Wild fire: Blaze chars Wild Wing Caf�©

news-wildwingsfire1Flames tear through the Caf©'s porch.

An early morning fire at Wild Wing Caf© on West Main Street has been extinguished with no injuries, but there may be water and smoke damage, as sprinklers inside the restaurant activated and hose-wielding crews extinguished the blaze, according to Charlottesville Fire Chief Charles Werner.

Units responded within five minutes of the 6:34am call to 911, and the fire, which was limited to the porch but spread smoke throughout the interior, was knocked down within 10 minutes, according to Chief Werner.

By early afternoon, the Fire Marshal had completed his investigation, according to Deputy Chief Britt Grimm, who says investigators were able to pinpoint the location of origin on the porch close to the building, but were unable to determine the cause. Grimm says investigators found no sign of arson. No estimate of damages was available.

Amtrak, which shares the building with Wild Wing, was cleared to resume operations this morning. Calls to the restaurant went unanswered.

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Someone tried to put out their cigarette on a plant. Too bad the plant was so dry it caught on fire.

isn't this where Morgan Harrington's scent was found? why is it just about any location linked to MH at all burns down? if i were a crazy person who liked to set fires and abduct / murder girls i would be heading straight for Virginia. you all can't catch a cold.

They should have let the dump burn down.
PS pave the parking lot already.

I'm confused - how can arson be ruled out if the cause of the fire is unknown?

Is this the same as a "struggle" being ruled out when a purse is found in a parking lot with the contents scattered?

Yes SJones, very interesting. Wonder if this fire will remain under investigation for awhile like the Sutherland Road fire back in January. Just sayin'.

Fantastic food. Fantastic place.

I don't think the parking lot belongs to them. The parking lot belongs to................anyone know who the parking lot belongs to?

It would be interesting to get an estimate as to what fixing that parking lot would cost. I would say $100,000. Not easy money to come by. It's like trying to drive across the Moon.

I eat there a lot and LOVE it!
So I'll pitch in $5 towards repaving the lot. Anyone else?

Crow, I admit, I did make a few statements that were out of line and that I shouldn't have posted. For those, I apologize. Fortunately, we learn from our mistakes.

I'm not going to discuss it further ~ I think my time will be better spent researching sexual assaults that occurred between 2005 and 2009 to see if any look like they could be related to Morgan's case.

Ari is correct. Mr. Silverman has refused to pave the lot and has the whole property "on the market" for some ridiculous asking price and is essentially waiting for the City to come in and take it off his hands so he doesn't have to spend his own money on it. Pretty pathetic if you ask me - you can't force him to do anything, as it IS his property. It would be a big boost to "Mid-town" to have this parking lot paved/striped.

I believe that the lot is owned by Gabe Silverman. I do not know why he won't fix it. Even just a grading and new gravel would be an improvement.

PR fim in NJ? You are giving her waaaaaaaaaaay too much credit. She's a low-budget Nancy Grace wannabe. I'm sure she's on an old PC with a dial-up modem, plotting away, with a pack of feral cats at her feet...

this IS my country. doesn't anyone get held accountable anymore in the United States? or did that all change for Virginia when 9-11 took place. remain complacent and you will be the next to experience tragedy first hand.

C'mon ain't lyin - that parking lot is ATROCIOUS

Perhaps this was caused by [insert ethnic group of your choice here] lightning.

SJones, I like you more and more. You put it all out here with honesty and see things in more of the 'grey' realm. Most here seem to think in a very 'black and white' manner. The grey areas are pretty controversial, unsafe territory, leaves one vulnerable to a degree but also where much of the big picture resides, where creativity is generated. I appreciate alot of where you come from even if it isn't popular to some. JMO and hope you get what I'm saying.
Osama, come on, ALL crimes and murders are resting on this case? Maybe you should get busy looking into the 05 Fairfax rape if you think this case is so omnipotent. Following your thinking, the world should stop til this case is figured out. Might as well not go to work tomorrow either........more of this black and white thinking. Life may not be moving forward to you Osama since MH's death, but has for 99.99999% of us.

And SJones, your point is???: ). BTW, one cannot be friends with another online unmet. But I like you as an online persona be that as it may.

