Photos from Morgan Harrington birthday memorial

photophile-morganbirthday-prayerSupporters of the Harrington family gathered Saturday, July 24 on the Copeley Road Bridge to remember murder victim Morgan Harrington, who would have turned 21 that day. [Click for slideshow.]

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It was a birthday party with cake and ice cream. The dodging of their agenda is pretty obvious. Is it justice, keeping Morgan alive, her memory alive, keeping her murder alive, finding the killer, helping LE, gathering information, what? More and more I see the whole group as ego and personality driven.


Courtney... I personally want to thank you for your coverage, and for sharing the wonderful pictures. As for closing the thread, it doesn't sound like a bad idea to me. Anyone who wants to post such negativity towards the genuine people who truly care about the Harrington family, and about keeping the awareness out there, needs to be blocked from commenting, or take away the comment box all together. I feel like you would be doing Dan & Gil a disservice by allowing the many posts to continue. God Bless in all you do to help this family.

Doug, thanks for the life lesson. Frankly I took that class, most of us do if we live long enough. I also don't like imposing my agenda as if it is some truth. To each his own.

Let me say this if young lady who got raped in 2005 had more recognition like Morgan is getting the one who did this would be off the streets! But sents she didn't like some of you want it happened again this time he killed someone named Morgan. So you want everyone to stop talking about it and let him rape and kill again is that what you are saying it sounds like it?

Beg to differ Elsa, it is precisely the sort of thing that goes on here that makes free speech very very precious. I dislike pornos but I also get that because it exists, I have choices, like not to participate in it. And also get that the world doesn't revolve around me, my likes and dislikes. Porn deeply offends me even speaking as a man, as I have seen the damage it has done to someone I love deeply. It is up to me to deal with my own issues and feelings. The world is not obliged to cater to my idiosyncrasies.

Please just move on already!!!! What about all the poor children in America who have been missing and no-one cares!!! In Charlottesville all you hear about is Harrington. It is horrible what happened - it is a tragedy - but the 29 coal miners in WV who lost their lives didnt get this much attention.

Hi Thinker. Yeah, you're right about the other #'s, didn't want to rub it in :).

Totally agree with your point about the activities and was thinking along the same lines. If the murderer is following this, he just may be sitting back and laughing at it all. I would think it would foster a sense of complacency with in Morgan's Warriors. The b'day party for sure.

It looks like the FindMorgan followers are jonesing for a forum where no one challenges anyone and everyone is family. Looks like they want to change the format so that it gets closer to their feel good zone. I mean to ask for the thread to be removed b/c 5 people find it negative and offensive def fits in the cult mind realm. Pretty spooky. Morgan's Warriors----What does that even mean?

Stop it Wrong. Just stop it now. Why are you doing this? Nothing SJones can say will satisfy you so why are you being like this. Just stop it.

Heck SJones thanks and I mean it. I felt like I was hanging in the breeze trying to (futilely) explain the man's questions and feeling like a fool for it. Glad it made sense to somebody.

Someone posted, "Then I’d hire a PI."

Yes, I agree!

By the way, I think the case is interesting. That's why I respond so much.

JJ Malloy July 28th, 2010 | 10:47 am

blah blah blah is there any other news stories in this city?

The Jim Baldi story is interesting. I comment on that a lot.
The Yeardley Love story is interesting. I comment on that a lot, but it hasn't gotten nearly as much coverage here.

To you are wrong:

Ok. S Jones.

Wrong you are Just cause some read the news including the news about Morgan and speak up, even disagree, even criticise or so called negatively comment whatever, you tie that in with people bein afraid of dying alone? Are u kiddin me? That no one will care for me or whomever at the end? Get a grip. I agree wit the above poster, I keep up b/c it is sometimes interestng and to see how far this story will play. Surely the crime in the hood or drug related deaths aren't getting coverage, so why this case? Money, upper middle class money spins these wheels. So you are into it bravo for you. But it is a stretch to think any controversial comment comes from thinking about being alone and unwanted at the time of my passing. That thought never occured to me but clearly it is on your mind.

My guess is that if it's the same guy who attacked the woman in Fairfax, and he attacked Morgan Dana Harrington, then he's someone who can't keep himself from attacking women. So eventually he will do it again. Like O.J. Simpson, he can't keep himself out of trouble.

Disregard my last post wrong. I just now realized what SJones did.

My bad.

It SHOULD have been Morgan's 21st Birthday. It seemed only appropriate to visit the bridge and continue to remind Charlottesville that there is a MURDERER running free on their streets. That is all we were doing. Helping Dr. and Mrs. Harrington continue their advocacy until this case is solved.

Remember the word COMPLACENCY...if not I suggest that you visit where you will read the painful yet beautiful thoughts and memories that Gil Harrington has shared with us. She speaks of complacency many times.

We are only here for support.

I understand that when we put ourselves out there in the public eye, it only sets us up for criticism. It is okay really. Does it hurt? Yes. Why does it hurt? Because honestly we are just regular human beings, who have no other agenda other than the fact that we fell in love with this family and we have been able to help them in their advocacy.

The fellowship that we had after the prayers and release of the balloons, was in rememberance of a young life lost in the most heinous crime imaginable. It was a group that has stood together since the beginning.

Not everyone is expected to understand our love and dedication for this family. But sincere and dear friendships have came out of this. We are good people. Just trying to help and make a difference in this world.

Random Acts of Kindness

Dr. Harrington needs to hire a private investigator, and start from the very beginning. Pay the guy to investigate everyone and everybody from even before the trip to JPJ. Hire some proven private investigator. Would could it hurt? I'm sure he's had lots of offers.

On the river, my post wasn't directed at you.

This had everything to do with Morgan last Saturday There is one thing we all can agree on college is getting ready to begin we must get whoever did this off of the streets before he takes another victim!

@Elesa -

"It’s not about a handful of people, Samuel. It’s about respect, morals, and values”Š "

Morgan was only one person. She was not a handful of people, or a multitude of people, she was one person.

Yet you and dozens of other people from trying to speak up for her - or you think you do- now she is gone.

What you are finding is that perhaps, others are finding what many of those claiming to be Morgan Harrington supporters to be disrespectful, or immoral, because they have different values. You don't like that do you?

