Birthday memorial for Morgan

news-findmorgan-stitchedSupporters of Morgan Harrington and the Harrington family will gather Saturday, July 24 on the Copeley Road Bridge memorial at 11am to mark what would have been the young woman's 21st birthday. Harrington disappeared after attending a Metallica show at the John Paul Jones Arena on October 17, 2009. Her remains were discovered on an Albemarle County Farm in late January. On July 1, state police revealed that forensic evidence linked Morgan's case to a 2005 sexual assault in Fairfax. Police released a composite sketch of a man who may have committed both crimes, but do not know his identity.
Saturday's event will feature the release of 21 balloons carrying mini-flyers with the sketch, and cake will be served on a grassy area near the bridge.
The birthday memorial will be the second Morgan related event this week. Today, Friday, July 23, the First Annual Morgan Harrington Memorial Golf Tournament is taking place at the Hanging Rock Golf Club in Salem, Virginia. Proceeds from that event will go toward construction of the Morgan Harrington Education Wing at the Orphan Medical Network International village in Zambia, Africa.

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Hi Mr. Jones
It's me Janie, I'm real. You said very nice things I will always remember and for that I say thank you very much..most people don't take time to be caring as you are for others. If you don't believe I am me then ask me whatever so you can feel better. My mom is from Memphis and I have lots of family there. Maybe we are related! I wish. It hurts my feelings that some here think I am hurting you. I am not. Take care Mr. J, even if you too ahve your doubts about me. Janie

Is S Jones here? I'm taking all of my posts to The C'Ville Weekly's website. I don't like how keeps shutting down discussions here!

I'm sorry, what "authorities" would be interested in someone using someone else's user name on an online comments section?

And that exchange about Memphis landmarks reminded me of the conversations held between Norman Bates and his mother.

"Janie" is pretty obviously not really an incoming freshman. That still leaves the question of which of the other posters it is, but the writing style makes that pretty easy to spot too. I've been messing around with some open source stylometric analysis software and using posts from Hook articles as data. Individual posts tend to be short, but some posters have left a huge volume of text none-the-less. Some surprising and pretty funny preliminary results. I'll be keeping that to myself though. Wouldn't want to be the local party pooper and I'm no expert in the field anyway. It's relatively easy to do if you just gotta know.

Blue Skies and Fed Up, the forum will probably come back around. Not suffering withdrawals at all. Matter of fact its been kind of refreshing not to put up with trolls like the two of you. Wasn't 15 minutes of fame. I am certainly not going to delete it because I have nothing to be ashamed of. I was speaking the way I felt. For people that do not want to hear anymore about Morgan you guys sure do spend a lot of time reading about her. But seriously, you guys have no idea what people have done to help this family. Have you guys ever lost anyone to murder?? I have!!! I know what my family had to deal with. Seriously, it doesn't make any difference to me what you guys say about me or anyone else that wants to support this family.

Never thought I'd put this all in one sentence...but...Way to go Kenny, Campy, Ariaes and SJones!

Just choked on my scotch.

Why is everyone so sure that this monster had to have known the location where her body was found. It would be so simple for someone to pull up Google maps or something like that(complete with topographical information...i.e. streams, hills etc.) to find a remote location to do what he did.

I agree with Jean, I think this guy is smart, calculating to a fault, and EVIL.

To Samuel:

I think that UVa has a type of anti-drinking program to encourage students not to drink during their senior year. Students sign a petition. And it's been very successful. But you make a good point.

If the crime scene photos were ever released by her
parents, that would make an impact on people who drink.
That may sound morbid. But right now, it's like she
drove from Roanoke to Charlottesville, went in to JPJ,
stood on a bridge, and then her bones were found. That
isn't going to have any effect as far as keeping people
from drinking.

If the actual photos of what her parents saw were
released. THAT would have an impact.

I realize that they're waiting for a trial to release
those, but what if there never is a trial?

To Janie: the media and public are fascinated with the murders of Morgan Dana Harrington and Yeardley Love. The reports about murders of some people get good TV ratings for various reasons. I'm sure you can google both names and figure out why. Harrington was from an affluent background and Love was a college athlete. One reason that Love isn't talked about all of the time is that there's a $150,000 reward offered for the capture of the killer of Harrington.

I feel that criminals always know other criminals. So the guy who killed Morgan Dana Harrington surely knows other criminals. Criminals talk to each other. Eventually, something will happen between criminals.

But will the killer of Morgan Dana Harrington live to be caught? These guys often kill each other in crimes between criminals.

Jean, you missed your calling.. you would make a great P.I. ... interesting posts

Mallorie is right. This is familiar.

Reading the "dialog" between S Jones and Janie reminds me a lot of the fake dialogs that were posted on the Hook blog when a certain local chicken farmer to the stars was in the news. Despite the LA coincidence, I'm not saying the same person is responsible, just that the approach, from obvious sock-puppeting to weird comment section meltdown is strangely similar. I wonder now, just as I did then, why the authors, editors, and/or moderators allow that to go on.

Maybe I don't understand the modern small town news organization, but if this were my blog, last night's performance would have made me start my day by doing anything I could to permanently block the responsible parties from ever doing that again. Someone clearly needs help, not a public forum to abuse and destroy until he gets that help.

Blue Skies

Just for the record, I do not have a problem with your opinions about this case. I read many forums on Morgan, and would say I actually am in agreement with your views more than not. Never the less, when it comes to some posts your sarcasm obscures your point. It seems you no longer have an opinion about the case only the person. I have no idea who Kenny is, and certainly am not a fan of anyone on these forums, that is not what this is about. My opinion only---it gets a little hostile, and it shouldn't be that way. We are all after the same thing -- finding justice for Morgan. Right? The tone of the comments here can get pretty unpleasant at times, and that just isn't necessary to make a point, share an opinion, or question a comment. Having said more than intended, I will go back to "reading only"

To areyouserious?:

Tell us what "appropriate comments" should be only permitted for people to try to solve a murder case online. We'll wait for your answer.

SJones, LOL...there was no question, just a positive comment. Its ok... Anyway, staying positive here, please everyone take a look at Gil's blog. You can read it at fm or on the fb page. This is a perfect example of what positive is...On Morgan's birthday, her car was given to better someone else's life.
Taking this break from the forum has given me the freedom to focus on some different aspects of this case. The golf tournament which raised money for OMNI International, the positive activities on her birthday, which by the way, includes three UVA students and their father who insisted on changing my flat tire in 100 degrees plus Charlottesville weather. Alot of negative happens in this dysfunctional world and there are some not so nice people out there, but we learn to regognize the good amongst the bad and try to make a positive out of a negative. None of us is perfect, but most of us aren't all bad either.

Her cell phone was also left behind, and the battery had been removed. Obviously, someone knew that if the cell phone went with her, the police would be able to use it to track where Morgan Dana Harrington went.


I don't know if he put that much thought into it. But it's clear he tried to dispose of things by scattering them around. Maybe even trying to shift accusations to a "townie" or student. He might have thought about the cell phone pings but I think he acted in anger and passion first. I don't think this is some underachieving individual. I think this is someone who has a hatred of women based on values or image. I think he is intelligent. Look at where he placed Morgan's body. He placed her in a secluded field where she wouldn't be discovered for a while. He had to know about the location because it's not one you would stumble upon or see from the road. It's probably accessible if you have four-wheel drive or maybe a commercial van(if you look at the satellite image, you can see tire tracks). Yet it's not one you would randomly or hurriedly select. If he was 6 foot, he could carry a 20 year old women over several fences to the location. So I think he knew the location. Why would he know the location? He either lived or worked there. Possibly he knew someone who lived there and had visited several times or had an extended stay at their residence. It is possible he could have been involved in building or providing a service at one of the nearby homes.
Back to the purse...if Morgan dropped the purse in the parking lot or wherever she was abducted. Someone else could've picked it up in hopes of finding valuables and then dumped it when they finished with it or discovered that it belonged to Morgan(trying to avoid a criminal charge or connection with her murder).
For the record.... I would like to see this creep behind bars. I was just as interested in Alicia Showalter Reynolds and the Silva sisters. Morgan and the rest of these innocent females were just going about their lives when an animal spotted them as "prey". There's no point in spending energy discussing "woulda" "coulda" "shouldas". We need to get this animal off the streets before he hurts or kills someone else.

SJones, Your comment to me, "I never believe in pilling on, so please do not put it the group that way". Not sure what you meant by it. I was simply saying that each of the four of you had said something I agreed with. That's all. Next time I'll write four separate messages...or after the day I have had, none at all.

