt. It there was something that reflects badly on any other individual, the situation will be much worse if law enforcement discovers that information given was not true, or worse withheld. I'm not any type of legal expert, but I believe there could be some sort of legal culpability if someone knowingly withholds knowledge of a homicide, even after the fact. If there is anyone with any knowledge, think about it, is protecting someone who has already hurt a young woman worth being considered some sort of an accessory after the fact?

Please don't misread that I am blaming Morgan for what transpired after she exited the facility. That is not at all the case. Whether she died by a terrible accident or by a vicious act of violence, the person or persons responsible for the harm she met are the ones responsible. I don't care whether or not she was drinking, using drugs, or was completely clear of mind, she is in no way at fault. I want the person responsible for her death found. Even if he, she or they have never harmed another human being or will never harm another, there's no pass for even one single act of violence resulting in another person's death.

I have to get to work, so I don't have time to proofread. I hope I've expressed by self well enough to get my thoughts across.

Doesn't all this make you wonder why Yeardly Love's mother and other family members have been so SILENT? Could the diff be UVA can't strong arm the Harringtons?

I did take a few minutes to re-read. I should have written ---the persons responsible for the harm she met are the ones at fault----

To Mixed message Note that the Harringtons make a point of visiting the bridge the 17th of each month. This is the day that Morgan disappeared. They know that people revile them and the people keep badmouthing them, and they keep doing it. Why? Because if they dont--law enforcement will slow down. Just ask Bill Thomas. Do you have any idea of how many obnoxious things have been said to these people about how inappropriate they are being how many personal attacks they have dealt with? For some reason people expecially people in Charlottesville want to blame the victim and the parents of the victim. The Harringtons and Morgan are NOT responsible for Morgans murder. The murderer is. And he is still loose. And he has done this before. And he will do this again. Someone know who this person is. Soemone shoudl get this person off the streets. The murder wont turn himself in--he is having too much fun. Meanwhile if you feel that the Harringtons are too public about this murder, think about what you would do if you wre in their shoes. Look at Bill Thomas's postings in the nationalpress. Local law enforcement and the FBI failed his family investigating his sister's murder--should the Harringtons wait for "someone" to do something, or should they do what they can to keep this case active in the hopes that this murderer's protectors finally develop a conscience? To whiteflower vine I really really hope you are right. Remember as bad as the Harringtons feel--the real issues is here is that there is a murderer on the loose. Bill Thomas and the families of the other unsolved murders in Virginia deserve a resolution--that may be more difficult because of the time since those murders occurred. The Morgan Harrington murder is current --and THAT person is still around waiting. He took a while to kill Morgan, she was hurt badly while she was alive, so Mr Murderer really likes what he does. He aint going to stop. Someone needs to stop him.

'Doesn’t all this make you wonder why Yeardly Love’s mother and other family members have been so SILENT? Could the diff be UVA can’t strong arm the Harringtons?'

Maybe the reason the Harringtons are not silent is that their daughter's case is unsolved. Yeardley's killer is in jail awaiting trial.

That seems a whole lot more logical than the "UVa strong armed the Yeardleys but couldnt strong arm the Harringtons" theory.

When the book & movie deal come out, you will be eating your words Corny. Don't you know this is America? These days, in just about any tragedy, anyone who is a victim or a criminal criminal, or anyone whose life was just a train wreck, wants to tell their story for money!

Sean writes: "But around here, nobody investigates which fraternities may have partied on the farm where Morgan’s body was found"

Maybe they have, but concluded that there were no fraternity parties there or that, if there were, there is no connection to this murder.

Sean writes: "obody will discuss the previous assault on Ms. Love in Mr. Hugueley’s frat house. Indeed, the house itself has been kept a secret."

DKE has publicly (and privately) explained that that Hugueley was NEVER a member of DKE.

Point being it happens. I believe in LE but I also have known a few "bad" cops in my lifetime. They are human with the same problems as you and I have. I believe that the combo of authority mixed with the right personality could result in "Abuse of Power." Just my honest opinion.

While I agree with you that there is evidence on those cameras, I think you mean the bumpkin VSP that don't want it released. The Roanoke police department have nothing to do with this.

I think the trained professionals are doing the best they can. The only warranted criticism I could think of when it comes to the release of info is that the Harrington's don't seem to be satisfied. Obviously, releasing all of your evidence to the public may not be the best strategy but i assume the victims parents are usually kept up to date on the investigation.

All the theorizing aside, I can't wait for the day when I wake up and have a text from some friend that says "They got Morgan Harrington's killer."

There is at least one person (bona fide witness) who clearly saw a car stop on the Copeley Road bridge to pickup Morgan.

There is at least one person (bona fide witness) who clearly saw a struggle taking place inside a car parked close to where Morgans pocketbook and cell phone were later found.

Can you help me confirm that these are two "cold, hard facts" of the case?

A limerick for haters

Don’t throw stones; don’t throw stones!
Someone might launch boulders back.
Someone who, is bigger than you
And whose brain is a little less wack.

Kicked off BOC, kicked off FM
Left with only the Hook to rant on,
They went back to Blink’s, to kiss somewhere that stinks,
Now they rave at BOC until dawn.

Attacking FM, they throw little rocks
Their grapes are so sour, such a twitter
They insult the mod, and hopes for another clod
To take up their ravings so bitter.

Don’t throw stones, don’t throw stones!
Your bridge is showing large holes
So go back under it, stop being a twit
There’s no treatment center for trolls.

Very informative S Jones. Hopefully the FBI will consider making this case their number one priority in the days and weeks to come. Yes they are the trained professionals but if it were my daughter I would still welcome the public's help. Obviously evidence should not be released. Just an updated list of facts about this case so we can continue asking educated questions based on them.

I do not expect a public release of information regarding the DNA results or the COD until this case sees a trial.

Also if the VSP or local police believe there is an unusual danger to the community at large they will say so.

In my opinion the billboard was a mixed bag. The awareness of this case is not the issue here in Charlottesville.

This is important to understand, any one who may be involved in this incident, if they live in this area, would not give up or be given up by anyone helping them until they believe they would not be thrown to the wolves.

Mentioned earlier in this thread was the word witchhunt, as long as that is happening many hands are tied that otherwise may be helpful.

After -- but only after -- this case is solved, the community will slowly start to heal itself, and this community needs healing badly.

But here are a few quick thoughts why this story will never go away:

Morgan slipped through our fingers. She could have been saved.

The public search for physical clues (which attracted over 1,600 volunteers, including myself and my neighbors) was slow to materialize.

UVA publicists and administrators were silent and unresponsive, particularly in comparison with the great emotional outpouring for Yardley. Silence is no way to handle a crisis in any group large or small, in a family, a university, or a city.

Yardley was one of us, they said, and she was. But was Morgan less than Yardley because she attended college elsewhere?

Universities were once concerned with teaching, libraries, and dormitories. Now, they are also entertainment venues that require ticket sales.