Well, too bad. They have a right to express their very real concerns, especially if they think what is going on is getting in the way of actually finding Morgan's killer or even saving the lives of other females. Sorry if it hurts your ego, but that's the way it is, and if you can't take it, then I suggest you stop being so public about it along with all your other like supporters.

Personally, I find what is going on extremely distasteful, if not outright damaging to the safety of young women.

Thinker... Sounds like a good, constructive project for you to orchestrate. Good luck on your new endeavor. I love to see people get involved in a good cause instead of making their agenda soley about criticism towards others for the good causes they are supporting, and being involved in.

Someone kindly baked birthday cake because Morgan’s dad loves cake.
I thought that his appearance was a "surprise." If so, then wouldn't it have made more sense to deliver the cake to him in Roanoke?

Yes, yes. There was a birthday cake, and hats, and noisemakers, and pin the tail on the donkey, and water balloons, and laughing, music and singing.

Get real. You people complain on here that people sensationalize this case, yet look at what you are writing. You are making this something that it wasn't.

It was a birthday memorial. Prayers were read, and balloons with the sketch were released. Someone kindly baked birthday cake because Morgan's dad loves cake. It probably freed him of his crippling grief for five minutes. Does that inconvienence you?

This all boils down to one thing. The people who post negative comments about a grieving family are terrified that they aren't worth this kind of attention in life. They fear when they leave this earth, no one will care. They can't wrap their head around it because they are alone.

I can't believe I just wrote "they." Silly me. It is one poster writing under different handles.

I have asked several times why, if you are so sick and tired of reading about this case to you continue to CLICK and POST on these articles. Does the finger fairy fly on your computer and force you to read this?

Amanda, or anyone else. Has anyone gotten the slideshow to work?

Interesting that someone was or is making money off this. Wait for the book and TV movies.

Interesting too that the very thing designed to help is taking away from LE's pursuit to help and solve the case. Tracking down rumors from these forums from what I've seen could fill several full time jobs. Thanks for the information YES.

Kids are going to drink, but most of them have some sense and can do so responsibly.

Oh good grief, people, really?

1) Yes, if she was drunk, that was an error in judgment. That doesn't make her to blame for being raped, beaten, and murdered. People make mistakes all the time. Too many of the comments sound way too close to the "She was askin' for it" that we hear too often.

2) Morgan's behavior does not change the FACT that there is a serial rapist (if not a serial killer) in Virginia. Was the Fairfax rape victim drunk? No, she was walking from a grocery store. Putting aside the human interest side of the story, there's a sick person, and he wants nothing more than for us to stop talking about him so he can keep on killing.

3) if you don't like hearing about Morgan, or the fact that there's a killer on the loose in the area, no one is gluing your eyes to the Hook website. Move on, go find another article to read, whining about it here just makes y'all look bitter.

S Jones, your drunk ramblings never cease to amaze me. Just when I think it can't get any more incoherent, it does.

Why don't you tell me, S Jones, what was said? It will give me a good laugh. I have no idea who Q is, and I could care less about Blink.

"I do not want your real name, If you know so much ask your friends on Facebook wht Blink said."

S Jones. Think for a minute what you just typed. How can I tell you who I am on FB without giving away my name?

You make me laugh silly.

@ariases46 -

"Please explain to me how advocating the fact that Morgan’s MURDERER still walks free is getting in the way of the investigator’s jobs."

Personally, I hear very little advocating going on. I read/hear a lot about raising money for hospital wings, and standing on bridges praying, and launching balloons, but not much else truly productive. This creates a distracting noise, keeping the public from focusing on the actual facts, and anything else they might have seen. It might even discourage those with tips from coming forward, out of fear of publicity.

"And also please tell me HOW could it possibly be getting in the way of saving the lives of other females?"

Any time anyone dares to suggest that women, especially young females, should be more careful about having plans so they don't become targets, or thoughtful of what they ingest, outrage from the 'Morgan supporters' belches forth. The ensuing flame war swallows up any who might consider common sense, much less a different opinion.

Get it?

The analogy to a cult was spot on.

"Because you could call us every name in the book and still we are not going anywhere. "

Ah, but I am not the one telling you to go away or to be quiet. It is the Morgan groupies like Elsa who are telling anyone with a different opinion to shut up and go away. It was Elsa who said the right to free speech should be denied those who do not subscribe to the 'Morgan' groupie opinions.

That is why I reminded Morgan groupies that if they do not wish to hear those of other opinions, they should stay private. Or deal with other opinions.

Don't go away aria, bu don't expect anyone to spare you from their own opinions.

As I said, I find what is going on very distasteful.

I have no idea what delailed means.

First, Ronnie, the efforts that you allude to have done really nothing to advance the Harrington case and certainly have not solved it, so it's rather speculative that you suggest that similar efforts would have solved the 2005 case.

Second, law enforcement generally dedicates resources to solve a maximum number of cases. Kenny continually encouraged people on the FindMorgan site to send him information that he would forward to the VSP. Given that the vast majority of discussion on the site was implausible speculation, one would think that most of these "tips" were of the same nature. How many person-hours did the VSP have to waste to check out this information? What other cases were adversely affected as a result?

The only way we are going to catch this guy is to keep talking about college is going to be in soon

I think what you are doing is exceptionally amazing, Kenny... what a good, beautiful soul you are... are you single?

And what pray tell does that have to do with the price of tea in China.

Focus people. Nobody cares that Morgan had a beer. Most college students lap it up on the weekends. Is it right. No.

If you don't want your children to drink then keep them at a community college where you can watch them 24/7.

Lets move on from "Morgan drank that night". No matter what Morgan did that night she is gone and somebody did it.

We need to find who did it. How is it this "somebody" is free to be with their family, enjoy holidays and bbq's.

Is Morgans case going cole while we argue about a get together in her memory on a bridge dedicated to her memory.

Morgan touched a lot of people in her life and in her death period.

