Obama botches Rose Garden ceremony with flawed local woman

President Obama recently trotted out three supposed victims of the recession to put faces on the nation's tragic unemployment situation. The problem is that one of the people–- the one from Charlottesville–- turned out to have lost her job after getting convicted of prescription drug fraud. The Newsplex has the scoop on Leslie Macko and her climb from unemployed ACAC aesthetician to White House photo opp prop.


what's new? he never has the facts straight he usually makes things up as he goes along. you would think with all the staff he has at least he would get the simple things right.

Old Timer can't recognize crook when tin hat is on.


Unemployment insurance premiums are paid by employers according to the a set formula. When that money runs out, the checks come directly from the general fund. If the employers didn't put the money it ( it has been exhausted) the taxpayers are paying it. By extending the checks by $34 billion until December it has become a temporary welfare program. In other words, when the insurance runs out, it is picked by the taxpayer and the recipient didn't work for it (the employer doesn't pay into the insurance for unemployed workers) and that's welfare to me. You and IMPACT may call it Christian kindness, if you wish.
I don't know what the woman was asking for, but she was allowing herself to serve as a poster child. If she wasn't there to get money, why was it mentioned that she wasn't employed? Did she think that there would be somebody who saw her on TV that would offer her a job?
You don't know if ACAC challenged anything because those proceedings are held behind closed doors.
"Now she is paying the price of fame and I am sure her situation will deter others from participating in the future." It hope it deters everybody from asking for a bunch of welfare, for themselves or for other people.
Beating up girls? Would it be okay to beat up boys? What does sex have to do with somebody's asking for welfare?

I'm confused. Bob La Follette's Progressive coalition of the 1920s excluded Communists.

All this is very unusual since the mainstream media never reports anything bad about Obama. What gives?

Now you've gone too far by bringing the "Beav" into this gossip (aka commentary farse). The Beav's Mom was perfect in every way. She never collected unemployment; never had to worked for an employer like ACAC; and never dressed "down." Leave the Beav $ his mom out of this if you know what's good for you !

Just another parade of freaks at the White House. Obama is just trying to match the parade of freaks in Congress- and he isn't even close.

Unemployment- anyone can be terminated for any reason. The terminating employer can challenge unemployment benefit claims. Most do, as they have to pay them from their own pockets. It cost them nothing to initially do this, as there is a fact finding phone call to start with. After that finding, yeah or nay for either party, a hearing can be scheduled at the request of either party.....and it is a party for sure.

Misconduct is the most popular claim submitted by an employer- this claim is scrutinized by the VEC, as there is usually some blatent violation involved, not just a simple your work is not up to our standards or business is off, etc.

ACAC is in business for profit and and they are entitled to hire and terminate "at will".

Congress is in business for profit and we are entitled to elect and replace "at will".

Kind of like McCain's whole "Joe the Plumber" nonsense. :D

I don't have to wait for anymore information. I have repeatedly written against extending welfare to the unemployed through unpaid-for "insurance." If the country wants longer periods of eligibility for unemployment checks then it should reform the unemployment insurance program rather than take the money out of my pocket. Why should I be paying her? I've never been to ACAC let alone had her do my nails. I clip them myself. Yes, I'm still hardballing.

ahahahahahah well maybe she at least had a prius. Don't blame Obama he didn't realize it wasn't all basketball and lunches, I mean he is on the View and sure can vacation like Bush, so all is good, like the arizona border.

OMG, what a HOOT! Best free entertainment in town!

2anonymous, Just how many did Bush invite to the White House in full view of the press that was from Charlottesville?

Try again JJ,

Though Roosevelt died in 1919, he was the model for Progressives of the 1920's and an icon of that era even if you want to pick nits over a year.

Taft busted even more Trusts than TR, boosted the Interstate Commerce Commission, and ushered in the Federal Income Tax and the direct election of US Senators. But you say he wasn't a Progressive? Whatever...

You aren’t exactly making yourself look good.

I agree that mistakes will be made. But I don't like when people are used as capital on either side. Let's stop tugging on the heart-strings, shall we? No one in this country needs to see a mascot for the unemployed.

Has she given him permission to discuss her personnel information. Blabbing his mouth may very well open him up to a lawsuit.
Thanks for clearing up "commenter."

