Wrong-way birthday: Hogberg arrested by officer who Tased him

news-michaelhogbergHogberg has history of police tangles.

Michael Dennis Hogberg of Crozet could lose some of the public sympathy he may have gained last fall for getting felled while handcuffed by a Taser-happy cop. Now, he's been  charged with attempted capital murder of an officer after another allegedly alcohol-fueled situation–- only this time allegedly involving driving the wrong way on Interstate 64.

According to an Albemarle Police release, around 2:40am on June 20, authorities received multiple calls about a vehicle traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes of the Interstate between the Afton and Crozet exits in the Western part of the county.

The attempted murder charge appears to stem from an alleged near miss of a State Police Trooper's vehicle. According to the release, officers proceeded to deploy tire-destroying "stingers" to disable Hogberg's vehicle before he attempted to drive a blue Mercury Sable the wrong way on an entrance ramp toward U.S. 29 South.

Hogberg allegedly turned off his lights, stopped the car, and fled into a nearby forest; but was caught by a police canine named Bink. It happened on his 26th birthday.

"His eyes were glassy and bloodshot and [he] had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage about his person," wrote the arresting officer, noting that Hogberg registered a .15 blood alcohol level, nearly double the legal limit.

In addition to the reckless driving, attempted capital murder, and resisting arrest warrants issued by the State Police, Albemarle has charged Hogberg with failure to install an alcohol ignition interlock as well as three felonies: driving with a revoked license, eluding police, and third offense driving under the influence.

The Tasing occurred last November as a handcuffed Hogberg tried to run from a public drunkenness arrest at Scott Stadium. Caught on video by the Newsplex, the incident occurred during the annual football game between the University of Virginia and Hogberg's alma mater, Virginia Tech.

"All of this news comes as a shock because it seems so out of character," says Hogberg's friend and freshman roommate, Ryan Yemen, who notes that Hogberg was a good student who graduated with a degree in environmental sciences.

Surprisingly, the arresting officer for the most recent Albemarle charges is Eric Kudro, the same officer who Tased Hogberg last fall. While never publicly rebuked by superiors, Kudro's action–- which dropped Hogberg helplessly to the pavement–- resulted in a redraft of the Albemarle Police policy manual to forbid most instances of Tasing handcuffed prisoners.

Imprisoned without bail, Hogberg gets a hearing on July 22.

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–original headline: "Tasered guy in huge trouble now"

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Engineer! Well spoken! I can't agree more! This young man is over 18, a young adult. He knows the effect of the alcohol on his system, he's been caught TWICE already...heaven knows how many times he went undetected. So he IS responsible for his actions inebriated or not (you too Jade if you drink and drive). If he has a drinking problem, intervene for crying out loud! I know I would rather my child spend time in rehab than in a cemetary!

The Engineer:

Tell it to the judge! I’m sure you’ll find sympathy there.


You misinterpreted what I said .. I did not say a person isn't responsible for their actions. Of course they are, but trying to prove ones intent while they were under the influence is a chore.

Most people that are sane .. or insane for that matter .. are "responsible" for their actions, but "temporary insanity" seems to be invoked on a regular basis. What is the difference between temporary insanity and having your sanity compromised by alcohol?

Further more, who said I was looking for sympathy?

I know this kid .. have known him for years. I know his parents as well. It saddens me greatly that a kid with as much potential as he has, has, for one reason or another, become entangled with such a troubling time in his life. It is very sad.


My point is simply that it doesn't matter what the intents of their actions are, it is the results that matter. If you voluntarily pound a 12 pack and then get behind the wheel of a car, I couldn't give tinkers damn about your intent. What ever happens as a result of your bad decision, made after you chose to get drunk, it's your fault. Pay the price. If that price is too high, don't do the crime. Either way, people need to take responsibility for their actions. Period.

As far as the sympathy goes, I sympathize with your inability to detect sarcasm.

Quote The Engineer: My six year old has already figured out that doing the wrong things has consequences.

And what about the wrong things your six-year-old is incapable of judging? Surely at his age he can't be expected to know everything.

Quote The Engineer: Perhaps he could help you with this concept!

It has been my experience that those who deserve to be condescending to me never treat me condescendingly.

The Engineer,

If a person has consumed a substance which alters his or her judgment, it is ridiculous for others to then berate that person for not thinking clearly. Everybody knows the effects of alcohol -- except for the ones drunk on it.


A complete half-wit.

Hokie...from crozet...anger issues....I wonder if he and Morgan Harrington knew each other?

They should tase his genitalia next time.

Crozet is becoming the breading grounds for psycho's. The Albemarle police dept does noting about it. They drive around Crozet like maniacs at night all drunk. Once and a while you see a police officer. It is no shock to see another of Crozet's finer citizens in trouble again.

Yup, Crozet is a breading ground for psycho's. Had one the other night. 17 years old, drunk, driving up and down Buck rd. Police called, then one of the neighbors decided to hide the kid at her house. She works at Great Value,ought to be ashamed of herself. Look at all the streets around any stop sign. All the tire marks left from spinning the tires. Mint Springs Park is suppose to be locked by Albemarle Police every night. Never happens. Why, because they are not patrolling Crozet. They wait until there is a call, then they show up. Crozet is definitely family orientated,they marry each other.