What is the role of local media in the healing process? Can a local media that accepts free tickets to JPJ to attend the Muppets or some second rate band (and therefore be beholden to publish rave notices) also closely examine a problem at UVA when it develops? Unlikely.

Please consider not switching names, it makes it hard to keep up with who is who.

Thank you.

Big Dog that was me trying to prove how easy it is to change names on forums. Sorry, didn't read all the posts to see other user names. I used to be BigDog on sports message boards. I won't be spending much time over here if anymore at all. Too many forums to keep up with.

I, for one, DO NOT want to see this case on some cold case file TV series. Let's all stop fighting with each other and try to get down to the real problem...finding the killer(s). Does anyone know if the family has considered a psychic medium? I know there will be plenty of off handed remarks after this post from you self-centered, egotistical, know-it-all types on here. (Names withheld because name calling is so "kindergarten").

I know that if she were my daughter/sister/friend I too would do anything possible to get answer that police aren't giving because of the investigation. There are reliable mediums out there that are used by the police and FBI (& by reliable I mean rigorously tested).

As for the family's vacation, it will probably not be the happiest but, unfortunately, the most memorable (without their daughter). I wish them the best of luck and hope that they succeed promptly in solving this case. Although it did take the Police here over a decade to find a serial rapist who was working at the Harris Teeter...no wonder they are not fully relying on our PD. What would it truly hurt to try an alternative method? (since we are agreeing that new ideas are needed)

I don’t want to throw-in (sic) the towel but until this particular blog shifts it’s (sic) focus back to solving Morgan’s murder
This is the website of a weekly newspaper. That has always been its focus.

Don't leave Bill. The more good minds brainstorming about this the better.
I am thinking more and more about the fact that Morgan was injured prior to leaving the arena. People said they saw this/noticed this just prior to the time she was outside. Now surely if this was bad enough for several people to notice, why would security at the door not do something when she tried to re-enter...call a medic/first aid/ambulance or whatever? Then again, maybe they did? I think I would examine those reports more carefully. Who responded at what times? Hope they've questioned those folks.

SJones, I think you're really out of bounds to even suggest a cop is involved. Either in doing the dirty deed, or covering up for whoever actually did the dirty deed if they were a cop.

Trust me on this..... today's rookie believes an arrest of a current cop, former cop or retired cop is some kind of magical feather in their cap. It will supposedly bring them all kinds of fame and fortune. Or so they think.

Fourteen years ago I sat and watched a rookie tell another cop that the false arrest he just made of a deputy sheriff in an adjoining jurisdiction was going to win him one of the then pending promotions. The only award he received as a result of this false arrest was being taken off the street and placed in a local high sschool as a school resource officer. After the parents got a good taste of his law enforcement techniques, he was jerked out of the school system and placed "in house". More than one command officer told me he their new in house gopher, he was suppose to turn everybodys computers on each morning and have fresh coffee ready for them as they arrived at work.

Did a cop commit the Harrington crimes? Absolutely not! Even the worst seasoned veteran officers would not cover up another cop suspected of abduction, rape and/or murder. Not in this community, no way!

"Universities were once concerned with teaching, libraries, and dormitories. Now, they are also entertainment venues that require ticket sales. "

When a band uses the bball stadium to have a concert what are they gonna do, let everyone in for free?

Corny good post!! SJones you seem to know a lot about this case.

Man its really easy to change your names on this site.

Ariaes46 you should try that. Its really easy.

SJones, Pretty much folks know "then you are saying" means "I interpret you're saying". And OK, when its said, "call these other people", it would be assumed you have already called the FBI(as you said)in addition to the CIA, LOCAL LE, VSP, UVA PD, VA TECH PD and so on and so on and so on, ad nausem. If you are as determined as you say, I would think you would have already done this and sent up a satellite and a derigible with it printed on the side. "Third hand" information means killer to witness to you. Pretty close my man.

Are you a detective SJones?? You seem very intelligent.

Seriously, hope everyone has a great weekend. I know everyone's heart is in the right place. Sjones, you also have a good weekend. I love the city of Memphis, Tenn. Been there many times and it's the only city that I really enjoy visiting and actually staying for a while. Take care!!

Corny...excellent post!!

Way too much speculation and putting Morgan on a pedestal for my tastes on shrinemorgan.com, so I don't bother with it anymore. It was a terrible thing granted but the songs and poems dedicated to her are a bit over the top. Why dont David Metzler and Heidi Childs get the same attention?

@Kevin and all the rest...cause David Metzler and Heidi Childs didn't have S Jones on the beat!


Find Morgan started out as a resource for the online public to brainstorm and collaborate ideas to find a missing woman.

Now you say it is to "honor" Morgan. What exactly does that mean?

And what do you imply when you doubt that Morgan said what those witnesses claim? Are they all liars? In your mind was Morgan too much of a nice girl to have gotten embarrassingly drunk in public and beligerant to passers-by wanting to help?

If you doubt these things are possible, then I guess you are totally at a loss as to why her friends had enough of her behavior and were so frustrated that they left her to find her own way back.

And perhaps you are also at a loss as why visitors to Find Morgan has dwindled from the hundreds to maybe 20 something a day?

Maybe it's easier to wring your hands at how something like this could have happened, and to simply accuse an entire city of a conspiracy and a coverup rather than to admit some very poor decisions were made and less than upstanding conduct was demonstrated by those involved as Morgan walked out of that arena into that night.

Everyone lets take a deep breath and calm down. The Hook has done a great job publically continuing coverage of Morgan's disappearence. Let's hope that they continue to do so. To the many people who just glanced at this, the findmorgan.com website and blog is heartbreaking with pictures of Morgan and the family and gil's thoughts. You may want to look at it. The real point is that the pressure needs to be kept on LE and on the public to remind tham that there is a killer on the loose, probably in Charlottesville. People should be aware of this and they should continue to be aware. At the same time, PLEASE stop snitting with each other. If people have opinions fine. Even if they dont like the Harringtons,fine, leave 'em alone and devote your energy to trying to find this person or to just going about your life, and being grateful that you are alive to enjoy the summer of 2010. Ranting isnt helping anyone. It's great that you care, but care a little less effusively. Remember the murderer is the bad guy. Best to everyone.

Well everyone have a beautiful day!

LOL you are very funny SJones. No one has called you a suspect just because I find it odd you are this upset over a young lady in SWVA. What I am saying is that #1 I did not ban you! Not sure why my name came up. Really I don't. I did ban someone that you talk about a great deal. Matter of fact banned that person the first day. Now that would have showed my name. But unless you were that same person my name would not have showed up as banning you. Telling you the truth on that one. So you see you have been blasting me for no reason. And no she did not come to me crying. She's very capable of handling herself and she did very well I must add. Great lady!! Stood tall with me when Dan and I faced the WBC group in Blacksburg, Va. Something I didn't want to do but did so because Dan wanted to go. Saying what you did to a lady has no place in my life. I don't think that is something you should have said. Had you not done that you would still be posting on our forum. But instead of admitting you did wrong you are over here posting negative things about me.

