Is this Morgan's killer? Fairfax case connection offers hope, fresh fear

news-harringtonattackerwantedsketchThe suspect, depicted here from the 2005 victim's description, would now be 30 to 40 years old.

Crape myrtles bloom in the small front yards of Oxford Row Condominiums. It's a tidy assemblage of about 50 brick duplexes in the city of Fairfax, and now it has a grisly connection to Charlottesville.

Off busy Jermantown Road, the complex plays home to a diverse collection of retirees, immigrants, and young professionals. It's a place where neighbors greet each other by name and, they say, feel safe. But it's also the scene of a brutal assault that took place nearly five years ago, a crime that was beginning to fade from their memory until July 1 when police revealed that the Oxford Row rapist may have killed 20-year-old Morgan Dana Harrington.

The Virginia Tech student disappeared near the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville in October, and her skeletal remains were discovered three months later on a remote Albemarle County farm.

"I can't believe it," says Gladys Pena, a grandmother who has lived in Oxford Row for over a decade.

Pena recalls all too well the attack that took place on the night of September 24, 2005. After returning on foot to the complex from the Giant grocery store just a quarter of a mile up Jermantown Road, a 26-year-old woman was brutally raped.

According to the report from Fairfax police, the young woman reached the neighborhood carrying her groceries at approximately 10pm that night, when she was grabbed from behind and dragged to a small grassy area near the complex pool and playground.

Startled by a passerby, the assailant fled on foot. His traumatized victim then made her way to one of the closest units where the residents called 911 and comforted the young, dark-haired woman as she waited for medical care.

When resident Stephen Hannan arrived home that night at around 10:30pm from his job cooking at a nearby restaurant, he says seven police cruisers were already on the scene and an ambulance parked on the grass near a wooden gazebo, where the victim–- whose identity has not been released–- was being treated inside.

"I didn't know what happened," says Hannan, noting that the next day the neighbors who had offered her assistance by calling 911 described the horrifying sight that greeted them when they opened the door to find the traumatized woman asking for help.

"She was beaten bloody," he says.

cover-morgansuspect-fairfaxThe 26-year-old Fairfax woman was attacked near the entrance of the Oxford Row Condominiums, at Rock Garden and Jermantown roads (above), then dragged to the park area (below).

That victim's eyewitness account of her assailant, along with his DNA recovered at the time and put into Virginia's DNA databank, now offers the best hope for an arrest in the Harrington case. Unfortunately, as anyone who remembers the Charlottesville serial rapist case can attest, a DNA match isn't always enough to solve a crime, and eyewitness accounts can carry troubles of their own.

Town on alert
From 1997 to 2007, women in Charlottesville had plenty of reason to fear. A violent predator hid inside homes and subdued female victims with a swift punch to the face before raping them. And while he left behind DNA evidence–- allowing investigators to tie the cases together–- his identity remained unknown even as the attacks increased in brutality.

It wasn't until one of the victims recognized an employee in the Harris-Teeter meat department that police were able to put the man under surveillance–- and tighten the dragnet.

Nearly three years ago, the butcher stopped for a meal at a fast-food restaurant and left behind his DNA profile via saliva on a soda straw. Before long, Nathan Antonio Washington, a married father of four, and previous stranger to any serious arrest record, was named the Charlottesville Serial Rapist. Washington pleaded guilty to four sexual assaults and received four consecutive life sentences.

Along the way to the conviction, the case triggered a scandal of sorts that Virginia State Police may be hoping to avoid in the Morgan Harrington investigation. In 2003, after eight of his victims described their assailant as a black man, and after a composite was released–- which would later prove to look almost nothing like Washington's mugshot–- Charlottesville police began asking African American men in Charlottesville to voluntarily submit to a "buccal swab," in which a DNA sample is collected from inside the mouth.

More than 500 men eventually got swabbed, such a broad net that critics cried foul–- including one man who sued a Charlottesville detective for $15,000–- claiming it was impossible to know for sure whether the attacker was actually African American, or if he might have some other dark-skinned ancestry, such as Middle Eastern or Latino, among others.

After all, eyewitness accounts, particularly when an attack occurs in the dark, are notoriously inaccurate. In response to the accusations of racial profiling, Charlottesville Police undertook the unusual step of having the perpetrator's DNA analyzed for ancestry and making those results public: indeed, the then-still unknown attacker's DNA was 85 percent of sub-Saharan African descent–- a virtual guarantee that he appeared black.

With only one eyewitness, the rape victim, in the 2005 Fairfax assault, are police worried that the public may now exclude viable suspects if they're told the perpetrator must be African American?

"It's a possibility," concedes State Police spokesperson Corrinne Geller, who says police would have actually preferred to withhold the information and the composite sketch from the public even longer than they did in order to collect more information and finish pursuing investigative leads with the Fairfax police department.

news-morganbillboardMassive community efforts including searches and a billboard have been mustered in the effort to crack the case.

Geller says the timing of the release was prompted by a crime blog, which announced that investigators had discovered a link between the Harrington case and another recent Fairfax case–- the wrong one. When news outlets began contacting her for confirmation, Geller says, police feared widespread misinformation would damage the investigation by prompting a flurry of false leads.

"It pressured us to get this information out there," says Geller, admitting that the decision was so rushed that police hadn't even shown the composite to David Bass, the man who found Harrington's remains and who might have recalled seeing someone fitting the description on his 742-acre farm.

A reporter shared the image with Bass, who says the man is not familiar to him.

If police are piqued by the expedited release of information, bereaved parents Dan and Gil Harrington say they're grateful that the connection they've known about for "some time" has finally been made available to members of the public, who might be able to help.

"It's why I've been pushing them to release it," says mother Gil Harrington, via telephone on July 1, the day police announced the connection. "It's better to be able to make a statement to be alert and be cautious of someone who looks like this," she says. "It's much more likely to keep people in the community safe."

Indeed, Harrington has long asserted that her daughter was the victim of a violent predator who would very likely strike again. On June 17, the eight-month anniversary of Morgan's disappearance, Gil and Dan Harrington were increasingly vocal in their criticism of State Police and UVA officials, whom they said had not done enough to remind the public that a vicious predator was on the loose, quite likely right here in Charlottesville.

At that time, Harrington compared Morgan's killer to Joran van der Sloot, the Dutchman widely believed responsible for the 2005 death of American high school student Natalee Holloway and who is now charged with the May murder of a Peruvian woman on the fifth anniversary of Holloway's disappearance. Harrington's death and the Fairfax assault are separated by almost exactly four years–- but Gil Harrington is convinced they are not the only attacks the unknown perpetrator has committed.

"These people don't stop," she says.

Why eight months?
Why did it take so long to get a DNA match? Geller has long said DNA testing can take up to six months for the overburdened Virginia state crime lab to complete, even in a high profile case like Morgan Harrington's. She declines to say exactly when police received the results or even what type of forensic evidence was tested.

Ralph Barfield, a retired Charlottesville police sergeant and founder of Blue Ridge Forensic Services, doesn't doubt her explanation.

"In Virginia, there's such a huge backlog," says Barfield. And the complexity of DNA testing can slow things down even more, he says, especially if the sample is small or of poor quality.

For the first three months of the Harrington case–- prior to the January 26 discovery of her remains–- investigators had little to go on other than the witness accounts that placed Morgan at various points ending with her hitchhiking on the Copeley Road Bridge at 9:30pm, about an hour after she somehow ended up outside the Arena during a Metallica concert and was denied reentry. Her purse and battery-less cell phone, which were discovered the next day in the RV lot by Lannigan Field by a men's lacrosse player, yielded no clues, police have said, but a t-shirt, discovered in mid-November on a bush outside an apartment building at the corner of Grady Avenue and Fifteenth Street, would provide a bizarre twist in an already confusing case.

In April, five months after its discovery, police announced that forensic evidence revealed that the Pantera t-shirt–- which some believed was a lookalike shirt placed by someone unrelated to the case as a twisted joke–- did, in fact, belong to Morgan. That forensic evidence, says Barfield, was most likely DNA–- and, he says, a likely source for the match with the Fairfax case since extracting an assailant's DNA evidence from Morgan's decomposed remains, which were exposed to the elements for three months, would have been very difficult. (Like farm owner Bass, the UVA student who discovered the t-shirt had not yet been shown the composite sketch when a reporter showed it to him.)

Barfield also points out that there are other tests that police may still wish to conduct on the assailant's DNA, if enough was obtained. In addition to a test of his ethnicity, which could confirm or refute his Fairfax victim's description of him as a black male, another test could determine whether he has any relatives in the DNA databases of solved or unsolved crimes, further narrowing the search.

And Barfield agrees with Gil Harrington's assessment that finding Morgan's killer only becomes more urgent every day.

"It sounds like he's gone from a sexual assault to a homicide, and criminals tend to graduate," says Barfield. "He's going to keep killing."

Terror on the doorstep
At Oxford Row, residents were so frightened after the 2005 attack that they prevailed upon the neighborhood association to install increased lighting in the parking areas.

Diane Jenkins, mother of the young man who opened the door to the victim, remembers all too well the terror she witnessed in the young woman who she says was visiting neighbors the night of the attack.

"You could tell she'd been assaulted immediately," she says, recalling the woman's disheveled clothing, hair matted with sticks, and the blood on her face. Although the young, dark-haired woman was dazed, she had gathered some of her groceries, which she was carrying when she reached the door.

"She was very disoriented," says Jenkins. "She didn't realize she was knocking on our door–- she thought she was knocking on someone else's door that she knew."

Jenkins sent her teenaged son to summon the devout Muslim family the young woman was visiting, as she and her husband spoke with the woman so frightened that she refused to come inside the strangers' home and instead accepted their offer of a chair on the front steps.

"She told us she'd been coming back from Giant, had been walking along a back path along different apartments," says Jenkins, who then recalls perhaps the most chilling detail of all–- particularly in retrospect, since it may offer some hint of Morgan Harrington's fate.

"We both noticed marks around her neck," says Jenkins, who says the woman told them her assailant had choked her until she lost consciousness. "She thought she was going to die, then all of a sudden, she came to, and he wasn't there," says Jenkins, mentioning the passerby who scared the attacker away–- perhaps in the nick of time.

Jenkins says her son returned with a man and a woman who comforted the victim, and the three communicated in what she believes was Urdu–- a language primarily spoken by Muslims in India and Pakistan. The young woman "felt more comfortable speaking in her language," says Jenkins, who says she never saw the young woman again but heard she had moved in with family somewhere nearby.

Jenkins says the news that the assailant appears to have struck again in Charlottesville, and this time with a deadly result, has her revisiting the night of the first attack and, once again, worrying about the young woman she assisted.

"I hope they get him," she says, "before he attacks someone else."

First 24 hours

In the first 24 hours after the release of the composite and description, State Police received about 50 new tips, says Geller, and Fairfax police received another dozen. Geller says police still believe the suspect had intimate knowledge of Anchorage Farm, but they now know he is a darker skinned male, likely African American, who also has Fairfax and Charlottesville connections. These additional leads, she hopes, will prompt the tip that will help solve the case.

Those with information about the man featured in the attached “Wanted Poster” may contact City of Fairfax Police Detective Mike Boone at (703) 385-7959. Anyone wishing to provide information in the Morgan Harrington case is encouraged to call the Jefferson Area Crime Stoppers at (434) 977-4000 or Virginia State Police at (434) 352-3467 or email State Police at A reward of $150,041 is still available for anyone with information that leads to a resolution of the Harrington crime.

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without Blink, you all wouldn't have any information whatsoever.
Virginia makes Texas look intelligent. they didn't catch the guy in the composite over the past 5 years, what makes anyone think they are going to get him now. or that this guy is even the one who murdered or killed Morgan? how does anyone know THIS isn't another plant or misdirection? there hasn't been any direct confirmation that this is based on DNA ... it was said "forensic evidence" which doesn't necessarily specify DNA as the primary link. could be fingerprints, etc. also keep in mind, VSP/LE only released this "information" when pushed, pressured and when it was looking like bloggers were going to keep the community better informed as to where VSP is in the process. i don't think LE is any closer to solving this than they were in 2005 and 6 months ago. reality check.

hahah I think with the high unemployment rate many people take out their frustrations on here!This is about the victims not about us. It would be nice to be able to post anonymously so no one could point finger It is very east to sit behind a computer screen and make up an alternate ego I guess, please back to Morgan Harrington

Yes says:

It would be nice if Dr. Harrington publicly distanced himself from the likes of Blink, but perhaps any publicity is viewed as a good thing at the moment.

Nice??? who are you to decide who Dr Harrington should distance himself from? Did you NOT read the part of the article that says:

If police are piqued by the expedited release of information, bereaved parents Dan and Gil Harrington say they’re grateful that the connection they’ve known about for ââ?¬Å?some time” has finally been made available to members of the public, who might be able to help.

