Police abandon high-speed chase

A Sunday afternoon pursuit of a motorcycle that hit speeds of 100mph through Augusta and Rockingham counties is abandoned “because of the extremely reckless speed of the motorcycle,” Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller tells the News Virginian. Police are still looking for the driver of the orange bike, described as a thin, white guy wearing a multi-colored helmet, orange shirt and multi-colored shorts.

Two weeks earlier, a state trooper pursued a 67mph-in-a-45mph speeding teen through Charlottesville at 3am at speeds reaching 100 mph, until the youth crashed on Avon Street Extended.


How about the mighty Dodge Intrepid? Coppers used to like those with the 3.5 hemi, right?

That's like the Subaru Imprezas the French police drive. Can you imagine that here in America? The bad guys would just ram those off the road with their stolen SUVs. I would like to see one of those French Imprezas with those ramming thingies our guys use mounted on the front of it. That would be like a clown car you'd see at the circus.

Yes, I have seen it. Can hardly wait to drive one.

The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor wasn't suppose to be sold to the public either. But civilians could buy them all day long with the right connections.

So GSOE, what's the opinion on the Chargers with the HEMIs? Just curious...

Look for him in Crozet. All the other psychos are from here. That includes the fellow who drove the wrong way while drunk on 64 a few weeks ago.

Guess the cops shoulda had faster cars, huh? Oh wait...

There was a day and time I would have accepted an Intrepid and thanked the Lord for it! Back in the mid 80s the city sheriff bought 4 of the 4 cylinder four speed Chevettes. It was the funniest thing ever seen in this area. Well, except we had a female deputy, so they had to buy her a 4 cylinder with an automatic transmission of course.

They were suppose to be used for civil process service only. But it wasn't long before we ended up transporting prisoners to and from the local courts in these sardine cans. We didn't even have prisoner cages between the front and rear seats. Most of the time the prisoners ended up sitting in the front seat just 6" from my firearm since I am right handed.

They lasted a few years before they all started blowing up. IMHO, it was just a press gimmick anyway, the sheriff was saying, "Hey voters and taxpayers, look at me, I am saving you money!" The day I picked up my Chevette I had to turn in a fairly new low mileage Ford. It was auctioned off for pennies on the true dollar value. Yeah, we saved the taxpayers money! Uh huh, sure! It cost the city a fortune for these little 4 banger cracker boxes. :)

If a city was really interested in saving the taxpayers money, they would be buying the V-6 Chevrolet Impala police package instead of the gas guzzling V-8 Crown Victorias. In city driving they get twice the mileage the gass guzzling Crown Victorias get.

HEMI is just a name today. They are not a true Hemi like back in the old days. True hemispherical engines haven't really existed for a long while now in Dodges.

IMHO, the Charger is a very dangerous car in the hands of cop shoppe rookies. Most don't have the ability to handle a car capable of going 146 mph. Especially on public highways.

Jake must be busy chowing down on some crow.

It's not pathetic at all. A street bike is going to outrun a police cruiser on anyday of the week, hands down. A bike slows to make one turn and can hit 60mph again in under 4 seconds. 2 ton cars don't stand a chance against 400lb motorcycles.

This thread won't let me post a link, I have tried 3 times, so I will try the wording from the link. :)

Muscle car aficionados are quick to point out that the HEMI engine featured in today’s vehicles is not a ââ?¬Å?true” hemi engine. However, it is important to note that these engines do have partial-spherical chambers, and is at least 35% of a sphere. Today’s engines are designed to ââ?¬Å?tumble” and ââ?¬Å?swirl” the air and fuel together in the combustion chamber for the most efficient mix possible. These combustion chambers are easy to recognized, as most are kidney-shaped. The so-called ââ?¬Å?true” hemi engines fell out of favor by engineers because it became almost near-impossible to design those engines in such a way that they conformed to fuel efficiency and emissions standards. These newer designs, though they feature a partially-spherical combustion chamber, are much more efficient and improved.

Nice try, Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller!!

They "abandoned" the high speed pursuit ONLY because the bike outran the cops and they had lost sight of the motorcycle.

