Restaurant Week is coming!

restweek-logo21 These illustrious participating restaurants will each offer three-course, prix fixe menus for just $26 from July 12th-18th, 2010. Click on their logos below to check out their websites and/or menus for the week. Please note that reservations at each of these fine establishments is strongly recommended. So check their listings in the Hook's Foodfinder and  give ââ?¬Ë?em a click or a call.

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I for one don't agree with everyone commenting but am grateful that there is a place where this is possible --hurray for the US of A and freedom of speech, and thanks to the Hook for provoking us all to use our brains- far better than passive TV watching--at least our fingers are getting a workout.

I think that some of you folks really need to find something to relieve the stress. This is an article where resturants agree to show off their meals, the paper gets a nice feel good piece, and a little money goes to charity. The fact that many of these restaurants thrive despite the large number in a small town means that they can't be all that bad.

Pretty much any of these restuarants could survive in DC without a problem.

Caesonia was Caligula's wife. Perhaps the most bizarre family ever to walk the face of the earth, and an odd moniker for posting on message boards. I like the restaraunts in Charlottesville. Is that so bad?

@ ?

People who complain (i.e. tell the truth) about C-ville "drive you batty," you say?

Don't bother driving, dear. It's such a short distance you might as well get out and walk.

Sorry Dave, but...

Had you actually bothered to read my original posts, you would have read I mentioned coupons from value pak for several of the restaurants already.

For example in my response to NancyDrew :"If you check your value pak coupons, you’ll find any of these offer specials similar to restaurant week."

Instead, you, like the others incensed that I might have an underwhelmed view about the food scene as a whole, decided to focus on personal censoring of me. I was absolutely on topic and when I defended myself - on topic - you committed the wrst of crimes by calling a penalty on me but ignoring those who were really guilty of the foul.

You owe me an apology as far as I am concerned.

Caesonia, from what I've read above, you seem to have a bit of a persecution complex. I don't see Dave singling you out at all.

If you hadn't made such an intentionally inflammatory comment in the first place, you wouldn't have been defending yourself. If you had instead written an insightful remark lamenting what you believe to be the shortcomings of Charlottesville's restaurant world, then you would have been defending your argument rather than yourself. I don't think you really wanted it that way though.

Apology? I'm not rolling on the floor, but that is at least chuckle-worthy.


Now that's what we like to see! Information people can use...the fact that AB has coupons like that. Also, many of the restaurants in RW often run their prix fixe menu after the week is over...and recently I reported that Ventana is running a prix fixe special all summer.

As for the name calling and rudeness, well, that's maybe someone's bad character rising to the surface when they're given the opportunity to engage in a discussion with other people anonymously with no face-to-face contact--they can be cruel without consequences on the Internet. Best to just say your piece and ignore those kind of folks.

Dave McNair

Emily, why shouldn't I comment? As a consumer I have every right to comment on what my experiences have been, and my expectations on quality,price and selection. Where better than in a forum like this dedicated to a celebration of restaurants?

The other evening, I had a meal for 17$ total that was better than most of the restaurant week participants and many I have eaten at in C-ville that cost more. And it was in a pricey college town with similar size and demographics minus the snootiness.

It's a foolish business person that ignores feedback, however tendered. Sounds like that's what you are.

Don't worry, though I can easily afford it I will save my 26$. That will buy me 10 days of freshly slaughtered organic meat, or 4 organic meals with meat and veggies grown locally.

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen such a heated discussion under an event But seriously, can we try to keep it civil? Name calling is usually frowned upon here and can get your comment deleted, as it's really not a productive way to have a discussion.

For Caesonia, may we suggest you take a look at the Aberdeen Barn's RW menu...the prime rib you like so much, regularly $26.95 or $29.95 for a thick cut alone, is on the RW menu, plus you get three other entree choices, four app choices, and three dessert a dollar goes to charity.

Oh, and oysters on the half shell are also on Blue Lights RW menu.

Other deals...Fossett's Polyface farms porkchop and Gryffon’s Aeire beef that would surely cost you more than $26 alone, and over at the Boar's Head there's a Grilled New York strip on their RW menu...check the other menus and you'll find similar deals.

Seriously, the feedback we've had from customers in previous RW's have been nothing but positive...that's why we keep doing it...the restaurants typically put alot into their prix fix menus.They're not making alot when they offer three course meals at this price, so the value is in putting on a show for customers...and generating some buzz during a typically slow time of the year.

