Keswick Vineyards benefit for Daryl Bagley

Keswick Vineyards manager Daryl Bagley and his family need your help.

The folks out at Keswick Vineyards will be hosting a benefit auction for their vineyard manager, Daryl Bagley, who was recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Bagley has worked in the Virginia wine business for 25 years. The event will be held this Friday, July 9 from 6pm to 9pm.

“Agricultural work doesn't always leave one in the best financial circumstances, and unfortunately Daryl does not have any life insurance to support his wife and girls,” say the folks at Keswick on their website.

The silent and live auction will include some rare wine lots (including signed bottles by Dave Matthews), great packages from hotels and B&B's, professional chefs, and cooking classes.

Jazz musician, Joshua Walker, will be playing live all evening and Harvest Moon has generously offered to cater the event. For more information contact the vineyard at or 434-244-3341.

If you are unable to attend the event and would still like to contribute to Daryl and his family please mail checks (payable to Ann and Daryl Bagley) to Keswick Vineyards at 1575 Keswick Winery Dr., Keswick, VA 22947. For credit card donations click here.


I hope this is a heads up for all of us moms and dads to get life insurance.

My prayers are with Mr. Bagley and his family. Unfortunately, the rest of of us probably don't have such good connections to raise money for us should the unthinkable happen- so get life insurance!

I don't work in the insurance industry. I am in the military, though, and I have seen plenty of younger men die and leave behind wives and young children. The family of a soldier who dies will get $550k, but that won't go very far if he has a family.

My 20-year term life policy for $500k costs me just $24 a month. I guarantee that most of us are able to find at least double that to insure our cars, and probably triple that amount for text and data cell phone plans.

There are plenty of quote sites available online. To anyone supporting a family- do what it takes to support them if you were to die tomorrow!


Nothing against the military, but that death benefit is one more example of how well we actually do try and take care of our soldiers. Very few jobs would offer such death benefits for the average Joe.

I am sorry to say most of the military Vet's would have far less in their savings account if they died at a normal age. 550k would pay off the spouse's home, and pay for in state college tuition, books, and housing for her children just fine. Given that a house payment is not needed, she should be able to save something of her own.

Yeah, I agree, it's great. Beyond the death benefits there are a lot of programs and organizations for support. I counsel that it's not enough for someone with a family, though.

I am not arguing we need to increase the military death gratuity and SGLI- just that people have to take responsibility for themselves. A man dies at age 35. Figure he owes $250k on the house, there's $300k left. If your kids are at the age where they have 10 years left at home, that's $30k a year in support to your family.

If your spouse gets a decent job or remarries, no worries. But if your spouse is a stay-at-home mom whose best job prospect is $30k (and paying a day care), she'll need more. That is why I spend the small amount of $24 a month- 3 lunches at Subway- for a term life policy.

Anyone with a family needs to seriously think about getting life insurance. It's no fun to think about dying- I usually only do so when in turbulence or cleaning my gutters- but we have to do it.