Ain't it pathetic?

The 6 cylinder Chevrolet Impala 9C1 police package has a top speed of 139 miles per hour (0 to 60 times, 8.53 seconds).

The Ford Crown Victoria with a 3.27 axle will achieve 129 mph (0 to 60 times, 8.88 seconds).

The Ford Crown Victoria with a 3.55 axle will achieve 120 mph (0 to 60 times, 8.42 seconds).

Dodge Charger V-8 police package, 146 mph (0 to 60, 6.0 seconds).

Dodge Charger V-6 police package, 137 mph (0 to 60 mph 8.64 seconds).

You can see the dog in the crowd, the Crown Victoria. :)

Even the Chevrolet Tahoe police package beats out the Crown Victoria. The Tahoe will do 133 mph (0 to 60 times, 8.33 seconds).

Any time you hear a cop say he got his Crown Victoria up to 145 and 150 mph in a pursuit recently, you have met a natural born liar. :)

Source: Michigan State Police Police Vehicle Testing

Did anyone listen to the radio traffic on the scanner? If you did you would realize that he did out run them, but not before they were able to identify him. Immediately following the pursuit they ended up at the subjects sister's house and the went to his parents house. The radio traffic indicated that the kid was wanted by the police and had a revoked license.

Good job State Police and all of the agencies that assisted.

Jake just hadn't clicked on the news link and read it. And because of that, he was wondering where I get all this insider information from. :)

I will admit I don't like links.

No problem, Jake. But I knew all about this pursuit and the fact they did not voluntarily break this pursuit off long before Gellar ever made her press release. :)

Even after the cyclist outran them and was no longer in sight, they still ran around like chickens with their heads off. They therefore had now become the menace to other motorists on the highways.

Dang thanks for the engineering lesson G-bag that was very informative. I always wondered what a hemi was.

There's a lot more information out there on the Internet about what a true Hemi engine was. And it certainly wasn't what they now call a Hemi in a 2010 Charger or Challenger.

This may be true. But you have to admit that the commercials Dodge came out with to advertise the Hemi a few years ago were pretty danged funny.

Well, now the guys on motorcycles know what they can do to avoid a ticket. Although perhaps not a tree.

G-bag is right they did'nt abandon squat they just got out ran. The juiced crown vic's the cops drive are a joke compared to the modern two wheeler these days. I used to ride and beleive me the cops hate crotch rockets and look for any excuse to pull you. They know the bike is much faster than they are and they hate you for it. But I never once heard of one backing off in pursuit. Most of the stories I heard the bike gets up to a buck twenty ya know maybe buck fiddy and then you tuck it in a strip mall real quick and watch em go by. Ahh the good ole days so I hear.

@GSOE - Have you seen the 2011 RWD Caprice PPV? This will be a police-only (no civilian counterpart) vehicle: http://www.chevroletcapriceppv.com/#home

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Jake, go read the News Virginian link above.

quotes from link:

1- The pursuit moved north to the town of Bridgewater, where the rider topped 100 mph. Troopers scrambled to get to head off the rider on the area’s winding rural roads and often lost sight of the bike.

2- The rider took his motorcycle in circles in Bridgewater before heading back into Augusta County, where he was last seen on Route 649.

Chuck, repeat after me, the cops didn't break a thing off.

The pursuit ended after they lost sight of the motorcycle.

And the pursuit only ended after they lost sight of the motorcycle.

I see Geller pulled the wool over your eyes too with the surrepticious wording in her press release. :)


Provide evidence that the police lost sight of the motorcycle please.

Bikes are a menace

" HEMI is just a name today. They are not a true Hemi like back in the old days. True hemispherical engines haven’t really existed for a long while now in Dodges."

This statement is not true. Hemis are Hemis. Dodge still uses them. They are not some magical set up only used in the 60s. Today they are used in a whole lot of applications. Almost all of your 4 cylinder engines, Toyota, Honda, Nissan etc are Hemis.

It's good that they just let him run...

...unless he later murders your gentle Uncle Ben, in which case you would learn that with great power comes great responsibility.