Cville Eye-- very old timer didn't say that the commenter worked at both the Newsplex and ACAC. He was referring to an ACAC employee who was commenting on the story on the Newsplex site.

The connection drawn by the reporter were extremely tenuous at best. If some of the commenters on the Newsplex site are correct-- that there were other people let go at that time due to the economy, and that Wendel was loathe to allow them the unemployment benefits due them, then a woman's name has been dragged through the mud for no reason.

I agree that this broad at fox news was a little agressive.. she had to make retractions on the drug charge and the firing.

If she wants to make the big leagues she will need a better non story than this....

"ACAC owner Phil Wendel was unable to tell us if Macko was terminated because of the charge and there's no indication from the court file that Macko lost her job because of the court case or that she has received unemployment benefits improperly."

This quote from the original article doesn't stipulate she lost her job BECAUSE she was convicted of prescription drug fraud nor that her continued unemployment was due to that conviction, though one could I suppose infer some causal connection. Mr. Spencer seems to have thrown this in just to take a shot at Obama.

'UVA' sounds like a typical rich kid parroting what his lacrosse loving daddy and his buddies squack at Farmington.

School's in session, kid, and you and your ilk are in for a rude awakening come November. Tom P. didn't get where he is by rolling over. He was down 34 points to Goode at this time 2 years ago.

While I am not a big fan of Obama, I did give him the benefit of the doubt and will give him to the end of his term to prove himself. However, he is human and I am not so sure who writes his speeches...so again, I will give him the benefit of the doubt for at another year or so...after that, if he still is moving in the direction that he is now, can't vote for him...but that doesn't mean I will vote Rep. either (I have done write ins before and will not be oppose to it again). I think it's more important to look at who is running and what they have to say (think) they can do.-

manbearpig,you're obviously confusing meeting the legal requirements for an elective office with the actual ability to effectively perform the functions of that office. Both in terms of his paper quals for the job and his performance in that job, Obama has proven to be a miserable failure. Just like Perriello.

Wrong, realist, Obama has at least one qualification for his job--the fact that in 2008 a majority of electors (and a majority of citizens I might add) voted him to be President.

My unemployment taxes have risen 400% in the last 18 months. Seems like I am working harder to give more money to pay to people that are not working. The economics of this do not sit well given the fact that I have never had a ex-employee ever collect a penny of unemployment.

And yes, it becomes welfare whenever someone does not take a job, pursue a job or similar because they would rather be lazy slobs at home.

And you can bet that I am doing nothing close to looking for new staff or additional staff. Too many additional taxes and too much uncertainty about new requirements and what I will be expected to do. I put that decision right at the feet of the current administration, and a major reason why unemployment is not getting sorted out quickly.


Taft was hardly a progressive, even for that era. And as for 1920's progressives, Teddy died in 1919 so I don't think he qualifies.

You aren't exactly making UVa look great yourself

Simple FACT... if she was terminated she wouldn't be getting unemployment.

Phil Wendell should do a little more research about his own company to protect himself. If his employees are taliking to the press and speading lies he is the one responsible.

V HOOPER Man You gotta shop watching the FAUX NEWS NETWORK .And stop with the Rush Speed ball stuff.Or is it Bill "stick my foot in my mouth" O'Riley that you make out to be a saint ? Watch a NEWS station Not an OPINION entertainment show.

What NEWS PLEX ??? A bunch of stations under one roof? That's giving us a both sides of the story isn't it?

I guess it is incumbent on the Hook to ask phil Wendell if they responded or not. A commenter over at newsplex who works at ACAC says ACAC lost and it wasn't the reason.

It shouldn't be too hard to find out who works at both the Newsplex and ACAC, so feel free to tell us who that person is, very old timer.

The headline is so wrong

I would much rather be seen with Leslie Macko then Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and that quasi-pastor from Chicago. Ms. Macko looks like a schoolmarm compared to the other thugs that Obama associates with.

deleted by moderator

If you had been employed, and now you're unemployed, there's always a reason.

Real life is not "Leave It To Beaver."

Bush never invited anyone from C-ville to the White House. He knows C-ville, is a haven for weirdos and freaks....why take the chance.

Why should any of this preclude her from getting a job? I would gladly hire someone with a misdemeanor and a good work ethic over the lazy theiving, rude, unkempt, ignorant, alcoholic losers that come my way everytime I place an ad.