For foodies, its a chance to get an entire three course meal for what you normally pay for an entree...what's not to like?

That said, you're free to not like whatever you want...but please, try to be nice to each other.


Dave McNair

?? Oh I get it. That was satire. Ha ha

@Caesonia - I'm guessing you haven't been to Ten. Some very innovative and delicious food.

Caesonia June 27th, 2010 | 12:26 pm

Sure Nancy things could be worse. I remember when Charlottesville had no restaurants.

Well, Caesonia, did you live here in the 1600's? Charlottesville has had places to eat for long before you got here... If you don't like it here move back to Northern Virginia or Buffalo or wherever you came from? Detroit's nice this time of year... Name me a place in the USA that is 60 miles or more from a major metro area that has finer places in which to eat?

People that complain about this place drive me batty. Name me a small town nicer and that has more interesting stuff going on than Charlottesville? If it's so bad then I'd be happy to guide you guys out of here. And you can throw ole gasbag in the trunk of your vehicle on the way out of town. Thanks!

Stop whining and start a revolution... Or just move, that's cool with me.

Miss C
If you call a blog entry on a free weekly's website uberhype (whatever that is) for Rest. Week... Never mind... I was born at the very same place MJH... And I like it here just fine. Perhaps you should head to Buffalo. And I love it that I ruffled your fine feathers. They make decaf coffee that's not Sanka these days. You should give it a look. What are you all mad about again? Remind us all...


I have a coupon from AB with complete meals for two for 49$. Prime rib regular cut part of the deal. And I can avoid the crowds, thanks very much.

I like it you mention the name calling considering the amount of vitriol I see here routinely, and some of the truly rude comments that have been made to me in the past and even now in this thread. I mean, I am being told I must not be a local yocal because I think most of the restaurants are over rated? And because of that opinion, I should leave the area? But that's the new American way these days, left or right, isn't it?

Sure Nancy things could be worse. I remember when Charlottesville had no restaurants. But I would do with less than half of the selection if the quality, consistency, and service actually met the reviews and price. There might be some talented chefs around, but then maybe they don't know how to run a line or handle seasoning. I can't tell you how any places I have eaten that the food has either been too salty to eat, or sauces so bland you'd think the larder was locked. Supposedly from scratch chili that was little more than canned tomatoes and some chili powder thrown in.

Then if they admit they cock it up, they try and make you feel like you should be thankful that they are willing to do soething about it. I remember on one of my rare carryout type nights I got something from one place and they omitted most of the sides. I called about it, already home, and was told " We can give you something complimentary next time." "Excuse me," I said. " it isn't complimentary if I paid for it and you didn't give it to me."

They aren't worth the 26$ price, much less what some places normally charge.

Are there places I can go where I can count on specific items to be right? Yes. Aberdeen barn Prime rib is pretty much unbeatable. when the Metropolitan was open the game was always done right. Half shell oysters superb at the Blue Light.

If you check your value pak coupons, you'll find any of these offer specials similar to restaurant week. As a whole, i find it just one big blast Charlottesville's world class 'noise' signifying nothing.


"If you don’t like it here move back to Northern Virginia or Buffalo or wherever you came from?"

I was born in MJH and am from Keene, you sanctimonious twerp, when all you had to have for an address was the name of your farm, the city, and the zipcode, and you picked mail up at the country store out of a cubby hole.

Back in the 70's Charlottesville didn't have much in the way of restaurants, and it was even slimmer pickings before. Sure, you had the White Spot, and Cav Diner, HoJos, but the Aberdeen Barn was about it for finer dining.

Do you really think all these restaurants came for the locals, or rather from all those transplants from wherever, like Emily from the napa valley?

True I have lived away for many years at different ties, and each time I come back, I am amazed at how some good ideas can be ruined by the big fish in a small pond attitude you show. For all the claims of being cosmopolitan, Charlottesville is becoming more monoculture by the day, and the uberhype about restaurant week is just one example.

I have every right to say "do it better."

Sad to see all the cynicism --for some this is an opportunity to eat at restaurants we couldn't afford and hey---we're lucky to have such talented chefs in Charlottesville - my college roommate lives in a small town in Pa and would love to have the selection we have here.