ââ?¬Å?It’s why I’ve been pushing them to release it,” says mother Gil Harrington, via telephone on July 1, the day police announced the connection. ââ?¬Å?It’s better to be able to make a statement to be alert and be cautious of someone who looks like this,” she says. ââ?¬Å?It’s much more likely to keep people in the community safe.”

Perhaps you are more interested in bashing. Sort of the mob mentality. Kudos to you for your rants...but at least have the intelligence to understand how they feel before making ignorant comments.

So what exactly is the deal here? Is this criminal the one connected to Morgan's case or not?

How many cases remain unsolved in Texas even though they have had a composite sketch for 5 years or more? Reality check.

Wow, someone calling himself "osama" is rude and anti-social. I didn't see that one coming.

So much for the reporting accolades: police have NOT said they think this guy killed Morgan.

Here are the following people responsible for MH's deaths according to Blink and her minions:

1. U.Va.'s men's basketball team
2. Pretty much all of the Albemarle County Police Department
3. That unfortunate and disturbed young man who was shot and killed by police around New Year's
4. His relatives
5. Pretty much every registered sex offender in the area
6. Pretty much every petty criminal in the area
7. The Bass' daughter
8. Her friends

It's not surprising that you have no concern for these people or their families, Osama. Nice work.

your right ... i don't care about UVA's basketball team or the Albermarle County Police Dept (who's chief is retiring because it is such a mess), #3 speaks for itself ... obviously the people from #2 didn't care and that is the most important, #4 his relatives - no comment - maybe they should have cared a bit more about the disturbed young man, i definitely don't care about every registered sex offender in the area and if you do, then you must be one,
i don't care about every petty criminal in the area and think they should be held accountable - sounds like you are saying that registered sex offenses are "petty", #7 i would think that Bass' daughter and the Bass family (although a terrible situation) are more alert and have become more aware of their surroundings and who comes and goes on their property, and #8 i don't know who her friends are and i don't care. this is about Morgan and all of the other girls dead in your area. you totally proved my point ... yes, you did.

LE didn't release any information that wasn't already known.
you must be native Virginian...thank God you lost the Civil War.
reality check.

I think the author of the article needs a copyright and professional conduct lesson.

Do your research folks- Enquirer is correct.

Except for the fact that Ms. Stuart would acknowledge other's original content.

Commence Hating those that are so inclined, it is welcomed here.

Gotta love the way Blink claims "sources" inside the investigation - plural, should mean more than one person gave her erronious info.

Gotta love the way Blink calls out Courteney Stuart for alledgedly posting on the FindMorgan forum under a different name, while Blink hides behind an anonymous name and website.

Gotta love the was Blink claims she is an "investigative journalist" yet refuses to give her background or creds that allow her to make that claim.

Gotta love the way Blink calls Corrine Gellar a liar: "To say I forced their hand investigatively is simply untrue." ââ?¬Å?It pressured us to get this information out there,” says Geller

Gotta love the way Blink calls Corrine Gellar a liar, part II: "Corrine Geller specifically states they WERE NOT going to disclose the connection until my article came out. In other words, had no intention of disclosing the connection AND the Harrington's ALREADY KNEW." Corrinne Geller, who says police would have actually preferred to withhold the information and the composite sketch from the public even longer than they did in order to collect more information and finish pursuing investigative leads with the Fairfax police department. Key words: "even long", meaning as soon as their investigating was done, does not mean they were not, does not mean they had no intention.

Gotta love the way Blink wants to be the hero: "At some point y'all are gonna need to stop playing.." today we kiss the messenger, tomorrow we shoot her..""

Great reporting, as always, by Courteney.

Great article. Hopefully this will be over soon. Also note that it sounds like this guy was trying to kill this earlier woman. Poor Morgan. Pretty soon we won't have any more firsts. Her first birthday is this month. There was already the first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her. Next May would be her graduation. That won't happen. Now if this killer is finally caught, everyone can move on. And a predator will be taken off the streets. That poor girl who he raped, I hope she has been able to move on, and to realize that, in fact, she is lucky.

Blink's site is SOOOO much more than just this case (tho, Morgan's justice is now very important to me)... like Natalee Holloway's on Scaredmonkeys. Without them, I would have known nothing, and lost interest in Morgan's case in the first few weeks. The debates include saftey issues, law enforcement, University issues, human philosophy, community involvement, etc., etc. The locales have been invaluable! So, don't let personalities dissuade any of you from reading there. As someone above said, The Hook would not now have this information for their citizens, if not for Blink.

It's getting harder to tell Gasbag and Sean apart -same MO.

Even if MH was seen with the four males (and check but I seem to recall some people not believing this account) she then is said to have wandered off and was last seen attempting to hitchhike on Copeley Bridge. She could have then wandered back to the lot and been abducted there in a blitz attack, which would explain the location of her purse and cell phone there.

I don't think that the Anchorage Farm link isn't credible to this suspect. We don't know how long he's lived in this area. Maybe he grew up around here, moved to Northern Virginia and some point, and then moved back. Maybe he confided in someone after the attack and was told about the location as a good place to dispose of the body.

First of all this took the police a long time to come out with the information. You can guarantee they've already checked all their resources, come up empty and now asked the public for help.

As an example, for those who remember the DC Sniper case, the police withheld evidence for 4 weeks while people were getting shot. Then finally they released information and a person turned in a tip which caught the sniper.

The police for some reason play the cards close to the vest thinking they'll find something. They need to use the public more- it works.

Amen, Yes.

But you left out anybody who has ever played in a band in the area.

One almost feels sorry for those like Osama who get hooked on the Blinkade

But the shameless mudslinging of their hero is beyond pity

The only thing this discussion is lacking is some input from a psychic or two and a dose of awful poetry.

Excellent article.

This guy is an absolute monster.

Gee Osama, you seem to be pretty sure about everything. nd are spending a lot of time posting comments on this site...

i think it is hilarious that all of the people who criticize Blink go to the site frequently. and they think it is really hard to decipher the abbreviations and then they end their posts with LOL.
LOL. you people are crazy. but i love it! very entertaining!

Something about Morgan took hold of my heart and I have continued to follow her case and anxiously await justice. This is, once again, some of the finest reporting I have ever seen. I have developed great respect for The Hook and Courteney Stuart.

I have to admit, the way the case has progressed confuses me. Law enforcement does not seem to want to release a single detail unless they are forced to. Is there a purpose to this that is really warranted? I tend to agree with TCaros that when the public has some information, they are more likely to get results, as with the D.C. sniper. Obviously, one doesn't expect them to reveal sensitive information, but the lack of openness is really kind of extreme. Every single detail cannot be sensitive information. Is it a lack of trust? some kind of adversarial relationship? Elitism? what is it? Law enforcement and the public seem to be two completely separate, completely segregated worlds in this part of the country.

In the silence, people have divided into those who trust that law enforcement is doing its job and those who worry they are not. There are some people who actually get angry that Morgan's case even gets coverage and her family won't just quietly disappear. This is a strange, strange situation.

I have noticed there are family members of prior murder victims who can get no resolution or answers, either. Their pleas seem to disappear into a black hole. No funding for dna tests, no funding for investigations? What is the next young woman's life worth?

I find myself wondering what is the problem that there is not funding to process dna or other forensic studies in a timely manner? Where is the money for adquately funding law enforcement? Is it not considered important?

Just some questions that keep rattling around in my head...

It was Geller who was apparently critical of BOC, not Stuart, who only paraphrased what Gellar said. But Gellar also said that news outlets started contacting her for confirmation, and that's what caused them to move on releasing the sketch.

So what Gellar has confirmed is that news outlets use Blink as a source.

Why do you think the Facebook site for the deceased UVa female lacrosse player almost IMMEDIATELY got over twice as many friends as the Find Morgan Facebook site did?

Any comments on this? Did it have anything to do with the way that Morgan Harrington was dressed at the concert? I have to ask this.

The idea that this woman was assaulted in a "blitz attack" by a black man in a parking lot, after (probably) leaving a Metallica concert with 4 white men--it doesn't pass the smell test. Rapists hell-bent on stranger rape and murder don't look to abduct their victims in crowded parking lots where thousands of people (mostly MEN, in the case of a Metallica concert) are thronging.

The way MH was dressed, she was like a lamb going to slaughter in that environment. Not saying she deserved what happened to her, or any such nonsense, but any attractive female dressed that provocatively--and ALONE, as she was when her friends left her side--would be extremely vulnerable.

The person or persons who committed this crime were violent past the point of your typical stranger rapist. Shattered bones. I would venture a guess that a profiler would say these killers were young white men. There was no motive here other than sexual sadism and thrill killing. My money would be on white men for that kind of crime, because that's who usually does those things.

The motive and process of the Fairax rape seems quite different from this--she wasn't abducted, she wasn't killed, she was beaten but it doesn't sound more severe than the usual beating you will see in a stranger rape.

As a rule, 40 year old black men don't hang out at Metallica concerts, and they don't stash bodies on rural farmland in central VA. They also don't drop t-shirts in bushes near UVA student housing.

I know forensic evidence is a big deal, but it is the ONLY part of this picture that points ANYWHERE but to young, white, male Metallica concert goers. And if we aren't 100% sure that this evidence can be trusted (and how can we be if we don't even know what the evidence is??), then we're tilting at windmills here.

To all of you Blink supporters, do you realize she leaked the information out of her own egotistical need to be the first to scoop the story? She didn't even bother to vet it with the police or find out if she would compromise the investigation because of it. Now she's twisting it into some type of mumbo jumbo about doing it for Morgan and the Harrington's. She did it only for herself and her maniacal need to be The First.

great article!
I note the mark on the sketch, in between the lips-
as being a helpful aid to ID this sicko.

Excellent reporting Courteney. We are fortunate to have a publication willing to go after the story !

yes you did yes. not rude nor anti-social. just smarter than you. yes.

I have posted repeatedly in this matter in complete support of law enforcement and their investigation but Ms. Geller and her department are wrong on this one. They have repeatedly indicated by statement over the last many months that there was no need for increased alarm for the public in this region. They have chosen to keep a very tight lid on this investigation and so be it. However when it became apparent that there was a reasonable possibility that this was not an isolated incident AND that there was a physical description, artists sketch, and MO for the potential suspect and a multi-crime connection to this area then law enforcement's reasonable time limit for keeping this information quiet dropped to a matter of hours. If in fact they had this sketch and connection for more than a few hours before this story was broken by Blink on Crime then shame on THEM. If in fact they had this connection in place for more than a few hours and they had not managed to touch base with Mr. Bass, and/or the UVA evidence finder then shame on THEM. If THE HOOK could manage locating and asking those individual there is no legitimate reason law enforcement could not.

Law enforcement has an obligation to solve cases. They also, however, have an obligation to inform the public of potential dangers. Obviously a hard balance act but one in which the press plays a crucial part. The press has a profound obligation to inform the public of imminent danger and a moral obligation to provide the public with verifiable information in regards public safety in the community.

Sometimes release of information by information sources can compromise or complicate an investigation. That is the cost of a free press. In many cases the press may sit on a story for a certain period in the interest of investigators if public safety is not jeopardized. In this case any sitting on the sketch and other information in regards to the Harrington murder for anything beyond a few hours would have been irresponsible to the public.

Reporters can get very close to sources within law enforcement, as they depend on same for information. They cannot forget however that often acting in the public's best interest will require the release of information which may contradict the wishes of law enforcement.

Is BlinkOnCrime beyond reproach or criticism? No. Is her asserton in regards the Pham murder investigation accurate? No idea. However in the release of the connection to this suspect description with the Harrington murder the public interest clearly outweighs any prolonged squelching of that information.

If other news organizations had this part of the story and sat on it then shame on them. If other news organizations did not have information in regards the connection and potential suspect description then maybe they should get busy and do more than report law enforcement press releases.

how many girls have been killed in or around Char / Fairfax / etc. since Morgan's disappearance in October?

Blink didn't leak anything ... the sketch has been around since 2005.

I can do without the information Blink has to offer. She's insisted at one time or another just about everyone with a musical connection living in the Charlottesville area killed Morgan. She was adamant when the Pantera shirt was found that it wasn't Morgan's and only began insisting it was after learning DNA linked it to Morgan. She takes a tidbit of information, runs with it until she stops getting money earning hits to her blog and the moves on to something else.

No thanks. I can do without getting reliable information from her.

S Jones: please learn to read before posting:

Blink: At least I take my lumps and stand my ground as me, the author and don’t shamelessly plug my work in a different name on here, Courtney.

Bink Posse Member #1
bordeaux: It would be difficult not to draw that conclusion based upon the fact that most of your recent comments are either a) bringing Hook articles to FM with a big glowing review b) overly praising courteney 3) having issues with Blink

Blink Posse Member #2
jeng: How does that settle it? Can she not use 2 different email addresses or 2 different computers to create different accounts? I have seen a few times people address the WestBerkleyFlats user as Courteney and have never seen her respond to say that she is not. Has this user ever denied being Courteney Stuart?

