Police nab motorcycle chase suspect

A 21-year-old Rockingham County man suspected of being the culprit who led police on a 100mph chase through Augusta and Rockingham counties July 18 is in custody on unrelated charges. The alleged biker has not been charged for eluding authorities in a "reckless" manner, according to a Virginia State Police release, and he won't be identified until he's officially charged, say police.


Gasbag will begin his criticisms of how the police handled this matter in 3..., 2..., 1...

50/50 he'll take your bait, chuck


Thank you for the antacid.
We hope you Gas remedy works every time.

Wow, been over 24 hours and gassy still hasn't taken the bait...must not be a very interesting story.

Since you guys miss my input, let's get it over with real quick so you can move on. Let me decipher this latest press release for you....

"We may or may not have our man!

If he is our man, we don't have enough evidence to place the felony charge of eluding cop shoppe cars against him yet.

We think it's in our best interest to not attach his identity to this press release since we can't prove he is our man! We could very well end up getting sued if we falsely accuse him!"

Too bad more cop shoppes aren't this smart and use a little of their gray matter before releasing the name and picture of a suspect to the media.