Monticello 4th- New citizens and Tracey Ullman

news-ullmanRed, white and blue bunting, federal justices and Tracey Ullman are on the scene at Monticello for its 48th naturalization ceremony. Straw hats optional.

One of this country's cherished ideals is thatĀ  anyone can grow up to be president. "I couldn't grow up to be a member of the royal family, and that always rankled me," said British-born comedienneĀ  Tracey Ullman at Monticello on July 4. Ullman became a U.S. citizen in 2006 after living in the country 25 years.

The perception of Americans abroad, said Ullman, is one of "white teeth and confidence." She reminded the 71 newly sworn-in citizens that they've earned the right to be Americans and exhorted them to go forth with confidence.

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That's the best they could do? Tracey Ullman?

Next year, Tom Perriello- he'll have nothing to do.

Two years ago, the president. Last year, a local congressman. this year, who?
next year maybe the lady from the progressive insurance commercials?
That would be on par with the decline.

Good one, Ralph!

Well, Chico, President Soetoro does tend to cause woe wherever he goes.