Titus Andronicus

Yikes, these raucous New Jersey indie punk rockers have been coming through town with such frequency lately that it's getting hard to continue coming up with reasons for you to go see them. Let's try the guilt trip approach this time – they're clearly one of the hardest working bands out there right now, and they still find time between the tours to make concept albums named after Civil War battleships which owe Springsteen a beer or two because of lines like "Tramps like us, baby we were born to die" (which, it should be noted, is probably itself outdone by The Hold Steady's "Tramps like us, and we like tramps").

And the punk-rock friendly sub-$15 ticket price here becomes especially compelling when you also figure in Free Energy, the energetic and absurdly hook-heavy up-and-coming power pop band which sometimes appears to be poised for success the way Titus themselves were in late 2008, in large part thanks to the label and production support of modern disco party animal James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem.

Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus