Urban myth? Police nab hotel trespassers

news-landmark-med1Police recently caught two people sleeping in the landmark hotel.

Just days after Landmark Hotel owner Halsey Minor characterized the rumors that people were sleeping in the abandoned hotel project as a possible “urban myth,” Charlottesville police have nabbed at least two people trespassing on the site.

The Hook spoke to one man who was discovered and removed from the building by police two nights ago, but who avoided arrest. Today, the Newsplex reported that another trespasser was arrested on Thursday, but Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo says there was no arrest and that the Newsplex reporter was asked to correct the story.

"I'm told that officers did remove an intoxicated person from within the barrier wall who was trespassing," says Longo.

The man the Hook spoke to, who wished to remain anonymous, says the first time he slept in the hotel was after the Sharron Jones and the Dap-Kings show in December.

“I used to work in construction,” the man says, “and the barriers they put up weren’t that strong. You could pry them open and get through. It was pretty easy to get up there.”

That first night he went all the way up on the roof.

“I like to be in high places,” he says. “and I really wanted to see the view and watch the sunrise. So I decided to give it a whirlski.”

The man says he’s since talked to others who’ve slept in the hotel structure, some after hearing his stories about it. But now that police appear to be aware of the trend, the man says he’s likely to find other places to stay for awhile.


I think Poster It's idea is actually a really good one. I've seen this in NY when a building is being renovated.

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the only source that could finish this bldg is UVA; they dont have alot of cash laying around but are the only ones with any cash at all. I am not saying they will or should, simply stating they are only ones with the ability to do it. the city should be talking to uva about any creative scenario they can, as if not them, nobody will do anything with it ever. if something is not done soon, the building will need to come down as it wont be able to be retrofited for anything in a few years.

One last thing. Word from the city is that the people on the site are most likely plants from The Hook, now desperate to prove a story no one can corroborate. I have heard the saying "the press makes the news" but maybe this has gone a little too far. Call your local elected official and see what they believe of the Hooks reporting on this matter, "wishing thinking".

Maybe the irronsponsibe Hook should publish a summer handbook on how to get into dangerous local places, the airport runway, top of the reservoir damn, the nuclear reactor at Lake Anna, as a travel supplement so we can really have the police wasting their time and away from their main duties protecting citizens.

Now that Lee Danielson owes Mr MInor $7.4 mm for royally screwing up the project (see c-ville weekly) and telling the Hook repeated lies about Mr Minor, I would suggest that space be left for Mr Danielson to sleep on floor 10. It may be the only home or hotel he can afford for a very long time. No more Bel Air Country Club, Farminton CC, hobnobbing with the rich and famous at the Bohemium Club, The LA Beach Club or the Downtown LA California Club with other big wheel developers like himself.

Lee's bankrupt. The Bank is bankrupt and owned by you and I. Exactly who other than Mr Minor are you pining your hopes of salvation on? Last I heard he is the only one not bankrupt. Intact Chrisiteis owes him $12,5 mm for fraud and Lee owes him $7.4 mm which comes to a lot of money. Do you bet on he man who has put $11 mm of his own money and fought to save the project or the people asking for handouts in front of the hotel who use to be the ones in charge of its construction and are now bankrupt themselves? Hmmm. Such hard decisions you make us all contemplate. Down with MInor! Long live the bankrupt developer and FDIC controlled bank!!!

Why not cover it with posters similar to those posted downtown with the animal/tree scenes so at least the eyesore can become somewhat of an art piece. Just a thought.

A "Whirlski"?

I say we all do a late night visit to the place and spend a night there.

That's one idea.

I say you stay in your nice warm bed and not make a mockery of homelessness

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No one is going to spend $30m - $40m to finish this building, even if the gov't seized it, paid for it, and give it away. Which will never happen, since the state legislature would have to approve it, due to Virginia's centralized constitution. The Raddison/Omni case was before the state changed the law. About one hour before!

Commercial credit has dried up. Especially for building a hotel. Minor never intended to put in more than a fraction of the cost, by using loans. We are stuck with this thing. I have yet to hear a solution. There is NO money to finish this building.

Turn that joint into a level on Wolfenstein 3D with paintball

Hey anyone else see that Tim Longo was qouted in the latest issue of GQ? I thought that was newsworthy so...

I say the city exercise its authority to condemn and force the sale of the structure for pennies on the dollar to somebody who will finish building the damn thing. Lacking that, employ eminent domain to take the property, complete it, and turn it into city offices.

Minor's had enough time, and it appears that he has enough money to complete the job. Compel him to do so, or to walk away. It's a dangerous eyesore.

I say let's remember we're talking about drunken, trespassing bums who don't take their medication, and do more than simply stargaze on rooftops. The criminal underclass endangers our welfare, downtown's a disgrace, and the guilt-ridden, bleeding heart insult squad on a power trip only confuses the issue.

I think a "whirlski" is a Russian drink....heh, heh, heh!

nah. paint it black and let SNL put it's newest hires in it.