For the record”Š. I would like to see this creep behind bars. I was just as interested in Alicia Showalter Reynolds and the Silva sisters. Morgan and the rest of these innocent females were just going about their lives when an animal spotted them as ââ?¬Å?prey”.
It was the Lisk sisters and Sofia Silva.

Point taken SJones. Just get tired of seeing some get targeted for having a difference of opinion however it doesn't need to be aired here.

Morgan stands alone for who and what she was and I see that and her as positive. Her murder is atrocious and someone will pay.

So I'm done with commenting here.


Blue Skies, I don't have a fan club nor do I want one. Nor do I care if you like my style or not. Like you said we are all different. We have a unique style as how we say or word things and that's just the way I happen to speak. SJones is correct, I do wear my heart on my sleeve. Have always been that way when something is important to me. This family happens to be very important to me. Anything that is written on a public forum will not change the way I feel or what I may or may not do. I appreciate the fact we live in a country that we are able to speak freely as you and I did today.

Aries46: Hell no I am not going over there are you kidding?

SJ: How do you know they haven't done the new moon reenactment and just didn't inform all you sleuths?

I do not know what the "New Moon" situation refers to.

Yes, crime sells newspapers and gets hits on newspaper web sites.

If this dark-skinned looking man did kill Morgan Dana Harrington, wouldn't he still be in the Virginia-Fairfax area? With the job market as bad as it is, a person can't as easily be moving from job to job as they might have 10 years-ago.

I am sorry for the Harrington family but isnt it time to let Morgan rest in peace? I know its hard to go on with the thoughts of what happened to her but until there is someone arrested for this,i am tired of seeing something on the internet about her birthday,this is a time for family to think about her but we all dont need this pushed in our face every few weeks...God Bless Morgan and family....I hope your murderer is arrested or meets his doom soon!

Completely disagree with you, James... I feel it is most important to keep Morgan's name front and center. Not only is this therapeutic for the family and friends, it is critical for keeping law enforcement, University and public service agencies mindful of the real danger in this community. The lapse in oversight of "security" for our citizens has been just one important aspect brought to light through this case. If we were to stop talking about it, there may be no further steps taken to prevent this tragedy from happening to another family.

How will we feel about apathy when the next victim is struck?

I estimate this articles gets 80-100 comments.

I understand why the family is doing what they do, and releasing 21 balloons with the composite sketch of the guy who was linked to her case via forensic evidence from the Fairfax case is a neat idea in my opinion (providing of course that authorities are not mistaken in interpreting the forensic evidence, whatever that evidence actually was). The only thing that makes me pause is the continued focus on Copeley Bridge. There is no definitive proof that Morgan was ever in fact hitch hiking on that bridge, or that it really was the last place where she was sighted. She may never have been there at all. So that's the only thing that gives me pause, it the continued focus on Copeley Bridge, and choosing to make a scene on that bridge.

You say enough is enough of Morgan. The Harrington's need to go away. The memorial needs to be torn down.

I would like to know who made you click on this link? It clearly stated Morgan Harrington.

For the posters out there who don't get how this works. NEWSFLASH!

The more you click on links related to Morgan the more articles the hook will write. It's common freaking sense. So quit your whining and move on.

For the rest of us, we will continue to read and support the Harrington's because THIS IS NEWS. PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN THIS. Thus the articles. Thus the thousands of supporters for the Harrington's. Thus the hook continuing to keep this story alive. Thus the hundreds of comments.


I am not sure why people think that cameras at stoplights are more like video cameras. A camera at a stoplight is only used to detect vehicles so that they will give a green light to the direction a car is waiting. The only place that I know in Virginia that Red light cameras are allowed to record people running redlights, is Northern Virginia. Each locality has to be approved to install redlight cameras.

"Richard July 26th, 2010 | 11:01 am

Kenny, while you may be ââ?¬Ë?abroad’, can you work on getting that forum of Morgan’s up and running?"

How come Richard, are you going to join us there?

I think everyone needs to look forward and not backwards. We are here for the Harringtons and Morgan, we need to find her killer(s) and put the to justice.I think it is great that people all over the world are interested in Morgans case The only people that feel of bad energy are negative people.Let us all look forward and see what we can do to put this monster where he belongs,behind bars and sentence him to a lifetime of misery, so that the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up and the last thought to enter his mind before he goes to sleep is, what he did to Morgan,and that he did NOT get away with it .Justice was served once and for all

to amanda hill

thank you for your comments. You are so right in what you say we should look forward and negative people should go somewhere else and harnish their negative energies. The People of Virginia need to understand as i'm sure they do the quicker this guys is taken down the safer their kids or even themselves will be. it's wonderful to see so many people comment on here is support of the harrington's and importantly in support of swift justice. I hope everyone can work together to bring about the end of this creeps reign of terror. I hate all guys that commit crime against women. Women are god's beautiful creatures, better than us smelly guys and I can't stand cowards that prey on those physical weaker than them.


I think the reason Morgan Harrington gets more coverage than yeardley love is because Yeardley's killer's been caught. Morgan's case is in progress and that means many poeple like yourselves and myself are drawn to the ongoing drama surrounding any major crime. Some of us feel deeply for Morgan because we are human and she did not deserve what happened to her and our heart goes out to her and her family. The only people that annoy me are those that critise the family or friends of the family for keeping morgan's memory alive and keeping her case in the public eye. It is the police themselves who have determined that they need the public to solve this case. They are waiting for that one call, well keeping it in the public eye could lead to that. Why do people who are in disagreement with this evn come on this page anyway. why do you read the articls you are so upset over. I just wish people could be supportive of those suffering a loss of a family member or friend or whatever the case may be and just be thankful that Morgan is not your daughter, sister, girlfriend and you are not the one suffering the heartache. I cannot tell you why I feel so deeply for Morgan instaed of 50 other mudered victims although I do feel for Vanessa pham as well. She seemed a bright fun girl who loved life. The fact though that I am from another country, says something about Morgan, for she has grabbed my attention and I feel a little down each day because she was murdered and because her killer remains free. Please people just pray this dos not happen to you and try and be human and understand what the harringtons are going through. there is not right or wrong way to handle a situation like this for any parent. sorry for any misplet words or typing problems I am hopeless like that and please understand I mean well in my comments even if it appears I am direcing anger in a certain direction.

Such nice words from you SJones... We need more sweetness in this world like that.

So many people are to blame for what happened to her and for her killer(s) not being caught. For starters, JPJ should have cameras in all areas outside the building. All traffic lights should have cameras. Her friends should have checked on her and not been so involved in the concert that they didn’t care enough to go look for her. Morgan should not have been drinking as she was underage.
And there should be cameras monitoring the cameras!

To Jean: You asked "What woman leaves her purse behind?"

I don't know. Her cell phone was also left behind, and the battery had been removed. Obviously, someone knew that if the cell phone went with her, the police would be able to use it to track where Morgan Dana Harrington went. I can't imagine someone attacking her in a parking lot in front of people, taking her cell phone out in front of people, and then throwing the battery out of the cell phone in front of people. It sounds like this person may have killed her and then later tossed the cell phone and the battery on to the ground.

Woah! are there people saying they want more cameras up at stop lights and all over the city for "safety"? In my opinion, that is taking it too far...and let's face it the city doesn;t care how safe we are, they just want to milk money out of the people every chance they get.
I know that having constant surveillence would help to solve horrific crimes, but it is ridiculous to subject innocent people to a police surveillance state because of a few bad apples out there.I am tired of hearing safety as an excuse for a big fine that comes in the mail when I make a turn at a yellow light, that became red while sitting IN the intersection!

I drive safely, sure ever now and then I speed, but I don't need or want constant supervision. I refuse to allow the scum of the earth who commit these crimes to turn us into a nanny state!

If people were punished correctly, even at the first crime they commit, I have a feeling a lot less crimes would be committed. Think about it, most minor crimes are given a fine, community service, or a slap on the wrist with a suspended sentence. If punishable crimes were actually PUNISHED, people would not reoffend--and they certainly wouldn't be emboldened to move onto violent crimes.

If we want to live free, without cameras and constant surveillence, we need to start with a tougher legal system.

I think it's rather obvious that this man is somehow connected to Al Queda of the Arab Peninsula

Interesting notion, Ireadthehook. I hadn't thought of that. Maybe it's true for some (e.g. Blink and her Insane Crime Posse Development Group), but some of the armchair internet detectives seem so into it that they would pay for a chance to review hours of JPJ security video or the like.