Okay I see what you are saying. Thought in an earlier post you were making another connection with Osama re: MH and her death and Wild Wings. See now that you weren't, but nonetheless think all your points about the place are right on and make sense to me. I see Osama has returned, hopefully to his country.....

OMG! Whatsrightwhatswrong aka Justice for Morgan aka J4M aka--I'll let others guess on these.......is Janie too!!!! Who's missing SJones exactly?

S Jones, don't know if it's you or not :( I'll check your MySpace page later tonight for an indication ~ how about a new picture? Got my YouTube account "unblocked" finally ~ what a hassle!!!

SJones, your views on this fire have been right on and muchly appreciated here. Also on your posts on Baldi-good stuff and thanks.

P.S. Don't want to take any risks ~ as mentioned, I'll check your MySpace page ~ not your FaceBook page ~ although I'll be looking at that as well :)

where was blink this morning? hmmmm?

Blink was busy trying to convince the world she should either a)replace Joez Baez as Casey Anthony's attorney, or b) be the prosecutor, jury and judge in the same case.

Her own words in the matter: "There is a zero percent chance Mr. Baez wants to any sort of deposition with me, of that I am positive.

He knows I already know his case better than he does, and I am not saying that to be snark, his lack of copyright law notwithstanding, it would seem to me then he had no business brokering same for his client.

If that isn't the most egotistical statement I have ever seen, I do not know what would be. Yet she refuses to ever state what her qualifications are to make such statements. Please, she is a PR firm in Jersey.

In the meantime, the city would have no use, or money, for that parking lot (that runs parallel to West Main Street.)

Has UVa ever offered to buy it?

Just pouring gravel in to the holes would cost thousands of dollars.

The City itself would have no use for the parking lot - the adjacent "Mid-town" businesses would, though. But you are correct - the City has no money for this lot, and it shouldn't be the City's job to provide this parking.

Why would UVA want this lot?

JPJ didn't burn, nor did her apt, nor her parents home, or VT, so just what are you trying to say actually Mr. Osama? Also it wasn't conclusive that her scent was at the wing place anyway. The bridge was the last place her scent was located.

if i were a crazy person who liked to set fires and abduct / murder girls

Okay something burned, but to bring MH into every single event that occurs around here is a bit much. Not everything revolves around that case, even if some would like to believe that it does. SJones what do you mean exactly?

until you solve the murder of a college student female in your town she will be brought into every single case. everything revolves around that case until it is solved. if you can't solve that case, then none of the the others matter. there is nothing more fundamental than keeping your constituents save. to protect and to serve. that is it. everything else doesn't matter. but please continue the ignorance... it is great to educate the small minded people of Charlottesville Unablemarle and confederate Virginia. have a nice day!

SJones I have been known to be absurd from time to time, however not online typically :), at least not to my knowledge fortunately. I agree with you about Ms. Stuart, excellent journalist and a pleasure to follow her work. As for the issue of bating, not sure how one could be 'guilty of bating' as you say you were as being 'bated' is the fault of the bater and not the batee-their shame in this. Lord knows I've been bated and duped, lived to tell the tale and wiser for it. Guess all we can do is live and learn. However there is no such thing as any form of intimacy online in spite of how it may appear or appeal. Herein lies the wicked aspect of spending so much time online rather than with loved ones or out in the world living life. Okay now I'm sounding my age....outta here.


Who is complacent? What are you talking about?

Why did you choose the online name "Osama"?

jj malloy - who, what, where, when, why and how? don't you have any answers? why did you choose the online name "jj malloy"?

Why did I choose JJ Malloy? It is very close to my real name, and it also a character from James Joyce's Ulysses.

Enough about names, who are you accusing of being complacent? Were you referring to all Virginians, or all Charlottesville residents, or what?

Thanks in advance

referring to Charlottesville / Albemarle County ... dead girl, no results. not the first to go unsolved in the area. there is something wrong when a girl turns up dead 2 months later and no one knows anything. LE needs to figure this out.

C'mon S Jones (the one and only "original" S Jones), chime in here. I miss you.

Janie misses you too. She IS real and she is ALL woman. Don't let the haters confuse you S Jones.

What's wit u WRWW aka J4M? Always thinkin u get to folk wit ur insinuatin and postin crazee bs. Gat called on it @BOC 2.

Maybe it's time to clean the grease traps and ventilation? All them chicken wangs can clog up more than just your arteries.