Thinker, the site is intended to honor Morgan. So I am not sure why it's bothering others as to what it has turned into. When you have numerous personalities on one site it can become a major problem. I really don't care what others said Morgan said that night. That's not the point. The girl was killed by someone that needs to be caught and locked behind bars for life. It may have not been the first time and I bet it won't be the last. Also, I don't believe Morgan would have said anything like that to anyone. Now the injury does have me concerned. If she was injured in a fall then of course all bets are off as to what anyone could say.

SJones, what you are saying makes no sense at all. Do you really think I would waste anyone's time on what you are talking about on here?? Do you really?? Do you know how many things I hear everyday on that forum? Why would I file a suit?? Again, that makes no sense. I could care less what you say. Really I don't. However, you going after another moderator on our forum in a PM I do care about. You had no right in doing that. That was the only reason you got banned. Up until then you were able to post freely. I have dealt with people such as yourself for 8 months now. But I can tell you this much. I have never, ever been involved with forums across the USA on another missing persons case. That's why I find it so strange that someone from the West Coast would take up this much time being involved with this. I love this family SJones and would do anything to help them. Anything at all. Morgan attended Virginia Tech and was a part of the VT community. We have had a lot of tragedies on our campus as I am sure you are well aware of. I was determined to make a difference in someone's life by helping Dan and Gil in any way possible. I did this by calling local, state, and members of US Congress in getting help with the search. But it seems you are taking your frustrations out on the wrong person.



Observatory Hilltopper, You are right. LOL. We are all way obsessed with this thing. I suppose once someone is in custody, we will find another aspect of it all to discuss.
It would be nice if we could all just leave criticism of everyone (other than the perp) out of this. Focus on the crisis at hand.


I have a feeling you are probably the same person that has been posting negative comments from the beginning, just under a different name of course. Responding to you probably makes me just as bad as you are. However, I hate it when someone that knows nothing at all about me tries to discredit my name. Having fun?? I don't want any praise for what I have done, never have and never will. The only people that matters to me is Dan and Gil Harrington. They matter to me as to how they feel towards me but not some anonymous poster such as yourself. Tell me like what you have done to help this family besides posting something negative about me. Let me guess you stay busy on the forums typing your little fingers away while others get out and do something that could help this family.

SJones, you have no idea what you are talking about. You were banned by another moderator not by me. I don't speak for the VSP other then what can or can not be said on the forum. Get your facts straight. Don't take your bitterness out on me. I didn't have a problem with you until you went after one of the other moderators. Tell me Sjones, how does someone that supposedly live in Ca know so much about our LE here in VA?? Don't you find that very odd?? Why would someone that far away be involved in something all the way in SWVA?? Again, makes no sense. Quit making yourself out being something that you are not. If you don't like the photos then best advice to you is quit coming over and looking at them. You must be talking about the role playing post that everyone including yourself took part in. Well guess what we have your messages too. Had enough?? Now like you said lets get back to helping the Harringtons. If you to continue to bash me and LE then by all means have fun. But I am telling you now you are in no way helping Dan and Gil Harrington by bad mouthing me.


What makes you think people tried to help Morgan that night?

"Be willing to say what you insulate."

That quote speaks volumes about the level of dialog here. And you think someone needs your help in solving a puzzle?

SJones, was she an engineering student?? I may have known her. To answer your other question SJones. I am not sure about the camera's. What I do have a problem with is if this young lady was injured, where was the medical attention? Why did they allow her to leave the building if she showed signs of impairment? That I think you and I can agree on. Right? Makes no sense.

Now can you send me some barbecue?

JJ Malloy:
Search Blink and The Hook for at least two incidents of people stopping to help Morgan that night and being told to "F-- off."

Kenny and others from Find Morgan:
Please stop the bickering, it is not helping you. Yes there are those that disagree with what your sight has turned in to, and yes maybe they will criticize you on other forums. Big deal. Please consider that you do not have to swarm in everytime it happens and accuse them of "not helping" or "being the murderer." It's not worth it.

Thank you.

Kevin, Why even ask why? As long as something is not doing harm. I happen to have family members who know the Metzlers (awesome people). Every family deals with these things in different ways. The Harringtons have chosen to be more outspoken. They have dug in this "dirt" with both hands and as Gil has described, wallowed in it. People grieve so differently. The folks out here follow their lead. We'll grieve with them if allowed and help search and question. Your question is like asking ,"why do some people support the starving people in Africa as opposed to Haiti?" Each heart is called to something different. That's all.

S Jones...go away. leave FM alone. and the admins.


Thinker you are correct. Please accept my apology. Actually didn't even know if it would work until I hit submit comment.

This endless bickering back and forth mostly makes no sense and as far as one can see serves no purpose whatsoever. What also seems to serve no purpose are "outsiders" like me who have taken an interest in Morgan Harrington and sincerely want to help (last year it was Anne Pressly's horrific murder....if you compare my personal deductions with what actually took place they pretty much matched). That I think what I'm hearing here is that if your not from Virginia then you need to butt out. That if you don't think Law Enforcement can solve this case on their own then you need to butt out. That if you actually believe blogs like these can help LE catch murderers then you need to butt out. I am guilty of all the above. I don't want to throw-in the towel but until this particular blog shifts it's focus back to solving Morgan's murder then it's just what I and many other well intentioned arm chair "sleuthers" may decide to do.

Corny, Bill, all make excellent points. The only reason I decided to make an appearance was because I was told my name and FM was being spoken of very unkindly by some that were banned. It is true the discussions are not like they used to be but that's because with no information there is not much to talk about. The reason you see me post so many times on FM is for a couple of reasons. #1 To keep a positive outlook on an arrest. #2 To keep the forum talking about something. Dan Harrington said it better than I ever could. The media liked talking about a missing person, not about a dead girl. The Hook, BOC, and FM are trying our best not to let this story go away. WE can't! I realize some are tired of hearing about this story. However, unless you have had a family member murdered you really do not know the pain Dan and Gil are going through right now. My family experienced this and so did several other members on FM. Bill Thomas is one. I don't have a problem with anyone with the exception of the ones that did this to Morgan. They need to caught. Can forums help? Maybe not directly but indirectly they certainly can. If others want to doubt my intentions as to why I am helping this family so be it. I am not doing this for my own personal gains. Dan and Gil have had me in their house many times. They have gotten to see me up close and in person. Unlike anonymous posters on forums. So if it makes you feel better to waste your energy on degrading myself, LE, the FM forum by all means go for it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why they are doing it. I do wish we could get an arrest so we could move on to discussing other parts of this investigation. I wish all of you peace and my prayers go out daily to David and Heidi's parents' Heidi's father is a highly decorated member of the VSP. Do you think for a second that he doesn't want his daughter's murderer caught?? Again, I wish everyone the best. Now for those of you that are in this for the long haul why not work together instead of against one another?

Please know that BigDog is not me.

Yes, you're right, they should have made a line where the commas are in the fourth line, but their point is well taken.

