Snap: Moon over JSL swim meet

news-swimmoonSwimmers and parents watch the action.

The July 14 Jefferson Swim League matchup between the Farmington "Frogs" and the Boar's Head Sports Club included a nice crescent moon overhead. Despite Farmington's status as the home team, Boar's Head won 594 to 503.

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I'm more of a Fairview type guy--19 time, 19 time, 19 time.....World Champions! It's all about the ringzzz!!!!!!!

Is Hawes more of a Farmington or Boars Head kind of guy?

I enjoy these photos quite a bit. They remind me that there are real people living real lives around here, and it's not all multi-million dollar half-finished hotels or complaining political so-called activists. From swim meets to snow shoveling to, yes, even patriot crop circles.

Thanks Hawes.

A swim meet at Boar's Head with Farmington is considered "real world"? Bad example, though yes, I like the pictures here too.

What does it mean to be more of a Farmington or Boars head kind of guy? So, I guess if you are a Farmington type person then you are out of touch, wealthy, and should be paying higher taxes? But if you are a Boars Head kind of guy then you are a more down to earth, genuine person just because Boars Head is not as exclusive as Farmington. Typical stereotyping...

No, I just wanted to know if he was there supporting Farmington or Boars Head.

But thanks for providing the socioeconomic context of these affiliations. Typical stereotyping ...

I don't know about everyone else but asking what kind of guy he is does not imply what side he was rooting for. For example, you would say, is he laid back or go getta type of guy? You would not say, is he a yankees or mets type of guy?

JJ Bean is the John Wooden of local swimming. The only question is - when will Fairview's streak end?

And McNamera, would a swim meet between Gordonsville and the City be more "real world" for you??? The JSL has been doin big things in this area for years now - and thats about as real as it gets playa.