Big coup for Parking Lot Movie

cover-sxsw-hladandeckmanThe good news just keeps coming for The Parking Lot Movie and its directors. After warm receptions at various festivals beginning with South by Southwest, the film that features the Corner Parking lot and its unique variety of attendants has been selected to kick off the Independent Lens series on PBS this fall, a major achievement for any documentary and one that's enabling director Meghan Eckman and assistant director Chris Hlad (both pictured) to stay focused on getting their movie even more exposure.

Eckman and Hlad declined to reveal the amount PBS is paying for the three year license, which could put the movie in front of as many as 60 million viewers, but both acknowledged delight that their hard work on the film is paying off.

"It's helping us out a lot," says Eckman, reached by phone as she was driving to New York where The Parking Lot Movie will commence a week-long run at the ReRun Theatre in Brooklyn.

Both, however, say the money is not the best part of the film experience.

"I kind of see these parking lot guys as heroic figures," says Hlad, "and to me, it's great to celebrate them ulitmately."


Congrats Meghan! It's a great movie.

Congratulations Meghan!

Great movie - hilarious and well done. Way to go Meg