Correction: "where the commas are in the third line"

(Corny)"Kevin, Why even ask why? As long as something is not doing harm. I happen to have family members who know the Metzlers (awesome people). Every family deals with these things in different ways. The Harringtons have chosen to be more outspoken. They have dug in this ââ?¬Å?dirt” with both hands and as Gil has described, wallowed in it. People grieve so differently. The folks out here follow their lead. We’ll grieve with them if allowed and help search and question. Your question is like asking ,”why do some people support the starving people in Africa as opposed to Haiti?” Each heart is called to something different. That’s all."

...and Kevin, you need to thank your lucky stars for the Harringtons. What they are doing has taken sheer bravery. Nobody EVER expected them to become outstanding pioneers of justice for their daughter and lastly, them. What they do today for public awareness may save someone you love tomorrow. And they just might solve their daughter's murder.

And I certainly respect people who never grieve a public moment beyond the funeral. I also don't read comments, sizing them up for not.

Florida has their Sunshine Law. They release a lot of information and the wheels of justice continue to turn.

I like this what Billfar says. I think it makes sense. They can say what they want the public to know and what Charlottesville are whispering about anyway.

Perhaps with a bit of information something will be remembered and this killer can be brought to justice.

Also it would not be like a press conference where questions that they don't want to answer would be asked.
Bilfar June 27th, 2010 | 7:17 am
ââ?¬Å?Facts are truths firmly supported by evidence”.

What would be wrong with the FBI publishing a website (truthsregardingmorgan.com) solely devoted to the timeline and known facts of this case? That they could post as many or as few of these firmly supported truths as Law Enforcement see’s fit.

This would do away with all the non-truths and rumors that are currently out there muddying up the waters.

To Enough, your name says it all...ENOUGH! Go AWAY!! Do you know these people who have lost their daughter? I do. Do you know what it is like to not know why she was wiped off the face of this earth? Do you know how it feels to be afraid she will be forgotten and want so desperately to keep her plight alive, her memory alive and have her murder solved so that someone else won't have to endure the hell they have? I suggest that this site and others like it are for people who are interested in this case and who are humane in their approach. If this is not your intent then please leave and take your acid with you.

Kelli, not forgotten. I'm sorry, I'm reading from the bottom up. I don't remember the report of an anonymous call, but there was a UVA student Blinkoncrime had the following posted from a person who identifies herself as "Momof3":

"There are a couple of weird things I have noticed about this case, not sure about the relevancy. On the facebook page Please help with finding Morgan Dana Harrington. Please., p. 76, a person posted that they saw her hitchhiking:(http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=161409341318#/wall.php?id=16140934...). You would think this would have been a big deal from the beginnign if it was known right away?

Maggie Voth (UVA) wrote
at 6:16pm on October 19th, 2009
I saw her at 930 too, she was on the bridge on alderman trying to hitchhike and was alone."

First, just as a clarification lots of people in the area do not realize that the short section of road from Ivy Road to Massie is actually Copeley and not a continuation of Alderman from the opposite side of Ivy Road. Now, as a disclaimer on my part, I read Blink earlier in Morgan's disappearance until people on the site started accepting everything written by bloggers as fact and starting repeating these comments as fact. I did not see Maggie Voth's original posting.

I really do have to go. Please people, lets do stay respectful even if we disagree with what others think. A good day to all.

Good for the Harringtons for keeping the Morgan Harrington case alive. The comments section on this Hook article contains several attacks on the Harrington family, and even other families of murder victims, which baffle me. If the family is not going to keep the case in the public eye. who will perform that critical function? The good news is that the expressions of support and people offering helpful ideas far outweigh those that somehow think that the Harringtons are seeking publicity instead of justice. Or that anything we have written here somehow excludes all unsolved murder victims in Virginia.

Amazing-- people will make insensitive blog comments that they would never have the nerve to say to your face.

Bill Thomas
Brother of Cathleen Thomas

I can see the murderer as having a real problem with the UVA and that upper class personna it seems to give off. Perhaps he's a former student who tried but failed to earn a degree from this college. That as a student he may have attended some parties held out on the Albemarle farm and might be remembered as the polite, but shy and withdrawn "Good Ole Boy" type, never quite fitting in with these preppy types who used to tease him about it. That even without the degree he went on to become a successful businessman in the Charlottesville area. That he used to be an avid hunter and might even own an expensive home somewhere in the local area. Where Morgan's body was found and her tee shirt being laid out the way it was are no doubt two major pieces to the puzzle. Perhaps there are one or two more obvious ones that could have somehow been overlooked? Maybe updating the list of cold hard facts (only) about this case will lead to them?

I pray that this case is solved, for all of us.

Enough, you are a jerk and need to show some respect for this family who has lost their child. I know these people, I watched her grow up, and I love her, still... This has been a very difficult time for her family and friends, we all lost someone very special, very hard to forget, and I for one am so glad that Dan and Gil are doing this, keeping Morgan's story out there so someone elses child can be safe!

And as for witnesses seeing Morgan hitch hiking, I will never believe that, but I do know for a FACT that her scent was picked up on that bridge and it was the last scent they caught of her.

And let me inform you, Enough, IF, and that is a huge IF, a book or movie EVER come out, I can guarantee damn well that it will be non-profitable for this family. If they make any money what-so-ever it would go to Morgan's charities.

S Jones, I challenge you to be sober when you post. I challenge you to make sense otherwise.

Corny, in addition to the things you mentioned, I would also like to know whom Morgan texted from the arena. At the very least, I would like to know that that person was located and spoken to by law enforcement.

That's not a limerick.

The Harringtons deeply care about all of the murders in this state as well as others. Maybe they would not be so familiar with them if Morgan had not been one of them of course. These are decent, caring people who have devoted their lives to helping others physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It bothers me that anyone would criticize them for taking a Vacation. They are not escaping their pain and grief. In fact, it will be more apparant. They Just want anyone who saw or knows of anything to step up and do the right thing. Even if they found the killer tonight, the Harringtons would still be there to help other grieving families and families of missing people.


Boy you hit that nail on the head. You're not going to win any popularly contests but you spoke the truth. Will be interesting to see what the shrinemorgan.com zealots have to say in response.

Walkin' and Kevin...I agree wholeheartedly with you and I believe much of the truth is already out there. No parent knows everything about their child, especially once they leave home for college. The fact that Morgan partied, and probably partook of alcoholic beverages has been evident in the familiy's pictures and even more evident with her association with these friends.
But doesn't every parent want to remember the best of their child? This is a tough balancing act they are trying to accomplish and don't even realize it. In an average death, the mourners grieve by remembering favorable memories, its only natural. People aren't supposed to hash out the sins and negatives of the dearly departed. But let's be real, in this case most people take the pictures and situations into account, put two and two together and get reality.
So yes, reality is important in order to solve this. But in its own way, reality is self evident.

"A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both".

� James Madison

I'm soooo tired of hearing about poor Morgan Harrington! Give it a rest already!

Someone wrote "Morgan could have been saved."

We know several witnesses stopped to help her that night.

Morgan told them to "F--- off."

Could she have been saved?