And why isn't Mr. Bass eligible for a portion of the money? The only developments in the case have come from him and the student who found the t-shirt.

Far as I can see Fed and Blue weren't making judgments as much as they were making observations. Last time I checked making discernments was called logic and reason hopefully.

What is with these folks that seem to think if anyone doesn't agree with them word for word they are lacking in compassion? It may be tasteless, but you have to figure the guy is putting it all out there in the public eye for people to see and not everyones gonna like it. Does that mean if we don't like it we're bad people?

He talked Elvis'uncle Vester's ear off. Closed a show for Ronnie Mc Dowell and got his 15 minutes. I didn't know this much about my husband when I married him. Maybe he's going through forum withdrawal.

This is to Blue Skies and Fed Up:

You know what is sad to me? It's the lack of compassion in your hearts. If you are posting on this news article because you cared about Morgan and her family, then you would not be casting judgement towards ANYONE who has been there during this long nine months. This is what is wrong with the world today. Does anyone have a heart left? Come on.... reach down deep, because only someone with a cold heart would stoop so low as to cast such judgement on someone they have never met.

Also, why derail a good discussion. Are we here to help or to hurt?

You decide

Fed-up w/ Blue Skies

Come on--you guys are big boys, Yes? If you don't like what is being said on FM, then why are you going there. Seems like you just like to make fun of others. Wonder how you would react if people began dissecting your comments????

For some reason this sounds all too familiar.

What I find intresting reading these comments is that there appears to be so many posters here crtical of Morgan's forums and facebook and the people who post there. Yet in the next sentence admit they have been to the forum or been to fb and read there themslves. Then they're also here rading articles on Mongarn. They are just as obsessed with morgan's case as those they criticise.

To Kenny/others who have problems with my post earlier:

I know how you are Kenny. I know how you feel too. I know how you think and decide, hope and wish and daydream okay? I know what you do and don't do with this family. I know how they love you and you have adoring followers. Because you told me and the world this. Good. I am glad you are feeling upbeat as all get out and beloved by many devoted to your newfound passion.

Good God you get a handful of people who don't like or care for your style or things you say and you and others go rabid in attacking and defending. So what Kenny? Is that a crime? The majority do isn't that enough for you? Or does everyone have to love you and agree with your devotion? I mean cut me a break Dude.

I don't care for your style. I don't know you and don't need to but you put yourself out in the public and if you are fronting for this family you may get people who don't see things like you do. I happen to read the news about Morgan and see all these connections and links that always seem to lead back to you, plus all the very vocal emotional baggage some want to attach to this case as a way to prove something to the Harringtons or somebody. There actually may be some people who don't like it or whatever because the devotion to Morgan is not going to solve the case. It detracts. You feeding chocolate to Mr. Harrington is a kind thoughtful thing, but why do I need to know this? And why should I stay silent if I find it odd or whatever?

I get so tired of anybody who reads and comments on this case who doesn't see eye to eye or being politically correct in some peoples opinion. We're getting attacked for even reading or caring about the case and disagreeing at times. Or we get attacked for diverting the news or others energies devoted to solving the case. Or we're told we are cold hearted and have no compassion and how dare we? As if what I say actually takes away from what other people do with their lives and time. I am interested in the news about Morgan and not your news Kenny. Okay? Is this a crime? Seems to be with your fan club.

I have not commented much here. I started following this case closely early on and read everything but frankly what turned me off about the whole thing is the so called followers of this case who can't take it if they are not seen in a perfect light. The comments I received after my post tell me I made the right decision. More and more I have come to appreciate the role LE plays in any criminal case and in the manner they attempt to do it.

Doesn't mean what you do doesn't work or isn't a match with Morgans family, but I and others do have a right to pay attention to whatever we read and make comments on whatever. Seems like we get abused for it.

people say this is a free country.That mean they are allowed to come here and be negative and question why people are here.Morgan has been murdered,it is a free country so the murderer thought, why not?!Gil and Dan has every right to try to get Morgans case in the media and newspapers.What would you do if you lost a loved one,sit around and twiddle your thumbs ??How can one not understand what they are going through

@JJ, we have met the low end of your number of comments prognostication!

Okay: I am /You are wrong/. I wrote under that name for Mr Jones to defend him and thought if I wrote under my real name people would think I was just being nice and standing up for him because he is my friend and has made himself a friend to me in a new town. So I will take criticism from whomever wants to give it to me. Sorry. But I stand by what I said.

SJones I am fine, now are you? MCC

i wonder what time they or him dropped Morgans body there,I mean are there lights there at the farm entrance I don't think so,how would the perp know where he was driving if it was dark?Unless he put on high beams,which could attract attention

This whole S.Jones and 'Janie' episode has been like some sort of horrible parody of an episode of Days of Our Lives....

sad. but agree, we need to stop with the weekly PR blitz. Her parents are entitled to do whatever they want, but it will start to look bad shortly. the police will continue to work the case, they dont need weekly press events and poems to do their job.

someone above commented these events help keep the university focused? on what? they dont investigate crimes and its silly to continue to try to tie UVA or the JPJ to the perp. havent we run out of basketball players, lacrosse players, frat boys, arena workers to blame? maybe it was just a random bad dude.

Dear chova,james
You are kidding me. What if it that was your daughter.They are doing what any loving family would do. If you just let the coverage go than life will go on as if nothing happened. Thats what this creep wants and needs. If you dont want to face reality that a serial killer is here in charlottesville then you are sadly mistaken. This community needs more awareness for the safety of our citizens and children.
My heart goes out to these and any parents who have this kind of tragic event happen in their lives. My daughter was sexually assaulted this year in our great school systems and I know from first hand experience no one cares about the victims so I know what its like and hope they keep going with the publicity until something is done and the pervert is found and sentenced.
There are no real programs in our area to deal with violent sexual assualt or even murder to help the families and victims in their time of need. We need to pull together as a community and not drop this issue and help each other in the times of need and support and not turn our back or cheek on the victims and their families.
This pervert is sick and will pay the price one day by "GOD ALMIGHTY"

Whatever the parents and community need to do to grieve is fine with me. Violence against women doesn't get nearly enough attention, and it's good to see this particular community actually dealing with it. I'm not questioning the Fairfax cops, in fact I'm shocked in a GOOD way that the they actually did their job on the old rape case, because in my experience police in certain areas of Virginia don't take rape seriously at all. But with that said, the Fairfax "community" must not have done enough to catch the rapist/murderer, because he's still out there, isn't he? If this much is what it takes, I'm glad it's being done. Let's get that roving serial rapist/murderer locked safely away from the rest of us.

Peace to everyone tonight. This was not Dan and Gil's idea. It was our idea to do this. Please do not blame them for this at all. I asked a few friends to meet this weekend at Copley Bridge to pray for justice. That's how this all got started. One thing led to another and other ideas started pouring in. The balloons and cake was to remember Morgan's 21st birthday but again it only started out with just a few friends that were going to meet. The golf tournament was not their idea either. It was Morgan's friend out of love that put that together. It was a huge success and every golfer there said it was the most fun they had in a long time. So again, I know it may look like Dan and Gil doing this but we are the ones that enjoy doing this for this family. They opened up their hearts and home to us and we all feel like part of their family. If you should ever meet them you too would see what we have been talking about. They are two of the most loving individuals you will ever meet in your life. Hope everyone is staying in out of this heat. Thanks to The Hook for agreeing to show up tomorrow.

thank you Kenny and Ariaes46 for doing this. I am sure this mean a lot to Morgans parents. Keep the positive vibe going please!

I don't pay any attention to the S.Jones and Janie posts. I don't think they want us to anyway. :)

Underage drinking is a huge problem on college campuses everywhere. It is also largely unaddressed by anyone appropo to that group by a peer or an example of a hard lesson such as Morgan's. There is MADD, which did a tremendous job bringing a focus that made a difference and grew to change laws.

Morgan drank, someone provided this to her. It impaired her and maybe to such a degree that it contributed to her death. Did her friends know this? Were they too drinking? As of now, this fact or not fact is swept under a rug. This could be a big lesson for kids under drinking age that there are deadly consequences when alcohol is sneaked and not monitored by anyone. To take a girl who used poor judgment along with many many other kids who do and did as well, and use this so that she can make a difference. Didn't she want to be a teacher? As hard as this is maybe her example will teach others what not to do.

