Snap o' the day: Stuck truck o' the day

snap-stuck-truck1Around 9am on University Avenue, the eastbound lane was blocked.

Another over-10-feet-high vehicle hears the siren call of the 14th Street bridge, fails to heed its warning signs, and becomes a casualty of its low clearance.

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Sometimes when you walk over that JPA bridge next to the chicken restaurant, if you stop, you can hear people talking underneath the bridge. :)

Strongest bridge in town. Built in 1901. American Bridge Company. The JPA bridge over the tracks built in the late 30's is the worst.

Rating on the JPA Bridge 2 on a scale of 100

Distracted driving ? Difficult not to hear that siren.

Highway worker I talked to at the JPA bridge said, don't drive on that bridge if there is a heavy truck on it, not safe, scary .