Man charged with grand larceny-- of books

news-lambertStephen Thomas Lambert.

Stephen Thomas Lambert, 23, is charged with one count of grand larceny after University Bookstore noticed that $19,000 worth of textbooks were missing. Store officials discovered many of those titles for sale on a site called

Lambert, who is listed as an undergraduate in UVA's College of Arts and Science, was arrested June 30 and is out on bond. He's scheduled to be in court August 5.

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Halsey Minor should cut his hair like this kid. That might solve all Halsey's challenges...

Books? Only in Cville do people bother with those. LOL Like "i reed boox" HA HA ha

Here is the problem. This article was advertised in the Wednesday's Daily Progress as publication on Thursday... but on Thursday there was no mention of the article in the Daily Progress's website. Nor was there any mention of the article on Friday (allowing the Daily Progress a day's lag to try and sell newspapers with the extra story before transferring it to the web.

Because of that... the lack of follow up details.... it's all a moot point. Toss it in the waste basket because we no longer care.

Well, that's certainly...creative. Wouldn't be the first person I guess to steal from work then try to resell the items on the web.

He could have bought a haircut with that money!

Sounds like a prime candidate for the truTV show called "World's Dumbest Criminals". What goes through the minds of these people when they think they can sold stolen goods on the Internet without being caught?

My bad... meant "SELL stolen goods!"

This is a "Recession Crime." UVa students used to be from affluent families. Who would ever have thought a UVa student would have had to do something like this to make money? When times are tight, people stoop do doing things to get money that they ordinarily wouldn't have done.

Often, people engaged in "steal and return" crimes are addicted to drugs. It is relatively "Easy Money" for small, weak criminals.

Maybe I'm missing something here- I though you had to have some sort of intelligence to get into UVa.....perhaps a deeper study of the parental guidance here would be in order.

Perhaps "money talks and BS walks" at the admission office......