If you choose of your on free will to consume a substance which alters your ability to think and act clearly, you are responsible for the actions your undertake while under the influence. "I was drunk" is no excuse. Only a complete half-wit would infer "So any time someone gets drunk, you believe he is deliberately intending to murder someone?" from my previous comment.

Quote The Engineer: Unless somebody forced him to drink against his will, it sure the heck is!

So any time someone gets drunk, you believe he is deliberately intending to murder someone? Yikes.

OK. So he drunkenly crossed the line this time. :)

I would hardly classify Mike as a "psycho" .. and I am not sure what training you have had that qualifies you to make that assertion.

As for the rest of the residents of Crozet, and your so called "breeding grounds for psycho's" .. how do you know that, and how do you know that "They drive around Crozet like maniacs at night all drunk?" and that it is only, "once and (in) a while you see a police officer?" Are you there, among them, witnessing the going-ons of every inch of the roadway every hour of the night or is that just another ridiculous assertion?

hes a nice guy one of my friend just does dumb things

I hope this is a wake up call for the Albemarle police department. Crozet has a problem with its youth. They are drinking and driving and someone is going to get killed.

"Hogberg allegedly turned off his lights, stopped the car, and fled into a nearby forest; but was caught by a police canine named Bink. It happened on his 26th birthday."

Wow... Bink's old.


Tell it to the judge! I'm sure you'll find sympathy there.

Quote GSOE: But this kid definitely crossed the line this time.

Drunkenly is not the same as deliberately.

@jeff d...and what is the alternative? anarchy?

I was probably the first to condemn what I viewed as the improper use of a taser when a small army of cops couldn't catch a handcuffed Hogberg in a short foot chase. But this kid definitely crossed the line this time.

Will we see a "tasing made me do it" defense?

And to think I actually had a little sympathy for him....

ââ?¬Å?Drunkenly is not the same as deliberately.”

"Unless somebody forced him to drink against his will, it sure the heck is!"


The decision to drink may well have be deliberate.
Once under the influence, your actions are not.

Can't they just start spraying for crazies in Crozet? It's an epidemic!

There is no such a thing as "government."

We're the "government."

Thanks, Half-wit!

My point is not that the person should be berated, but that they should be held responsible. My six year old has already figured out that doing the wrong things has consequences. Perhaps he could help you with this concept!

deleted by moderator

Silly hokie.

Although this man's action were very dangerous and illegal, one should note that "attempted capital murder of a police officer" simply means an attack upon a police vehicle--occupied or empty--as per the self-serving laws the state government has written over the past twenty years.

Anything to nail someone who has challenged the authority of a tax leech with a badge.

"Drunkenly is not the same as deliberately."

Unless somebody forced him to drink against his will, it sure the heck is!

Wow! They forgot to mention he was doing 90mph the wrong way down I-64, when he almost struck the Trooper trying to stop him.

Oh my effin God! Is there ANYONE you Morgan cultists DON'T think killed her?

He definitely has some Crozetia on his face...

Wow, gotta get those Albe cops to stop eating ice cream first. You could always start the best ice cream place in the county and then they would be glad to make their presence known!

Thank god! for once someone like this isn't related to me...by blood or marriage.

Tech will probably ask him to speak at graduation next year. He is the first Hokie to become famous, for something besides killing dogs.

People, what does being a Hokie have to do with this? Are you just being sarcastic? If so, let appologize for my next comment, but George Hugeley went to UVA.

I knew Mike at a somewhat personal level. I saw him several times a year and actually hung out with him and a few other people the weekend before. I knew about the tasing incident but of none of the DUI charges from the past. If I had known I would have either talked or beat some sense into him. I know a handful of people who were either killed by a drunk driver or themselves. Simple fact: Mike is 26 and an adult. Unless he tells you or you troll the newspaper for charges everyday you wouldn't know. Again, I would have done my best if I had known. I believe they will drop the attempted murder but he will still see some time for evything else. As much as I hate to say it, I hope he gets enough time to learn his lesson but not so much that when he gets out he won't be able or willing to function properly in society. He should NEVER even think about alcohol after this!

1) Why are folks coming down on Crozet! Yeah, we gotta a couple boys that like to have some fun, but we aren't murdering people like in the city. Don't knock the Crozetians.

2) What's wrong with the County cops? They're professional and reasonable (from experience). Also, they're ALWAYS out that way at the high school. Who cares if they don't lock up Mint Springs. They're not baby sitters for the parks.

3) Drinking and driving is a bad choice. Hanging around with friends that let you drink and drive is even worse.

Young bull standing tall
wild oats writhing through body
please don't taze me bro

I think an "attempted capitol murder of an officer" charge is total Bull S**t. He's guilty of a whole slew of stuff- DUI, Felony Evading (or Eluding- whatever they call it in Va), reckless endangerment, etc...

But "attempted capitol murder of an officer" that's just the police's attempt at payback for the bad press about the "Tazer happy cop."

And in California they called them "Spike Strips" instead of "tire destroying Stingers."

Quote Just Bob: But ââ?¬Å?attempted capitol murder of an officer” that’s just the police’s attempt at payback for the bad press about the ââ?¬Å?Tazer happy cop.”

Since they probably assumed the incident would be newsworthy, I think it’s more a scare tactic aimed at the general population. Lesson being: tangle with Law Enforcement -- even unintentionally -- and you’ll be sorry.

The sad thing is when otherwise sound laws meant to protect Law Enforcement keep being so loosely applied, officers who really are victims start to seem as undeserving of them as the power-drunk ones.