Additionally, whoever gave this to her should be explored, why isn't it? Didn't that person contribute to a girl's demise in a certain way? Why isn't there outrage there? I'll tell you why---because everybody expects underage kids to drink. We all know it goes on and we turn our heads. We are turning our heads in this case too. We may not know alot of facts in this case but we know she got alcohol illegally. For shame that a blind eye is being turned!

In no way I am saying that because she drank, even irresponsibly caused someone to do what he did. No excuse there whatsoever. This could have happened to a sober woman, or man for that matter. Vanessa Pham was most likely sober, so it can and does happen regardless. However Morgan was not using the best judgment and drank. That she acted irresponsibly has everything in the world to do with too much alcohol consumption. This is fertile material to impact our kids lives and help them see if it can happen to a remarkable girl like her it can happen to them too. Just a thought.

Samuel, if Morgan was indeed intoxicated or drinking as you say this brings me back to the question I have been asking all along. How was this young lady allowed to leave the arena under those conditions? Adding to that she was also injured and it was reported that she had blood coming from her chin. No way should she should have been allowed to exit that building. Authorities should have been called on both accounts. Playing the blame game will not bring Morgan back but at the same time changes need to be made. Most of us have put ourselves in a position that harm could come to us but that does not excuse those that failed to ignore the obvious that night. If just ONE thing could have been done correctly that night we would not be here talking about Morgan's murder.

Kenny, good to hear from you on this. This is long, sorry in advance, and skip this for you who aren't interested.

You know I see what you are saying and yet it gets back into what we don't know again and 'shoulds'. Everything you wrote is right technically. Absolutely.

Let's say for arguments sake that the 'authorities' didn't see her impaired. That when she left the building she may have been 'holding' it together at that moment. Or that someone did say something and she blew them off as some others have said when they reached out to her--if that was her. Don't know how old and experienced the 'authorities' are, or even if they pay much attention at all time. Read an account that one saw her fall but saw no blood. Some saw blood. Most likely wasn't gushing, not to minimize the injury as many can be serious with no blood. For for the sake of argument, say she'd got the bleeding under control and stopped.

So let's say this happened, that she either slipped out unnoticed or by some other way. We have her outside intoxicated for a bit of time wandering. Ideally many would have stopped her and forced her to get help or got her help. But this is the problem, at these sorts of events it isn't all that uncommon to see people loaded or high and just make assumptions. Not knowing how old someone is or who they are with, that they don't want your help etc...Yet she needs help and is underage and at this point has lost quite a bit of power over her life and is in harm's way. (she could have been hit by a car if she was on a street intoxicated as well, not only nabbed). The issue is that a half child, half woman has lost her power to alcohol at least, even to negligent employees, almost doesn't matter for my point. Granted she may have been drugged, but the dangers of underage drinking also invite more dangers. So she lost her ability to manage her life through substances that are not deemed legal in that state. That is it in a nutshell. To teach kids that fundamental issue of being responsible for consequences---even if the laws are written differently in different states, or one is in another country, as with the Holloway girl, or wherever people that are supposed to pay attention don't. As I write it reminds me of the issue of sex and the possibility of pregnancy for a girl. How on one hand you want your daughter's innocence for her sake, and yet how do you convey how serious pregnancy/disease/consequences could be to her as well if she has sex? That she has a degree of power over her body and just how well does she get that, how seriously. It becomes more of a personal politic for our daughters here.

We know she was impaired pretty bad. Blaming JPJ and saying they 'should' have is a route basically the Harringtons are going to have to decide to take if they feel that she was neglected. I can't speak to that. I only know the very limited facts that we have. What could Morgan have done differently and not be a total victim in this? What could come out of this that kids learn from? What could she have done differently? Not blaming her in any way for making the choices she did. None of us are innocent in this in some fashion. It's not a safe world at all, nor will be anytime soon. So how do we teach kids where the line is and the role they must play in maintaining the balance in life and safety?

Everybody is saying 'we' need to make the world safer, keep our daughters safe, yet that is a slow process, changing laws etc.. and evil people aren't going to evaporate. How do we accomodate this and fight it? I say to attempt to continue to empower these kids by using experiences of others whose lives were forever changed by not taking personal responsibility. Maybe naive for me to say and surely easier said than done. Yet what does your group say about how to keep girls safer? What is you vision for this? What can our daughters learn from Morgan's experience?

If there was negligence which you indicate relative to JPJ and that is a known fact then really only the Harringtons can address this in my view with a civil action or whatever. I'm not sure it serves us as supporters to attack JPJ without more facts. We are grasping at straws here people. There are really so few facts. But Morgan was intoxicated. However much or little and illegally. That is something that can be worked with.

Sorry this is so long. One more point. What is missing from the public's point of view is what was going on with Morgan the last 5 or 6 hours of her life at the least. Where were they? Were they drinking in the car, where'd they get it, how much, was there pot? If so who from, and stop protecting and covering for those that contributed if they did. If this occurs no one learns anything. No one is going to crucify these kids for doing what we all know most every kid does. But we know nothing. Did they go to a party, did Morgan receive phone calls from a guy earlier and on and on......

The public has been asked to help by the family and their PR firm. We are trying, our hands are tied, tell us more because more is there. It must be or it wouldn't be kept so secret. I find it frustrating to no end to try to suggest things only to be told some are negative or want to hurt someone or aren't beating on doors, putting up fliers, selling T shirts, or showing up at birthday parties. You know some of us can't. Chances are most of us aren't going to locate the killer, somebody may, but the majority of us aren't. The cops will do this as they have the info, authority way of seeing it. Just to say 'we have to get a rapist/murderer off the street' is rhetoric to me.

Yet the primary focus stays on the one responsible and evil. Ultimately it is his fault no matter what! He must be found, but maybe divide up other aspects of Morgan's night and break it into workable pieces, such as what she could have done differently. Again sorry this is so long, wanted to get all my points in before work. Thanks again Kenny for responding.

Several people have wondered what good is coming from this case other than funding for Omni International etc. Safety issues for young women has been the focus of many supporters of the Harrington family. They and Morgan's parents have participated in several events that support women who have been raped or who were victimes of violence. Morgan herself had been involved every summer with a group called "Forgotten Victims" which focuses on helping children who are affected by violence in the home.
Other positive activities have included The Harrington's visit to Capital Hill to lobby for federal funding to find missing adults, for which there currently is none.
Some beauty is rising from the ashes here. Hopefully this cannot be criticized...

Let's get back to solving this case. A madman is roming the streets and school is starting soon. Not enough is bein done here to get this monster off the streets. Our children are in danger. Wake up poeple. This is for real. I agree with Ariaes that this case is goning cold fast. The good people here are work hard for ths killer to brought to justice. If you arent' with us then you aren't for us. So whose side are you on anyway. Who care if she drinking!


Did you contact the authorities because of someone impersonating you or Janie in this, or another article's, comments section?

"Ok I am off line in 3 minutes have athorities to speak to!"

Yes, the University of Virginia must be more vigilant about the safety of its students. ... maybe even set the standard for all VA universities. I am not implying that we need to "tie" this crime to UVA or JPJ, but this is the location of the disappearance of a murdered girl. We need to do all that we can to raise awareness for safety for our citizens, and most especially our young, vulnerable students.

chouva...I think the comment about keeping UVA focused refers to keeping them and the community focused on the fact that a killer is still yet to be found. Safety for the community is the number one reason the Harrrington family is keeping this case front and center. They are normally quiet, private people. But please no more victims!
By the way, when Courteney says "supporters of Morgan Harrington "and the Harrington family" will be there, she means that Supporters of the family will be there. The Harringtons will not be at the bridge for this event. Many friends of the family and supporters will be there. I think the golf tournament today to raise money for OMNI is enough to sufficiently wear them out...100 golfers! They can recover and recognize Morgan's birthday tomorrow privately and in peace.

The issue here is whether U.Va. needs to be more vigilant about the safety of concertgoers at JPJ. I don't know. If someone wandered off from a show at the MCI Arena in DC and disappeared from a DC street and was later found murdered, would people complain that security at the venue was lax?

it won't look bad until the killer(s) are found. this should be the most important story / situation in the town. a girl was murdered. argue all you want, but you will look like a chump if you don't support the prevention of something like this ever happening again. Peace be with you, Harrington Family, and don't stop until justice is served. from the little i know about Morgan, this is exactly what she would want!