Now lets find who killed her.

maybe she did ,Samuel did you see the attempted abduction in Myrtle Beach? That girl went downstairs to but her dad a pair of sunglasses!these hyenas are lurking and waiting for an opportunity to attack the weakest prey!hat if another girl would have been on that bridge and vanished and found murdered, someone lets say was allergic to alcohol and was completely sober? Would we have had all the negative comments about her and her family trying to find justice I don't know where all this disrespect and entitlement comes from,What king of man or should I say animal thinks that he is above the law, and free to do whatever he pleases? please tell me I don't know.Where is the conscience?

Arthur, that is about the most pertinent thing said of late here about cause and effect. Her impairment is not commented on at all about her responsibility in it. Now she could have been slipped a drug, but I think she was drinking too. Why aren't folk talking about the dangers of underage drinking and being put in harm's way. Some good could come out of her death if she became a case known for trying to get underage kids more aware of staying sober and not drinking. It is the least talked about part of this whole thing and is one that could affect kids the most in prevention. I forgot about this aspect, but it is valid and should be liberally discussed.

The bridge is getting junky and needs to be addressed before school begins I think.

It okay Miss Hannah. Luv the slideshow!!! I like Morgan cause shes more my age, well older but I love the charity and her work with her mom in Africa. Mr. K, old man!!!:_))) just kidding you. Don't know if my dad is a Hokie fan, cause he lives in Detroit and is divorced from my mom but I will sure ask him when I talk to him next. He is a good man I think so, just sad my folks marriage didn't work out cause I miss him. That is kind of Morgan's dad to care so much for her. I sincerely hope he will have Morgan come in his dreams and comfort him. She could easily be his angel now. Her moms too!!! Mr. K somebody just might be interested in you:)))) well, maybe lots of ladies are, but the one above sure sounds like she is. Don't let anyone get you down.

"the creepy fascination with a person that most involved never met, etc."


"Nothing is going to bring her back. That’s my opinion on it!"

Thank god we have you here. Great opinion captain obvious.

You sound like you are in law enforcement. "Ah, nothings gonna bring her back so who cares if there is a rapist running around. Let's all go sue eachother."

thank you, I wonder how far he travels for his so called sport I mean first it was Fairfax now Charlottsville, where to next?

One word from this warrior to the many of those who post here:

Ignominiousness: For those of you who are not "educated" enough to know the meaning...

... Unworthiness meriting public disgrace and dishonor.

under how many names can one post?

the S Jones sockpuppets are out in force tonight
breakdown dead ahead

Cults: Moral Superiority."When differences or behaviors or inconsistancies are exposed, the leader either denies or justifies those actions by saying that the 'enemies of the truth' or the 'forces of evil' are subverting his message." Their energies are wrapped up in believing in his righteousness and goodness. All unquestioned and assumed of course.

1. No deviation from the party line is allowed.
2. Whatever the authority does is consider right and or perfect.
3. One trusts that the leader knows what is right and best for the group.
4. It is difficult to communicate to anyone not in the group.
5. One finds one defending the actions of the leader or other members without first hand knowledge of what is going on.
6. Always feeling defensive and attacked. Creating the illusion of the 'other' as against them.
7. Ridicule or confuse those who ask challenging questions or a difference of opinion.
8. The stance towards others is a benign superiority.

I could continue the list for pages that resemble 'Morgan's Warriors' as they call themselves-consult "The Guru Papers" if anyone is interesting in the nature of cult/mind.

I hope that the arrest made in Myrtle Beach, well lead to a break in Morgans case,do you think there is a connection between those to crimes?

Thank you Lenora, justice for one is not justice.

Good point, Lenora.

To Tired of This: It is pointless and futile dear man, to even try to be understood here. Dear Ronnie makes this abundantly clear. Pearls before swine as my dear grannie used to say.

Tired, Are you comparing diseases with no cures at that time, to a young woman ripped from her parents? Are you comparing Morgans murder to small minded people in charge of armys killing native americans? I would think that has nothing to do with parents burying their kids. It's not a normal occurance, yes it happens, it will continue to happen. That doesn't make it right. " If I have learned anything about grieving and loss here via these forums, it is to hold it very very very close to one’s own heart and protect it, maybe wrap it in my silence to treasure. To not contaminate it with the filth of others thoughts and public polls and opinions." But yet you are here doing the very things you seem to despise... Tired, I'm not attacking you or your thoughts on grieving here. There is no wrong way as far as I'm concerned, every person handles it their own way. But,for others to make mean spirited jabs at peoples character and the way they are handling there own situation does not make it right no matter how you word it. As far as the answer to my question, you did in sorts. You went as far as a P.I. What if that turns up nothing? You let your daughters case grow cold? You wouldn't turn to the media? Take advantage of any means within reach? "oh well... life goes on..." That wouldn't be enough for me, I couldn't live with that. But that's just me.

Yes so you are saying not to do nothing which I am talking about LE has tips all the time to help them solve cases so all of us will continue to help and look for this guy period!!!

And so "Tired of this is" the only one to even attempt a answer to my questions... Ahhh the internet is sooo grand! Tired thank you for responding... Unfortunately you haven't cracked the case wide open...

Doug, Kenny,Ronnie, et all,

Many years ago my mother said that funerals are for the living, not the dead. I think the same can be said for birthday parties for people who have passed away, whatever the circumstances. For whatever reason, the Harringtons feel they need to share their grief in a public way, to cope, even with people they might not know really well. For some, this is a way of self-importance, and for some others, a way to fill some void in their lives.

In any case, the one person not a part of it, of course, is the subject herself.


I don't blame the Harringtons for wanting to keep Morgan's case in the public's eye, but things like birthday parties are something else entirely.

Yeah and look what happened to me trying to. After I feel for your bait why would anyone else try it?

It wasn't a birthday party. There were other reasons to meet there. Again, the family had nothing to do with it. It was my idea. Blame me not them.

Stacy, is your dad a Hokie fan?? If so he is a good man!! :)

kenny-the pictures are beautiful,thank you for everything you have done. I wish i had a friend like you!

Austin, he talks about not knowing what his life was about before he meet the Harringtons and discovered Morgan. He talked about all the things he tried to give his life some meaning and how nothing worked and believe me he tried a lots of stuff. He goes into incredible detail that some can see as creepo. He is an old guy pretty much and so I guess it is a big deal for him to have found the girl of his dreams too late though. Which is sad, but who knows if she would have gone for him?

