X Prize finals begin for Kuttner's cars

cover-edison-promo-shotThe finals stage of the Progressive Automotive X Prize kicked off on Monday with three of Edison2's Very Light Cars in competition. As previously reported, the futuristic cars, made by a team of top automotive engineers and mechanics at Oliver Kuttner's Lynchburg-based company,  are the only ones remaining in the $5 million mainstream category. Finals at the Michigan International Speedway last into next week, at which time surviving vehicles will be sent to a lab for validation. Winners in the three categories, if there are any, will be officially announced in September. According to the Edison2 blog,  all three cars have passed the initial technical inspection and are preparing for efficiency tests Tuesday. Other updates are being offered on Edison2's Facebook page.


Takes money to make money- and he will win the $5MM and we will never see a production car

git 'er done!

Best wishes !

Oliver's two mainstream entries (4 seats, $5 mil prize) will be running the highway portion of their trials at 2:30, which can be watched live here: