Restaurant Week is here. Make your reservations now!

restweek-logo21 These illustrious participating restaurants are offering three-course, prix fixe menus for just $26 from July 12th-18th, 2010. Click on their logos below to check out their websites and/or menus for the week. Please note that reservations at each of these fine establishments is strongly recommended. So check their listings in the Hook's Foodfinder and give ââ?¬Ë?em a click or a call. For more information, check out the Restaurant Week website at

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Well if they're filling the seats at that price, more power to them. But to really entice me into trying the higher-end places it would have to be $15 or so per person. If the food is that good I'll be back, occasionally.

If you're that cheap, then they really don't have much to gain by enticing you do they?

I would think what they're going for is to entice you to eat there this week and get you hooked. Sure it wouldn't be an every week meal, but a treat once in a while.

Ill have 12 Mcdoubles and.. 9 Mcchickens.. and ah.. 3 value fries and I quess 2 small cokes. Yes, thats to go.

I tend to agree for most involved, but those are dangerous words here.

Not pricey at all, if you compare the $26 to the restaurants' normal prices. I think $26 is about where the demand curve meets the supply curve.

It's a separate thread to discuss whether $26 is, in general, a reasonable price to for a 3 course dinner.

I think restaurant week is a great idea too. I was just considering the total bill by the time you take drinks and tip into account.

If you have the inclination and can afford to participate in
Restaurant Week, please do. It does help local businesses.

Mcribs I have had plenty of meals in the 15$ range and less, every bit as good as 95% of these restaurants involved, in and outside of Charlottesville. Why,in Ann Arbor this month I had a half a rotisserie chicken, steamed veggies and rice - enough for a two full meals - with a salad and bread for 13.25 + tax. It was good. Had and entire rotisserie with apples and potatoes in Barcelona routinely umatched in Charlottesville from an organic freshly killed chicken. (Gotta hate the Muslims and their attitude towards meat huh? )

Charlottesville dining is expensive for what you get as a rule and sarcasm doesn't change that.


This is what I meant about it being dangerous. I have a right to say that for most of the restaurants involved, I think 26$ is a bit pricey for what you get. I don't care what they normally charge and I didn't say having a restaurant week was a bad thing. I'd kinda like to see more fixed price menus out there.

All of which IS completely on topic to an announcement about restaurant week.

$26 for 3 courses is a great deal at some of the restaurants, like fossett's. it isn't a good deal at others.

Still sort of pricey.

Hot dog!

Mediocre, overpriced food in an authentic pretentious atmosphere.

What's not to like?

Golly. Pass the mustard; this $26 slice of bologna needs a bit o' spice.

Folks, if you don't like the price or the pretense that's okay--no one is forcing you to spend $26. It's getting a little obnoxious the constant harping on local businesses trying to drum up some business, i.e. doing what businesses are in business to do. And it's completely off topic. The topic here is not whether the $26 is a good deal or not. The topic is that, objectively and in reality, certain restaurants are offering certain foods for $26. This is really an announcement, not an ongoing or terribly compelling story with many shades of gray.

Bodo's is my speed. :)
You can read The Hook while you eat.

$15 a person, ahahahaha... It's 2010... Do yourself a favor and grab a chair at Woodgrill, bring your bib, p.s. It's in your price range... Around $13, unlimited courses... Make sure you get a couple glasses of Franzia in before the feast.

McRibs comment is exhibit A for why so many restaurants are business failures.

But (s)he's right about one thing: it's 2010. Unfortunately for him (or her), that means that people have less money to spend on overpriced food.

$15 a person? Do yourself a favor and go to one of the area's retail grocery stores and make the delicious meal yourself. It's fun and most of the time it will be better than the overpriced and pretentiously tiny portions many area restaurants serve.

Here's the deal: there is a glut of over trained kitchen talent in the area. There aren't enough diners willing to shell out over $15 per meal to sustain this glut. This is why restaurant week is such a bandwagon; these restaurants are desparate. You'll notice that the blue moon diner, regularly busy and quite tasty, is NOT participating.

mcribs will continue to look down his or her nose at those of us that actually have to think about our budgets and curse the cruel fates that led to the unemployment line......