It's weird how attached to this situation this Kenny guy is. Do you have anything else going on in your life other than this? It's downright creepy, strange, and odd.

We Love Morgan because she is a human being that lost her life in a tragic act if you are a Christian then you will understand that!!!

Better to be obsessed with finding a killer and getting justice for a murder victim than to be obsessed with reality shows, tabloids,
The problem is that 90% of this is tabloid. The psychics, Blink's tabloid website, the implausible speculation by people who aren't even in Virginia on the FindMorgan site, the creepy fascination with a person that most involved never met, etc.

Its time for all of us to get together and get whoever did this off the streets college will be back in soon

Stacy: I sincerely apologize, I misinterpreted what you wrote and over-reacted without asking you to clarify. I'm sorry.

noo-have you?lol What are we doing wrong

We won't stop until Justice is served!!!

Maybe none of this would have happened had she not been drunk. Perhaps the person who served or bought alcohol for this underage girl should be at arrested and charged even if the murderer is not found. That was the catalyst for all this anyhow. This bridge thing is getting out of hand... aren't there also laws against littering?

Last time I looked no one was asking anyone to go anywhere. No one is telling you all to stay quiet or shut up or do anything. You all have at it. Go for it.

You people are totally disgusting!! God help the day someone snatches one of your loved ones right out from under you or your family, and someone is warm-hearted enough to go above and beyond to care for your hurt, suffering and/or pain. Kenny has more class in his little pinky finger than any of you have in your entire bodies. So very sad that you people have such stone-cold hearts. Even more sadder that I waste my precious time in conversing to you. What you need is prayer, which is what I am going to do for each of you this evening. I may not know who you are behind your superficial identies, but there is a much higher power who knows you better than you know yourselves. I will pray for you.

Amen, Hannah!! People... while you hide behind your ficticious names, so we cannot identify your ignorance to your name... We are not going anywhere! We will continue supporting the Harrington Family, continue to pray for them, continue to talk about it, continue to meet at the bridge, continue to keep it in the public's eye, continue to bring awareness, etc. until the monster(s) who are responsible is/are behind bars, off the streets and out of society. Your negativity gets you nowhere fast. All you do is make yourselves look pathetic. Get over yourselves! This isn't about you. This is about Morgan Dana Harrington, the MURDER

Lenora, I don't know where you were when the mining tragedy happened but, it got plenty of coverage. As it should have. But, the mining tragedy and Morgan's case are completely different. And, before you tear into me over saying that, yes I have alot of family members that work in a underground mine in WV. It was terrible what happened and alot of us will never recover from the events from that day. But, I don't see where you think the two have anything to do with the other one. Morgan deserves media coverage also. I would much rather hear something about her case than to have to hear what some actor or golfer has done in the last week.

Kenny, you keep up the good work that you have started and don't look back. The ones of us that know you understand what a big heart you have and know that you want nothing but, justice and peace for the Harrington's. I am glad that they have someone like you that is willing to help so much.

blah blah blah is there any other news stories in this city?


You ask if I have anything else going on in my life. Matter of fact I do. I have a very sick father that probably does not have much time left but that still doesn't stop me from helping this family. I live about 10-15 minutes from the Harrington's and Morgan was a VT student. So I guess you could say I am very close to this tragedy. I don't let people that have a different agenda distract me from what I want to do. I realize that when you have a comment section it attracts people like this. However, I am still most appreciative that Courteney Stuart took the time out of her schedule to do this slideshow. Very nice lady if I may add. NBC29 was there along with newsplex. It was shown in neighboring states as well. Pa even had the event on their local news.

Stacy, sorry about your parents divorcing. I know that must be very difficult for you. Still sounds like you have a great relationship with them both and your dad does sound like a good man. Very nice to meet you.

What’s with all of these people who say they ââ?¬Å?love” Morgan Dana Harrington? They never knew her or her family! What causes them to be interested in the case? If she were a he, an African-American male, would they ââ?¬Å?love” him?
Of course not, ireadthehook. But I don't think that most are reward hunters. I think that the people you are talking about identify with Harrington or want to identify with her. It's the same reason people who were fascinated by the Laci Peterson case. Look at the slideshow - it looked to be mainly middle-aged white women. Sensationalized cases involving attractive, personable young white women interest them. The much more common murder cases involving young urban males don't. And, of course, all of their viewing of "Dateline," "Nancy Grace," et al. tends to lead them to overestimate the prevalence of crime in our society, so they tend to rely on the "it's so important to bring justice" trope.


The comments are increasingly off topic and entirely unconstructive. Please rein them in, or this thread will be closed.


Courteney Stuart

This hasn't been about Morgan for a long time. A group of mostly middle aged women are using the Harrington's to give their life a "purpose." And the Harrington's are using these middle aged women to continue to make this case a public spectacle. But let's be nice and call it Morgan's "legacy." The whole thing is really pitiful and tragic on so many levels.

Weird, don't go over to the other story about this on the Hook like some of us have cause you'll get raked over the coals for this sort of thing. I felt sort of the same way after I read what he wrote on the Facebook page. Strange imo.

Thank you, SJones... I right-clicked and it worked. I appreciate your help.

Doug, here it is you asked for it: parents do bury their kids, and have throughout history. Go to an old cemetary and look at the tiny headstones. Before antibiotics and vaccines folks dropped like flies. Before certain laws were enforced and inherent rights proclaimed, folk got slaughtered right and left. The Anglo Saxon Europeans came here and committed genocide to settle. Didn't think much about what this did or meant to the Native American Indian families as they did it. What are you talking about?

How I would handle a loved ones vicious death? If I have learned anything about grieving and loss here via these forums, it is to hold it very very very close to one's own heart and protect it, maybe wrap it in my silence to treasure. To not contaminate it with the filth of others thoughts and public polls and opinions. To shield it from reckless speculation and random sensationalism. That it is indeed the most intimate of things.

Then I'd hire a PI.