Blink Posse #3
mckinncm: It’s gotta be her


I'm confused. How is "Blink" important to this case? Even if "Blink" forced the VSP to release info early due to her investigation prowess, all that happened was to get people thinking that an unknown and likely unidentifiable dark-skinned man could be responsible for MH's murder.
Isn't that about as useful as saying that we know an unidentified perp committed the murder of MH? Not to mention that lots of white people already think unknown and likely unidentifiable dark-skinned men are responsible for 99% of crime.

VSP didn't have anything to investigate until 3 months later when a local farmer found and called in the body. DNA match isn't official information - it is speculation.

i am not saying there are not people who haven't been helpful and DOING THEIR JOBS.

lexington ... you are so smart. let me guess ... you have spent most of your life using your parents money getting degrees which you don't really use. we should all really be listening to what you tell us to do. what "wars" are you talking about? if it is the "wars" i am thinking of, as i recall, both started when the CIA dropped the ball. where is the CIA located?

For those basing Blink, who is to say that the Harrington's themselves did not provide the information directly to Blink, or perhaps they provided their blessing to her beforehand. Although this is pure speculation, the Harrington's appear to be happy with the outcome. In my opinion, this is all that should matter at this point. LE has no feelings to hurt, the Harrington's, Blink and everyone else that is being bashed do.

manbearpig - your name only solidifies my points. i will let it slide, but understand this is what your state projects to the rest of the US and the world. not that you care and i have no beef with you, but just be very aware of what your insular state is contributing too ... the absolute dumbing down (as if that is possible) of mainstream majority America. The CIA is a failure, The FBI is a failure, and based on MH's case alone, the UVA university police is a failure, and it remains to be seen and proven if your Virginia State Police will be successful.

Objective...Dittoes..."FM, BOC, Blink, what is going on here? I thought this was a newspaper. For comments on news. This looks like some sort of perverted competition. Geez, is there anyone commenting on the article itself? Or is this all about who can insult who most? I’ve seen 5th grade girls who aren’t this mean and spiteful. I’ve never read the other sites, but it really looks like some people here have tremendous jealousy or vindictiveness. I have one question to all the people who are insulting the other sites: If they’re so bad, why do you know so much about them? Why read them?"
If you'd like for them to catch this guy and lock him up be on one team, if not then be on the team that sits around b----ing and moaning about what everone else is doing. We should have ONE enemy here and that is the SOB who did this and may do it again. So if we have the enemy, why make anymore?

Yes - No. erudition is only acceptable when the party utilizing actually understands how to apply said information from their "book learning". i just have a problem with scholastics without application. scholars and professors and teachers who have absolutely no real world experience and sit on the sidelines and let others actively take control of their freedom. you fall into this category of the blind leading the blind regardless of how many books your read.

The Cast**n cloaking waves may be blocking that though. Look how they hid the science behind subliminal distraction.

Wait, let me get this straight. You mean Kenny had or has more than one posting name on 'Find Morgan'?

And your hometown was posted several times by YOU on our site. Remember your barbecue detective Jones?? You posted it where everyone could read. LOL

As on any forum we have members that question just about everything anyone does. I mean look at you SJones. You haven't stopped questioning other peoples motives. I don't need to ask for forgiveness to you. You are not my God. Do I make mistakes?? Well of course I do, don't we all?? Public is public. Means everyone can see what you read or write SJones. You are bitter towards our forum because you are banned from it. Can you admit that?? Please admit your mistakes SJones and ask for forgiveness.

what?........ .no Kenny do you think it is the 18 year old girl? can you post the link please?

M, that case has always had me puzzled. I believe the last thing I heard they were working on some new leads. Something very fishy about that particular case.

I wonder if Morgan and Vanessa had face book friends together or Myspace perhaps?{Sorry Kenny for changing the subject}

Here's Blink's "copyright notice":

"Disclaimerââ?¬â?? exclusive original content copyright and property of Internet Network News, LLC and Reproduction of this article , ANY OF IT’S (sic) Conclusions, comments or CONTENT, in whole or in part, without proper attribution and source link is strictly prohibited without prior written permission."

It's unsurprising that Blink believes that she, unlike U.S. copyright law and case law, determines copyright protection.

S Jones writes: "He has his people on Find Morgan stating that Courteney Stuart from this article is using a different name on Find Morgan."

S Jones, that's not Kenny saying that, it's Blink's posse that is saying it.

Gotta love the way Blink is still defending her releasing the wrong case connection - "Is everyone clear now that the Harrington’s knew about the link in advance, and wanted the sketch released yesterday? I support them 1000%.

Methinks Blink should do an "investigative" report on how it's impossible to give more than 100%.

S Jones writes: ââ?¬Å?He has his people on Find Morgan stating that Courteney Stuart from this article is using a different name on Find Morgan.”
That was Blink's brilliant and completely incorrect assertion. For someone who screams copyright infringement for no reason at the drop of a hat, Blink really doesn't seem concerned about potential libel.

Gotta love how Blink screams libel for no reason at the drop of a hat too: "Well then, you have just defamed me in a public forum, haven't you?

Making a meritless accusation that can adversely affect a person's professional reputation is a no no."

wow. blink and s jones are the same.

I have proof.

you all have been duuuuuuppppppeeeeeed.

blink is West Berkely Flats, S Jones, Caludette, Observer, Mom of 3, & Enquirer....ect...ect.....

What a liar

I wonder if Morgan and the assault victim in 2005 looked anything alike?

Deleted by moderator.

Brilliant detective work as always by Blink and her minions.

Hook journalists never post anywhere without using their full name, and this thread has run its idiotic course. Commenting is thus now closed.--hawes spencer, hook editor

Subliminal Distraction: Listening only to one's fears and then acting on them.

Disgusted, how do you actually know MH's murderer runs free in your hometown? Have you told law enforcement? That would be a fantastic tip.

Also, Yes says "it would be nice if Dr. Harrington publicly distanced himself from the likes of Blink" likely because LE gets annoyed when they're trying to find your daughter's killer and you associate yourself with websites that distribute less-than-reputable info. LE tries to deal with good info not wacky ideas from peanuts like you or me.

"without Blink, you all wouldn’t have any information whatsoever."

I can live with the info LE has released.

I could have lived witout sensational reports of happie hippies, facebook trolls, musicians, hunts, brights, shiffs, plumbing business owners, cheesy jumpsuits, hunting cameras, arrests being imminent, etc...

Let's face it, calling her junk reporting "information" is way off here.

Reality check.

Manbear, The shirt was found Nov. 11. Less than a month from Oct 17th. At that point it was sealed.

Right gasbag so criminals flock to Virginia cos they can get away with murder?That is appalling! In this economy one thinks that jobs are hard to come by,there should be plenty of competent police officers out there!

gasbag-why do you think there are so many crimes against women in Virginia?

For those of you discussing the sketch, don't be surprised when the suspect looks nothing like it once he is arrested. Eyewitness identification is toally useless in most cases. The serial rapist who preyed on our area for 10 to 12 years looked nothing like the victims had described. And the case was never solved until another of his victims spooted him and called the cop shoppe one day.

Even if a victim gets a description right, the cop shoppe then ruins the case. In another infamous local case the victim described the suspect as a 20-ish year old Hispanic male, 5'8", 140 pounds, with black hair and no mustache.

Based on false information being provided to them by other cops with ulterior motives, the photo lineup laid in front of the victim by the cop shoppe consisted of 6 white males, 50 years old, with gray hair and mustaches.

The cop shoppe falsely arrested a 5'11" white male with gray hair and a mustache his entire life.

Here's the scary part, folks. The rookie making this false arrest was shortly thereafter promoted to detective. Is there any wonder so many crimes go unsolved nowadays? :)

regarding the sketch. I wonder how accurate it is, sometimes when one gets scared I usually freeze and forget things and faces, like I am in some sort of daze,If the suspect in 2005 ran away, i wonder if the police checked the security cameras back them ,also?

quote: " I have also assisted in 4 murder convictions being overturned based on DNA and corruption."

Good work!

People in this country have no clue as to how many innocent people are sitting in jail right now. I've said it many times, I will say it again. After my being a sworn deputy sheriff in Virginia for almost 30 years, the troops tried to put me in jail. Not once, but over and over and over from 1997 to 2005. They were extremely frustrated when none of the judges would play ball with them! And they were all just as frustrated after none of the judges would dismiss my lawsuits against them.

If the cops will do this to one of their own, what are capable of doing to an ordinary citizen when they have public pressure and a need to clear a case quickly? Your helping to clear 3 innocent people on murder charges shows what they are capable of doing! I doubt seriously if it was sloppy police work, they knew what they were doing most likely.

why wouldn't the police want it to be a safer place-Gasbag I do not get it isn't it in their best interest to get criminals off the streets?

Amanda, although I have never compared statistics sate to state, I do not think crime affects women in Virginia any more than it does in any other state.

Virginia does seem to have a major problem in solving murders lately though. And we certainly know what kind of message this sends to the criminal element out there.

During a Metallica concert, there is almost no one in the parking lot. They are inside enjoying the concert. Did she leave before it started?

I trust LE a hell of a lot more than all the nuts on this board who spend their time spewing out conspiracy theories and bickering message board feuds. Believe it not, those in the VSP, FBI, etc are trained professionals.

Honoree, by the time the trucker spotted the D C Sniper(s) in the rest stop, the police had figured out who they were looking for and had released an accurate description of the dark blue Chevrolet they were driving.

Before this, they were driving through roadblocks with immunity, and actually chatting with the cops who weren't even looking for them or their car. Late one night, one cop had even woken them up in a shopping mall and sent them away.

Eyewitness identifications of suspects and vehicles are totally useless in most circumstances. Just like in the recent serial rapist in our area, the sketch of the suspect above probably isn't anywhere near accurate. In the serial rapist locally, a victim finally spotted the suspect after the police had searched for him for over a decade.

Oh, and btw I thought it was established that the blond girl in boots leaving with 4 guys was that Dee girl from JMU.

WTF is SJones spewing off about now??? Hey Moderator! I thought name calling was grounds for deletion!!

I know it will never be made public, but I'd like to see how much time various law enforcement agencies have spent following up on worthless "tips" from the illiterate bickering children who have become obsessed with this case. There is no telling what damage was done to the investigation by having to make this information public prematurely.

Face it folks, if you can't think clearly enough to communicate basic ideas in simple written English, you probably aren't capable of doing anything to help solve the problem of Morgan's disappearance. It's as simple as that. Get out of the way, stop screwing things up, and leave this to the professionals if you really want an arrest.

Hey Mr/Mrs/Miss fu, it seems the professionals aren't having much luck solving a lot of murders in Virginia recently. And their efforts are going from bad to worse. They can't even solve the murder of the wife of a recently retired Alexandria sheriff. Why do I know this? Because they were wasting their manpower and resources messing with me while they had serious murder cases pending.

After they finished messing with me they had even less resources to put towards serious cases. Because they had to pay me a large chunk of money after I sued them.

So, what's your next suggestion? Maybe call in some semi-professionals? :)

Hey Cat!

The girl in fairfax was not lucky, she is very fortunate someone walked up while it was going on, but saying she is lucky is awful. getting raped is not lucky!!!!!!

without Blink, none of you would have ANY information. get with the program and quit your whining. your police are ridiculously inept.

Courtney, thank you so much for this work. I have wondered after the sketch was published if the reason the suspect in the 2005 assault remained atlarge was because he was not BLACK but a dark skinned person possiblly with roots in Asia or the Middle East. Now knowing the victim was of Pakistani descent I am convinced, even before the DNA confirms it, that the attacker was BLACK. Doesn't mean he is American though. I wonder if the victim recalled if he spoke and what sort of accent/dialect he had.

I also wondered if the common denominator between where Morgan was abducted and the young Fairfax woman was abducted was both towns are college towns. Your story brought the geography in focus. WOW, both of these cases were very very close to the Universities, weren't they?

Hope this is OK- sort of a soapbox moment - why doesn't the Fairfax case include the charge of ATTEMPTED MURDER? The victim was strangled to the point of unconsciousness. So oftentimes we hear how some murderer had previously raped (often multiple times). When are we going to ramp up the seriousness and attention to keep men who do such heinous acts off our streets? Instead we have courts all over our country which degrade the charges and blur the lines so that the registries are a pale reflection of reality and many avoid prison and the registries all together. Those souls are operating in stealth mode. And it isn't in our best interest and it defies logic and common sense in my opinion. I hope if authorities add the charge of attempted murder in the Fairfax case. I think it is appropriate and in our best interest.