Anytime someone takes issue with Kenny in particular, he behaves as if he has some type of ownership of Morgan and her case which I find to be unsettling.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder Symptoms:
1. Grandiose sense of self importance
2. Expects constant praise and admiration
3. Exaggerates achievements, boastful
4. Expecting others to go along with your ideas
5. Believe they are of primary importance in everybody's life
6. Display disdainful, patronizing attitude toward others
7. Feels entitled to special treatment and to be held in esteem
by others. When this is not granted, becomes angry
8. Is exploitative of others

People who live on the west coast are now being insulted for following Morgan's case? Obviously it did not occur to you Kenny, that some of these folks following Morgan's case from the west coast might have friends or relatives - sisters, daughters, nieces - living in the VA area whom they are naturally concerned about on account of Morgan's case.

Would the Harringtons appreciate your coming on a public forum insulting an entire geographic region and accusing anyone not residing in VA of having suspect motives for their interest in Morgan's case?

You demand to know what others have done to help the Harringtons - when what you really want people to know is all that YOU have done. You profess your motives are altruistic, yet you seek accolades.

Not everyone who has taken issue with you is a suspect, troll, or someone who was banned. I'm quite sure some, like myself, have concerns that you are using the Harringtons, findmorgan.com, and Morgan's case as a means to feed your own ego.

Yes, go watch Nancy Grace and quit giving personal negative comments to this article. Apparently, you don't have enough to do other than criticize others. Why read the article and comment on it if you could care less? Get a "positive" life.

stsm-I would like to know, why do you think UVA would be able to strong arm the Love family but not the Harringtons? I'm not asking this to disagree with your assessment, but would just like some enlightenment on your thinking. Thanks

and here i was with a warm fuzzy after reading Honoree's well
thought out, nice & respectful post...
then i saw the garbage from

your comment is so far off & so inaccurate
that i can only reply with
STFU you heartless POS

please tell us all what you did when your daughter
was murdered?

S. Jones, thanks for the question. Three cadaver dogs did hit on a spot by the Colonial Parkway two weeks ago as part of the search for the remains of Keith Call and Cassandra Hailey, who are missing and presumed murdered as part of the Colonial Parkway Murders. The FBI brought in an expert Emergency Response Team who carefully searched the area, digging down to the two foot level, where the soil was undisturbed, and found no remains. A new cadaver dog was brought in and did not find any scentm at the dig site. As far as we can tell, it was a false alarm. We thank all of the volunteers, the cadaver dog teams, the National Park Service, local and county police and the FBI for all of their help.

More searches are planned as soon as we can sign our movie deal, our reality show deal, our book deal, our video game deal and we can get all of the family member's tan levels to match so we look better on TV talking about our loved ones.

Bill Thomas
Brother of Cathleen Thomas

How many people do you think claim to "love" Morgan Harrington although they never met her, but are actually just chasing the $150,000 reward? So they just appear on other websites expressing their prayers and love as much as possible so that they might win some sort of unofficial contest as seeming to be her biggest fans?


The Maggie Voth comment has been on the findmorgan.com site for some time. Many people have discussed this. It did not originate from any blog site.

If these were false facts, they did not come from a blog. This comment came directly from Face Book and a person by the name of Maggie Voth. She reported seeing Morgan on the bridge. This comment was posted very shortly after Morgan Harrington went missing.


Old 01-03-2010, 09:26 PM
Maggie Voth (UVA) wrote
at 3:16pm on October 19th, 2009
I saw her at 930 too, she was on the bridge on alderman trying to hitchhike and was alone.


Questions about Copley Bridge thread page 4, I copied some of the other witnesses that have posted about it. If anyone knows her maybe they can ask if she saw anything else.

Posted on October 19th, I don't remember any rumors about HH that early, either she saw it or was told to say she did.


01-10-2010, 10:47 AM


Default Copley Rd. becomes Alderman Rd.
On October 19th when news was still breaking of Morgan's disappearance this was posted on facebook.

Maggie V*** (UVA) wrote
at 3:16pm on October 19th, 2009
I saw her at 930 too, she was on the bridge on alderman trying to hitchhike and was alone.

When I first was forwarded this fb post a couple of weeks ago, I was told that the witnesses later retracted the road name, but did say she saw her. I was a little confused.

Yesterday Georgia PI posted a map on here and it was confirmed to be today that Copley Rd. becomes Alderman after Ivy Rd.

If this is the case and Morgan was last seen on Copley at 9:20, what are the chances she might have made it further than Copley and was seen at 9:30 further down on Alderman??

Bill Thomas, your dedication/devotion to Morgans case is priceless, and sincerely respected, my heart goes out to you and yours in your valiant efforts to seek answers not only within her case, but answers for your sister's as well, never give up that fight, you have more of an army behind you than you can possibly realize. Discouragement should never be an excuse to give up. SJ is 100% right, this needs to be sought out one way or the other, and those who insist on drudging over and over in negativity, are only mere distractions and annoyances. This is not about money, it never was. It is solely about finding answers, and by standing together, creating a force and moving forward, answers will be found. Your very own family, along with the Harringtons, as well as any other victims families out there, deserve nothing short of those answers. If we must go through one to get to another, so be it. That is what will be done. Media, no media, books, no books, all of that is nonsense, what it takes is alot of people, with alot of heart, clear conscience, and the means to do what it takes to see this through. My heart goes out to you and yours, Bill, SJ, the Harringtons and anyone else who's lost a family member to a tragic crime such as this one.

The case was not handled well from the beginning, and I doubt it will be solved now. Harringtons: Big mistake not bringing your own investigator in. Huge.

Dog: quite right, but it's complete speculation on your part. You don't know what happened to Morgan that night. You are only playing out a scenario.

The fact is: 100 or more comments will always appear after one of Courtney's stories/updates about Morgan because Morgan's abduction is horrific, because it was a blow to Charlottesville's burnished image, and because dads like me with daughters like Morgan will always see ourselves in Dan Harrington.

I can certainly see how free Muppets tickets could influence media coverage.

Free anything is a no-no.
See Journalism 101.
Some local media have very low price tags.

Sjones, We all seem to try and try to understand you. We want to understand you. You make sense sometimes and other times you do not. Please could you read your posts after you write and before submitting? Put yourself in our shoes....would the average person understand it? Most of us don't seem to understand. You seem to desperately have something to say but no one seems to ever "get it". If you know something, can you just say it? Are you trying to say that Local LE won't help this case because it involves something they don't want to hear? Is this why you keep mentioning the FBI? But then, if you know something then why don't you call the FBI yourself?

ok, SJONES, you are saying that someone in Law Enforcement did this to Morgan or helped do it or cover it up. You have third hand information. That means you got it from the second hand person. Have they called the FBI? You know who the second hand person is. So then they must know who the first hand person is. Did they tell you that too? Have you told the Harringtons? If you know all this, then shout it from the rooftops. You don't have to say "I know so and so did it" for sure. Just Say, "I was told so and so did it". Say it to the Harringtons, say it to Courteney, say it to Blink, call Bob Goodlatte or Eric Cantor. Don't hint around on web sites. Out with it Man!