Further than that I don't know what it is you expect for an answer. I have had tragedies albeit different than this one. My tragedy united me with other folks suffering and pain. It made me more human and more of a member of the human race. I became more ordinary, less special, more mortal. It was a process I was in so deep that the only way out was through intense prolonged pain, sometimes seemingly intolerable. It made me more awake and compassionate and not in some simpering snotty crying way. I had been that way before the tragedy but afterwards, it was a trial by fire and a truer sense of compassion was forged. It was my journey, my awful adventure to use how I saw it. I don't need witnesses to my losses or to my life for something to matter. I don't need your or anyone elses sanctioning of my grief or process, your opinions or approval of it either. My suffering was no better or worse than the next fellows.

We all are related in death period man. Nobody gets out alive here. Folks may as well stop whining about it. Inevitable and terrible and it too shall pass.

I don't post on either of those forums. I post at the FB site, and there is zero chance in hell I am telling YOU of all people who I am. Why don't you tell us who you are?

You do realize this is what you posted right? And it had what to do with the 21st b-day?

"I mean Dan is questioning what to do, he, I think wants to bring back the forum, improved. But, all of this stuff, the Man is still in shock. You just do not get it. Perhaps many do not want the forum up and this is their way to hurt Dan as to keeping it closed. Now that would really be cruel to Dan. Just if that is your motivation say it. The other side just speak less and if you open the door with a statement vbe prepaired, I caution you on the side of the party, Dan and Gil are the spokes people. You are not. For the record I would like to see it go up, but I want Dan to do what he feel good with doing."

You are right though. It isn't productive to argue with you. You know what you did and that's all that counts.

Wrong again! I am not SJones. He can stand up for himself and does just fine but from what I see this isn't a fair attack. He has been spending alot of time smoothing out hard feelings.Also trying to keep things on topic. He was right about the death threats cause I saw them somewhere on another site. However it was that a forum got shut down could not have to do with him as one person saying something elsewhere. It must not have been strong or had its own problems.
You have said you don't like others posting negativity and yet you are doing it. It seems like you dislike SJones in particular and how long are you going to hold onto it. Maybe forgive and let go. Clearly he is trying to help here.

Where is the public outcry, speeches, lectures, and vigils against underage drinking, drug abuse, hitch hiking(!), or general situational awareness that most certainly should be the centerpiece of preventing another senseless death of a young woman?

Stacking rocks, burning candles, or saying incantations will not help identify and arrest a suspect.

Nor will pretentious comments about the need to "remind" Charlottesville that there is still a murderer running free on our streets.

Perhaps some "good" and "caring" Charlottesville residents should travel to Blacksburg every few weeks to stack rocks and release balloons to "remind" young female college students from there not to get drunk or do drugs, and wander away from their friends, and then try to hitch a ride with total a stranger for starters.

Should I go on...?

Like I said, you know exactly why the forum was closed. Who said anything about death threats? Get real.

It is not fair to Morgan and her family,Courtney I think some of these Dr Jekyll and MR Hyde types does this deliberately ,They want this thread closed they wanna be the one everyone talks about,couldn't you just delete a comment if it does not regarding Morgan Please

Please do these nuts a favor and close this thread. Thanks

Someone in another thread posted the phrase "cult of Morgan."

At first I didn't get it, but now especially with this morbidly fascinating birthay party for a deceased girl I think I am starting to get it.

There are many parallels between the Morgan cult and organized religion.

The adherents getting defensive when their 'deity' is attacked (Morgan's image, the Harrington family), the 'cause' is not as important as the desire to be a part of something 'big' that gives meaning to one's life, the creation of shrines and monuments, zealous followers clamouring to be viewed as the most devoted to the 'cause', and the sense of cohesion and inclusion when the group is 'attacked' by outsiders (nonbelievers and regular Charlottesville folk).

So I think it is good that I am able to see these 'warriors' and this case in a new light, as a fascinating study into the psychology of hero (idol?) worship and the cause and effect of emotional reactions and even superstition in the formation of group dynamics, all fueled by a hopelessly abstract but inarguably noble cause- in this case 'justice for Morgan'.

Very interesting. Carry on mighty warriors!

I'm proud that Charlottesville is generally inhospitable to nonsense.

Well Elesa if you don't like what you read here, why keep coming here? Why should a thread disappear because you don't like it and it doesn't fit your personal value, moral, ethical views? You sort of sound like a fundamentalist.

"Normally affable people can become bitter after reading an angry interchange between a troll and his victims, and this can poison previously friendly interactions between long-time users.

*Finally, trolls create a paranoid environment, such that a casual criticism by a new arrival can elicit a ferocious and inappropriate backlash. "

...the above content was found various places on the internet...wish I could post the links...

Caesonia July 29th, 2010 | 11:19 pm

"They have a right to express their very real concerns, especially if they think what is going on is getting in the way of actually finding Morgan’s killer or even saving the lives of other females."
Please explain to me how advocating the fact that Morgan's MURDERER still walks free is getting in the way of the investigator's jobs.

And also please tell me HOW could it possibly be getting in the way of saving the lives of other females?

Where is R U Kidding?
Caesonia July 29th, 2010 | 11:19 pm

"Sorry if it hurts your ego, but that’s the way it is, and if you can’t take it, then I suggest you stop being so public about it along with all your other like supporters."

Sorry Caesonia...that will never happen. Because you could call us every name in the book and still we are not going anywhere.

As a matter of fact.....



Of course Elsa, shut the presses down and remove free speech for a handful of people. Do you hear yourself Ms. Warrior?

I was thinking today how nice it would be if in memory of Morgans birthday LE could give a press release and tell us what really happened to Morgan October, 17, 2009.

It won't hinder the investigation because there seems to be none. It won't hinder the arrest because once again..nothing.

The first 48 hours are lost now forever. We shall never get them back but can't the public at least be told what happened that fateful night?

Why the secrets. I have read of other young girls disappearances and I can't recall another one where nothing was told. Most police departments are crying for the publics help in solving a murder or abduction. They are giving every single bit of information to get clues into killers and rapists.

This must be a dream we are walking in Charlottesville. Who does this telling of nothing save? Who benefits from no press releases. Why do we have to wait for "hints" from Gil Harrington?

VSP do your job. While there is just a tiny glimmer of interest in this case open the doors and let us know what you know about Morgan and that night.

Perhaps somebody, somewhere will remember something.

Who investigates the investigators. Something is terribly wrong.