I do have a question, did the Fairfax department in all this time NOT do an analysis to know the ethnicity? VA may be slow but 4 years? And is it possible for someone to step in and pay for the DNA testing to be done privately to speed things along or would that corrupt the cases?

it is a politicul monstrosity! all are korrrupt! Racialist profiling at its most egrejious!

I have gone to the site and I have to say that right now her site is the ONLY place where anyone can see the composite drawing clean shaven. Couldn't that help to ID this man? It has been five years! He could have a fuller beard or be clean shaven. Don't predators, and this guy certainly sounds like one to me, try to change their appearance to avoid identification.

I wonder why the police didn't do it between 2005 and now. Or the police working Morgan's case do it to be thorough. It could have gone out through the media outlets before the July 4th holiday. I aalso wonder if the media outlets could have taken the opportunity to remove the beard on their own. They oftentimes do graphics to help explain or offer possible scenarios, why not update the composite?

Just my opinion.

Amy, what is the "so personal" grudge against blink? I don't understand it. The site is filled with so much imput ... were I to win the lottery, I would buy up as much of the Charlottesville area as I could afford - except for Virginia's PC socicital political ways! I knew NOTHING of virginia before Morgan's case. In any of the other cases I have awareness of, Virginia is the only LE that I have questioned their methods (which can and has equaled lack of trust) Why? It's not working. Also, I would never have known of the Hook except for the Blink website. Now, it seems, the Hook has "stepped-up to the plate" for their readers! finally, a response to a crime that is generating so many questions for the innocents of her community! Virginia is the aberration in their LE ... no one else.

Amy, you say of Blink "She didn’t even bother to vet it with the police or find out if she would compromise the investigation because of it."

I get it that the notion of a crime blog forcing Va State Police's hand is bizarre, so I've bit my tongue, even though I personally am happy the media/new media are keeping Morgan in the news; she'd have disappeared by now otherwise (my opinion).

But I have to call you out, Amy. I went to the blinkoncrime site and read the post that you say mistakenly links the 2010 case to Morgan's, and that you say was made without a first contact to the Va State Police. In point of fact, Blink says she CANNOT draw the link. She simply wonders aloud; fair enough if that's wrong to you.

More important, in point of fact, Blink appears to have contacted the Va State Police's mouthpiece, Corinne Geller, for verification before writing her post. They did speak, as it turns out.

So Amy, you berate Blink for not checking facts and calling sources before writing, but you just did the same thing. All I ask is you dot your Is and cross your Ts before bringing out the attack dogs. It's not fair and it certainly doesn't aid your cause.

Again, Amy, I will explain ... I'm from Texas. Our Texas Rangers (upon seeing a crime scene such as Morgan's), are determined to bring justice for "THAT Texan". They leave the pseudo-Dr. Spock crime inforcement (why WOULD someone do this?) philosohpys in the library books where it belongs. The Rangers use techniques that have been used and tested over time (in the 4-corners of the law) with the best chance to work. Virginia needs to "get with the program". The first three weeks of this investigation needs to be investigated! Like I said, if not for the Blink site, I would have lost interest ... and a valuable Virginian (Morgan Harrington) could have gone forgotten and lost her chance for justice. See, that's why journalist, blogs, and the Hook are so vitale in our society?!?

I imagine it has become a money making venture for Blink and certainly, she is excellent at one aspect: her intentional vagueness. She is attracting "mystery lovers" and creating an aura of mystery about herself. Like a good psychic, she leaves herself fudge room, and the groupies always find some way to accord her the win.

She can say the perp was probably in a hot-air balloon and if he is found in a car...someone posts..."OMG...air! Blink said "air" and he had air in his tires!!!"

And on it goes.

I read there for awhile after finding the site not credible, because the strange "emperor's new clothes" interaction, the neurotic bonding, the "hero wannabee" mindset is, in the short term, fascinating.

But when you think of the need in our communities today, and what these people could be doing with their time, instead of watching videos of concerts and driving around C-Ville with their timers...
oh, well.

I just hope Blink and Company will modify to where they are not hurting theses cases with their chosen pastime.

The problem with the Blink site is that it is really Nancy Grace on the Web.

It is a type of entertainment. It is not journalism unless you wish to call it crime-editorializing.

There is a reckless, gossipy aspect to it and it is irresponsible in the way it tries to link REAL people to horrific events through speculation, innuendo and unsubstantiated theory.

All the time in a self-congratulatory way. I wonder how Blink and company would feel having a loved one of theirs gossiped about recklessly in that way? Just a fun way to pass idle time. Trying to "scoop" the police is a real indicator of the core values over there.

Like Nancy Grace , the objective is a continual "BOMBSHELL TONIGHT" and some kind of ego-gratification and that will trump accuracy and substance every time.

If one likes that kind of entertainment...fine. If one has the stomach for innocent people being "researched" and casually linked to crime for internet sport...fine. If you don't want to wait till evening for Grace's gaggle of sycophants to tell her how fab she can observe the same posing and preening over there.

I doubt it's helpful. But I suppose to crime victims families, any exposure trumps no exposure. I just hope egos and "scoops" haven't crossed a line being actually hurtful to other innocent people and to the case.

That's no behavior to preen over.

Blink deserves some general credit for focusing attention on crimes which in some instances would have long been forgotten, but otherwise I think her website is nothing but an echo-chamber of like souls patting each other on the back. Would be like if Hawes had to personally approve of every post appearing here and chose only to include the ones which painted him and the Hook in a positive light. Plus, at this point, Blink has brought up about everybody except Elvis as a possible suspect in Morgan's murder, even bringing poor Willie Morris under a cloud of suspicion.

I have no problem with blogs or media outlets. My issue is with Blink's tactics.

Don, I'm not sure what you're talking about in your comments to me. I never mentioned anything about Morgan being mistakenly linked to a 2010 case, and the only information I found at where Blink mentions contacting the police about the latest released information is the following statement by Blink: "Late this morning, although blink editors attempted to confirm the reports in advance, Corrine Geller, PR Manager for VSP released a statement regarding a forensic connection to an unsolved case in 2005." As this quote states, no contact was made, no discussion was held. Courteney Stuart's article above states, "Geller says the timing of the release was prompted by a crime blog, which announced that investigators had discovered a link between the Harrington case and another recent Fairfax case� the wrong one. When news outlets began contacting her for confirmation, Geller says, police feared widespread misinformation would damage the investigation by prompting a flurry of false leads. 'It pressured us to get this information out there,' says Geller."

Based on Blink's post on her own blog and Ms. Geller's comments above, it seems quite obvious Blink didn't receive any confirmation the information was true or should be released. Therefore I don't believe it was vetted.

To whomever said it was, Fairfax is most certainly NOT a college town. It is an urban area 15 miles south of DC surrounded by densely populated suburbs. There are heavily populated suburbs for at least 30 miles in each direction.

George Mason is in Fairfax, but it's students are largely commuters. I have lived there and Charlottesville, and the two are miles apart.

Do people who follow tabloid websites (and TV programs) not realize that they're generally viewed as something of an embarrassment?

this is America ... of course not.

I tried to imagine why anyone invests their time in being a Blink regular.

This is just my opinion, of course.

At the minimum, it obviously takes a certain availability of self-denial.Reading there for just a short time, anyone mildly attentive can see the errors, the back-offs, the reversals. One Sunday, there was a HUGE BOMBSHELL coming. But it didn't come. Later illness (cough. cough.) was invoked and such pity ensued, that when a piece was produced, the regulars failed to notice it was all gossip and rehash. There was no break in the case. Unless another round of Blink innuendo and speculation counts among the Faithful as a new BOMBSHELL.

Then there was the quest to find Morgan in the videos. When the rear view of a Blonde in the crowd was discovered after a bizillion Blink hours of review, this was hailed as a monumental break-through like finding humanoid creatures on Mars. Now, guess what? Doesn't seem like much now, does it? Think of the same time spent OFF the Internet volunteering at a school or church or youth center.

So it takes some self-denial of what is right before one's eyes. And it takes a neediness to be a hero. The real heroes are making a difference WHERE they live.

And it seems to take a skewed delight in discussing the horror in someone else's life to pass the time over there. And a joy in naming innocents on the periphery of these cases and smearing them for sport.

The latter is the worst part. It's cringe-worthy. Those are real people,and most Blinkers aren't even using their OWN names. Protecting themselves as Blink is with pseudonyms while linking real people to crimes.

I guess it's wanting to "belong." Like a internet Mystery solving Mean Girls.

Amy and others keep it up. You are completely correct regarding the blahger BOC. In fact the majority of we love Blink posts on her site are actually her and the majority of don't pick on Blink posts here defending her are also her. It's actually quite comical to read her arguing with herself. She changes names more often than she changes her mind.

She compromised this case by attempting to be first with the story. This is not the first time she has done this. She's a gambler and plays the odds with her guessing game with no regard for the truth especially if the truth is not exciting enough for her liking.

Remember her sources linking the woman from the other concert to a "serial concert stalker" just a couple of weeks ago? The woman was found fine in hours. Just another example.

That "sketch" reminds me of who a lot of y'all want g huguely to room with. Amirite?

Uh oh, Blink has invoked the "copyrighted work" mantra of which she seems so fond.

Then again, under intellectual property law, my four-year-old could claim the same interest in his latest potty deposit.

50/50 as to which has more substance

What copyrighted work was included in the article?

Deleted by moderator.

"If it wasn’t for Blinks article this week, there would of been no Hook article, and no renewed interest from the public at large."

This is not ground breaking journalism people. You blinkies are acting like Blink sent in the DNA for processing and found the link herself. LMAO. It was leaked. It happens all the time.

Obviously the hook would have had a story when LE released the composite themselves.

Did anyone stop to think Courteney decided to hold off on releasing the composite herself out of respect for LE and the Harrington's?

Look at the articles. They speak for themselves. Blink's is riddled with errors, rumors, unnamed sources and incorrect information, while Courteney's is factual and has numerous quotes from both the Harrington's and Gellar. Stellar job on the 2005 assault as well!

What's more important? Getting the story out first? Or getting the story correct?

This entire article y’all are commenting on, although it is based entirely from an article of mine, does not even contain a link of attribution of copyrighted work-
Blink really is delusional. She posted a message on her site saying that there was a link between the Harrington case and the death of Vanessa Pham. Virginia State Police then denied this and posted a statement linking the Harrington case to the 2005 Fairfax case. Courteney Stuart then went and did actual reporting, which Blink is incapable of, and produced a well written story.

Blink's comments about copyright infrigement demonstrate her general lack of common sense.

Blink would be better off learning how to put three words together without committing a solecism than making groundless copyright infringement claims.

"What I can say with some certainty is that the Harringtons can only do so much to keep their daughter’s story in the headlines, and to be honest, over the past few months they have struggled to do so."

No, you can't say that with certainty. There are so many missing people who don't even get so much as a mention in a newspaper, let alone have it make national news. This case has received a ton of media attention in comparison to most. To attribute that to Blink is way off base. Her 20 readers don't even begin to make a dent in the followers of this case.

Blank's late. get it? no?

Blink is a crazy NJ housewife with a computer, rambling on to a bunch of pathetic cat ladies. The whole thing is rather sad.

I was reading how Shannon Stoy filed an ethics complaint against a Florida defense attorney last year. It was dismissed, of course.

She is, however, still president of Blink Development Group, LLC.

deleted by moderator

Funny how everyone that gets kicked of findmorgan and Blink on crime comes over here and topix and starts puking up nonsense. What i don't get is this..... If you got kicked off either of those sites, you were warned before. and most likely you were acting like a jackass. And i bet my 1970's kiss albums they STILL go to both sites and read.So you go there to get the news and info but you wanna complain about.... well who really knows.... nonsense?? lol
Do us all a favor. quit being a jackass.

Courteney, you were used by Ms. Gellar to slap Blink in order to DEFLECT from the fact that:

VSP had not released the composite to the public yet;

Despite the protestation that VSP wanted to run down some leads before the release, they had not even shown the sketch to the Bass family yet!? Remember, Location...Location...Location;

VSP's mistaken assurance that the public was not in danger.

Watcher, great valid points.

Gotta also wonder what ever became of the hunters cams Blink claims were all over AF.

i am from Virginia originally and it is an absolutely beautiful place.

I am as the name states disguested by all this...Grow up people...resorting to name calling and bashing online is not only unproductive, it can be dangerous...Frank Speaker, if you would so kindly release your real name, address and phone number for anyone who disagrees with you and your opinions, then we can level the playing field of mud slinging.

Does anyone know or care how the Harrington's feel about this? I think they are relieved that the public now knows a little more about the suspect who may be involved in killing their daughter. If this sketch is accurate and confirms that the killer is possibly a serial killer and black, it certainly offers a bit more information than what we have been led to believe over the past 9 months...NINE MONTHS!!! This guy isn't concerned with the public seeing this information released...He didn't care in 2005 and he doesn't care in 2010.