Hello, don't make me laugh. Who died and made you the publicist?

Does Big Dog actually believe that sports reporters buy tickets to games that they are covering rather than getting press credentials?

Or that movie reviewers pay for the advance screenings that are set up for them in major cities?

GSOE...being the ex-wife of a cop...I agree WHOLE HEARTEDLY!!! There is not a cop that would cover for a "dirty" one in any way in ANY community. Even the "gophers" learn eventually! S Jones' heart is in the right place, trying to keep Morgan's case in front of LE...but the thought process is just not where it should be. AND third party information is just gossip...not fact.

@S Jones - your heart is in the right place, just be careful of that "third" party stuff. Remember the childhood game of "telegraph"???

1- I do not recall saying any of the recent Albemarle Police sexcapades took place near the Anchorage Farm. I think somebody said it though.

These sexcapades are not unusual in police departments and sheriff's offices. On the other hand, they're not unusual in banks, department stores, Burger King, hospitals, or any other profession. The recent Albemarle Police sexcapades only made news because an officer was terminated.... and somebody leaked it to the media.

I still want to see Chief Miller go on record as saying that any married employee of his who has extramarital affairs under his watch should be fired. I know why he will NEVER make this remark. :)

In-house sexcapades in no way lead me to believe that any of the local cops are capable of abduction, rape and/or murder.

2- Being a corrupt cop is not always about money. It's my opinion that local corruption here in Charlottesville and Albemarle County involves cops covering up for the bad judgement or mistakes of fellow cops. It's also my opinion that they know they are expected to do this or they will be looking for a new job. But even so, the line is drawn if a cop's crime involves abduction, rape and/or murder while not in the line of duty.

3- Yes. The local cops make quite a bit of change by working off duty for local merchants, and by working local events where large crowds are present. How much security they actually perform at the John Paul Jones arena I am not sure of. I see the local city and county cops and deputy sheriffs basically providing traffic control into and out of the area. Where they actually go and what they do between traffic coming to an event and traffic preparing to leave an event I do not know.

4- The only law enforcement agencies I have ever seen working the John Paul Jones events are the City Sheriff's Office, the County Sheriff's Office, the Albemarle Police Department, the Charlottesville Police Department and the UVA Police Department. At UVA sports events, bascially the same with the addition of the Virginia State Police.

5- The answer to this question depends on who you ask obviously, and how honest they might want to be. My opinion is that most local cops have always been jealous and envious of any federal law enforcement officer. It's a rookie's dream come to to be accepted by the Secret Service, CIA, DEA, FBI, etc...

nbc29fan seems to be having quite a bit of trouble finding his/her station's coverage of a 21 year old frat guy dropping dead at UVA in April.

Th same organization that, like so many others in Charlottesville, made sure any evidence in the Harrington case that involved UVA was covered late, or not at all.

This is how things work around here.

I am really TICKED off, I would like to use stronger language, but my comment would probably be deleted, YOU People that are critising the Harringtons have a HUGE SET OF B_ _ ls, don't you have any compassion for these poor people, how would you feel if this horrendous crime had happened to your Daughter, Son, or someone that you loved more than life itself and you were just trying to help find the KILLER of your Daughter, So people don't forget and some people were critising and BAD MOUTHING you? People if you can't say something POSITIVE to the Harringtons, PLEASE PLEASE don't say anything at all, they are going through enough pain and heartache for TWO lifetimes.

Sean, what is this obsession with the young man who died this past April? There has been no reason for any of us to believe that any other person had a hand in his death. Whether he died from a medical condition, misadventure, or suicide, it is really none of our business.

His family has asked that details not be made public. Do you really think that if foul play were suspected, they would have made that request?

Huge Set, you may have a huge set of what Betty said but you have no compassion or touch with reality. In the first place, those tickets were a present given to this girl months before the concert. Plenty of young people go to concerts without their parents, however responsible or irresponsible they may be, it is a normal activity for this age group.
Second, if she is old enough to go away from home and be at college, then it is no different from being on a college campus for a concert. If your daughter is away from home, you don't know what they are doing 24 hours a day.
Third, what she was wearing were leggings, a skirt, boots and a generic unisex t-shirt. Her neck face and hands were showing. Woo hoo.
Fourth, how dare you call into question "241" this family's term of endearment for their family! At first, this family did not know if their daughter was alive, being held captive or dead. What you saw on t.v. was a five minute clip out of their day pleading for the return of their child, the rest of which was spent doing what you described, searching, calling, talking to her friends, the police etc. What better way to get the word out there than to be on t.v. crying your heart out? Yes, children have been recovered this way. Ever heard of Amber Alert? Same thing. People watching did come forward who may have been witnesses. Believe me the last thing these parents wanted to do was to stand in front of a camera in front of the world describing the hell they were in!!! And your words describing the state Morgan may have been in at the time were unnecessary and cruel. Do you not think the parents are fully aware of this? Regardless, this was a freak occurence perpetrated by a freakin' monster. It could have happened if she had been on her way from the library to a dorm. It was 9:30 pm not 2 am. You need to watch your "holier than thou" attitude lest, God forbid, you find yourself in this hell someday. Bad things happen to the best of us Mr/Mrs. "Perfect Parent"!!!! You've got a huge set of rocks for brains.

What is the deal with Kenny, an administrator on the findmorgan.com site? He is his own biggest fan and wants you to be too. It is disconcerting because he is the first to tell you how much time and effort he’s selflessly put into helping the Harringtons, while simultaneously seeking attention and accolades for himself.
He often uses the site like his own personal billboard to announce updates about his personal life, or creates threads to announce such important things such as he’s going golfing.
He has banned countless ââ?¬Å?members” of that site in accordance with is own personal agenda and misguided ego.
For instance, I have seen where many posters respectfully disagree with Kenny, leave it at that and move on to other threads. However, Kenny takes it upon himself to keep those members on his radar and seeks out all other posts by those members and goes out of his way to keep baiting them into argument. Then he bans them from the site, for something which he intentionally provoked.
He sends ââ?¬Å?private messages” to members who he is trying to engage in argument so that others don’t see his antics on the public threads.
The Harringtons do a great job trying to keep Morgan’s case in the public eye. It’s a shame that Kenny, who claims to be working on their behalf, is often responsible for turning people away.
Sincere best wishes to the Harringtons and getting justice for Morgan.

I don't entirely agree with Huge Set, but I also don't agree with Corny. I do agree that not using a PI from the get go, and maybe several PI's working as a team was a mistake. Law enforcement does have limited resources that they can and will dedicate to solving the case... not because they don't want to solve it but because crime carries on and they can't dedicate themselves to this one case like a PI could.

Not quite sure I understand the Harrington's just "going with the flow" of what limited information law enforcement tells them. Then again, thank God, I've never been in their shoes either.