It's not about a handful of people, Samuel. It's about respect, morals, and values... Something that is not exemplified on this thread. Free Speech was never meant to be hurtful towards others in a malicious fashion. It is the posts like what takes place on this thread that gives "free speech" a lesser meaning.

Cult, Not a warrior here so I can't speak for them. It is possible Ariaes is talking about "darkness" in relation to the person that perpetrated this crime, and that they are more likely to be exposed if the case is not allowed to grow cold. The murderer would love to have these forums grow quiet, let this case fade into history as unsolved and go about his life in freedom not having to hide anymore.
When someone talks about "light" this way, it is generally in reference to shining the light on the thing that is hiding in the darkness...exposing it. I'm pretty sure this is what all these folks feel they are doing here...helping to put this case in the spotlight and keeping it fresh in people's minds while keeping them and LE on their toes and on the lookout. Who knows, anything is possible. Let's hope he is found.
Anyway, I'm not sure if I captured what she meant, but I'm sure Ariaes will correct me if I'm wrong. Its late and I hope people will grow tired of arguing.

Also points 2,4, and 6 are in play.

Perhaps instead of the cult of warriors lumping everyone who disagrees with them in with the murderer him or herself, we could consider that the murderer truly wants to see more rocks stacked and balloons released and golf tournaments held and t-shirts sold as he or she knows these distractions keep folks from doing what he or she truly fears, which is focusing on the facts of the case.

I feel like you would be doing Dan & Gil a disservice by allowing the many posts to continue. God Bless in all you do to help this family.
The Hook is a weekly newspaper. It's not a purveyor of feel-good pablum.

Do they even have "city" newspapers in Blacksburg and Roanoke?

When did this turn into a personal debate. I am waiting for some meaningful conversation about getting some information out to the public and most of you are just argueing with one another. Enough.

Focus people, focus. Time is awasting. Tips are nil and with no information things are not looking good.

Argueing over who is in what clique is high school all over again.

I find it utterly impracticable and hopelessly unsuitable to maintain an intelligent conversation with "haters" such as yourselves. I am not here to defend myself, the cause I support or anyone else's positions to any of you. You people can have at it all day and night, but when it comes down to it, your opinions are nothing more than just that: opinions. At least the things we are doing are making a difference, whether you all choose to see it or not. Through all of your nonsense of babble, I have seen nothing productive coming from each of you; only malicious criticism, twisted perceptions, and negativity.

To all....I'm trying to make sense out of your nonsense, so I will not respond to comments such as cults, groupies etc. I'm way above that. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I am willing to listen to that opinion, if and only when it makes sense. So far, it doesn't.
Caesonia July 30th, 2010 | 12:48 am

"This creates a distracting noise, keeping the public from focusing on the actual facts, and anything else they might have seen. It might even discourage those with tips from coming forward, out of fear of publicity."
The media is always very gracious to run the story every time an event is planned. Every time the story is ran again it is the SAME series of facts, so I am not sure how this could possible keep the public from focusing on actual facts, when in fact I feel it is the exact opposite. Also, posters of the lone suspect wanted in connection with her murder were also distributed. These are facts as well.

As for discouraging people with tips to come forward, there is an anonymous tip line for that, if someone really has something they want to say, they will say it.
Morgan's 24/7 Tip Line:

or, for location she was found:

State Police E-Mail:

$150,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible

Aires j,me Pippi Elesa well said !Maybe some people only know how to relate to anger. I am glad I am not one of them,There are girls and women going missing every day, they evaporate into thin air, never seen or heard from again!We need to keep the streets safe and these monsters behind bars.What does a birthday cake and balloons have to do with that? I am sure Morgan would appreciate everything that has been done!Lets get these weirdos off the streets once and for all and put them behind bars for the rest of their lives where they belong

Pippi we need to find out why the attempted murder and assault in 2005 happened on sat at 10 pm? what jobs around there at out around that time, construction etc?

Amanda, thanks for the reply, I've got to get to work! But quickly I will say to you---where is the conscience? The guys don't have one. They are sociopaths and your post furthers my point. How do we teach our kids the self awareness and where with all needed to protect themselves from these predators. You are right--they think they are strong and wait to attack the weak. So what do we do with this? We teach our girls this, that they must be smarter, wiser, more in charge of their behavior and that some consequences can't be undone. I guess I'm talking about an internal empowering that a young girl must do to be aware and make better choices. Will bad things still happen to even the more aware girls? Yes, but we have to try and start somewhere. Our girls have to fight the sick idea that they are carefree objects that society/media wants to make them out to be.

Pippi, it isn't one beer, it isn't watching your kid 24/7, it is about teaching them to be in charge of them without the eyes of a parent and knowing that there may be the eyes of a sick pervert monster watching them instead, waiting for that one wrong move.

So Pippi tell me aside from the flyers, the blogging, reading up, the b'day party, how are you working to solve the murder? What tangibly do you do each day to accomplish that? I don't ask cynically or to mock as I am genuinely curious, so help me out here. What definitively are you all doing besides those things? Maybe I can learn to do more somehow. Now I have to get to the office, lol, I have taken my generous turn today.

Thanks SJones.

Stacy: Wait, what? WHAT? You're not seriously suggesting that an administrator of the Find Morgan page is interested in the case because he finds Morgan hot, without any evidence at all. Right? Your brain isn't so sick as to accuse a caring person of being a lecher. I'm just misreading the comment is all. Please tell me that's right.

Austin: I don't personally know Kenny, but from his posts, I've seen that he's close to the Harringtons, and cares deeply about finding justice for Morgan. I have not seen a single "creepy" or "odd" post by him.

Stacy, you are right about one thing, I am an old man. Getting older by the day. :)

Hey Kenny, I feel flatter that you are coming here to talk to me. I didn't mean to say you were old really but old like my dad and he isn't old ya know?:))))!!! Hannah I never called Kenny a lecher whateva! I just said its sad he didn't meet the love of his life while she was alive. You said she was hot not me so get it right. You twist my words when you say I say Mr. Kenny only is interestd in the case case of his feelings for her. Please don't yell at me..he said he found his life when he discoverd Morgan!!! Just sayin', gosh.

Sorry bout all the errors above, in a hurry.

