Cops say private school teacher attempted to steal over $750 in toys

Dannette Rogers, a teacher at Stuart Hall school in Staunton, has been accused of attempting to shoplift over $750 in toys from a WalMart store, according to various news reports. A cached version of a school directory shows Rogers as a pre-kindergarten teacher, but the live version of the roster is missing her name.

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Toy prices certainly have risen since I had children. Carrying $750 worth of toys - what could possibly cost that much ? And with all the security cameras in stores how could anyone imagine they could get away with this? Stealing toys, I can see food, money, clothes, but toys ?

Hmmmer,if you think she should be given the toys, why don't you volunteer to pay for them? Or are you just another liberal, happy to give away what doesn't belong to you?

these may be the best comments anywhere on the internet.

Nancy, "shoplifters" roll shopping carts around inside the stores while placing items they want to steal in plastic bags they have brought with them. When they get ready to leave the store they hope employees will assume they have already checked out and paid for the items since they are already in plastic bags. More often than not, this tactic actually works well if the security guards in the store aren't doing their job very well. Sears sure seems to catch a lot of people attempting this trick! :)

This is actually nothing new. I don't even think it can be blamed on the economy nowadays. Teachers, cops, firemen, doctors, nurses and all other professions have been shoplifting ever since I can remember. The last city cop I recall getting caught and fired for shoplifting was over something as simple as a music CD. And you may or may not know about or recall the local doctor who was accused of stealing shirts at J C Penney a while back.

Hey Wog, I woulda kicked his ass anyway

So Tony, what crime family are you in now - government, business, or law?

When I was in high school we used to slip Mad Dawgs 20/20s down our baggy cargo pockets, buy a pack of gum, and walk out. Never had a problem.

I can't believe I ever drank those things.

Hey, Tony. My dad was what you refer to as a "punk" manager in a store for over 40 years. When he was in his 60's, he caught and restrained a man-size teenage boy who was shoplifting in the store. Before he was able to wrap him up, the boy punched dad in the face several times, but dad held him until the police got there. Once the police had the boy under control, my dad said "Hold him and let me have one lick" which they did. That was cool with the cops, but that was back when cops were cops and men were men and not theives who steal and brag about it.

If someone wants $750 in toys that badly, I say, just give her the toys. That's kind of sad. LOL.

I knew who these people were....

"Skin is a engineer, Ween went into publishing, Trap owns his own painting company and married rich woman, Dirty Dave is a public defender in Cville, Fu is probably either dead or in jail."

Skin isn't really an engineer though, is he?!

Fu is doing fine.

Every time I look at this site there's some know it all comment from the aptly self named GBSOE. I'm not even going to bother reading the Hook anymore. Someone needs to get a life--or better yet a job. And, if they have a job, they ought to be fired for not doing it, unless, of course, their only job is to post this junk. If you know so much, host Jeopardy.

Hmmm, you are correct sir! there are not any aircraft in this factory, just frozen food so my engineering shingle only helps a little here.

Good to hear Fu is doing fine though.

Hey ireadthehook.....sWhat if she doesn't have kids? What if the judge just what her to just pick up trash for a couple of months? Let us know when it's all right with you to proceed........

And then there were the bozos a few years ago who pushed a couple loaded grocery carts out of Food Lion, and got caught when they met an employee who noticed them trying to take unbagged groceries to the parking lot.

Time to testify!!!!

My hoodlum friends and I (Ween, Trap, Skin, Fu, and Dirty Dave)used the ol bring your own paper grocery bag in with you trick to steal lots of beer and steaks back in high school. One time we saw a large cooler for sale and we filled that with beer and steaks and just walzed out the door. Hell, if some punk manager saw us we just dropped the goods and ran, never to use that store again.

I guess I was a screw up but things have turned out well since.

Skin is a engineer, Ween went into publishing, Trap owns his own painting company and married rich woman, Dirty Dave is a public defender in Cville, Fu is probably either dead or in jail.

If you're going to put someone in jail for stealing $750 worth of toys, what does that cost the taxpayers? Spend your money on building jails for incarcerating people who want to steal toys for their children to play with. I don't want mine spent on it. I'd be willing to help pay for her $750 worth of toys!