Just a few examples of corruption:

It's two for Texas, two for Tennessee in this week's rogues' gallery, but also cops gone bad from Pennsylvania and Maryland, South Carolina and Florida. Some have only been arrested or indicted, not convicted, and deserve the presumption of innocence. Some are on their way to prison. All of them are victims not only of their own characters but also of a system of drug prohibition that generates endless opportunity and enticement for the ethically impaired. Let's get to it:

In Baltimore, three members of Southwestern Police District "flex squad" were indicted February 17 on charges they conspired to rape a 22-year-old woman at the station house.

A Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Jemini Jones, 28, Brian Shaffer, 31 and Steven Hatley, 27, over a January incident where the woman was arrested, but released and given marijuana after agreeing to have sex with Jones as Hatley and Shaffer stood by. The latter pair are being charged for not stopping the assault. The incident led to a search of the "flex squad's" quarters at the station house where investigators found stolen property, drugs, and unregistered weapons. There is more to come on this case.

In Nashville, hot-shot veteran vice officer Clark Williams III was indicted last month on federal charges of handcuffing a suspected drug dealer and stealing more than a pound of cocaine at gunpoint, the Nashville Tennessean reported. According to the indictment, Williams, 37, "did unlawfully draw his Metro Nashville Police Department service weapon and handcuff an individual involved in cocaine trafficking in furtherance of a plan to rob over 500 grams of cocaine from said individual." Williams was a well-respected narcotics officer who got a letter of commendation from then FBI Director Thomas Pickard in 2001 for his role in busting members of the Mexican Arellano Felix drug trafficking organization. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

In Dyersburg, Tennessee, a prison guard at the Northeast Correctional Center in Tiptonville was arrested February 16 and charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell, WMC TV-5 reported. Corrections officer Santressa Cole was charged along with three others after an investigation involving 20 (!) undercover officers in what local police called the largest drug bust in city history. Agents made a buy of 18 ounces of crack valued at $14,000, and seized drugs, a pistol, several cars, and $1,000 in cash. Cole was immediately fired from her job, although prison officials said they had no evidence she was peddling rocks at work.

In San Antonio, a 10-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department was arrested February 17 on marijuana possession charges after raiding the home he shared with his girlfriend, according to the San Antonio Express-News. Joseph Evans, 42, went down after his girlfriend, Katherine Sanchez, was pulled over in a traffic stop and police found drugs. She then consented to a search of their home, and police found marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and prescription drugs, much of it packaged for resale in small baggies. While neither Evans nor Sanchez are charged with drug trafficking at this point, a Bexar County District Attorneys Office investigation is continuing. Evans made $800 bail the next day, but Sanchez remains jailed on heavier narcotics possession charges.

In Texarkana, Texas, a 14-year police department veteran is on paid leave on suspicion he conspired to have his wife killed and is involved in drug dealing, the Texarkana Police Department announced February 17. Officer Randy Case "may have conspired to have his wife killed and may have conspired to manufacture and distribute methamphetamines," the department said, citing information it received from the FBI. Although Case has actually been on leave since the FBI notified Texarkana police of the investigation in December, the department made no announcement until now.

In Florence, South Carolina, a former Lake City police officer was sentenced to at least 13 years in federal prison February 16 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine. William Webb, 41, was arrested a year ago as part of a joint state and federal investigation into corruption and drug dealing in Florence and Williamsburg counties. He was a lieutenant with the Lake City department, but according to investigators, had spent the last decade taking payoffs from drug dealers. He was also accused of selling cocaine from his patrol cruiser, the Associated Press reported.

In Gainesville, Florida, former Polk County sheriff's deputy Roderick Stevenson, 39, will have to stick with his plea bargain after all. Stevenson was arrested in February 2004 after being indicted by a Florida grand jury in a yearlong investigation of corruption in northern Florida. He was accused of taking bribes to provide protection for a drug-dealing ring that stretched from Gainesville to Miami and pled guilty last August to conspiracy to distribute and possession with the intent to distribute more than 50 grams of crack cocaine. Three months later, Stevenson reconsidered, and filed a motion to withdraw his plea, charging prosecutors reneged on an offer to recommend a reduced sentence for ratting out other officers. That motion was denied February 16. He will be sentenced March 3.

In Scranton, Pennsylvania, a Jessup police officer was charged February 18 with stealing a gun and marijuana from the department evidence room. Robert Santarelli, 36, was arrested by state police on multiple charges after a break-in on January 25 or 26 where an ounce of pot, a rifle, and three syringes were taken, the Scranton Times-Tribune reported. He is charged with burglary, theft, receiving stolen property, tampering with evidence and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and could face up to 25 years in prison, if convicted. He was released from the Lackawanna County Jail the next day on $50,000 bond. The 10-year veteran has been suspended without pay.

S Jones, do you have something to say, or is the cryptic mumbo-jumbo just a way of pretending you do when there is actually nothing for you to just come out and say? What Sean writes is absurd. but at least it's possible to figure out what he's saying. What's the deal with you?

Yes: the examples you cite illustrate the problems in the business.

I was thinking about Charlottesville media and why it has trouble reporting hard news.

If local media is in the habit of accepting free tickets to shows from the JPJ management company, that very media is going to be reluctant, to put it mildly, to criticize or scrutinize the management company for malfeasance, such as may have occurred with Morgan. Media will become "friends" with management and water down its coverage.

big dog, last time i checked, the JPJ staff are not suspects in her disappearance. god bless her, but she was on some type of alcohol or drug, got horrible support from her friends, walked out on her own and appears to have been abducted a 1/4 mile from arena. i dont find the JPJ culpable at all. the JPJ is not our mommy; its role is not to wipe the nose of the 14k people who show up for a concert.

lets focus on the bad guy, he is at fault. to me, the friends are #2 on the bad guy list, they are not telling all and did not stay in contact with a friend.

"I’m soooo tired of hearing about poor Morgan Harrington! Give it a rest already!"

Really? I am pretty sure this article did not click on itself.

she was abducted on UVA grounds / JPJA grounds.
this investigation has done everything it can to get her as far away as possible to limit liability. beyond that, Virginia law enforcement is absolutely pathetic. anything i read is about how another girl is murdered or abducted in the state of Virginia. 8 months later and UVA police, VSP, the FBI have nothing. if you don't want to hear anymore about the death of Morgan Harrington, then get your state together and demand better protection, service and support from those whom your tax dollars employ. ridiculous ... Virginia state has one of the largest budgets and many federal resources and a 20 year old girl can't go to a concert without getting abducted and murdered. now you know why the North won the Civil War.

