Stonefire Kitchen opens in Barboursville

Stonefire Kitchen in Barboursville.

Dish has been hearing good things about Stonefire Kitchen, which opened earlier this month right next to the Stonefire Station event space in Barboursville near the intersection of Route 20 North and Route 33. It’s a gourmet deli and wine store brought to you by Carl and Tori Tremaglio, who opened Oregano Joe’s years ago, later founded party rental company Festive Fare, and, in 2004, opened Stonefire Station. They’ve partnered with former Palladio Restaurant sous-chef and Johnson and Wales School of Culinary Arts graduate Jeremy Butterfield.

Of course, as is the trend now, ingredients for sandwiches, soups, pannini, salads, and other foods will be sourced locally. The owners say they’ll also be offering gift baskets, sandwich platters, and picnic baskets. Check out their latest menu here.

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I attended a dinner theater in that space about a year ago. As far as I know, that was never repeated. Anyone know the story?

So I drove by there yesterday and wish the owners all the good luck in the world. It seems to be an "out of the way" place, but with their track record, anything is possible!

Is this news or a commercial? I am confoosed!

May be not a trend but definitely a marketing wagon for many restaurants doing "local".
I have spent many years in many Charlottesville's kitchen and have witness their hypocrisy.
-Mix of "big distributor" ground beef with Local organic to keep cost down.
-Local zucchini cooked in canned chicken stock to make a "local soup".
-Local greens covered with bottle bought dressing.
No dedication from any restaurant owners, just "let buy some local stuff and advertise it; that it is what is selling".
Best example is many well knows restaurants opened for 10 years with 7 years of unlocal cooking and the last 3 years of "local" cooking.
Trend or marketing?????

"Of course, as is the trend now, ingredients for sandwiches, soups, pannini, salads, and other foods will be sourced locally."

I hope you aren't implying that shopping locally and supporting our local food systems is a "trend" - for many people, it's a way to support and sustain our community and local food economy. I think this movement is much more important and far-reaching than a passing trend.