Let's try and keep it to the topic at hand...Morgan's killer...

If you want to bash, please provide your name and phone number so that we can call you and debate at your address over a cup of tea...

NO!!!! I am the one who is disguested! Bash me, Marco Escuandolas! KL5-3825

LOL...I said I was disguested...not a spelling bee champion...thanks for the spellcheck... :)

until Virginia LE improves the ratio of murdered girls and starts catching some of these criminals, instead of saying "yeah we are pretty sure we have it narrowed down to a black guy in 2005 who we didn't catch then, but be on the lookout cuz it took us 9 months to find out where we put that sketch", all of you hating on Blink and those following this case will continue to represent the backwoods, uneducated, criminal redneck hicks that the rest of the world associates with the pathetic state of Virginia, who are inhibiting local progress and improvement.


Where do you live? Have you ever been to Virginia?

Osama certainly paints with a broad brush

like Yes, of course. "troglodytes"? really good use of your internet time there ... did your parents have any kids that lived?

"Crash course: State Police chase teen over 100mph in urban area "

Bet Blink claims this guy was Morgan's killer and he was running because of that.

True that lex. My favorite, when they were "investigating" Tom from MySpace

Lex is spot-on, although I think that the FindMorgan site is somewhat better than the Blink site, which is just a tabloid website. Plenty of people on FindMorgan, especially those who have no connection to Virginia, need to get lives, but some of the administrators seem to be from the Roanoke area and are genuinely interested in publicizing the case.

It would be nice if Dr. Harrington publicly distanced himself from the likes of Blink, but perhaps any publicity is viewed as a good thing at the moment.

My favorite, when they were ââ?¬Å?investigating” Tom from MySpace
Don't forget the lengthy discussions about Insane Clown Posse fans.

Yeah, it's not as though the Hook is distributed free of charge throughout Central Virginia and includes the composite sketch in this article. Oh wait, ...

lexington ... looks like BOC and can count you as another victim. ha ... pathetic. are you Lexington, Kentucky, Lexington, Mass, Lexington, South Carolina or Lexington, Virginia? doesn't matter ... you are a complete tool wherever you are from ... how unoriginal.

I vote this as post of the year.

lexington July 8th, 2010 | 1:00 pm

"After hearing about this case and coming across FindMorgan and to think of her-himself as a knight in shining armor."

unconfirmed - didn't you just learn how to read this week?

osama says "unconfirmed - didn’t you just learn how to read this week?"

Actually, it wasn't before Tuesday that I tried learning English, reading, writing and speaking. Just goes to show what a genius I am that I have already surpassed your level in that short time.

when fighting an internet troll one must turn their back and pay no mind.

I am waiting for Observer to come along and state the obvious in 1,000 words or less.

The main problem right now is that meddling Buttcrack has raised a high probability of getting hold of confidential LE information and leaking it to the public . Dispicable as he/she is manipulating a few lost souls by various forms of deciet in the cult Buttcrack on Slime . Self described Buttcrack of no ethics would have no idea what to do with this information except the wrong thing . Buttcrack chose to SCOOP the police for a few dollars thus giving the murderer notice to SCOOT .Anyone with any common sense and sincerly wanting to apprehend this person would exercise restraint over a few sleezy dollars . Buttcrack is clearly a pathalogical manipulative liar,decietfully lives off others tragety,no ethics by self declaration (investigative journalist ????) . The pattern is not one of an honest person . Under the cover of investigative journalist one wonders what this person is actually up to . What schemes are being perpatrated to con money out of honest well meaning persons who may have been hit by tragety or which well heeled are being targeted by someone devoid of scruples .

Poor Morgan has been so sanitized, so put on an impossible pedestal where she has been almost granted sainthood and in her white good looks has become the archetypal victim.

Above has my vote for post of the day (right behind all of the Blink stinks posts).

And Corrine Geller, Law Enforcement have NEVER said the evidence was DNA people!!!!!!! Blink and the Harringtons made that leap. It could be anything!

kenny is that the 18 year old who is missing part of an arm?

Ahh, subliminal distraction! I think that we ran the charlatan psychic off the board first. Her "I just signed up for a two-week free trial" of the website that she registered in her own name months earlier was classic. Tucker was more persistent in his claims about subliminal distraction but disappeared around the time that the shirt was found. He should come back and explain the forensic match.

I really like's website a lot more than There really isn't much news in

Yay! S Jones is here to make sense of it all.

Thank God! Did anyone ever tell you that you have a gift for coherent writing S jones?

What the hell is subliminal distraction.

S Jones is veering mighty close to poetry with that one. Better than I called for. To wit:

"and the news site or blog as some refer to’s article who’s editor’s public info and home is now disclosed help,"

As F. Zappa said, "The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe." Don't know that I've ever seen it used with such aplomb before.

If only she had had cubicle-level protection ....

@S Jones check this out, I think you will dig it.

"I am gross and perverted
Im obsessed n deranged
I have existed for years
But very little had changed
I am the tool of the government
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F Zappa

It is very frightening to say the least.

thanks Kenny! I am beginning to wonder if there is a rape/murder van out there with 1 or 2 guys who knows parts of Virginia very well, just looking for victims

Yeah, I know they are still working on it but not sure if they have any leads at this point. To be honest I am not sure all the details on that one. Was she abducted off a street?

Very strange indeed. And SJones was your last comment to me. If so here's my response. #1 Have no idea what you are talking about.

#2 I think it could help

#3 You could be right about that one as well.

I do know that Bob Goodlatte was helping in some capacity with some sort of digital imagery.

we have not heard about the development in the Cassandra Morton case either

Kenny maybe there is a gang who works together abducting women this is just too weird

Amanda, I am not sure about that.

here we go DBAT.......... wonder if Morgan and Vanessa had the same facebook friends and or, Myspace friends? I also post on FM and many people are saying that the killer might have been hiding in Vanessas car

LOL SJONES, I actually didn't blame anyone on here for having mulitiple names. I simply said it was very easy to have multiple names. And I actually said it was me before BigDog said anything about it. But if you were really the detective you said you were you would have figured it out by now. Hey Dan already knows about your comments over here about me. I let him know a couple of weeks ago. By the way the name BigDog was at one time my name on a sports forum. First thing that came to my mind when I tried it. I had a feeling you didn't want to talk privately because you knew you were wrong to begin with. But as the previous poster just stated. This is counter productive. If you feel this is helping this case by all means go for it. Let me know Sherlock when you solve it so we can award you with your medal.

Amanda, did you see the latest?? Another woman was found in a field in Henry County. They are investigating this as a homicide. I sent Dan an email with the article.

the surveillance tapes of Vanessa's car is already out.Very blurry i wonder if Le can see if someone is in the back,sounds like a predator for sureI wish we had images of Morgan, poor girl

oh gee ... another dead woman in Virginia. what has it been 24 hours?

Amanda, I posted it up a couple of threads but I will find it again. This is very concerning.

SJONES you didn't scroll up far enough PI. Now this is my final and last post to you. Do not bother me with senseless nonsense anymore. I was playing with Araries46. I joked with her how easy it was to change names over here and that she should try it. I also apologized to Courtney and to Big Dog. Once again you are more about finding fault with me than anything else. Give it a rest!! I am really getting tired of people coming to me about your comments regarding me.

There once were some posters on the hook
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They whined and they booed
They were pompous and rude
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When it was all said and done
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Hating FM and BOC they constantly fought.

Their insults were primitive and lame
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They should hang all their big heads in shame

Distracting ââ?¬â?? probably in your pajama
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Acting so mean
The unhappiness is seen
Always caught up in the drama

You may really think it is fun
Hurling insults and then you will run
With comments so sour
Hour after hour
You miss the point while thinking you won

You should call VSP on your phones
Instead of making large sighs and loud moans
Do you wish you were still writing
On the sites you are spiteing
You’re bitter right down to your bones

So here my story must end
On here no one is a friend
So watch your back
Beware of attack
From posters with tiny poison pens

This satire is written for you few
Not serious, in jest it is, too
If you think it is serious
Then you are delirious
Heads up, we are laughing at you . . .

Now, I challenge you to show some intelligence and actually talk about the article. Prove this comments section is not a liability before some big advertiser decides it is embarrassed by this and threatens to pull its ads. They pay the salaries. Where will you go then? THIS IS CLOSER TO REALITY THAN YOU THINK

Kenny i goggled it, they might think it is Eden who went missing on July sad

lexington July 8th, 2010 | 2:28 pm
Concerned Mom, I’ll take your advice perhaps when you, in your pursuit of justice for all our daughters, print out some posters for Cassandra Ann Morton’s killer to be found.

Poor Morgan has been so sanitized, so put on an impossible pedestal where she has been almost granted sainthood and in her white good looks has become the archetypal victim. Justice for Morgan has now become equated with justice for all our daughters. Her killer is ââ?¬Å?a monster psycho” that roams Virginia with a calculated intent, and while there is truth in this, he is not the only one that should be focused upon. This furthers the myth of the ââ?¬Ë?angel’ that has become Morgan, that is not Cassandra, or the other perhaps less good looking, less wealthy, less white, and less ââ?¬Ë?valuable’ women. Translating to less deserving. That is what this rhetoric implies.

At that FM sight, some are saying Morgan leads them to her locations, her clues, her killer(s), that she guides them to justice. The cult of Morgan does not SERVE Morgan.

So Concerned Mom, I will say and do with my life what I will and if you find discussions that point out the elephant in the living room juvenile, then ignore it and get back to your poster placing and ââ?¬Ë?divining’ Morgan’s leads. Your ââ?¬Ë?juvenile’ attempt at guilt slinging is more of that pompous self righteous, grandiose, grandstanding that goes on in spades at BOC and FM. Because I, and others, are not in the ââ?¬Ë?cult of Morgan’ as you seem to be, you seem take it upon yourself to pass judgement and tell us how we should do as you do.

BTW, didn’t catch the vigilante take on Tom on My Space, did find the Insane Posse deal beyond the pale absurd, and there is some poster who daily writes to Morgan’s killer, calls him ââ?¬Å?Red” and writes in red script, has to be one of the strange monologues ever. The poster thinks they have some bead on ââ?¬Å?Red”, that he surely is reading and being affected by this uhm, poster’s words. Juxtapose this with other posters who think Morgan is literally taking them to every lead, place, event and directing any and all success that is made in the case, with types like Concerned Mom’s lecture,and you have the makings of just another tedious cult.

Just think how many posters you could have printed out in the time it took you to compose your comment. You are wasting valuable time!

I said people should print out the composite sketch of the 2005 Fairfax attacker, not Morgan's poster, so I am not sure how you can make the ridiculous comment that I don't care to find Casandra's murderer. From where did you pull out that comment?

Very sad. And another 18 year old from Roanoke is missing.

SJones, if I remember correctly there were some that said they would do it. If they did or not I have no idea. I also know Bob Goodlatte has been helping as mush as possible.

Henry Co is about an hour from Roanoke outside Martinsville. Very rural area.

There is a missing 18 year old girl from Roanoke missing since Wed and a woman from NC missing since July 4th.

the 18 year old was found slain they arrested a 21 year old already though, Great job LE

I'm not sure how Henry County entered this discussion...but to the best of my knowledge, there have not been any substantial leads or updates in years in the Short family slaying case. That was in 2002, I think. The parents were found dead from gunshot wounds in the family's house one morning, and their 9-year-old daughter was missing. Her remains were found in North Carolina a couple of months later by a man walking his dog. It was determined that she, like her parents, died from a gunshot wound to the head.

I doubt it's connected to Morgan in any way, but it's another unsolved murder in Virginia.

Is Kenny paid by anyone to do what he does at FM?

Is he in LE/private security or attempting/studying to be?

Does he have a real job?

Does he have a wife/family?

Would anyone know this or would you Kenny be so kind as to answer these questions?


A composite of an African American man has been released. Discuss him and it is racism or racial profiling.

What a joke.

we need to the discuss the suspect, why else would they release a sketch?! regardless of his color or ethnic origin he did something wrong and needs to be behind bars!

I have no idea why people are griping about this sketch & other info being released. The community will be a lot safer when he's finally caught, and anything that'll help catch him is just great! P.S. - I think Blink is great, too.

So much for the reporting accolades: police have NOT said they think this guy killed Morgan.

Hence the headline "Is this Morgan’s killer? Fairfax case connection offers hope, fresh fear."

Way to go Blink (at for publishing the wrong information without checking it with police first and possibly causing them not to collect some key evidence leading to this guy!

Well now the people who adore Blink can see just how horrible her reporting skills are. I mean, I was willing to look past the hundreds of grammatical errors in just one paragraph of any given article she writes, but this is just irresponsible.

Let LE do their job. Don't mess with an investigation. This guy could be anywhere now thanks to her. Such a shame.

I was willing to look past the hundreds of grammatical errors in just one paragraph of any given article she writes,
True that.