Hey, did all these restaurants pay advertising fees to the hook to be a part of this,
if so did the hook donate all of that money to the local food bank too, or did they just pocket it as advertising revenue.
great idea hook to generate some advert revenue, but this restaurant week thing is overcooked, please pack your knives and go!

How about some "comfort food" maybe some sausage and sweet peppers, beans and rice, homemade style chicken a-la-king, Stuffed peppers, fried chicken and biscuits, Chicken salad, Pork roast and gravy.

I don't like much I see on the menu's I looked at.

I only drink beer sold in 24 packs, ketchup goes with about everything I eat and nothing I read has an Appendix. Oh, and the big flat screen tv I pay for by the week.

Hey! How come McDonalds and Hardees aint on here? Is yall trying to discriminate?

Frankly, I'd love a big meal deal. That dollar menu is a little pricified, but sometimes you just gotta say what the hay, and live a little.

Wow -I love a deal and this one is irresistable!

Wow, another weekly celebration of mediocre food in Charlottesville. Woopie. Over joyed. Maybe that's why they all need to turn themselves into 'music venues' at 10P, since their food isn't good enough to beat out the competition.

Hmmm 26.00??? Is this a deal? I eat for a week on that! Charlottesville snobs will love this but us normal people will once again be thankful for pizza!

Hey! How bout unlimited beer for $26?

A summer event
pretentious noses raise far
good food for all cheap

PLACES I ENJOY EATING: Duners, Clifton Inn, Mas, Christian's, Rev. Soup, Hamiltons, The Barn, BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville, Fossett's, Riverside, Downtown Grill, Savuor, Lord Hardwickes, Ten, C&O, Feast, Graves Mountain Lodge,

I don't eat out for dinner but six times a year. Lunch twice a week... When I go out I want good service, excellent food and the Clifton Inn is my favorite. Love that place.


Now was that so hard? Practice it a few more times and you should be able to stretch yourself and you should be able to answer Caesonia's post point by point without getting distracted.

I like the Clifton Inn as well, though it has been some time since I went.

if you don't like restaurant week, don't comment. and, more importantly, don't participate in it. nobody is forcing you to shell out $26 to go to some place where you don't even like the kind of food they serve. it's really weird when people go out of their way to write long, negative paragraphs about stuff they don't like. the attempts at sarcasm and the cliched complaints about charlottesville's prices are just a big downer. yes, charlottesville is overpriced (i'm from the napa valley, which serves some of the best food in the world, but you don't hear me complaining about c.ville's food/prices); that shouldn't be a shock to ANYONE. but going out of your way to complain about it, just means you need to a) get a life, b) move to a place that has more mcdonalds, 24 packs of beer, or sausage, or c) both.

Y'all still foaming at the mouth over restaurant week? It is merely the Hook's little self-promoting, revenue-generating non-event.


With any luck I'll be in C'ville the 12th & 13th and will definitely hit a few of these. Sound pretty good to me. We have something similar where I live now but its $35 a dinner, so y'all stop complaining or go get a bag at the golden arches.


"If you hadn’t made such an intentionally inflammatory comment in the first place, you wouldn’t have been defending yourself.If you had instead written an insightful remark lamenting what you believe to be the shortcomings of Charlottesville’s restaurant world,"

Except, that's exactly what Caesonia did, on June 27th, 2010 | 12:26 pm , if you bothered to read.

She wrote indicating the lack of consistency, both in food quality and service, focusing on seasoning. Then she noted the a particular poor service attitude on a failed order. Then she named specific restaurants that did things she felt particualrly well. She went on to note that if people checked their val pak, they might even find better deals for some of the participants listed above. She's right, I checked my own val pak after reading her post.

The responses to her?

->Her post was too long.

-> She had no right to voice her opinion.

->She was attacking Charlottesville and by default the heritage of folks from the area.

->She had personal problems.

Not ONE PERSON actually responded to her specific points except Dave, and only after he decided to single her out for poor posting etiquette. And he did single her out.

Your post is one more example of it too. Not only are you wrong, because you didn't read, and respond to her comments on her problems with the restaurant culture in the area, you chose to make a personal post.


"Caesonia was Caligula’s wife."

Still making non-sequitor comments I see. Can you answer the points o the restaurants yet? Or do you just want to continue your style of making it all personal, or about you and the area?

I'll give you a hint:

" I like the restaurants in the area. In particular I like the ( enter item) at the ( enter restaurant) because ( enter rationale.)"

Maybe that's too hard for you.