Laurel, thanks for the kind words you wrote about me. To be honest I never visit but thought I just had to make an appearance since they told me about your post. First of all let me ask you. What have you done for Dan and Gil Harrington? Waiting!!!! Did you help with the search? Did you organize any events in honor of Morgan? Did you use the media to keep her story alive? Waiting!!!! You have no idea what you are talking about. As far as banning goes I have banned one person since 2009. Everything that happens on that forum is run through Dan Harrington. It is his site and he makes the decisions. Playing golf???? Yeah I have played once this summer. Most of the time I play several times a week. I am totally dedicated to Dan and Gil Harrington and have been for 8 months now. I never volunteered to be a moderator because quite frankly I don't have the patience to deal with some of the people that come on forums. I don't mind anyone posting on the forum if they do so respectfully. The bashing of LE is one thing that I take very seriously. Sure it's ok if you have an opinion of how the case is being handled. That's fine. No one has a problem with it. But you can tell fairly quickly the ones that have a different agenda. Like I said, banning someone is the last resort but when we get private messages threatening us and cursing us you can bet those individuals will be banned. Even then we make sure Dan sees the messages and knows everything that we do. So you see Laurel you really don't know what you are talking about. Sorry to be so blunt but I have had it with people that want to criticize me that knows nothing about me. Yeah I have worked extremely hard for the Harringtons and I won't let people like you keep from doing it. I will also continue my support for Lt. Rader and his detectives. They are good men that are working very hard to solve this crime. I ask you again Laurel. What have you done to help the Harringtons?? By chance were you banned from the forum? Have a great day!!

Laurel obviously you have no idea what you are talking about.
Findmorgan is totally different from other forums such as BOC and The Hook. Given the fact that the site is owned by Dr. Harrington, we have to be very careful about what is allowed to be posted on the forum.

In Kenny's defense, he has been nothing but supportive to Dan and Gil. Like he asked you...What have you done? He did not ask to become moderator, it was put in his lap, due to the fact that the creator of the site needed help, and Kenny was there. It was not easy. When I was brought on as an admin, Kenny was in tears with trying to handle all the forum members, Pm's, arguments etc. He honestly did spend, morning, noon and night, answering questions to the best of his ability, and why??? Because he loves Morgan and this family.

You have every right to your opinion, but in all honesty, sounds to me like maybe either A. you were banned yourself or B. your best friend was banned. It's neither here nor there. There is no way we can possibly make everyone happy on the forum. As Kenny stated above, every decision that is made on the forum, when it comes to banning members, goes through Dr. Harrington first. He makes the ULTIMATE FINAL decision based on the evidence that we submit to him.

Laurel...as Kenny asked above. What have you done to assist the Harringtons in this case?

"Everything that happens on that forum is run through Dan Harrington."

That explains ALOT including why anyone who says something even remotely critical of his daughters actions is banned and why the forum has become some sort of shrine.

Things in the investigation have not been handled well. The Harringtons should of been more proactive and brought in their own people to investigate. Period.

Eh, the Find Morgan site seems harmless enough.

Sort of a mutual admiration society and I get Casey's point of it being a "shrine" to Morgan, I really got that sense as well as there are some people there that seem reeeeeally interested in Morgan.

Knowing that Morgan's father runs the site does explain that though.

I'm sorry, but although it started out as a good idea findmorgan.com IS now pretty much a shrine to her memory.... people on there talk about her like they really knew her.

As for attacking Dan, I haven't really seen any nasty attacks on Dan in the comments above. More along the lines of requests for a reality check.

As for Blinkoncrime, I have zero respect for that site or for it's moderator. Each month Blink comes up with a new "person of interest" or should I say victim? that she gets her readers to speculate over. I remember when she started aiming her hinky meter in the direction of happyhippie and then followed by the sport talent scout. If there ever was a pot stirrer, it would be Ms. "Stink"

I also agree that the Harringtons not bringing a PI in from the beginning was a mistake, and I have it on pretty good authority that they did not bring in a PI. I used to be on the findmorgan website, and I do remember that bulldog following up big time on several leads with potential. For his efforts all he got was ridicule for "begging" the Harringtons to hire him. I dont remember any begging.. I do remember him asking for official involvement on the case. It had become high profile and I suspect law enforcement didnt really like the prospect of some PI making headway where they had not.

Regardless, it sure looks like a cold case to me at this point.

if they ever find the killer, a lot of people will have to find a new obsession

Bulldog is a joke. Stop sticking up for yourself...I mean...him.

LOL. Great PI you are. Read discreet!

Tim..I'm sorry and you know they don't have a PI for fact???

SJones, was the student one of the shooting victims?? That took place in part of my building. I will never get over it.

SJones, the tragedies that have occurred at VT have been overwhelming. Before the 32 that were killed we had a mad man running around on campus, killing two. Then came the worse killing spree that has ever happened on a university. After that we had David and Heidi murdered outside of campus. We had a beheading that took place on campus, and of course this happened to Morgan. This was the reason I got involved.

This person may not realize the grave danger he or she is in Corny. That as soon as the killer is behind bars this danger goes away. To report the killer you would not have to call or do anything different from you normal, day to day routine. Just address an envelope to the Virginia State Police P.O. Box 27472 Richmond, VA 23261 Where you would normally write your name and address (top, left hand corner) write one word...dog, cat, bird etc and memorize it. On the back of the envelope write: Urgent! Please deliver to Virginia State Police as soon as possible. Seal the killers name and address inside and mail (no need to worry about a stamp). Do it today!

Bill, OK, so if the police go to interview this "killer" and isn't able to put them in custody immediately for whatever reason, then this guy knows who this one person was who could have told ~ and in the meantime, whoops. Dead witness. And God forbid there was more than one perpetrator or a family behind the killer who would then want to silence/take revenge on whoever told. These are the reasons I could come up with why someone wouldn't come forward.
The witness would need assurance ahead of time that he and his family would have protection from whoever might take vengeance. If the police could put out a statement that they would listen and, if the story is ironclad, not take any action until that witness/family is shielded. And they'd have to wonder how long would they need this cover?

Isn't it funny how somewhere along the way we became more concerned for our own welfare than getting a murderer off the streets and doing the right thing just because it was the right thing to do.

Remember the days when you knew a cop on the beat and could go up to him and say I have some information.

Now we have to wonder if hitmen, druggies or gangbangers will kill us before we can get home from our phone call.

I think there are a lot of reasons why witnesses don't come forward.

Is anonymous..anonymous any more? I wonder?

Post from Kenny on FM

Another Question We Get Asked A Lot

What agencies are working this case? Is it VSP alone? No! Investigators from VSP, Charlottesville, Albermarle, and UVa are working on this case daily. FBI also assists them as needed. Other agencies are also helping.


Kenny has good intentions and a good heart, but he's kidding himself if he thinks that LE is investing vast resources into solving one girls murder. It was sheer luck and a change in seasons that led to Morgan's body being found in that field, not effective detective work. That is not to say that LE doesn't want to solve the case... but if Kenny thinks that they have the luxury of dedicating investigators full time to one murder he really doesn't understand how things actually work.

I have been following and praying for Morgan since October.

To answer the question I have never seen any video outside of the JPJ Arena with any girl looking like Morgan.

There were "rumors" from a cabbie to somebody on the BOC website that there existed a video or sighting of Morgan at the 7/11 but that was never proven or seen. At least not by John Q Public.

There was some video of DS the other girl that looked and was dressed like Morgan in JPJ. Everybody thought that Morgan but it was not.

I hope this helps.

http://www.nbc29.com/global/story.asp?s=12741310 - just to make newsflash's get to easier....interesting, and you guys thought they weren't making any headway!!