Does anyone remember this case of misidentification:

"In September 2005, Agee followed the victim, a UVA law student, as she walked home from a party on Jefferson Park Avenue. Agee attacked the 23-year-old woman, dragged her into the woods and raped her (though he maintained that they had consensual sex).

Within hours, police picked up Chris Matthew, a black man who happened to be nearby, and the victim identified him as her attacker. Matthew spent five days in jail and is now seeking $750,000 for the misidentification in a civil suit."

I was held up at gunpoint outside my apartment years ago and scared the black male attacker off. There had been several rapes and robberies in the neighborhood and I was asked to try to identify him from mug shots. I looked at 100's of African American males and have to admit, even though I had stared the attacker in the face, I could not provide the police with a detailed description. I can easily understand how a mistake in identifying someone could be made.

Luckily, in this case there will be DNA evidence to rely on, but hopefully there will be no false arrests in the public's enthusiasm to find the attacker .

"Eyewitness misidentification is the single greatest cause of wrongful convictions nationwide, playing a role in more than 75% of convictions overturned through DNA testing."

none. we shoot first and ask questions later. we also know how to protect our women.

sorry ... i forgot ... reality check.

He's certainly wanted in connection to the disappearance and murder of Harrington. The police obviously aren't going to say that he's the murderer without an arrest, trial, and conviction.

and gee ... we don't have the rent a police UVA cops, VSP, The FBI and The CIA in our state to help. have you guys found Osama? nice work. clowns. reality check and mate.

If anyone should be run off the Internet for being the worst and most irresponsible "reporter/blogger" in the history of the universe it is Blink.

Scared Monkeys is the forum that supports and stands behind everything Blink says and does. No matter how wrong or horrible. Ask the person who runs and operates Scared Monkeys. Her name on the forum is Klaasend.

Thanks to The Hook for your responsible reporting. It is a refreshing change from others on the Internet.

Doesn't this 2005 connection belie Occam's Razor?

I mean MH was seen on videotape "kicking" at 4 men and witnesses saw her with (possibly the same) 4 men outside. Witnesses inside said MH seemed to be acting weird. Seems to me that MH found herself in a very uncomfortable situation and tried to use a little humor to diffuse her situation. She also left JPJ for some reason--seems likely that she felt safer leaving the concert than staying.

So MH was seen interacting with some dudes and seems to have made attempts to leave these guys. Now, we introduce an unknown 2005 rapist as the critical link? It's possible I suppose--but man, seems like you just crack the story of those 4 guys and you have the case. Or unless MH just had almost the worst luck possible with 2 completely independent and (statistically) rare events: successfully leave 4 creepy dudes who would likely harm you and then separately get picked up by a violent rapist.

manbearpig gets it. kudos to you. you must not be from Virginia.

You should start you're own crime blog. You seem a lot smarter than that lunatic Blink.

In all reality, how loving do you tank it will take for VSP to do a genetic DNA probe, to find the actual race of the perp who's DNA is found? Also, if there were more than one set of DNA found, leading us to multiple purps?

I am so sorry! I have an IPad and it auto corrects spelling, sometimes to a fault!
I meant how long do you think it will take VSP.....

at least 6 years.

What?! Oh good God, that is a long time. Do you think VSP would make a statement regarding the material found, if there was more than one person's DNA found?

Also, how sure are we wit regards to this sketch. It seems like the other victim was fairly shaken and that could have affected the sketch. If Blink didn't mix information and this information wasn't put out' what do you think VSP was still working on or trying to do when they had to release this information? Maybe firm up the sketch?

I would think that presenting information about who...1 or 4 perps DNA found etc, may help others in the community remember these 4 guys she was seen serial killer is enough....but 4 will really shake people up.

I mostly agree with my hubby MBP. We'd talked about this extensively before the DNA evidence surfaced, and we agreed it seemed highly probable that whatever happened to MH was inflicted by those 4 young white guys she was seen with. Like MBP says, Occam's razor--what are the odds she escaped 4 would be attackers and fell prey to another, completely independent predator? We know this man was not one of the 4 MH was harassed by.

But now that these forensics are back, Occam's razor would suggest that this DNA evidence got on or near MH's stuff because this guy was involved in her disappearance--that is UNLESS 1) LE are putting forth this theory of the crime (which they know to be untrue) toward an end (i.e. loosening up the lips of these guys, waiting for them to get sloppy), or 2) This man happened to touch Morgan's shirt (we don't know, do we, whether the DNA came from the scene or the shirt?), or 3) There was lab contamination, and this suspect was never anywhere near Morgan, but his DNA got transferred at the State Crime Lab.

3) does happen, more than you might think.

Just sayin also raises a good point--we don't know how many other people's DNA might have been found at the scene, or on MH's shirt. That shirt floated around for months after MH was murdered. Who knows what it got exposed to?


1. Can you provide a link to the part about Morgan and the 4 guys?

2. "She also left JPJ for some reasonââ?¬â??seems likely that she felt safer leaving the concert than staying."

How was leaving the concert-where there are lots of cops and security officers and well lit hallways/etc- for the parking lot in the middle of night safer? It's hard to say what was going on, although she was almost undoubtedly intoxicated one way or another.

3. It would be one hell of a coincidence if this rapist's DNA just happned to get on the shirt of a girl who was abducted and murdered a few hours from where the other attack occurred.

or not a coincidence at all.
Albermarle County Police Chief to retire in Sept.
sure would be nice if this case was solved by then, huh? no matter how it is solved...

are there a lot of black people in Virginia?

Yes. In Northern VA a ton.

The problem with the website is that the comments section is a MESS! Who can tell who is responding to what when people reply to a post there?

And who can decipher the abbreviations when people respond to posts?

Who come doesn't just use her real name, Shannon Stoy, as the name for her site?

Why doesn't she just call it,

As sloppy as it is, it's not hard to see why. LOL.

The problem with the blinkoncrime site is that Blink can't write. The woman has never met a sentence fragment that she wouldn't publish.

The fact that she lacks common sense and good judgment just compounds the problem.

I mean MH was seen on videotape ââ?¬Å?kicking” at 4 men and witnesses saw her with
Courteney has repeated clarified that there is no videotape of MH from either inside or out of JPJ.



(@Yes: my memory of the article wasn't 100%--sorry--but I think my interpretation is close enough).

2.) I could imagine being hassled by 4 dudes and no one around seems to notice or willing to help. If MH was acting out or play kicking, security/cops could have thought everyone was part of the same group. Also, we shouldn't pass judgment on intoxication (not that you are, but it's a common path to go down).

3.) I still don't think LE or another non-Harrington source has positively confirmed that the forensic evidence is actually DNA.

The other violation of Occam's Razor of the story is that a random rapist/murderer just happened to dump the body in such a remote area and on private land. Even if the 2005 rapist moved to Cville 5 years ago, it does not follow that he would know Anchorage Farm. I've lived here for roughly that time frame and I couldn't tell you anything about that farm. But again, we could be looking at a series of extremely improbable events. gets very little traffic actually.
Just go to any site that will tell you the amount of traffic that sites get, and you can see the statistics for her site.

Blink says Morgan Harrington should be more important than egos.

Yeah...that's why it was more important to have the story first rather than keep Morgan's own justice in mind. She compromised the investigation, and now is acting like a martyr.

LE was going to release the composite when the time was right. Now she is tooting her own horn saying that an arrest will be made b/c of what she did.

If anything an arrest has not yet been made because of what she did.

She gave the guy plenty of time to get the hell out of dodge. may be riddled with typos, and full of hot air 90% of the time, but at least the site, along with and maybe one or two more, are keeping the case alive. The VSP has released less information about this case, and other missing/murdered persons cases, than I for one would like. We NEVER hear about Cassandra Morton's murder. We don't know the minutiae of her last hours on earth because the poor woman had the misfortune of being MWB (murdered while Black), and we know how much attention that gets on the evening news. We get zero information about major crimes as citizens of Virginia, and I for one would like to see much more status updates, even if it's to say very little has been discovered that leads to a resolution of the cases.

If you remember the DC sniper case, the information police initially released was entirely wrong, based on tips and purported sightings. Do we all remember the white van reported to have been seen at multiple scenes? There were even pictures released of a similar vehicle. Also, profilers determined that the shooter was probably a white man. I think it was even projected that his age was from 30 to perhaps middle age. All of this released information was wrong. Law Enforcement was doing their best to protect the public and apprehend the shooters, but how many wasted hours were spent looking for a white van driven by a white man? How many witnesses completely overlooked the actual vehicle involved while looking desperately for the white van? I remember that the shooters were caught at a rest stop after a call from an alert trucker. I don't remember whether or not a more accurate description of the vehicle, a sedan type, gray vehicle, had been released or if the type of automobile came as a complete surprise. Obviously, we now know the 2 shooters did not fit the profile. In this case, releasing inaccurate information in an effort to keep the public aware could have lengthened the time it took to apprehend the shooters because everyone was looking for the wrong vehicle and the wrong type individuals.

now you know why we have the media .. .they tend to keep the powers that be in check. and call them out when there has been a breakdown in the system.

I did not mean any disrespect to the woman who was assulted, nor did I mean to diminish teh horror of what she went through. I meant that she is fortunate to be alive since he was (according to reports) choking her when he was scared off. I am sure that this has done horrible things to her, and my sympathy goes out to her. Even so, he has now killed someone, and he may have meant to kill the woman assulted in 2005. Different culture feel differently about assult, but from my standpoint, I would rather be alive to cope with the trauma of an assult, than to be assulted and killed. Again, my apologies to anyone I may have offended.

There are so many problems with the Unamed Website that it is difficult to know where to start . The root problem is that like the criminals she tries to make a buck from she has no ethics . She freely admits to this and states her MO is " the end justifies the means" . Consequently she and her desperate toadie losers have smeared/defamed anyone they can think of ,backstabbed anyone or agency possible while carrying on a racist/sexist cult .Her web helpers need or will need deprogramming some institutional space for the more desperate . One of the rocker racist/sexist poster "Mom" opines that MH had to have been murdered by a white male who had become jealous of her talking to black basketball players . That is an example of the dirty cesspool they reside in while the web owner keeps them in line basically with juvinile lies . They are meddling far and wide in other peoples affairs ,no telling the damage they are doing or the scams they are perpatrating .Generally using the MO of the end justifies the means guarantees not getting to the end but becoming a crued , crass wreck along the way .Many reputations have been crudly slandered , her end justifies the means MO has cruely given a murderer the heads up to run . She has accorded him the signal to say slip into another country not DNA equipped where he could blend in and remain undetected forever .

lets be honest, blink focuses on ad revenues. she is one of few sites that is so desperate they have popups, annoying. i stopped checking her site when because she just kept acting like she had inside info clearly she did not have. also as time went by, things she was saying clearly were false. and its pathetic the novels those her leave comments post.

Watcher--- Those comments are extremly accurate . Under the pretense of journalism an off the wall loose cannon and company are delving into hundreds of lives . Causing obvious problems by innunendo and false finger pointing .LE need to keep an eye on this cult group as i wouldn't put much past them as they manifest in their ugly way. One poster there Word Girl has great contempt for older persons . Such people with the MO of no ethics can lead such behaviour as schems to scam older citizens . The direct damage they tried to do to Mr Bass was jaw dropping . Stepping on law enforcement toes may have led to the cruel ironey of letting the bird out of the cage (just for a few crass advertising dollars). By getting the trust of LE they have done their usual MO trick of backstabbing that trust . Yes their chosen sport of unethically smearing,defaming meddling,and scaming for dollars puts them in the same boat as the criminals .

well maybe if LE would step up their game, then there wouldn't be the need for the Unamed Website, but the fact that there is such demand for this obviously indicates a lack of efficiency and success with LE and the PR associated with their lack of solutions.

Watcher - THANK YOU for your candid remarks about BOC. I think at times the crime blogs and Nancy Grace-type shows can be helpful. That is, IF they are alerting the public to a missing person or to
a predator on the loose. When is becomes sensationalism, however, victims are not served and it is a time-waster for those who continue to patronize these sites / shows.

Thank goodness that there are real journalists such as Stuart who are here to clean up the crap of crime bloggers.

From all of us to you Courteney, thank you!

Thank goodness there are crime bloggers from which local citizens, journalists and law enforcement can get information relevant to the safety of the community.

Thank you, Blink, from all of us, for without you there would be no progress in this case!

hey Watcher ... good to see you here too. i really liked all of the things you had said on Blink. good stuff. i don't understand your novel here, but it is nice to see you are using your time wisely too like the people you seem to be criticizing here. the hypocrisy of democracy. God i love this country!

Watcher - you're completely right, but they will always congratulate themselves for being so "concerned" about the family of the victim.

