Snap: Fas times in Waynesboro

news-fastraxgokartsRiders race on the figure eight.

Googling the words "Waynesboro" "va" and "go-karts" brings up all kinds of things, but it's not until page 5 of the Google results that this object of desire is found: Fastrax, what may be Central Virginia's only walk-up go-kart facility. For $7 per ride, one can tool around a slick oval or race along a slightly longer figure-eight. (Photo taken Sunday, June 20.)

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That is so cool! I have to make time to go. So of the best laughs I have ever had were on go cart rides.

That dont look natural. It's like Nascar got shrunk up to oompaloompa size.

They also apparently have mini golf, batting cages, and an arcade. Man, Waynesboro scoops Charlottesville and its ice rink yet again.