Hey Kenny... I have not been able to get the slide show to work. Not quite sure what the problem is with that. It was such an honor for Morgan on the bridge that day! I could really feel her presence. I know justice is coming... It's in the air.

Courteney, it was very nice meeting you at the bridge Saturday. Thank you for all you do.

To Lenora: The coal mine tragedy is over. It's done, the dead are dead, the ones working will continue to work. There's no "coal mine killer" out there. If there is, then you can compare the two. As far as other missing kids go, I agree, they should get coverage as well.

To Weird: Better to be obsessed with finding a killer and getting justice for a murder victim than to be obsessed with reality shows, tabloids, Farmville, or whatever millions of others are obsessed with.

Alright what's going on with Kenny? What is he saying or doing specifically that makes him creepy?

Alright what's going on with Kenny? What did he say guys? What is he saying or doing specifically that makes him creepy?

You have to go look at Morgan's Facebook Page under Discussions. He talks about his new purpose in life in Morgan. Or something like that.

The Morgan Dana Harrington case is basically something that sells newspapers and gets hits for websites right now. Nothing is going to bring her back. That's my opinion on it!

Hundreds of thousands of people trying to find the killer of someone, when there is a $150,000 reward, doesn't seem like "justice," to me. It seems more like a lottery.

What's with all of these people who say they "love" Morgan Dana Harrington? They never knew her or her family! What causes them to be interested in the case? If she were a he, an African-American male, would they "love" him?

It's entertaining though.

I hope all unsolved murders in the world are solved. It's only fair!

I thought that his appearance was a ââ?¬Å?surprise.”

It was. To some people. Not all. Hence the cake.

S Jones, you know why the forum was closed. Don't act dumb.

Wrong do not attack SJones, he of all people is trying to keep things calm and even ppl's feelings and tone. Leave him alone and pick on your other ppl you dislike!

Tired, Again, What would you do? Maybe you can clear everything up here with your wise perspective. Seems its all too easy to sit back and make comments. Would you have the courage to face Dan and Gil Harrington? I asked a simple question, "What would you do?" I have yet to here a answer...

Justin, that is all you can say? So lets here it? What would you do?

This is actually a pretty interesting article:

Gene Grabowski, senior vice president of the Washington-based Levik Strategic Communications, which is behind the sophisticated online effort. Levick has six of its 50 employees working to keep the Harringtons online presence up to date.

Levick helped streamline and turn it into a polished, comprehensive site that offers original content while linking to news sources and social networking arenas. Levick integrated the site with Twitter and Facebook and launched YouTube and Flickr sites. Together, the interlinked sites include the latest news updates, notices of upcoming events and television appearances by the Harringtons, photos of their daughter, statements issued by the family and the comments from a large community of readers. is now the number one Internet source for information on Harrington, according to Grabowski; meanwhile, the Facebook page has more than 26,500 friends and is signing up 1,000 new friends daily, and the Twitter feed has doubled since Levick's arrival. The agency has also dealt directly with Google and enlisted the aid of bloggers to publicize the hunt for Harrington.

Geller, of the state police, said the use of social networking tools is good for investigators overall because "you can never have too much information." However, she noted, statements posted on message boards and on Facebook are often repeated as facts, and misinformation has a way of proliferating rapidly on the Internet. She said reporters who monitor the sites call her in an effort to verify bits of information, "and I spend my time chasing down rumors."

I'm assuming that the professional PR efforts, which the article says were offered for free, stopped after a time.

"What would you do? My guess is you wouldn’t know what to do. There is no ââ?¬Å?right” way to handle such a horror."

I sure wouldn't run out and how a PR firm!

Hmmm... For all the "Haters" (for lack of a better word) I realise everyone has their own opinions, it's their right to have them. To put things in perspective though, do this one thing for me. Close your eyes, think of a person you have in your life. That person who is part of you, who you couldn't breath without... Now imagine that person violently murdered, left dead out in a remote field. What would you do? My guess is you wouldn't know what to do. There is no "right" way to handle such a horror. No set plan, no rules to follow... The Harringtons are doing what they feel is the right course of action here. I assume they are finding there way as they go. Who has the right to question that? It's their daughter! Words no matter how heart felt won't bring Morgan back, but those same words just may help ease the terrible pain most of us could not even begin to comprehend. Parents don't bury their children!!! Mine did, my mother was never the same... So next time you think about critcising someone for the size of their heart, (which basicly seems like what is going here) for taking the time to at least try to ease some of that pain, for offering any help searching for those answers, ask yourself what would you do? My guess is maybe you'd be reeling from the numbness, grasping for those same answers, and looking for any way to find them... Again this is just my opinion, take it or leave it... But I choose to lead with my heart, maybe you should try it too...

"It wasn’t a birthday party."

No? Explain to me what the heck a Birthday Memorial is on the 21st day of the passed person's birthday?

I bet there were "other things" going on, because this no longer has much if anything to do with Morgan.

That's the point.

Wasn't there cake at the memorial? Birthday cake?

We just want closure and to see that this don't happen again!!!

Ronnie are you the brains of this organization?

ROTRL (rolling on the river laughing)

Ok Janie.
I mean S Jones.
I mean I am wrong.

Woops, wait. I am Janie.

That poor family. I hope they were able to handle last weekend without their beutiful daughter. God Bless Kenny and the others for what they do! And never, never stop! The personal attacks must hurt ariaes46. I saw it all go down on the Fairfax article that Courteney wrote. Such a shame that someone who fights so hard for justice for Morgan got beat up on like that! There will always be people who want to bring you down, but there are thousands of people who love you guys for you and for all you do!

Kenny, your father is in my thoughts. We are thinking of your family always!

The person that posted under my name: You are Wrong, @ 1:27 AM is a poser!

That is not me. Wait. It is me, but not me. Well it was me, but now it's not. Ugh. Who am I anymore? I am confused! I don't want anyone to be mad at me.

The person that posted under my name: You are Wrong, @ 1:02 AM is a poser. That was not me SJones that made that post under the original one where I told WRONG to stop. I assume WRONG that you did this because who else would be motivated to so once again STOP IT. Stop the hate you say others are posting. Stealing another's name is low.

For your information SJones please read this: I will no longer be using that name because it clearly isn't safe to. Can you let me know you read this and understand SJones b/c WRONG wants you to be mad at me. Thanks. J.