Yes - you are completely wrong, but at least your spelling is correct and you obviously have no concern about the family of the victim or the victim, but thank you for making it officially known. nice work.

i don’t care about every petty criminal in the area and think they should be held accountable - sounds like you are saying that registered sex offenses are ââ?¬Å?petty”,
Brilliant inference, Osama, even for you. Yes, the different entries do nothing to suggest that I was referring to different groups.

Oh, and let's not forget when Dr. Harrington himself was offended by suggestions about him on Blink's forum. You're not concerned about the family of the victim, Osama, so that doesn't bother you.

And then there were the discussions about Sherriff Morris that caused Virginia State Police to issue a public statement to refute them. You don't care about law enforcement, so you didn't care about any harm to his reputation.

Eve Y'all.

I have a Question-

This entire article y'all are commenting on, although it is based entirely from an article of mine, does not even contain a link of attribution of copyrighted work-

So... How is my moniker coming up in conjunction with it, most especially with a bunch of content from it?

Unnamed Crime Blog Editor In Chief

I think the author of the article was doing you a favor by not naming you. After all, this isn't exactly what you want to be known for.

I certainly believe that Blink deserves praise for stimulating so much discussion and attention to be focussed on these crimes which often fade into the cold case wilderness.

If it wasn't for Blinks article this week, there would of been no Hook article, and no renewed interest from the public at large. While Courtney may overtly criticise Blink, I think she would (at least privately) acknowledge that much of her material has been generated off the back of what has been stimulated by Blinks site.

I can't say that I agree necessarily with her bringing in the Vanessa Pham link the way she did, but I was not privvy to the circumstances surrounding her article so can't possibly make an informed judgement on it.

The important thing, which seems to have been disreagrded by commentators on this site - if the Harringtons aren't outraged by Blinks disclosure of the POI, then what gives you the right to be?

And I qoute:

"If police are piqued by the expedited release of information, bereaved parents Dan and Gil Harrington say they’re grateful that the connection they’ve known about for ââ?¬Å?some time” has finally been made available to members of the public, who might be able to help.

ââ?¬Å?It’s why I’ve been pushing them to release it,” says mother Gil Harrington, via telephone on July 1, the day police announced the connection. ââ?¬Å?It’s better to be able to make a statement to be alert and be cautious of someone who looks like this,” she says. ââ?¬Å?It’s much more likely to keep people in the community safe.”"

(There we go Courtney, see how easy it is to link to source material)

I think Blink needs a grammar lesson.

You're=You are

Your=possessive pronoun, i.e. "You have way too much time on your hands."

Gracias for the H8 license, Blank. You sell 'em or just give em away?

@Irresponsible Blink

Im not claiming that anyone here (either Courtney or Blink) are 'ground breaking' journalists.

What your assuming here, either rightly or wrongly, is that:
a.) LE were going to release the sketch in the near future
b.) Courtney even knew about it in the first place

i dont believe either can be taken for granted.

What I can say with some certainty is that the Harringtons can only do so much to keep their daughter's story in the headlines, and to be honest, over the past few months they have struggled to do so.

Blinks story, love it or hate it, has bought this case back to the forefront for the moment. It may prove fruitless, or it may indirectly provide something of value.

Only time will tell.

Blink is a MALE.

i paint with the materials provided.

Osama is giving troglodytes a bad name. Yeah, Virginia is probably associated with "murdered girls" - well, at least among the 20 wannabe internet sleuth shut-ins who populate certain websites.

Gotta love the way Blink exergerates: "What about the fact that the admins on FM has 46 threads up in 3 minutes about the big press conference that was going to happen later, or the now that the cats outta the bag threads" 46 threads? Please, Blink, your math skills are about as good as your grammar skills. 46 posts maybe, but threads?

unconfirmed - learn how to spell.
also ... it was probably a really great move to have a 100mph chase in urban area. great protocol and procedure endangering the community with a 100mph chase. unconfirmed - what CAN you confirm?

osama and friends -

Please note that many of those disgruntled with Blink (the representative scapegoat who really isn't doing herself any favors writing here recently) do not hate anyone but at times are really trying to offer contructive criticism. Crime blogs, TV shows AND news articles definitely can help by getting faces and information out there to help find people and catch criminals. It would be best if they could work in conjuction with LE as much as possible. We know that police departments across the country are overworked and stressed dealing with the bad elements of society plus being under pressure to solve cases immediately. They can use help and support, so when crime blogs, shows, etc. get off focus and sensationalize things for a myriad of reasons that could be chalked up to "human nature" it should be pointed out. I think it could be done more charitably, however.

This is not to say that LE always do their best. We know that error and corruption can be found there too and must be pointed out! They have to be hard-working, honest and forthcoming to the public.

Just saying... there are a lot of challenges that need good people to work on constructively.

After hearing about this case and coming across FindMorgan and BOC, and lurking a bit, it seems to me ONE article by Courtney is worth more than a year of the 24/7 chronically poorly written, almost masturbatory self congrats going on at these forums. The administrators of these forums appear to me to be zealots forming cults of personality posing under finding Morgan Harrington's killer. ANY unfortunate soul that veers from the status quos' trance, fantasies, and p.c. agenda is pounced upon, promptly scapegoated and accused of not worshiping their peculiar brand of justice and allegiance Harringtons. Yeah,the guise of justice really seems to matter to these bored, pedantic, obedient, need a life types. It isn't about justice at these forums, it is ego.

The members appear to be BFF, yes-men, think of themselves as wannabe kin to the Harringtons and spend what appears to be all day in fantasy with various versions of themselves, and parsing every tiny word that Gil Harrington gifts them with in her weekly blog, those seeming diary like entries where she pours out her every possible thought and sad movement of her days, pondering the existential dilemma of being alive. I have pity for the Harringtons, once it was more akin to empathy, and while it is truly awful what occurred to Morgan, enough is enough in my opinion. There are worlds of victims who don't get this outrage, attention, or devotion, really. However the Harringtons and these strange cult like forums, keep Morgan alive in the most agonizingly bad tabloid, shamelessly self promoting, cringe worthy, ways I've ever seen. Don't bother to tell me people grieve differently, even poorly, I know this. What occurs at FindMorgan and BOC is tacky, grade D cheap entertainment under the guise of solving Morgan's murder because LE isn't doing it the way they think it should be. It has included raking unfortunate and innocent peoples names and motives through the mud rationalized by their self righteous banner of doing what no one else can.

BOC, I guess, is trying to make a living and career for herself so to speak on this stuff, and the people over at FindMorgan would appear to being getting a much needed life by their new found mission du jour. To think that any of this has much to do with Morgan and justice is absurd. Morgan in my opinion deserves to rest with some dignity.

The wheels of justice are slow and everyone knows this, doing it correctly, even slowly, serves Morgan and other victims. Thank you Courtney for responsible, nonsensational reporting, because it truly matters.

The Hook and Courtney's voice of reason is about all we have of any tangible, current, reliable news and reporting. At the least, Courtney doesn't appear to suffer from a messiah complex or someone who would like to think of her-himself as a knight in shining armor.


I think you will be the next suspect up for discussion.

I have a suggestion for all of you who are spending SO much time commenting on how terrible Blink is. Why don't you use this time to print out as many wanted posters that your printer can handle and pass them around Charlottesville and the surrounding areas.

It would advance the chances of catching this monster psycho before he makes one of us or one of our daughters his next victim.

Now, get to work on printing out the posters and quit your belly aching. It is very, very juvenile.

Concerned Mom July 8th, 2010 | 1:37 pm
I have a suggestion for all of you who are spending SO much time commenting on how terrible Blink is. Why don’t you use this time to print out as many wanted posters that your printer can handle and pass them around Charlottesville and the surrounding areas.

It would advance the chances of catching this monster psycho before he makes one of us or one of our daughters his next victim.

Now, get to work on printing out the posters and quit your belly aching. It is very, very juvenile.

I agree. Having lost a friend to a violent murder, knowing Morgan's murderer runs free in my hometown has had me anxious and scared at times. I am much more concerned with this monster being caught before he kills again and am disturbed by the hate that many prefer to spew than to show compassion.

again ... if not for Blink and ... there would be nothing to report. this is directly from Virginia law enforcement.
tough to argue with the facts people.

Concerned Mom, I'll take your advice perhaps when you, in your pursuit of justice for all our daughters, print out some posters for Cassandra Ann Morton's killer to be found.

Poor Morgan has been so sanitized, so put on an impossible pedestal where she has been almost granted sainthood and in her white good looks has become the archetypal victim. Justice for Morgan has now become equated with justice for all our daughters. Her killer is "a monster psycho" that roams Virginia with a calculated intent, and while there is truth in this, he is not the only one that should be focused upon. This furthers the myth of the 'angel' that has become Morgan, that is not Cassandra, or the other perhaps less good looking, less wealthy, less white, and less 'valuable' women. Translating to less deserving. That is what this rhetoric implies.

At that FM sight, some are saying Morgan leads them to her locations, her clues, her killer(s), that she guides them to justice. The cult of Morgan does not SERVE Morgan.

So Concerned Mom, I will say and do with my life what I will and if you find discussions that point out the elephant in the living room juvenile, then ignore it and get back to your poster placing and 'divining' Morgan's leads. Your 'juvenile' attempt at guilt slinging is more of that pompous self righteous, grandiose, grandstanding that goes on in spades at BOC and FM. Because I, and others, are not in the 'cult of Morgan' as you seem to be, you seem take it upon yourself to pass judgement and tell us how we should do as you do.

BTW, didn't catch the vigilante take on Tom on My Space, did find the Insane Posse deal beyond the pale absurd, and there is some poster who daily writes to Morgan's killer, calls him "Red" and writes in red script, has to be one of the strange monologues ever. The poster thinks they have some bead on "Red", that he surely is reading and being affected by this uhm, poster's words. Juxtapose this with other posters who think Morgan is literally taking them to every lead, place, event and directing any and all success that is made in the case, with types like Concerned Mom's lecture,and you have the makings of just another tedious cult.

Osama, where the heck are you? Two wars have begun due to not knowing your locale. You might consider making your own location known and in the process save alot of lives, money and time.

As of now you are just another cult member telling others what they should be doing. You guys are not original thinkers in the least and find your only defense is to divert in order to preserve your membership in being the so-called forerunners of justice and truth.

again ”Š if not for Blink and ”Š there would be nothing to report.
Right, Osama. VSP didn't investigate the crime scene, collect forensic evidence, come up with the DNA match, pursue leads, etc. The VSP has been slow, but not inert. Oh, and then Courteney didn't then go to Fairfax, interview people, do real reporting, etc.

to you people who complain about Cassandra Morton's case ... maybe her family and friends should be pursuing the forces of LE as vigilantly as those that do so for Morgan. otherwise, the only people to blame for no progress is ... survey says: LE.

Osama - did you happen to come across a book of tired, hackneyed putdowns recently, or are you reinventing them on the fly?

osama says "unconfirmed - learn how to spell."

osama, I will use spell check more often as soon as you learn captialization skills. What can I confirm? That you don't know where the shift key is on your keyboard. God bless.

FM, BOC, Blink, what is going on here? I thought this was a newspaper. For comments on news. This looks like some sort of perverted competition. Geez, is there anyone commenting on the article itself? Or is this all about who can insult who most? I’ve seen 5th grade girls who aren’t this mean and spiteful. I’ve never read the other sites, but it really looks like some people here have tremendous jealousy or vindictiveness. I have one question to all the people who are insulting the other sites: If they’re so bad, why do you know so much about them? Why read them? Who wants to read this garbage? I’ll go get an actual paper to read The Hook from now on, or maybe I won’t read it. Period.

i read that in a fortune cookie.

again ... the article didn't tell anyone anything that wasn't already know on BOC and

unconfirmed - you spelled "capitalization" incorrectly. you also forgot to capitalize some words. thank you for confirming to everyone what we already knew... you lack the capacity for true critical thinking. but you are entertaining for sure.

Yes - please don't interrupt while the educated adults are talking.
also ... please refrain from using made up words like "hackneyed".
this is a really dumb word (if it even is a word) and should not be used in any context other than when you are talking to another ignorant redneck from a lost generation of confederate losers.

osama, the digs against the south, rednecks, confederacy, etc. are becoming hackneyed.

Let's see, Blink claims to still stand behind her post claiming a connection between the Pham and Harrington cases, even though Fairfax police have specifically said that there is no such connection:

Courteney, on the other hand, presented original and accurate information about the details of the 2005 case.

We know that you disdain erudition, Osama, but why your defense of Blink? I assume that you realize that's she a hack and are being anti-social just to be a contrarian.

ok everyone can you please focus on the topic. You dont know each other you will never meet each other. Who cares if you dont like someone's blog? Lets try to find this guy. Someone put that tee shirt out and I'm betting that it wasnt him. When the person is found whose DNA matches what was discovered wtih Morgan, and that person goes to trial then all this personality stuff goes away. Then if you want, we can move on to trying to find Cassandra's killer. Meanwhile, has anyone contacted her parents to try to help them? If you have great, if you havent do that before you start ranting about unfairness. The Harringtons have spent hours upon hours trying to keep this hunt alive. If you dont like their approach fine , do it differently when your offspring is taken. The rest of this bashing is s waste.

