Thanks for donating! McDonnell appoints check writers to UVA BOV

news-biscuit-craig-smBiscuit run investors Hunter Craig (left) and DMB violinist Boyd Tinsley joined Governor Tim Kaine on last January 8 at the new Monticello Visitor’s Center to celebrate the state’s purchase of the 1,200-acre property.

In a little thank you to some major donors, Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell appointed four new members to the UVA Board of Visitors: Charlottesville real estate developer Hunter E. Craig, who spearheaded the now defunct Biscuit Run development, the 1200 acres of land which was sold to the state for $9.8 million and tax credits for use as a park; Marvin W.Gilliam Jr., a part owner of a coal company that was recently sold for $640 million; Sheila C. Johnson, co-founder of Black Entertainment Television; and Mark Kington, the managing director of X-10 Capital Management.

The four will replace outgoing Board members Don R.Pippin, Dr.E.Darracott Vaughan Jr., and Warren M.Thompson. In addition, vice rector Daniel R. Abramson, who was appointed by former Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine, was not re-appointed by McDonnell.

Craig gave a total of $58,302 to McDonnell’s campaign, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. In total, the four new Board members contributed $336,933 to McDonnell’s campaign for governor.

McDonnell also appointed 8 other donor-friends at The College of William and Mary, George Mason University, and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.


No Dems NEVER do anything like this -
Daniel R. Abrahamson - $30,500 Tim Kaine for Governor source: VPAP.ORG

If the BOV wants to have an opinion on anything at the University, no matter how trivial, I'm sure their influence is far greater than most. No, it's not on every matter, but believe me, if they care about something- they get listened to, just ask the deans.

Do you think that alumni contributed all of those billions of dollars? They can't have "long-term planning" without money. I read that, during Casteen's tenure, UVA built 134 buildings. $100 gifts didn't do that. The Honor System maybe be approved by the BOV, however, it's the students that run it.

@Music Lover, "Failed businessman"? You know naught of what you speak. He is one of our area's MOST successful businessmen.

I've found that the Board of Visitors doesn't itself change policies at UVa. That seems to be done in meetings with the school's attorneys, right?

Anyone. Anyone whomsoever to replace the dishonorable and dishonest ghouls on that board now that are responsible for the Casteen regime.

Good riddance.

No problem appointing donors. BIG problem appointing failed businessmen like Hunter Craig. That, indeed, is cronyism at its worst.

"government of the people, by the people, for the people"

should be amended to:

"government of the people who make large donations, by the people who make large donations, for the people who make large donations"

I guess our "system" has worked for some 230+ years but, in my opinion, this corporate donation things needs to be changed. If myself or (almost) anyone else was running for public office and we received huge donations from a select few, who do you think we would really represent...not the everyday person, at least not first and foremost. Maybe I am weaker than most...I don't know. What the he||, what is the use in complaining.

Stilll...Hunter Craig? That's an embarrassment for the school. Must have been in the fine print in that little Biscuit Run deal.

I have to wonder if it would be better if campaigns were financed with tax dollars? Campaigns would be limited to a maximum amount. Donations of ANY kind would be forbidden. Using your own money would be forbidden. I wonder what the downside would be? Just thinking out loud.

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Mark Kington appears to have been a previous member of the BOV.

Here's what Dave McNair and The Hook does not want you to know about the two people that Tim Kaine appointed to the UVA Board of Visitors in 2008:

There was, of course, no "Thanks for donating!" article back then.

This is what passes for journalism in Charlottesville. It's not just NBC 29.

Ms. Johnson has an impressive resum©, just the kind of skills the BoV needs.

How much do these appointees make in salary and benefits?

Does anybody know?

I assume that there is no salary, just the "prestige" of being on the board.

These people are appointed to raise money for the school, not vote on the menu at Newcomb Hall. That's why you aren't appointed.

Members of the Board of Visitors aren't so much fundraisers; that's the president's job now. They vote on general policies.

I know three that spent time fundraising. I suspect they vote the way they're told by the administration. Do you really believe that Casteen raised billions single-handedly? Did you think that Kluge really spent her time worrying about whether a club is funded or not?

I'm sure that they're involved now in the capital campaigns, but I thought that they sent Casteen out on the road to all of the alumni clubs, etc.

I can't imagine Kluge visiting the alumni club in St. Louis and asking for donations.

Here's the description of what the Board ostensibly does:

"The Rector and Visitors serve as the corporate board for the University of Virginia, and are responsible for the long-term planning of the University. The Board approves the policies and budget of the University, and is entrusted with the preservation of the University's many traditions, including the Honor System. The Board maintains offices in the Northwest Wing of the Rotunda and meets four times per year in the Rotunda."

It would appear that Mr. McNair spends far too much time reading best-selling(and not-so-best-selling) paperback books of the 'shocking truth' variety.

Quite a laugh to read such an article as the one above.

Did he slave away working at a carwash for ten years to pay for his typing lessons, or did his mommy 'donate' the $25 dollars for his world-class education?

Do you think that alumni contributed all of those billions of dollars?

Ummm, most of them, yes.

I'm not sure what your point is, Cville Eye, except to demonstrate that you don't understand how universities work. I'm sure that members of the BOV are involved in fundraising at events of the capital campaigns, etc., but if you think that someone such as Sheila Johnson just signed up to be a full-time fundraiser for U.Va. in addition to all of her other business and philanthropic ventures ( then you are mistaken. Being on the BOV is often a political thank-you, as we have seen here. The president of U.Va. is essentially a full-time fundraiser, as charged by the BOV, as are of course people in the development office.

Your comment suggesting that anyone would think that the BOV has a hands-on approach to the Honor System is absurd.

Sheila C. Johnson, co-founder of Black Entertainment Television is now on the UVa Board of Visitors. That's interesting. What connection does she have with UVa? I realize that it's nice to have a minority on the UVa Board of Visitors.

@nbc29fan, there has been quite a few blacks who haved on the BoV.

ââ?¬Å?The...Visitors serve as the corporate board for the University of Virginia, and are responsible for the long-term planning of the University. The Board approves the policies and budget of the University, and is entrusted with the preservation of the University’s many traditions, including the Honor System."