Emmylou Harris coming to Paramount

news-emmylouharrisEmmylou Harris poses with local musician Dave Matthews and Elvis Costello.

Singer-songwriter-legend Emmylou Harris will perform at the Paramount Theater November 20, Starr Hill Presents announced today. During her 40-plus-year, 12-Grammy-Award career, Harris has collaborated with artists such as Gram Parsons, Roy Orbison and Linda Rondstadt. Harris' new album, All I Intended to Be, is her first solo album since 2003.

Tickets go on sale July 9.

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S Jones: "We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!"

Another great announcement yesterday: Avett Brothers playing the pavilion on October 17!

When is the Paramount going to book Dr. John?

Norman Blake would be a good show.

Saw EmmyLou at the Paramount in 2004. Also remember when she played at the Prism Coffeehouse in the early 70s and people couldnt get in. Even then we saw how she was destined for greatness. Sadly the Prism is no more.
Norman Blake may have played there too. I do remember seeing him at a concert at Walker School sometime in the early 80s.
Speaking of the early 80s, anyone here remember the Cris Williamson and Meg Christian concerts back then sponsored by some group affiliated with the UVa Women's Center? They were at Western Albemarle, and they also sponsored a Holly Near concert there( of course she has played more recently at the now defunct Gravity Lounge).

The Paramount needs to book the great Gladys Knight. She was scheduled for an August date in the sweltering Pavilion a summer or two ago, and the show was cancelled. I think it was a bad match of venue to artist. Please Paramount, try to get Gladys Knight -- the TRUE Queen of Soul.