The police say they say found a DNA link between a rape suspect in Fairfax and evidence gathered in the Harrington case. If it was a cop/FBI agent(s) from Fairfax with access to that department's forensic files who murdered Morgan Harrington (maybe the same cop that some suspect murdered all those other folks in the Fairfax area), of course he'd plant some of that DNA he got from the evidence lab on Morgan's body. Of course, that scenario will never be investigated. That would discourage cops from killing people and framing others for it.

It's funny how people try to put their anti-death penalty feelings in to posts, like: "put him in a cage for the rest of his life." This is someone who MURDERED someone, crushed her bones, and possibly brutally assaulted another woman, and they just want to put him behind bars for life?!

Anyway, my points here are: if Morgan was killed by the same guy who is in the "drawing," did she get in to a car with him?

Would he really have just attacked her in a parking lot and then dragged her dead body in to a car?

If she had gotten in to a car with him, then why? Was it to use drugs?

Was Morgan a drug-user?
Was Morgan a drug-addict?

My last question is this: Is this topic something that has prevented the case from being solved?

But with that said, the Fairfax ââ?¬Å?community” must not have done enough to catch the rapist/murderer, because he’s still out there, isn’t he?
Well, Fairfax "County" has over a million people. Are you really suggesting that it's surprising that an area with that population has unsolved crimes?

Happy Birthday Morgan you will always be lovingly remembered

Hey, I'm just saying that this guy is still on the streets because Fairfax failed the last victim, even though they put forth SOME effort. And that's the key - you can gripe that the Harringtons are doing too much, but obviously whatever EVERYONE has done so far ISN'T EVEN ENOUGH. So if you want to gripe, it should be about people NOT doing enough, not the other way around.

Here's another thought for you -- most of the time, composite sketches aren't even made of "mere" rapists until they've already terrorized a neighborhood. I remember one city didn't bother getting a sketch of an inner city rapist until he had raped something like 13 women in a short period of time and the police were hot under the collar to get him locked up. We haven't heard about the circumstances behind the Fairfax case -- why did they bother to do a sketch? Did he already have a dozen victims behind him?

You can say Fairfax has a million people and so "of course" they have unsolved crimes. Well, that's a pretty serious crime to leave unsolved. If you want those kinds of crimes unsolved in your community because "of course" every community has unsolved crimes, then feel free to enjoy that guy wandering your community, free to rape and kill you/your daughter/your mother/your wife/your sister/your cousins. But if you don't want to leave the crime unsolved, then I'd suggest people stop griping about the Harringtons and do something constructive for a change.

I’d suggest people stop griping about the Harringtons and do something constructive for a change.
You mean, like having a balanced and reasoned perspective on things, rather than a tabloid mentality? I am confident that you are aware of the well known finding that people who tend to watch true crime television shows and follow notable criminal cases tend to significantly overestimate crime levels and the probability of being involved in a crime.

Thank you Yes.

are those ballons going to be green? who is responsible for recycling them when they come to ground? will they go into the gulf? should we boycott the store they were purchased from, even if they were made in china? I think they should be local ballons, support your local ballonary. maybe boars head should have been hired, they have big ballons.

Give it a rest Jean.

O.K. Enough bashing. This guy is a predator. It was a crime of opportunity. Morgan was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This guy is smart, confident, and experienced. I don't think he has had any prior brushes with the law and flys under the radar. He was looking for a lady victim that was alone and fit his type. He's 6 foot and probably very strong. From the violence both victims experienced, he's driven by anger. We'll never know why Morgan made the decisions she did but unfortunately this animal was out there. All the bickering in the world will not bring her back or give us answers about her actions. We just need to find this guy. Let's face it, JPJ could be safer. But our country is not like it once was. We have many people from many different countries who do not share the same values as we do. We have vast numbers of criminals and our law enforcement and legal systems are overwhelmed. We have to watch out for ourselves. It's just not safe for women to be out by themselves late at night. I don't like it but it's the truth. It's the same reason we are more careful with our kids than our parents were in their day. The World is a different place. The victim in Northern Virginia was a women carrying groceries and walking home at 10:00pm on 9/24/05(Saturday). He grabbed her from behind and carried her off to what he thought was a secluded area by a pool and playground(see July 6th article in the Hook -Is this Morgan's Killer). Thankfully, it wasn't and someone startled him. The victim thought she was going to die because he strangled her and she passed out. She was visiting a devout Muslim family and spoke possibly Urdu. A witness (Diane) said she thought she was Pakistani or Indian with dark hair. Even though Morgan is not middle-eastern she may fit his type of victim. She resembles Googoosh and is symbolic of the freedom women enjoy in western culture. If he surprised Morgan from behind and dragged her in a vehicle, she may not have had a chance. I think this guy is a student possibly working on or recently completed a Doctorate. I think he has a family member, friend, or associate, who is Muslim, who lives in Charlottesville. He may have spent time at UVA or in the neighborhood finishing his dissertation or collaborating but I believe he lives and works in Northern Virginia. I think he was a student at GMU at one time and that's why he is familiar with both places. That's my profile. I know it's different but check it out and see if you come to the same conclusion.

And the assailant demonstrated his opposition to Googoosh’s ââ?¬Å?western ways” by almost killing a Middle Eastern woman who was walking home from the grocery store and had not attended the concert, and who apparently comes from an observant Muslim family?

And then four years later, the assailant killed Harrington because she supposedly looked like a 60-year-old Iranian pop singer?


Did she go to the concert? Did Morgan go to the concert? Maybe she was not observant enough to the perpetrator? We didn't get a
description of how she was dressed but I doubt she was wearing a hijab.

And then four years later...? We don't know if there was a gap
do we? He might have committed crimes elsewhere? He could've been out of the country?

Think outside the box and don't let PC keep you from looking at a real possibility. This may not be a "black man" as everyone in Ch'ville was so quick to assume.

But our country is not like it once was. We have many people from many different countries who do not share the same values as we do.
Right, that amazing period when the U.S. had a homogeneous population who all shared the same values that "we" do. When was this, perhaps before the arrival of European settlers?

We have vast numbers of criminals and our law enforcement and legal systems are overwhelmed.
You do realize that crime rates have dramatically declined over the last 20 years, right?

Boo, just wanted to say that I feel confident that the bridge is the last place that anyone seen Morgan, as her scent was picked up there by the search dogs. That is PLENTY of proof for me. So I feel ok going to celebrate her life and memory there. It was a beautiful day and I do not see how we cause a 'scene'' or 'commotion' there at all. We are always respectful of the traffic, and the joggers, or walkers that use the bridge. Perhaps you might go have a look at this beautiful memorial site and see that it is tasteful, not disrespectful or a hindrance to foot traffic at all, and maybe you will feel the love that we all feel when we are there.
Mom of Three, yes there were many factors that could have played out differently that night, as you speak of, but let us not play the blame game. The fact is, Morgan's scent was picked up on the bridge, this has been known from the beginning, whether she was in fact hitching a ride, we may never know, I have my doubts on that, and I do not believe Morgan got into a vehicle willingly at any point. My personal belief, my personal opinion, we are all entitled to one. The problem I have here is no-one believing she was ever sighted there, even if the person(s) who claim to have seen her there were lying, the pure fact is, her SCENT WAS there. That is good enough for me to support the family in going to this bridge and honoring a young lady I cared about.
And as Kenny said, this was not the family's idea, it was a group idea, a way to honor Morgan on her special day, to keep people aware, because complacency in our society is dangerous.
My own children get upset with me when I remind them of the dangers out there,I still do it, and I will still remind others as often as I am able about the danger that lies in this world of ours when you are complacent. I would like to see young women empower themselves because of Morgan's story, I would like them to be aware that there is a danger in their community, and take action. And if that means we go to that bridge once a week, once a month, whatever, and these young women are safer today than they were yesterday because they hear Morgan's story I will keep on with it!

Yes, thanks once again for being the voice of reason here.

This tidy little America is a concept. Now go see where you picked it up and do your homework. Clearly Yes gets it.


You wrote: "I think this guy is a student possibly working on or recently completed a Doctorate." Wow, I just don't see why you would say that. Why would he need to do this to get women? I see this person as possibly being a homeless drug-dealer.

Okay, I see what Jean is saying.
Anyway, maybe Morgan Harrington's "friends" didn't care what happened to her. Maybe they had had a disagreement of some sort. No one seems to know for sure.

How could this suspect have attacked Morgan Harrington in a heavily populated area, and then loaded her in to a car? I think she willingly got in to a car with him. And why would she have done that? Why would she have willingly have gotten in to a car with a man who was this much older than her, who looked nothing like her? What would they have had in common?