Actually I want you to be mad at me and go away WRONG/you are wrong.

I suppose you find this to be honest to take a name and use it specifically to confuse ppl. If you post under Janie I'm reporting it.

Y'all better behave. We don't want another thread on the hook closed because of S Jones. Enough is enough.


I don't think you realize it, but in your post, you just proved y point. Let me give you the quote:

"But sincere and dear friendships have came out of this. We are good people."

Notice how you feel the need to say this about about all you folk, and what you are getting out of it. You are making friendships, not Morgan, and you want to show the world you are 'good people.'

I don't think of anyone in this as being bad people, or without a desire to be a part of something that can be positive. But there comes a point when what is going on is not really about solving a problem, it's about having an event to share being a part of something.

For myself, what I find most disturbing is how complacent and defensive all the Morgan supporters are about helping our daughters be less of a target for such a sicko. That only confirms my suspicion about this not being as much about Morgan as something else.

I quote myself:

ariaes46 July 29th, 2010 | 12:07 am
"I understand that when we put ourselves out there in the public eye, it only sets us up for criticism. It is okay really."

This is why I like the Charlottesville area. People have sense.

I understand what you mean about the cult in an abstract sense.

I have followed the case because I want to see justice and I want a safe place to live and raise a family...but the constant whacko babble from some of these 'followers' has turned me off.

Wheeler hit the nail on the head with the above comment.

I feel bad for the Harrington family, for their daughter's murder and also for circus that surrounds them.

Thanks Courtney for the pictures

Cult o P, fascinating point. The spokesperson of the cult now is Gil & thru her blog she gives her weekly teachings on compassion & impermanence-the illusion of attachment etc...... This keeps the warriors fired up & in awe. Keeps em @ the altar so to speak. Wonder if they're Buddhists?

Don't close any threads on, okay?
We can easily just pass over the posts that we don't want to read.

I would appreciate it.

Back to the Morgan Dana Harrington case.

When someone dies and it becomes big news/business, as long as relatives and friends keep it in the news, people are going to post about it more and more.

If the person(s) who killed her are still in this country, what would they be doing for a living?

Lots of illegal aliens in Virginia, especially in northern VA.

Some of them work on farms.
Most illegal aliens don't have white skin. The person in the "suspect photo" did not have white skin.

Morgan Dana Harrington's body was found on a farm.

So everyone is sure that the owner of the farm had never accidentally hired an illegal alien to work on his farm?

Do the police and the Harrington's want to solve the case, or punish the killer? By not revealing much about what evidence they have concerning this suspect, how can the public help find the suspect?!

What IS the evidence that they have?

Amen Elsa... Enough already...

I think I get it now....
"A troll is a person who posts outrageous message to bait people to answer. A forum Troll delights in sowing discord on the forums. A troll is someone who inspires flaming rhetoric, someone who is purposely provoking and pulling people into flaming discussion. Flaming discussions usually end with name calling and a flame war.
He is divisive and argumentative with need-to-be-right attitude, "searching for the truth", flaming discussion, and sometimes insulting people or provoking people to insult him. The Troll is usually an expert in reusing the same words of its opponents and in turning it against them.
When a troll becomes persistent and personal, you may need to consider the possibility that it has fermented into an Internet Stalker - equally pathetic, if not more so - but sometimes requiring weedkiller."

I guess Jme and Aries are finding that not having the control of being able to moderate a forum complete with a delete button is getting to them now. Welcome to the jungle girls.

Pullin out the Polaroids honey...

Haha Tabac...thanks for the welcome...and it IS a JUNGLE! I wanna go home....mommmyyyyy!

Look at the comments that those on the inside of the cult of Morgan have the "light", and the rest of us are in the dark.

Again the parallels to organized religion and religious cults is remarkable.

Could one of you kind warriors tell me if you believe Morgan is somehow in communication with you, or listens to your prayers or directing your activities or something similar?

This is just fascinating. Thanks!

Jme: see #5 above.
We aren't arguing here. Some of us see this all very differently and state this. No arguing just assertion of a viewpoint. Not really a big deal at all.

Hi Amanda, want to use your point, your last sentence in relation to something I just wrote Kenny on another thread if you don't mind. Kenny it is that sentence for me anyway that I have read in 10,000 different ways over and over again that frustrates me. We all agree here, completely. But repeating it does nothing. My suggestion is an attempt to take one single fact and work with that to keep our girls safer and more empowered. As everyone works to find the killer. But we have to start somewhere and Morgan's case is out there unsolved and hanging in the breeze with many unknowns, however, we know she was underage and drank that night.

Pippi July 30th, 2010 | 8:24 am

"Is Morgans case going cole while we argue about a get together in her memory on a bridge dedicated to her memory."
I agree Pippi...get us back on track please.

Samuel ,fair enough! I am just frustrated that is all!These women get taken in broad daylight,I guess what concerns me is that these predators are getting more brazen violent.I mean what is next?

"Pippi we need to find out why the attempted murder and assault in 2005 happened on sat at 10 pm? what jobs around there at out around that time, construction etc?"

Why did it happen at 10pm on a saturday? Probably because this nut saw his chance to isolate this women. These kind of people wait for an opportunity (like a drunken, disorientated, isolated concert goer) and pounce on it. Fairfax City itself, as well as the surrounding 20 miles, are very densely populated. The number of businesses and residential areas are enormous. Also, there are tons of hispanics, middle easterners, eastern europeans, etc, who would fit the description of the attacker.

Good luck.

yes! what do you suggest we do?Not post,then what ,what would you do and where would you comment?

Dear God in Heaven,

It has been 9+ months since Morgan was killed. Please be with the Harringtons as they walk through this painful reality that their daughter no longer walks this earth. Please give them comfort, strength, and peace in Your presence. Help them continue to enrich the lives of others in their outreach to the children of Omni and protection of our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. Help us to help them ensure that the evil presence that is responsible for her death is found and confined so that no one else has to suffer at his hands. Please hear this prayer. Amen

Great, we have had multiple self-congratulatory posts, hand-wringing about supposed social trends, reference to a completely unrelated case in an another state, and a prayer. Where's the doggerel verse? Middle America ...