Snap 'o the day: Counterprotest

snap-counterprotestCatholics United and Congressman Tom Perriello supporters show up at a Tea Party press conference.

Good times at the Free Speech Monument August 2.


Vote correct this fall, vote Traditionalist Party. Conserveratism on steroids!!

What is a Catholic Mr.Cross? The whole philosophy has been twisted to suit the needs of the church. So Catholics United is not any different by twisting what it needs for its own purpose.

It would be worth noting when you deem a "protest" worthy of putting in the Hook, that you identify who the parties are, and their motivation. Catholics United are anything but Catholic, ignoring the Church's teachings on abortion, pushing an agenda to draw attention away from the issue. Does it offend your journalistic sensibilities to identify that this group has been funded by George Soros, and is supported by a $500,000 budget to assist Congressmen like Mr. Perriello this November. Whether its union members, like SEIU, who are paid to protest at meetings around the country, or this group, identifying them as merely citizens expressing their opinion in protest is disingenuous at best, and biased reporting at worst.

Basically the Catholic church needs money and numbers in this country so they support the take over of America by Mexixo and third world. The so called healthcare is just Medicaid expanded and like Massachusetts it will fail after being exposed as a populist Hindenburg. Up very fast with great acclaim only to ...... You cant run America like a slum city such as Chicago. BO has tried buying off the Unions and other usual suspects but the result is he will get the Congress he deserves in about 95 days.

Catholics United are anything but. Due to their beliefs and protests on the issue of abortion (and others) members of this group should not be taking communion or participating in most of the other sacraments.

It's interesting to note, once again, how old everyone of the protestors look. It seems like most protests these days are almost solely populated by senior citizens.

What do they have against Baptists?Is this a way of expressing feelings of superiority over other religions? Is this a branch of IMPACT?

A bunch of white people protesting can mean only one thing.