If this actually is the right suspect.

When will that site be up again? Please get it running again asap!!!!

There is a reason that sports arenas and stadiums do not let people back in once they have left arenas: for the safety of the people who are already in!

You are visually checked for bombs before you enter. You are also scanned sometimes, to make sure you don't have a weapon or a bomb. You're told that you can't re-enter once you leave.

If sports arenas and stadiums are going to start letting people leave and then come back in, imagine the danger that could put people in who are already seated and inside. You could have people going in and out, back and forth, and the ticket-takers outside could easily loose track of who has been inspected for possible weapons and who has not.

I hope this episode doesn't cause UVa to be lax and change it's policy!

How could this suspect have attacked Morgan Harrington in a heavily populated area, and then loaded her in to a car? I think she willingly got in to a car with him. And why would she have done that? Why would she have willingly have gotten in to a car with a man who was this much older than her, who looked nothing like her? What would they have had in common?


If she willingly got into a car/van with him, why did they find her purse in the parking area? What women leaves her purse behind? I don't think he asked. He attacked the first victim from behind. I don't think he's much into to talking to his victims. His first attack was quick and brutal. Why do you think he took his time in the second one? It doesn't fit. He doesn't lure. He strikes.

Who is Morgan Harrington and why is she more special than other peeps that have been murdered? I am new here in C'ville and it will be my 1st year@UVA. what's the deal? There was just another murder here of the lax player, she isn't displayed all the time. What's up?

Richard. No I am not God. I don't see where anything in my posting was in anyway wrong. It was well thought out before written.
Explain to me how me stating that JPJ should have cameras in all areas outside, traffic lights should have cameras, Harringtons friends should have checked on her, and Harrington shouldn't have been drinking could possible mean I need help??? You are beyond ignorant. Good thing we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Anyway, her parents, friends, and relatives have told the public so little about her, how can they expect the public to do much to help solve the crime?

Kenny, while you may be 'abroad', can you work on getting that forum of Morgan's up and running?

I really like the comments by Jean!

Jean seems to have a high IQ and is very original. Most comments concerning Morgan Dana Harrington are simply about praying and the family's "2-4-1" ritual. Jean's comments concerning the murder mystery are more interesting than 99% of the comments I've read on various message boards!

To S Jones:

You wrote: "But, I have been asking for re=enactments for 5 months under a ââ?¬Å?New Moon” not a full moon."

What kind of re-enactment? Do you want Metallica to come back and replay the entire concert, and have 12,000 people re-attend? What are you talking about exactly?

Thanks for all ya'll that answered me. I researched to and found a bunch. Morgain fits perfectly in the "missing white woman syndrome" and also the "damsel in distress" tropes. I had no idea that asking that ? was gonna lead to all of this.

Morgain ought to be added to the wiki page on missing white girls. They talk about the missing girl being a sacrificial symbol and I read about her parents talking or saying somewhere as her being a sacrifice. Its definitely a phenom. A really sad one, but looks common enough throughout history. Even the myths had this feature. Now the feminists are on it. So maybe alot of the disagreement here about Morgain getting all this publicity is from that sector. Or from minorities and truthfully rightly so. No offense please as I am just saying what I think.

I am here getting ready to move here in the fall and this has helped me put on a more sober attitude about my first semester here. I am not too happy about it but grateful to all of you who are concerned and care. Howver I am coming from a large city and I can see both sides of the story. Cause it does seem unfair for a lot of the children and women and men who aren't getting noticed and people wanting justice for them.

This is a beautiful town and everyone is so nice and helpful. I personally don't think these very few crimes will hurt UVA. Especially because Y. Love's death was more like a battered woman sort of deal. C'ville is the greatest!


You should know that UVA will do anything it can to protect it's image. And they can tell local media what to cover, and what not to cover. Last Fall, that included suppressing any evidence that might have connected Morgan's disappearance to anything UVA - even though it is here where she vanished. The UVA president even refused to sign the Letter of Condolence to Morgan's parents penned by the VT president after her body was found.

They didn't tell you or your parents at orientation that another UVA student dropped dead at a frat house last April, did they? They also were probably not too talkative about how Ms. Love was previously assaulted at a frat party just weeks before her death by Mr. Huguley, did they? Nor did they tell you that he had assaulted a teammate just weeks before that, did they? That was part of the code of silence at UVA back then, as it is now. BMOC's like Huguely get away with stuff like that here. You should know this now, and be forewarned.

What they want you and your parents to believe - along with everyone else - is that these tragedies were isolated incidents that had nothing to do with anything other than "gender violence" or needles in a haystack. The reality is that they are covering up a huge peer pressure driven culture of late night intoxication that is punctuated with all sorts of drugs and violence. There is much, much more of this than you will ever read about in the media. The UVA cops are told not to speak about such things, and they do as their bosses tell them like employees do. Thousands of UVA students graduate 4 years later as full blown alcoholics with serious drug habits that have already done them damage and will be tough to kick.

You will notice in a few weeks time that there will be only one place for the dorm residents to go and drink at night, and those frat parties will offer unlimited amounts of free liquor to teenage women like you. There will be other things offered you also. Not taking part will earn you scorn from those who think they are atop the social ladder quite quickly. I've had classmates at PVCC who transferred to UVA, my roommate goes there now, and I've been around here for 7 years now. I hope you have the self confidence and good sense to have fun, but to also be aware that there are lots of dark traps (and dark people) at UVA that many who have come before you have fallen into thinking it was all harmless.

I wish you well, but hope you are informed and aware that these habits have ensnared many that came before you. Mr. Huguley was a very popular dude on Grounds and in the corner bars. Buy some pepper spray, never walk alone at night, and beware the frat house charmers with their intoxicants. Good luck.

Ariaes46, pot calling the kettle black imo.

He's a connector!

Fortunately, the only other event that these people can reasonably have in Charlottesville is the one-year anniversary of the disappearance. Anything beyond annual remembrances at that time would just be bad taste.

Was over at Morgan's FB page and among the many birthday wishes and celebrations, ye olde mod of the now gone forum is on her FB page in discussions talking about himself again and how Morgan gave his life purpose in 5 verrrrrry long self revelatory descriptive paragraphs. Bet it will be deleted within the hour.
Sad it took a woman's death to do this. However there are those that eat this stuff up with a spoon and see this ongoing saga as..oh whatever....refreshing that the Hook sticks with the story and facts.

I think that it's not such a bad thing to talk about how Morgan brought purpose to people's lives. I have yet to see where that is such a bad thing. She's made a difference in a lot of peoples lives that is no secret. I find it more "tasteless" to knock down a good thing such as being compassionate, than I do seeing someone who atleast has a heart. There is such a thing as if you do not like it, ignore it, don't read it if it bugs you that bad, but to knock down someone who atleast has a heart and some compassion to go with it, really shows me the character of the reader. Thank you Ariaes and Kenny for having that compassion. A little sure does go a long way sometimes. Yes, Morgans Birthday was a very beautiful celebration, sad, yet beautiful at the same time. The sense of family was unbelieveable. I will never get tired of doing what I can to support the Harringtons be it in Charlottesville or anywhere else. I will never need anyone on any blogs here or elsewhere to tell me why I am there, or why I should or should not be there, my mind was made up 9 months ago. No family on this earth should ever have to endure what they have gone through with Morgan's death. This fight, is for Morgan and all the other victims out there. If I had to be the ONLY one standing on that bridge or among 20 or 30, I will do it. I will be there. I was there, I was glad to be there, and I will never forget it. Blue Skies I do not mean to degrade you or anyone else on here. You are free to your opinions, I only wish we wouldn't continue to make this about Kenny or FM or ourselves, and just concentrate on finding who did this. It is just that the more bickering that goes on here, the less that gets done. I do not post here often but I do read here, and you are right, the hook is good for stickin to the facts, so, lets stick to them and keep it goin here. I'd like to see more of that. I am only one reader but there are thousands out there. I just prefer to read here. I won't post here again, I just wanted to say how I felt from the outside lookin in so to speak.

On the River,
Actually discernment is a judgement, OTR, and there is a way to make "observations" that are not as "SNARKY" sounding as Blue Skies and Fed Up, don't you think? I realize I comment very infrequently, but the comments seemed "personal". Maybe it was just me.