Also.if the state says she was not "terminated" for cause then ACAC did not fire her. End of story. ACAC lost on two appeals.

The daily progress story is the one with the facts. The FOX story is just a wannabe who is trying to get back to new york at the expense of someone else.

a "commenter" on their comment blog.

It also shouldn't be too hard to ask phil wendell. He knows the truth and has teverything to gain by telling it.

If she was fired for the drug charge then it is in the record.
If she was not that that is in the record also.

If she wasn't and he says no comment than he is hurting a human being for no reason.

I am sure she will tell her side soon enough.

cvilly eye

1) unemployment insurance is not "welfare" it is an insurance payout that someone in her age group has had employers paying premiunms into for at least 25 years.

2) If you do a little more research you will see that she did not ask for more for herself, that she had family helping her, but that she knew other people who did not have a backstop who could become homeless.

3) There are more comments from others commenting on ACAC "firing" people only to overturned by the state because they were really laid off. I am sure the question" how many of your challenged unemployment claims were ruled against you" would be a fair question to ACAC.

Why not wait for the truth (or at least her side) and then you can lamblast all you want.

Maybe her story is not as villanous as so many are ready to assume.

The bottom line is that she was invited to meet the President of the United States as a person on the street facing long term unemployment.She accepted as a decent citizen. Now she is paying the price of fame and I am sure her situation will deter others from participating in the future. If misdameanor conviction excluded employment every wreckless driver in Va would have to resign.

Did you like to beat up girls in school too?

The quick trigger to criticize Obama or anyone on the left appears to have snagged the media again, just like it did in the Sherrod case. In that case, she was pilloried for at one time harboring ill will against white people resulting from the unpunished murder of her father by a white man. How dare she?

She worked for the USDA, which a federal court found had systematically discriminated against black farmers for decades. This wasn't some unsubstantiated accusation (like this newsblurb).

Now, the credibility of the hook is resting on the proposition that one cannot prove that she didn't lose her job because of her own improper behavior.

Is the credibility and word of Hawes Spencer really worth so little? Is it so easy for him to gild the lily?

When I was in second grade, I stole a cookie from one of my classmates. Many, many years after that, I was fired from a job. I guess it's a good thing Obama doesn't have anything to do with me as the hook could easily publish an article: Obama Associate Fired after Stealing Cookie from Second Grader!!

For shame.

Very Old Timer, getting terminated from a job does not disqualify a person from unemployment. Unless this has changed recently. I'm not ashamed of saying I was on it or 6 months (March to September one year), a well deserved vacation from the workforce is how I would best describe it.

On the other hand, I suppose being charged with a crime and being terminated because of it might come into play.

It gets complicated in determing who is eligible and who isn't.

I do think Osama should have had better guidance on who would be standing beside him on national TV. The blame for this falls on the shoulders of HIS STAFF! Period!

If he would of waited a few more months he could of used perrello as a prop for he to will be unemployed.

@Sabbath Lily, your comment caused me to go to the original website for clarification and you are right. a Commenter on the site, "Edward" said "You had better make sure you ask Phil wendell the owner of ACAC because she was NOT fired. I work there and KNOW the truth." How would he know whether she was fired or not? I have worked sev eral places and never saw anyone fired. I was told by the absent employee. The reality of the situation is she has used up her unemployment benefits and is now asking for welfare in broad daylight at the White House while there are thousands in the Gulf who are self-employed and is unable to work. And now she's gone of vaction. I, for one, wouldn't hire her. I heard on NPR yesterday that there are approx. 460,000 illegal aliens working in Arizona. If she really wanted to work, why doesn't she go to AZ and claim her job? Or why doesn't she go down on the Mall and sit there with a sign? If she deserves unemployment checks (welfare), why don't we give the gentleman downtown "unemployment checks?" Neither of the parties have earned it.

Hey Gassy, I'm assuming there was a typo in the President's name in your post.

Obama has now officially beaten Jimmy Carter.

Mr Brown,

I haven't commented on this thread at all.

Of course it wasn't a typo in Gassy's post. Obama's name readily lends itself to a variety of bowdlerizations and Gassy was trying to be cute. Things like B.O., Ohbummer, Obumbler, etc.
Now we know Gassy voted for McCrazy and Sarin.

