Storm stomps Lane Field

news-lanefeildA 100-foot tree crushed the facilities at Lane Field during the June 24 storm.

Just a week after ACAC came to the rescue and announced it would fund the light bill for the Lane Babe Ruth League field on McIntire Road (after the County said it would no longer cover the expenditure), the Lane League was dealt another blow during the June 24 microburst.

“During the storm one of the biggest oak trees on the hill uprooted,” writes League board member Robert Mullinax. “It fell into the light pole next to the concession stand, and both fell through the score booth/Board Room, over the fence, and down onto the field. The tree was around three feet in diameter and over one hundred feet tall. The damage is astounding.”

Mullinax says that someone was in the score booth when the tree came down and narrowly escaped serious injury.

Mullinax says the field was littered with parts of the oak tree, a utility pole, and broken lights. The fencing behind home plate will have to be replaced and the entire upstairs area over the concession stand will have to be rebuilt, as the score booth and file room are missing and the roof has been ripped off. The scoreboard controls, dugout phones, and sound system were also destroyed

“There are pieces and parts of the building and its contents spread everywhere,” he says.

The weekend after the storm the League was to begin 13-year-old All-Star games, but that has been canceled. However, the League, using other fields, was able to salvage the 14-year old Invitational and District Tournaments.

According to League officials, County Parks & Rec director Tim Hughes has been to the field to assess the damage and begin filing an insurance claim. County crews will also be removing the tree.

“The work will be prioritized, everyone will have a chance to help, and all will be put back in order,” says Mullinax. “And while we have always taken pride in the excellent facilities at Lane Babe Ruth, kids can play baseball without a Board Room.”


This is so son played at Lane for many years.

What does the screen name "Small town, small minds" mean?

What a shame!