I just read the news and felt like commenting on what I saw. You know there is a place in the world where people support care show concern and all of that for others. Morgan in this case. I feel for her family but that doesn't mean there isn't a place for criticism or OBSERVATIONS even if they sound :snarky:. Don't have to take it personal or think I or others have bad minds. As for me I don't lead with my emotions. I HAVE lost a relative to violence. Sometimes I may even joke about it to not cry but I sure as heck would not let you all see me do this. It is MY way not YOUR way. How I see and interpret things is my deal. So stop judging me. Discernment is not judgement IMHO look it up. There is soem differences between them. So what if
others see and experience this different than soem of you? It may be our way of coping with thing as we do read about Morgan and want the latest news on the case. What is with soem of you?

I should have said supplying chocolate to Mr. Harrington. LOL I was thinking of feeding the dogs as I wrote that.

deleted by moderator

My two cents There is a website for Morgan. There is a charity for Morgan. Her murderer will be found--this is real. The family's pain is real, but only time will alleviate that. What about other unsolved murders in Virginia. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to help the famiies of other young people in Virginia-maybe some of this energy could spill over into that?? It would be good if some of this energy went to supporting other families. Opinions?

Amanda Hill typed in: "To all of you that post negative comments about Morgan and the Harrington’s,please try to be positive and smile, because you are on camera!"

I don't know what a "negative" comment is regarding this unsolved murder. The parents put themselves and her unsolved murder in the news, over and over. This invites comments on websites. There is a reward offered. This invites comments on websites. The parents are trying to get the public to help solve the case. To help solve the case, the public has to explore many possibilities. Just typing in "let's pray for Morgan Dana Harrington" a million times may be positive, but it's not going to help solve the case, at least not in my opinion!

So S Jone is in Los Angeles? Not enough missing girls on the West Coast to become obsessed with?

Said I wasn't going to post again, but see the further comments and don't want to get anymore going. Just to say to some, and in particular, RU Kidding?? I see where you're coming from man. I can get sarcastic and irritated at times and it comes out hard. I feel a similar way to some of the die hard fans--just as I can be sarcastic, I find some of their sugar coated sentiments cloying and frankly ridiculous at times. But that is just me and not some truth that the Universe is hinged upon okay? Plus I think people get liking or idolizing the Harringtons mixed up with attempts to get justice for Morgan. One doesn't follow the other necessarily and some of this pandering to the H's almost invites criticism truth be told.

I would probably like Kenny if I met him, but just from some of what I've read, and Ken I know you're reading and it ain't personal Dude, but it isn't my style. Not for running a forum or whatever. That being said, HE is the one that ran one, not me and should get all the credit for that. I just have a hang up with all the emotionalism and as SJones rightly said, heart on the sleeve stuff. But hey Kenny whatever floats your boat. Not being sarcastic here either. Still Dude, that FB stuff looked freaky to me, to me only okay, and just my take on it. Clearly you have what it takes and know the H's and at this point it is none of my business and I'll leave it at that. Best of luck and believe it or not I do care.

Hey Mr. or Mrs. SJones,

You have been very caring about me and my life to be here and that means a lot to me. Thank you. I just got in from partying with no alcohol hahah, but saw a lot of it. I am going to be fine I hope here and I love it here, and I hear what everyone is saying about being careful. The truth is that drinking and light drugs like pot are in every school, high school totally. If you don't get thru high school not knowing your weakness and get to college you may be in some trouble. My dad knows I am gonna drink. He told me to not mix it with sugary drinks or let boys give it that way to me. To watch my drinks and never leave them alone. My parents are old and I'm the youngest and I think they are tired of parenting cause there were 5 ahead of me ;) which wore them out they say. But one of my sisters and two brothers went to Ole Miss and believe me they party hard there. I visited and was shocked even though I feel fairly sophisticated for my age.

I wish I had a parent as caring as SJones worrying about me because why should you? You don't even know me. If you knew me maybe you wouldn't feel that way hahaha. But actually I met some really nice guys tonight and was with my girlfriends and we all stayed together all night. I think it's gonna be great here. I will follow all the advice I am getting here too. This is a good place for advice and thank you to the ones that seem to be so nice to me. I hope you all remember to stay safe yourselves because no matter what your age or gender any crazy person could be around. I think these sort of crimes could happen anywhere.

I am so embarrassed. I am sorry Mr. J.

Hey Mr J. !!!!! Corky's is convenient but not the best-for me anyway. Tops is under rated and very good, cheap too. Rendezvous, great ribs but they don't have unsweet tea! Get mad at me if I ask for it.:+. Do you remember Justine's? I love Memphis and visit alot, do you get there as I believe you live elsewhere? I swear Mr J, I would bet you would know my family they are so large and have been there so long. I am 6th generation. I bet my mom and dad would know yours as every one knows evry body there. I am guessing you are their age and have no idea why I say that, lol! Sorry if you aren't. Okay gotta go, but take care and thank you! J. PS: not too tough.

But to catch a killer like this, you have to be a criminal and live in the Central Virginia world of robbery, mugging, drug-dealing, and even murder. Seeing as how I don't committ any crimes, myself, I don't have any contacts. So, that means I don't have any way to get info. :)

LiveGreen July 28th, 2010 | 9:18 pm

Jean, you missed your calling.. you would make a great P.I. ”Š interesting posts

I agree with LiveGreen. Jean's posts are more interesting
than 99% of the posts on various boards about the Morgan
Dana Harrington murder!

You know everything quieted down here over the last day or so and seems like ppl took a deep breath and got a grip. Then Cookie Jar leaves some strange nondirected sort of provacative post of >fake< and then one of the moderators JMe comes back to stir it up again with Mr. Jones. He has tried his best to be as nice as he can be and keep a low profile and you just seem to want to get the conflict going again. Can you all just let it go and yeah you were dumping Mr. Jones into a group to bash another poster and don't do this to him. When is enough enough for you ppl? Geesh!

Hi SJones, I'm here, had to finish something, now they are using my name and posting under it and it is going to stop. Don't worry, in my posts to you I'll use a code. What if they start using your name. I've reported it.

Loebs cleaners, ducks inside, sun studios, larry raspberry, tommy boggs and the counts

Staxvolt rocks

Its me

SJones, wrong just posted using my name on the photo for Morgan thread, saying bs and trying to get you alienated and upset with me. I didn't do it, he, WRONG stole my name. I left you a post there too just want you to see it and would you let me know you have this figured out. WRONG has a serious agenda-I would never have said that. Plus I am not going use this name again since you'd never know if it was me or not. J.

Live, online, mental meltdown......

Live Green:
Why is everyone so sure that this monster had to have known the location where her body was found. It would be so simple for someone to pull up Google maps or something like that(complete with topographical information”Ši.e. streams, hills etc.) to find a remote location to do what he did.


I had the same thought. I think it's possible that he knew the road and had maybe seen the field before. But, maybe he is not as intimately familiar with where he put Morgan's body as everyone originally thought. Maybe he just googled the grid around where he was staying or traveling and found the most secluded place that was easy to access. Like you do in the game of battleship, when your hiding your ships. You look for the most unlikely place that people will look. It's possible he might have waited a day to take Morgan there and researched the best location. He might be that cold and calculating. It's possible he wanted a place he could easily revisit. Some killers do that.
I keep thinking about the condition of Morgan's body. Why would he want to break her bones?

"Why?"...yes, everything calmed down here, which is why my comment to Mr. Jones was totally positive where I said, "Way to go!"
Not sure why you misunderstood unless you thought I wasn't being sincere. Its ok, I LOVE the Positive here! Thank you all for being positive. We need more of it. And thank those of you who do care. I am hoping those of you who wish to show Morgan's life is having a positive effect would focus on the good, educate young people on safety and remember all the fundraising out there for worthy purposes. Here's to a positive day...Peace

Please, please, please...for the love of God stop yourselves from having meltdowns on the comment section. Stop posting under different names, stop writing to each other in code, stop creating drama for yourselves.

Morgan Harrington was murdered, her killer remains at large...The Harrington's want people to read about her birthday memorial, to look at sketches of potential perp's...they want to get the whackjob who killed their daughter off the streets! And you guys (S Jones, Janie, Wrong, Your Wrong, and whoever is posting under these names etc.) posting a bunch of nonsense all night just tick people off and make them not want to have anything to do with Morgan's case, in fact you make them angry about Morgan's case because you have turned it into a circus!

If you care about justice or Morgan Harrington's legacy, please stop posting.

It's too bad that people in Virginia jails CAN'T post online sometimes!

They might know something about this crime.

