Snap o' the day: More scenes from 2nd St.

snap-barrel-2nd-stOver a barrel: A metaphor for businesses on 2nd Street SE?

The water tank is part of Margo Ray's "Sublime Spaces, Forgotten Places" at Second Street Gallery through July 2. But getting from the tank on the Downtown Mall end of 2nd Street SE to the gallery could be problematic with the extended street closure.

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If that is supposed to be taxpayer sponsored art, I prefer the street remain closed.

That is art?

I think I like one piece of 'Art In Place'...the rest could be thrown in a garbage can.

and, notforprofit, just because High School kids help make this stuff doesn't mean I can't have have an opinion about it.

We don't need to coddle the future of this country (that is how liberalism works; how's that working out in California?), we need to be critical...That is how stuff gets better. Unfortunately, no one told 99% of the artists who worked on the 'Art In Place' that they needed to find a new career now while driving through Charlottesville I get to be distracted by rusted metal twisted together - the only thing keeping me from thinking it is the remains of a carwreck is the sign below calling it art....when you have to tell someone that they are looking at art, that kind of destroys the whole purpose of 'art'

Thank you C-Ville for approving our tax dollars to help create the heaps of metal that are scattered throughout the medians of REALLY classes the place up!

I don't know why but the "Snap O' the Day" title really irks me, wonder if anyone else wonders of it's origin, or is equally sick of reading it in front of fluff pieces. I mean really it's not like Charlottesville is chock full o' Irish men.... what does one have to do to get the an OF, and what's so snappy about an article that shows up on yahoo news for several days in a row.

I agree with Alexander. We don't need to coddle the future here in C-ville. We need to tell them like it is. For example, 'Art in Place' needs to be renamed 'Crap on the Corner'. Let's see, among others we've got an antenna dish and bagel on Preston and now a place for the homeless to urinate in on Second Street. Oops I forgot, there's already Minor's artwork on Main Street for them to do that in.

Wow, you guys really know how to be critical. This project was not part of "Art In Place", but rather a Public Art Project organized by Second Street Gallery and an artist from Hawaii, built with volunteers in the Charlottesville community. Every day I see little kids going inside of the water tank and smiling, enjoying the mural, and seeing something fresh on the downtown mall. How can you complain about a work of art on a street that is full of rubble? Where is your creativity? Bah humbug!

More critical? Really? Listen, I like the art. It's nice to have something in the median. I like the idea that folks visiting Charlottesville get a chance to see the art we've put out. It gives our community character.

It's easy to not like something. Criticism is cheap to mint and the hallmark of the self righteous.

Hippies? What does this rubbish have to do with hippies? More like yuppies with tax-exempt funds to waste.

Frankly, it looks like a Sesame Street version of one of those old French public water closets.

Wow! More "Art in Place".....just what C'ville needs...

Second Street Gallery is a non-profit contemporary art space. This project partnered with area high school kids and the current artist as the signs on the project clearly state. But, by all means, let's be negative about it!

Viva anonymous, uber-productive commentary....