Tony G's opens in Ruckersville

Chef Tony Bonanno fires it up at Tony G's Grill in Ruckersville.

Former Northern Exposure chef Tony Bonanno and Carmello’s George Hatzigeorgio have teamed up to create Tony G’s Grill in Ruckersville, which opened right next to Boot’vil in the old 29 Truck Stop space on June 27. Hence the “Tony” and the “G.”

“Tony has always been a good friend of ours,” says Hatzigeorgio, “so we decided to go into business together. It will be like a more affordable sister restaurant of Carmello’s.”

Hatzigeorgio says they’ll be open for lunch and dinner, serving up burgers, steaks, seafood, Italian dishes, and cuisine from the rest of the European continent as well.


The lunch menu is VERY small and basic. The dinner menu appears to have much more variety.

Rolls were served at room temperature. I would have liked hot bread. The chicken marsella tasted like some one opened up a can of franko american gravy and poured it over chicken with a few canned mushrooms. The house salad dressing was a strong mustard like taste. I will not go back. I will take my 33.00 and go to Bone Fish.

Tony G’s is a breath of fresh olive oil in Greene County where they still think good food must come on a bun. There’s a lot of $80,000 Audi’s driving around here, now. It’s about time a Greene County restaurant stepped up to par.

The Carpaccio is so divine, it popped-up on the menu of a famous local restaurant. The steaks are like butter; and where else are you going to get a 22oz ribeye for $21.95? The pizza Margherita is the closest thing to real pizza you’ll get south of New Jersey.

Somebody else on this post is making noise about paying vendors. That sounds like a personal problem. The guy who owns this place has been in the business for thirty-five years. I assume he knows what’s he’s doing. And that’s enough for me.

I go to a restaurant to eat. And the food is great at Tony G’s. It’s a C-ville-class restaurant that happens to be next door to a saddle shop.

Welcome to Greene County.

I went there and ordered a ton of things off of the menu for a small get together. There was only one thing out of four appetizers and five entrees, soup etc., that I would go back for; sadly, it was the onion rings.

The mussels had not even been properly cleaned. You could smell that they weren't prepped enough to even taste. I may give them another try way down the line but Greene is so centrally located, I can get to many great restaurants within 15 minutes. There is no reason to feel compelled to compromise when you want a decent dining experience or a good reason not to cook.

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