Speaking of Morgan and legacies. We know nothing of this young woman beyond the charity set up after her life ended. Nothing of her character, her personality, boyfriends, etc, etc.... Not to be dismissive, but at this point this young woman is going to be remembered as the woman abducted at the Metallica concert and found later brutally slain. Someone posted the other day that maybe because she'd been drinking underaged, etc... that this could be focused upon as a way to help young adults to be more aware and not drink irresponsibly. Good idea, why not? Not blaming her for what happened but if you write of legacies be clear about what that means.

Let's find the absolute freak who is responsible for these horrific crimes and put him in a cage for the rest of his life... Until then, this could happen to someone you love

To the Harringtons & Friends,
Keep Marching on as you should until Morgan's murderer is identified & located. Praying for a wonderful gathering tomorrow . I will be with you all in spirit & Prayer as always. Love to you all !
God ~ Bless ~ Morgan ~ Dana ~ Harrington Forever !
2 ~ 4 ~ 1

• boooo! July 23rd, 2010 | 2:40 pm
I understand why the family is doing what they do, and releasing 21 balloons with the composite sketch of the guy who was linked to her case via forensic evidence from the Fairfax case is a neat idea in my opinion (providing of course that authorities are not mistaken in interpreting the forensic evidence, whatever that evidence actually was). The only thing that makes me pause is the continued focus on Copeley Bridge. There is no definitive proof that Morgan was ever in fact hitch hiking on that bridge, or that it really was the last place where she was sighted. She may never have been there at all. So that’s the only thing that gives me pause, it the continued focus on Copeley Bridge, and choosing to make a scene on that bridge.
Hi Booooo”Š..the reason that we meet at the bridge is because it has become a symbol of Morgan’s disappearance and murder. Copely Bridge is the last place that Morgan was seen. It is also a main thoroughfare from JPJA to 250.

Whether or not we have definitive proof, the bridge has become a symbol of a beautiful young woman, who SHOULD BE celebrating her 21st birthday tomorrow.

Boooo”Š.where else would we go? Morgan’s case needs to remain imprinted in the community of Charlottesville’s minds, at least until her MURDERER is caught and convicted. It really does not matter where we go, as long as we go. We are not going to stop. If we stop, then Charlottesville forgets. We are not going to let this happen.

Peace to you booo”ŠI hope this weighs heavy on your heart and you join us tomorrow at the bridge. The Harrington’s need your support too.


I am so glad that it was a wonderful birthday celebration for Morgan. This was something I knew we had to do being it was her birthday we had to come together and show our love and respect for Morgan!

My heart goes out to the family of Morgan Harrington. I'm eager to see the police catch this guy. Did anybody make the connection
that the sexual assalt in Northern Virgina occurred near GMU Patriot Center at 10pm. There was a Googoosh Concert there that night. Don't know what the victim looks like in that case but Morgan looks very similar to how Googoosh looked in 2000 with her blonde hair. This man could be a Iranian national or an Islamic extremist who despises Googoosh and her western ways. He could know Ch'ville area and GMU area as a student. He might have lived with family in the residential neighborhood next to the farm or had summer work nearby. Googoosh is very controversial - see 2000 CNN interview on you tube. Islamic Law forbade Googoosh from performing for 20 years before she performed again in 2000 in Canada and the US. She has many fans and possibly many who do not like her for what she stands for and for what she sings about.
This man sounds angry and violent. The Fairfax victim was beaten.

Peter, are you joking? Your post is ignorant at the least.

I agree with Booo. I don't think Harrington was last seen at the Copley Bridge. I think someone saying they saw her there has led the police in the wrong direction and has mislead the real facts.
I doubt Harrington got into a vehicle against her will.
The sad truth is we may never know what happened to Harrington, who killed her, or why she was killed. The police dragged their heels in releasing any information until they hit a road block and had no where to turn. Who ever killed her was smart and was always one or two steps ahead of the police.
I know the Harringtons grieve everyday not only for the loss of their daughter but for the unanswered questions they are faced with everyday.
So many people are to blame for what happened to her and for her killer(s) not being caught. For starters, JPJ should have cameras in all areas outside the building. All traffic lights should have cameras. Her friends should have checked on her and not been so involved in the concert that they didn't care enough to go look for her. Morgan should not have been drinking as she was underage.

Momof3, your above post last paragraph speaks to you and your fears and not reality. Get real, get help, you aren't God. Thank God.

Did anybody make the connection that the sexual assalt in Northern Virgina occurred near GMU Patriot Center at 10pm. There was a Googoosh Concert there that night. Don’t know what the victim looks like in that case but Morgan looks very similar to how Googoosh looked in 2000 with her blonde hair. This man could be a Iranian national or an Islamic extremist who despises Googoosh and her western ways.
And the assailant demonstrated his opposition to Googoosh's "western ways" by almost killing a Middle Eastern woman who was walking home from the grocery store and had not attended the concert, and who apparently comes from an observant Muslim family?

And then four years later, the assailant killed Harrington because she supposedly looked like a 60-year-old Iranian pop singer?

JJ. I would concur and add with way too much time on his hands.

Janie: Why Morgan?
I agree with many of the earlier comments but for me it's personal in that I remember a time when I was young and carefree and not so careful. Thankfully, I never was harmed but the fact that there is someone out there preying on young women makes me angry. It's stressful to you and all those who are trying to pursue their academic dreams or live their lives. It's stressful for those people connected to you too. I apologize to the guys out there but I don't think you have the full picture of what it feels like to not feel safe. When something like this happens to someone like Morgan in a small way it happens to you to because as a women you feel afraid. You feel afraid because he's out there and he could attack you or someone you care about or even someone you personally identify with in some way.
My heart definitely goes out to Yeardly's family. It's a tragedy that never should have happened but we feel less helpless because we have answers.

I have read where people say that UVa should have had security cameras up around JPJ. Why would any basketball arena or football stadium have security cameras up? It could probably just lead to invasion of privacy lawsuits. Would students like having a "security camera" watching them while they're in class, taking a test? I doubt it!

The only reason why there would have been a photo of Morgan Dana Harrington at the concert would have been if her friends took one. I guess they elected not to. Maybe that says something right there?

To another country: Your statement: "I think the reason Morgan Harrington gets more coverage than yeardley love is because Yeardley’s killer’s been caught" is interesting. Yes, it's true.

But don't rule out the golddiggers! There is still a $150,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the person who killed Morgan Dana Harrington.

$150,000 has made countless people pray for and profess "love" for someone they never met.

Mom of 3: Just saw your angry dejected reply to me.

You are arguing with life, "shouldn't" it to death. Cause and effect Mom. If you follow your argument it would reveal that Morgan's problem began with her being born. Which would have been a sad thing in and of itself.

I have been known to be ignorant at times dear lady. It has served me well I may add.

what is it with everybody and the fear of cameras?Wouldn't you sacrifice a traffic ticket to a murdered girl?Cameras have more pluses than minuses in my opinion.So what if big brother is watching, don't you thing he has better things to do than watching someone turn on red........please I think the fear of cameras might turn some perps off, I admit not all but some..To all of you that post negative comments about Morgan and the Harrington's,please try to be positive and smile, because you are on camera!

I'm not sure what a new moon reenactment would show, apart from the fact that it was dark.

What are people supposed to reenact anyway?

yes-probably to see how well lit the bridge was and if they could see Morgan clearly ,if they could or could not see a purse? How well can you actually make out someones face when there is a new moon? I have no idea

Hi SJones, are you alright? What do you mean this has been done before? I've been working on it from my end, don't worry. I don't need this so I'm calling my dad who's best friend is an attorney here. It's okay.

This is just sad to watch. Well kind of funny, but S Jones, it is late you might want to put down the bottle and log off of all your screen names.

Janie, what is it that you are going to report? Didn't you just admit to posting under different names to defend S Jones?

Yes I have 2 friends with me. One's mom lives here and she may have just now called her don't know. I'll do more tomorrow. There are plenty of my parent's friends that live in C'ville so I'll be fine SJones. Chelsea myob.

Janie did it ever cross your mind that if you want people to mind their own business you might not want to comment on public forums?

Are you reporting yourself?

I promise SJones I'll do it. This is "WRONG", that poster who was so mad at you doing this, She is goofing, not serious, but it's okay no need to worry. Don't want to post too much more info here. "Chelsea" is part of them, don't fall for it SJones. Seems no one wants much kindness or connection anywhere and is just going to cut this thread off. Which is what some want obviously.

It's being handled SJones. I don't want to post here on what it is I'm doing as we are in a pit of snakes now. Just know it is being taken care of and thanks!