I have always liked Blink's site, and am an avid reader there. However, I have to admit that having been a longtime reader, I have come to form the opinion that Blink is simply wrong about a lot......and with some regularity.

Much of it is comedic and irresponsible. She does, however, deserve much praise for her genuine concern for the victims and for spending tireless hours devoted to their cause. I continue to read there with caution and never put too much stock into her emphatic statements.

The other consideration as it relates to Miss Harrington's case, is the fact that her parents have chosen to use the media to their advantage in an effort to find their daughter's killer. This is entirely their right and I would imagine that they understand the potential risk that accompanies this effort.

I am waiting for S Jones to come in and clarify the situation for all of us.

JJ Malloy - i will admit ... that is funny.

I would like to add that law enforcement has NEVER had any post removed from ANY of the Morgan Harrington-related Facebook sites.

Ask Ms. Geller!

Eventually Blink will be sued for libel. It is also possible her or her minions could be charged with stalking, due to their 'investigating' an innocent schmuck. I suppose the perp will be netted by blink, but only because everybody and their mother will be accused. A lot of the stuff that's posted on BOC is downright bizarre, and I question the mental health of most of the posters.

Osama: "hackneyed" is indeed a word, and has been since at least the 1400's (well before rednecks and the Civil War).

Yes JJ and osama...I am patiently awaiting S Jones to pop in and give me my nightly "entertainment" by trying to make sense of all of this....Prayers and hugs to the Harringtons.

and they tried to hide that!

Great post Mr. Speaker

Frank Speaker July 8th, 2010 | 7:03 pm "The main problem right now is that meddling Buttcrack has raised a high probability of getting hold of confidential LE information and leaking it to the public....What schemes are being perpatrated to con money out of honest well meaning persons who may have been hit by tragety or which well heeled are being targeted by someone devoid of scruples ."

SJones, Morgan attended Virginia Tech. Are you saying that if I didn't mention her being a Hokie would change something??? VT/VSP against everyone else??? Seriously, you have no idea what you are talking about as most on here have figured out by now. Neither of these young ladies deserved to die. Start focusing on that instead of picking the words of something I say. You have made it quite clear to everyone by now that you don't like me for whatever reason. We have many out of state members that make valuable contributions to the site. If you had not cursed one of the female moderators you would still be on there as well. J.Me has worked tirelessly on this case both by supporting and helping me with the site. Dealing with the different personalities on forums has been a pretty difficult experience for me. I was the one that asked J.Me and Ariaes46 to help me on the forum. Both of them I trusted. I could care less if you like me. Makes no difference to me at all. However, show some respect to this family by concentrating on Morgan instead of the "super" moderator as you like to call me. Not sure why I am wasting my time on your comments but it does get a little old hearing you bashing me over here. I also heard about your comments getting deleted and the comments you made about me in those as well. If all you have to offer is come on sites and post negative comments all the time why bother?

And I want to add. If you can solve this crime please do so. Lt Joe Rader would be the first person to shake you hand.

SJones, if you are such a good detective, why don't you have this solved?? Come on now. Let's hear it. You seem to know so much about this case that it totally baffles me as how you know what is going on. You care to explain that?? And until I heard you were over here running your mouth about me I didn't know this place existed. Ask Bill Thomas about how I have tried to help instead of speaking on something you know nothing about. You really are a tool, you know that?

Oh somehow one of my posts didn't make it just now. Let me try again. I didn't lie about posting under BigDog. Go back and read if you have any reading skills. I said I was making a point as how easy it is to post under different names. I didn't ban you but to be honest it makes no difference to me who banned you. I would have eventually because cursing a moderator is enough to banned. I use my real name when I post why don't you??

SJones here is another case for you. Good luck!!

Sorry to The Hook readers with my endless bantering with SJones. Sometimes it just gets a little too much for me to hear about without responding. I need to do better and intend to. Everyone have a blessed day!!

SJones, what makes you an authority to solve murder cases?? I have to ask because you seem to know so much about the Morgan Harrington case for some reason. Now don't you think that is a little strange that you are offering tips to an agency this far away??? I mean stop and just think about it. Are you FBI?? What have I done you ask?? LOL Again, you are a joke.

And our forum is open to the public just as this is. I mean look at you. You are banned but still are able to read every single post everyone has made over there.

And I have stated again. I don't care who banned you. You were banned period. As you were from BOC but are back on there for some reason. I don't need anyone to come on here and say anything about me. Ask who deleted your account on the FM site??

SJones, I hope you have a great day. Virginia needs someone like you fighting crime. We would be a crime free state if we had dedicated people such as yourself solving all these unsolved cases. Solving crimes and not even leave your computer. Now that's a good job.

Jenn, I have always been Kenny on findmorgan. What Sjones is blabbering about is one day someone sent me some comments he made about me over here. I came and proved how easily it was to change user names on a site such as this. I even came back and told everyone what I did to prove a point.

And SJOnes, no one has ever said the site could not go on without me. I have said many times I don't need the forum to do what I have been doing for the Harrington family. Everything I do is for them and to find justice for Morgan. Again, you are lashing out at me because you were banned from the forum. Before we ban anyone we ask Dan first. And for your information Mr. PI man. Brandon Havens started that forum and asked me to moderate it. Once again you know nothing of what you speak. You say you respect J.Me but yet you called her some pretty obscene names in a PM. Is that how your respect women where you come from??

SJones, if you would like to continue this privately let me know. I have your email and IP address so we can discuss this so others don't have to be bothered with it. We have also brought members back after we banned them after we had some major discussions with them on what could or could not be said on the forum. You have never issued an apology to anyone about what you did. If you had of done that at the beginning you would not be over here criticizing me all the time. Before you were banned you would PM me and tell me what a good job I was doing. Funny how things change SJONES!!!!!

Get a room...

I am sorry Amanda...what was your question about Morgan and Vanessa...I was caught up in the lovers quarrel between Kenny and S.Jones.

Kenny and both should take a breathe and retreat to your corners.

Amusing as it is for me and certainly others, you do not represent yourselves as the compassionate people you both seem to want us to see you as...."NO I WANT TO FIND MORGANS KILLER MORE....NO I DO...NO ME...NO ME..." geez, you remind me of my kids...

SJones, I think everyone right now is under a tremendous amount of stress. I think that is an excellent idea by the way.

If anyone here actually got banned from either BOC or FM they are a huge duchedonkey.

S Jones, I would bet every last dollar I have that Dan Harrington would love for you to stop commenting on this case.

Ms. Stuart, I've looked to your articles for reliable, informative reporting. It's reported that tips have come in within the last few days; hopefully some of them will lead to an arrest and justice for Morgan and her family.

Kenny comes across as a nice guy. He works at Tech, in IT I think. He's not getting paid, and I'm sure that he puts a lot of time into the site.

Forgot one last question if Kenny would answer this too please:

Why would you, Kenny, bring up the fact, on this forum that you had not only SJones email address but his IP number?

What possible reason would you announce this piece of info so very pubicly?

I assume that the moderators of the site can access the IP addresses of every poster, in part to prevent multiple accounts (e.g. sock puppets) from the same person.

I've ignored every message in the exchange between SJones and Kenny, so I'm not exactly sure why it was relevant.

Hi Yes, thanks for your fast responses.

I am wanting to understand, why in fact Kenny found it relevant to announce this, precisely because he is a moderator. I would think that there is a duty to, not only discretion and confidentiality, but the non abuse of the powers afforded to those in a so called position of authority.

Deleted by moderator.

Hi Ken, thanks for your reply. I know I put you on the spot and you stepped right up to it and for that I am grateful.

When I saw the heated exchange between you and SJones, and then you put out that info you had on him as a way to perhaps take it to a private place, my BS detector went off. I saw it as a "power over" type of play over a poster who did not have that knowledge about you, and that it was occurring in a bit of anger concerned me in regards to how safe is anyone's info over at FM and how could it be used if the moderators got bent out of shape over something. Frankly I asked those questions about your personal life, that you very graciously and openly answered, because I was seeing you as a zealot. As someone who may not have had a life and had bitten off more than he could chew, who crusaded for Morgan as her shining knight in armor. Obviously I am wrong in my arrogant assumptions and now see your role differently, so again thanks.

I don't know the exact ethics involved in the running of these forums, but I will say that it is concerning to me to see many innocent people being discussed with suspicious fervor along with a bit of racial profiling, in the most casual, irresponsible ways. We hear nothing of who Morgan was in regards to her social world, her old boyfriends, theoretically possible jealous or competitive friends, old grudges or strange past encounters....... nothing. That is why in another post I said Morgan had been sanitized. I have a very one dimensional view of her as a person. That speaks volumes to me. I want to say that I don't suggest Morgan's friends are guilty of ANYTHING, however, they could potentially provide indications of how Morgan behaved and interacted with others, the types of folks she was attracted to, the types that she avoided, etc... Yet what seems to be discussed with frequency are any unfortunates that may or may not have crossed a path with Morgan. Seems unbalanced imo. Like I said I don't know enough on how these forums are run.

Since you are a primary moderator and I read what I did, I felt uncomfortable, wondering if the forum had a modicum of decorum or principles. Wondering possibly how personal info could be used against someone if they said or were perceived to be a certain way, and who is in charge of that sort of interpretation. But that you so kindly stepped forward is really helpful Ken and of course you are human and it does sting to get stung. So again thanks for being a man and being so open to the questions that you do get asked.

Sorry for my long posts, am incapable of writing anything simply.

Lexington, I have to say I am very impressed with what you just said to Kenny. I thought you were just another of the ââ?¬Å?bashers” that have an axe to grind.

If you read more at or at you would see that these people really do want to find the person who killed Morgan. And, perhaps the killer does not read anything there, but maybe he, or someone related to this murderer, does. Or, maybe someone who has a clue to his identity does.

Truthfully, there have been things done by some that I didn’t approve of either. But honestly, if you put your whole life out on myspace or facebook, you can expect it to be scrutinized. At this point, we don’t know who might hold a piece of information to progress the case.

We don’t know. The three little words that are always there. We are just trying to make a difference. Some of it may seem bizarre if you aren’t there reading everyday. I am a local resident and I am the writer of the red messages. I’m perfectly well aware I may not be talking to him. But maybe someone in this area is reading those messages and maybe it makes them think. Maybe it will help someone remember something that will be vital in finding the murderer. Or maybe it will wake up some of the residents who really think ââ?¬Å?this can’t happen to them.” I also know some might think it odd to address him as ââ?¬Å?Red,” but, it made him real when he was nameless and faceless.

I’d like to think that some of this has raised some awareness of the danger that could be here for some residents who prefer to live in the bubble of complacency.

There are very few things we can do to help. We are not a cult. I’m involved because I fear for our community that this murderer may be back at some point to do this again. I’m there to help the Harringtons anyway I can. I’m a writer. That’s how I help. I try to help make others think. If I jog the memory of one person that may have seen the above suspect locally, everything I’ve done is worth it.

Everyone, please, do what you can to help find this person. Thanks for listening.


I agree it shouldn't matter whether the suspect is green yellow blue white black brown ,justice needs to be served. And by releasing the sketch,hopefully we or should I say the police, are one step closer to solving this horrific crime.

Blink Development GROUP, LLC. What's that tell you?

Deleted by moderator.

S Jones, you really need to get some professional help.

@Kenny, SJones needs to feel important, obviously, but if you keep rising to her bait, she will continue to fish in the pond. TRUE, the Hook moderator needs to keep a tighter reign on her posts so the rest of us don't have to scroll through her garbage, but we can't control that. We can control what we do. Just ignore her, I am sure most of the other posters are doing the same due to her complete babbling most of the time.

@SJones, do us all a favor and take your rant with Kenny somewhere else. It's off the subject matter (the article) and really has gone beyond bickering!

Whateva, SJones is a guy. No more bickering from me. I am finished. Take care!!

Correct me if I’m wrong, S Jones, Virginia Tech is a Virginia school, and, from other things you have written I gather you do not live in Virginia. No one owes YOU any explanations. As for a national expose, I doubt seriously that any national news outlet is going to want to take up your attacks on the administrator of a non profit forum for a missing and later found murdered student of the school in question. This last post almost sounds like a veiled threat.

I do protest, however, that you are allowed to continue to post on this board since the majority of your posts recently are completely off topic and incendiary for the most part. Webmaster, I respectfully ask that you stop this before your advertisers consider pulling their ads. I live in Charlottesville. It is an embarrassment to read. This is the last time I read here and I am sure it will be for others.