Closet fire: Mop head blaze smokes up Rev Soup

news-rev-soup-fireNothing was cooking when things started smoking up this morning, say staffers who evacuated the restaurant.

A mop head stored in a closet beside a hot water heater burns briefly this morning around 9:30am at Revolutionary Soup.

The fire is quickly put out, the damage minimal and the Charlottesville Fire Department ventilates the basement eatery.

The souperie will be open for lunch. And today's special: blackened tilipia salad, according to owner Will Richey's blog.

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I happen to be a regular there mainly on weekends & I do enjoy the food there. sorry that had to happen with a mop

THIS IS HORRIFYING!!!!!!!!......our government has to do something, either about things like this or the Oil Spill. GET WITH IT!!!.....Ahem.