Empty ice: Park closes after 14 years

news-iceparkclosesMaren, 5, and her mother, Sara Willard come off the ice at 4:38pm Wednesday.

One of Charlottesville's landmarks, a building credited with symbolizing– if not sparking– the revival of downtown, closed its ice to public skating a few minutes after 4:30pm Wednesday, June 30, as promised by the owners. While some hockey players took to the ice later in the day, the current plan, unless an 11th-hour 'contingent' purchase comes together, is to lock the doors, melt the ice, and sell off the Zamboni.

(–updated to put something in past tense, and– oops– the first iteration of this post called the day "Thursday")

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So I guess that's Thursday, June 30th 2011?

Damn, thank you Roberta and Bruce for trying all these years.

.........wow, I was hoping Charlottesville was going to get an NHL team.