Snap o' the day: Snapped

snap-whale-tailThomas Givens' sculpture is another microburst casualty.

The once-proud whale tail on the U.S. 250 bypass takes a fatal hit from the June 24 storm.

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I LOVE THE WHALE TALE. I drive by it every day and it always makes me smile. i hope they can repair it! Appreciate things people!

I just put a picture of this on my facebook 2 days ago, its a real shame. I think Cville paid $30,000 for this? Thats what I heard from someone.

I pity people who because of their small minds and small appendages can't appreciate art. Thank God there are so few of you!

Whale tail = cool
Bike Man thing on McIntire = cool
Polar Bear on McIntire = sorta cute
Lipstick thingy by the fire station on bypass = What the heck?

I thought that whale tail was very cool. perfect spot for it too. I don't mind it stained dark (some have said they'd prefer a natural mahogany), but wonder if a steel insert could help strengthen it.

No. The city is leasing it for $250 a month. which adds up to $3000 a year!! add that up to their other ugly sculptures,(the whale tail was one of the better ones, dont get me wrong) but we could probably build a new mall from scratch with what they spend on this junk. Im outraged! And to think it comes from our tax dollers!!!!!! But Wesley, the city could have bought it for $30,000. but chose not to. i say we start a petition to get these P.O.S. taken down. or the city stop spending so darn much on them.

Rick, there's a time and place for art. Taxpayers not wanting to foot the bill is a very important issue too. I also don't want my tax money thrown away on silly distractions on the side of the road, drivers have enough distractions already.

I love art. I make it, I collect it, I've pretty much devoted my life to it. I'm glad to see the whale tail go. I'd be happy to see most of the art in place go.

The eyesore factor when alone attempting to navigate Charlotteville's mousemaze roads is enough reason to get rid of the phony sculptures.