@10th power.: I'm sure you're right. I was trying to extend him the benefit of the doubt just in case he's not COMPLETELY full of doodoo.

@ retort:
Gee, you just accused UVA of being a "rich kid". Don't you Obamabots usually throw in the "racist" canard/rant? I'm surprised you settled for "rich kid". You can whistle past the graveyard all you want. Tommy Boy's day of reckoning is coming Nov 2. In January he can clean out his office, including the booster seat with the Presidential logo which Dear Leader gave him in return for his votes against the wishes of those he allegedly represents.

Retort Im just a poor working class person that will help vote all you union loving, pick pockets, out of office 2010 2012.

UVA, don't ever try to present facts to a liberal....it just confuses them.

realist I see your another "FOX" hound! Try a real news outlet for a change (BBC American for one) And see what the truth really is .Not just opinions pasted off as news.

UVA Man you really must have loved the Bush crime family back in the day. You must have a trust fund hidden offshore someplace and don't want to do your fair share for the county. Just keep watching the "FAUX" news network and you'll be fine .That is until they bring back the "Fairness Doctrine " that Saint Reagan did away with. Then they'll have to tell the truth instead of just giving opinion as real facts . One more thing the worlds is round you know!

@I dont know anything
First of all drop the ask my wife bit, obviously your another "1920's progressive" did you know that a 1920's progressive was a communist.

@whateva! There is no doubt to give Obama the benefit of. A Senate back bencher with absolutely no quals for the job, radical views and associations with the likes of William Ayers and Rev Wright and you actually expect results? That's like bringing my car to a third grader for a tuneup, have him work on it, and expect wonderful results. Gimme a break!

@IDONTKNOWANYTHING (don't worry...we already know you don't know anything based on what you wrote): I'll bet you'd love the so-called Fairness Doctrine. That way, outfits like Air America who couldn't sell anything in the marketplace of ideas because virtually nobody listened to the crap they were spewing, will be crammed down our throats by government edict. Real "fair", don't you think?

Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft were communists?

Speaking as someone who actually graduated from UVA, your screen name is an embarrassment.

aint'tbuyinit, no I was challenging realist on his or her claim that Obama has "absolutely no quals for the job." This is a factually untrue statement, regardless of one's political persuasion.

It would also be factually untrue about me as well. I was born in the U.S, so I have at least one qualification to be President.

I was *only* interested in discussing "meeting the legal requirements for an elective office." There is no reason to debate Obama's "actual ability to effectively perform the functions of [his] office" because, let's face it, no one is going to change his or her mind on that.

she's "flawed".

Bush only appeared with flawless people and never botched public appearances. Or at least, I never read that he did in the hook.

Thanks for the fairness and balance, Hawes.

@ UVA: "If he would of waited a few more months he could of used perrello as a prop for he to will be unemployed."

It's called "contractions" UVA. Would have becomes "would've," could have becomes "could've." Not "would of" and "could of." Man alive this is a pet peeve of mine. It runs rampant all over the 'net and is one of the epitomes of where our modern day school system has failed. Contractions are taught back in grade school. At least...they used to be, anyway.

I agree that we should all get off of Mrs. Cleaver because I JUST DID!


What's the problem? The Whitehouse is full of criminals! BTW: Tommy Boy P. We're cutting your credit card up in November. You are a bad risk!


Ther story is about her being on the pdium with President Obama- Perhaps he should have offered her a job at the White House.

Surely there is something that she can do there. Then he could at least laid claim to have created one damn job......

I am not sure if I meant opium or podium..........either way it fits.

C'mon V HOOPER. Obama, like me and you, is far from perfect and not above reproach; however, he has surrounded himself with incredibly able people and most always gets simple things right. A gaff like this is embarrassing, but fairly forgivable. It isn't like he put someone to death who later turned out to be clearly innocent.

@very old timer, not quite right but close. If the fired applies for unemployment and the employer does not respond, he can get it. Also, if unemployment is denied and the fired appeals and the employer does not respond he can get it. I've seen it happen at least three times in my recollection.
@IDONTKNOWANYTHINGJUSTASKMYWIFE, what a ridiculous comment. If Obama keeps making mistakes like this, FOX won't have to make any comments. Maybe the USDA had something to do with finding her for this special occassion.